Legacy worked out really well so I could write this fanfic cause if certain things had happened I rly would have been screwed trying to write this. I'm glad everything worked out so, here it is: my bourne fanfiction hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1- Beginnings

The heat glared down on the shoulders of the group of soldiers, reflecting off the golden sand covering the ground. One of the soldiers walked away from the rest of the group with her rifle held downward. She looked across the never-ending desert, but everything was as normal, boring, as ever. Sand and sun nothing more and nothing to shoot at.

At least we aren't in any danger. It could be worse, she thought.

"See anything, Lieutenant?" one of the soldiers called.

She laughed shifting her rifle to her other arm, "Of course not. I guess that's good, though."

"Man, it's hot as hell out here," another soldier said.

"Tell us something we don't know," the Lieutenant said. "Well, they aren't here so there's no use staying. Let's move!"

The group packed back into the two tan armored Hummers with the Lieutenant at the wheel of the lead vehicle. They took off through the thick sand, tracking east on a non-existent road. The shade of the roof provided some escape from the sweltering heat, but not much, not enough.

"How many more days do we have?" asked one of the soldiers.

"Counting today: 24. That is if the General doesn't kill us when we get back," said the Lieutenant with a laugh.

"Now why would he do that?" one of the soldiers asked sarcastically.

"Why wouldn't he?" the Lieutenant said.

"He loves us Lizzy, you know that," teased another soldier.

"It's Lieutenant Groves to you," she said. "Don't disrespect someone who could kill you before you can scream for help."

The Lieutenant broke into a smile, shaking her head, and continuing to drive as a frightened expression fell over the soldier's face.

"Hey, Lieutenant, when we get back do you think-"

The soldier's words were never finished, the Hummers were flipped in a fiery explosion hotter than the desert sand. The explosion rocked the ground and shot a column of sand high into the air. The only thing left of the army Hummers was a scattered wake of debris. The soldiers laid bloodied and wounded on the ground, some of them -including the Lieutenant- laid motionless.

Six Years Later

Situations will come up, learn to overcome them and continue with the task at hand. Anything can serve as a weapon.

She grabbed a lighter off the counter.

Know if you opponent has a superior weapon. If you know they do: hide. Hiding may save your life or, better, give you a chance to use your weapon.

They were her own words, yet, they also weren't. Either way she still understood them and acted accordingly. She ducked down, walking with bent knees to a pantry, opening the white door and hiding inside. The slits between the boards on the door were just large enough for her to see through. The man tracking her walked right by the pantry door, she recoiled, holding her hand over her mouth to hide the sound of her breathing. She had been right; he was carrying a gun with a perforated cylinder attached to the end of the barrel, a silencer.

So that's how it's going to be, she thought.

Disarm if they have a gun, that gun will kill faster than any other weapon you could acquire.

The man in all black stopped in front of her, his gun held way too far out in front of him. She burst from her hiding spot and kicked the gun from his hands. The black weapon slid across the floor out of reach from both of them. She got behind him, her arm around his neck and kicked him in the back of his knees. The man slumped in her arm.

"Who do you work for?!" she exclaimed pulling him up by his neck.

"Like I would tell you," the man said hoarsely.

"Fine," she said flicking on the lighter.

She held the barrel of the lighter against the man's neck.

"Wait, wait, wait! He never gave me a name! I swear!" the man called out.

"I don't believe you," she said coldly in his ear.

She touched the end of the lighter to his black jacket, setting it to flames. She knew he was lying because it was too easy to see.

"What are you doing, you crazy bitch!" he screamed.

Her eyes glared at the back of his head with fury she had never felt before.

"I've never been called crazy before," she said smoothly.

"You are!"

She laughed in mockery, throwing the lighter to the floor and striking the man across the the head. He fell unconscious to the floor as she picked up the lighter and the man's gun.

Take out the threat, but focus on your task. Keep to the task, get back to it as fast as possible.

She picked up the house phone and dialed.

"I think I smell gas, I can't pull him out, please send someone fast!" she said in faking fear in her voice.

"Ma'am? Ma'am?" the operator tried to talk with her but she hung the phone up.

She took a rubber band and wrapped it around the lighter so it stayed lit. She threw it on a desk that was holding a desktop computer. She grabbed her bag she had dropped on her way in and exited the house. She cut across the lawn to the road as rescue vehicles were coming down the street. Seconds later the house went up in flames.

A phone rang in her pocket, she attached a set of headphones to it and answered it.

"Did you get it?" came the male voice from the phone.

"I did, sir, but there might be some complications," she said.

"Don't worry about it, I'm sending a team out. Just get out of there and don't be seen," he said.

"I never am, I'm on my way back. Anything new on our man?"

"Since you've been gone? Nothing. We could really use your help over here."

She broke the glass window of a common car she found on the side of the street, popping the locks. The owner had been generous enough to leave the spare key in the center console and with little searching she found it, starting the car.

"I'm glad I'm so valuable to you, Conklin."

So there it is, pretty short...hope you liked it again this is only my first chapter so development of plot and characters isnt that great yet just bear with me XD comment if you wish and I do appreciate constructive criticism