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Ethan tossed and turned in his bed. Beads of sweat were rolling down his face and he was muttering incomprehensible words. His eyebrows were arched in a worried manner.

Ethan's dream

He was alone in the dark. Two red eyes were staring at him. Then, the two eyes adopted an evil smile, a crooked nose, and two horns coming from its scalp. The red eyes turned bright orange as Ethan collapsed on the floorless darkness.

- Ethan Morgan, you have ten days to be with the one you love, or else….

The head transformed into a normal one. A normal nose, the horns were gone, the evil smile was still there, the red eyes were still orange… but fangs appeared from the mouth.

The dream vampire flashed towards Ethan, grabbing his forearm and biting it. Ethan screamed in pain, and woke up.

Ethan's P.O.V.

I woke up, sweaty and scared. I tried to reassure myself that the dream wasn't true. How could it be? It was just a dream. I looked at my alarm clock, it read 6 a.m. I decided to stay awake, it was Monday morning. I got out of bed to take a shower.

Half asleep, I tiptoed out of my room. My parents always woke up at 7, so I had an hour to lazy around. There was no way I was going back to sleep. I was a little scared, everytime I had a nightmare I would talk to someone about it. But it was a little too early for that.

As I got into the shower, I could swear I saw two red eyes staring at me through the mirror. I gasped, but decided to ignore it, I was probably imagining things. The hot water ran through my hair, relaxing me. As it touched my forearm, I felt a shooting pain. I flinched and looked at the souce of the ache.

There were vampire teeth marks on my forearm.

The marks were pretty deep, but barely bleeding. It looked like I had been bit a few months ago.

What if I had turned into a fledgeling?

That was the first thought that ran into my head. But I clearly saw myself in the mirror. How is it possible? It couldn't be Jesse's bit mark, it was on the other arm.

Then….. how?

What if the dream was true?

Who is the vampire?

I quickly washed myself and went to my room. I got on my laptop and played video games to distract myself. But I couldn't help thinking about the dream.

I decided that the first thing I should do was go to Benny's grandma. She always knows when something is wrong, maybe she'll know who the vampire is.

I waited until seven to go to her house. Benny woke up at seven thirty, like me-normally. So I suppose she'll be up.

As I went to her house, I felt like I was being watched. I didn't dare turn my head, I was too scared. I really am a chicken sometimes.

She came to the door before I knocked on it.

- Ethan! I had a feeling you'll be coming! Come in, please.

- Thank you grandma Weir, I said as I entered her house.

I sat on the couch and she sat in front of me.

- I can sense something is bothering you.

- I had a dream where I saw a vampire trying to hurt me, and it said that I needed to be an item with the person I love in just ten days, or else….and then it bit me.

I rolled up my sleeve to show her the bite marks. She gasped, grabbed a spell book nearby and chanted some words. My skin glowed blue, before going back to normal. She sighed in relief.

- Ethan, you're not a fledgeling. I don't know who bit you and how the venom didn't get to you, but I'll try to find out. Just, don't worry, try to act as if nothing is wrong.

- So, the dream is true?

- I think so, answered Grandma Weir.

- But… why?

- I don't know, I've never heard of such thing.

- Ok. Thanks again! I said.

I stood up and walked to the door.

A million thoughts ran through my mind. I wasn't in love with anybody, not even Sarah. I was, but… I realized it wasn't going to happen anytime soon, so I moved on… Benny and Rory knew that. It couldn't be Erica, Benny liked her, and I NEVER will. Hannah had a boyfriend, and we haven't talked since that twin fiasco. Della is… not my type. I never talked to her, and if I start now, it would seem… weird. So, I don't know who it could be.

I walked through the door, and went to my room. I picked up my bag and went downstairs to eat. I decided that today, I'll find out who I love. I only have ten days! I mean, I don't love anyone right now, but that could change. And it will. Because, the dream freaked me out big time.

My phone rang. I picked it up and heard a familiar voice.

- Hey E! Can I come to your house to eat? My grandma has been doing these potions since 7 today, and they stink!

- Benny, you always come to my house.

- Yeah I know, I just wanted to tell you before-


The doorbell rang. I rolled my eyes. That happened every morning. I closed my phone and opened the door. I was expecting a smiling Benny, as always. But today, I saw a different Benny. He wasn't smiling. He was looking around anxiously. When he heard the door open he immediately changed, and smiled as always. He quickly entered my house though. He pushed me inside.

- Benny? You ok?

- What? Uh, yeah, I am! Check it out! I have the new Spiderman comic! I thought Rory was gonna come, and I didn't want him to see it.

That explained the weirdness of what happened 10 seconds before.

After half of the pancakes my mom had prepared were eaten by Benny, we went to school. I shivered on the way, feeling like I was being watched again.

- E, are you okay? You're shivering! Said Benny.

He gave me his jacket.

- Thanks, Benny.

- Welcome, he said, smiling.

As I put on his jacket, I couldn't help smelling it. It smelled of pure Benny. I could smell this all day, without getting tired of it, I loved the smell. If only I could put Benny's jacket all the time, I would-

Wait. What am I saying? I liked Benny's smell, but not this much.

I shook away my thoughts and we went to school, Benny blabbering about some girl he thought was pretty.

We met Rory by my locker. The first thing Benny did was show him his spiderman comic book, without giving it to him. Benny smirked mischievously, telling Rory that if he wanted this comic book he needed to do a bunch of stuff for him. Rory didn't even realize that he could just threaten Benny with his fangs and he'd get it. I shivered when I thought of fangs, and looked at my bite mark.

Then, Rory hissed in Benny's face. Turns out he's smarter than I thought. Benny dropped the comic book on the floor after seeing Rory's fangs. He had a look in his eyes that translated fear. I didn't get it, Rory always hissed at him, and Benny knew it was a joke. Now, he seemed frightened….

He quickly got out of his trance and said:

- Sorry, I thought I saw Jesse over there.

He motioned towards the end of the hall. He quickly changed the subject when he remembered that Rory had his comic book, and he pouted.

- Rory! My comic book!

The first thing I thought was that he looked cute when he did that.

Cute? My best friend? No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. I shook my head, and we went to class.

First period was normal. I zoned out most of the hour and looked at all the girls. But there wasn't anybody interesting. Then, my thoughts returned to Benny. I thought of him, how he smiled, how he-

Why did I start noticing these things about Benny?

He turned his head to look at me, and I got lost in his eyes. He raised an eyebrow at me, and, while blushing, I thought that was the cutest thing ever.

Maybe I am in love with h-. No. I can't be, we're just best friends.

All morning I thought of it. At lunch, Benny and I ate with the Vampires. Or, Sarah, Rory and Erica. I talked with Sarah most of the lunch hour, and I could only see her as a friend.

Benny tried to talk to Erica, but she always shot him down. Poor Benny. After a while, he abandoned and debated comics with Rory.

- Are you kidding? If he ever went outside, he would-

That's all I heard. Outside. I absolutely loved the way he said "out". His accent was so…so… Cute! I know he's Canadian, and other Canadian people say it like that too, but I never noticed. I only noticed Benny! ( a.n. his accent is really cute! :P )

But that's impossible. Maybe I haven't found the girl yet. Maybe my mind is already losing hope of finding her, so it tries to find another person instead.

The rest of the day passed smoothly, but I didn't find anybody I liked. Except B-

No, I can't be feeling like that.

- E, am I coming tonight at your place right?

I really didn't want to see him tonight in case I really am in love with him. But I couldn't be…

- My father is having a business dinner again. You can come if you want, but you'll have to taste my mom's cooking, and-

- Blughh! No thanks Ethan. I'll see you tomorrow! He said, waving at me and going to his house.

- See ya! I answered.

I ran to my house, feeling the red eyes on me again. I got up to my room and collapsed into my bed. I had already done my homework for Tuesday, and the teachers today didn't give us any for tomorrow. I had all the time in the world to think about Benny-

I mean, think about if I like him or not.

In a way, it makes sense. We've been best friends since we were six, and we hang out together a lot. Really a lot. So, dating Benny wouldn't be too different. Except for the kissing. I wonder what it would be like to kiss Benny. I bet his lips are soft and tender, it would be like kissing cotton candy.

Oh, I did it again! I keep going on and on about Benny! Does it really mean I like him? I think I do…

I love Benny Weir.

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Peace and Bethan!