I am so sorry for not updating guys. School is getting harder and harder each year, and I am going to pass important exams this year. I'm so sorry for not updating faster. Anyway, here's chapter 5.

Day 5

Ethan was shocked. The potion works? The potion works! Sarah is throwing herself at Ethan, and Erica is devouring Benny with her eyes. You can feel the lust in the air. And before Ethan knows it, Erica kisses Benny. Ethan's jaw drops open. What? How? He keeps staring at them, and the kiss that lasts 2,3,4 seconds. Too long for his taste.

- Ethan! Stop staring at Erica. You're going to make your girlfriend jealous, says Sarah, pointing at herself.

Ethan looked uneasy. Sarah? His girlfriend? He always wanted that, didn't he? Why didn't he like the feeling of it?

And if only Sarah knew…

Ethan wasn't looking at Erica, he was looking at Benny.

- Ethan! Wake up! You're late! I heard a voice shout.

- Five more minutes dad… I groaned, as the light turned on.

- Ethan, honey, it's your mother. And no you can't have five more minutes. You are already late.

I opened my eyes. Shit. I can't be late. I've never been late, and I don't want to start now.

I quickly got dressed, and rushed downstairs to eat. My mom handed me a bagel to eat on the way, so I thanked her and left. I had completely forgotten the message on the mirror, but who cares, right? Nobody's going to see it anyway, and they always say kind of the same thing.

I looked on the road, hoping to see Benny in front me. Then again, we don't really talk much… And he's probably already at school. I take a bite of my bagel and run to school.

9:01. Not too shabby, if I say so myself. I quickly run to History, not too worried about arriving 1 or 2 minutes late. The teacher is pretty cool. I arrive to class and realize she isn't here yet. I grab a seat next to Rory, and take out my textbooks.

- Dude, what happened? He asked me.

- Woke up late, I say, still panting.

- Oh. Well you know what happened yesterday? Erica showed me a vampire hangout. We went there yesterday and some vamps were giving out free blood! How awesome it that! I took a lot and now it's in my room. And you know you I saw over there?

- Who? I ask.

- Wait… she told me not to tell you. Or anybody that's not a vampire, for that matter. Nevermind.

- You were serious? There's another vampire in school ? Dude you gotta tell me now. I say, suddenly interested.

- I can't. I really can't, Rory says, shrugging. Anyway, did you see zombies vs. Ts-

- Rory! I say while flicking him on the head.

- Fine. You know I can't keep secrets from my best friend! He answers, playfully punching me on the arm. It's-

- Hello class. I am sorry I'm late, I had an emergency. Now, turn your books to chapter 3. Mike, please read the first paragraph, says Mrs. Sullivan as she enters the class.

- Who? I whisper.

- Della.

I am so exhausted. I spent the entire day looking for Benny, trying to warn him. I made Rory promise not to tell anybody that I knew, even though he could possibly tell the whole school. But I promised him my new comic book, so with a little luck he'll keep his mouth shut. I ran and ran and ran, shouting his name, getting called weirdo a few times, before I ran into Sarah, who told me that Della and him had skipped school to go to the lake and have a romantic picnic. Great. Benny was probably a vampire by now. I was worried sick during the afternoon, which stressed me out for my physics test. I'll probably get a B.

At the end of the day, just as I was about to leave, I saw him. Benny. With Della, of course. They were hanging out with Sarah, Erica and Rory in the cafeteria. I went over there and said hi, cautious about Della. But she was friendly, as always, which made me gag. They explained what they did all day. It was composed of a picnic, like Sarah had said, and a walk in the forest that surrounds the lake. Then… I can't even say it.

I won't.

I can't.

They skinny-dipped in the lake. Benny's hair was still a little wet.

Eww. How could they? I can't even imagine it, but it's not like I really want to anyway.

But when Della talked about all of that and some of their adventures, I swear I could see that Benny was sad. He was smiling, but his eyes were elsewhere. They seemed… desperate to get out of here.

But of course, maybe I'm just making up this kind of thing. I guess I see what I want to see.

But there is one thing I did not make up: Della licking her lips while looking at Benny. Vampire instincts or lust? Guess we'll never know.

Probably both.

When Della needed to leave, they talked about the carnival again.

- So, huggy bear, are we still on for tomorrow? She asked, her arms still around Benny.

I rolled my eyes so hard. Huggy bear? Seriously?

But he didn't seem to mind.

- Of course we are, cuddly bunny, he answered.

My heart sank. So he wasn't sad or… What I thought he was. He was actually… happy with her.

- You guys are soo cute! Sarah squealed.

- You are too die for, said Erica, winking at Della.

- Thanks you guys, Della answered, smiling at Erica.

God. So she really is a vampire.

But aren't Erica and Rory worried about what she wants to do with Benny?

I mean, it's the only reason, isn't it? She wants to turn him. She didn't have any interest in him a week ago. And all of a sudden, she calls him "huggy bear"? Perfect timing, should I add.

I sighed in exasperation. When was this going to end? In 5 days, this whole thing is over. It should be, I hope. I have been obsessing about Benny for five days. Everything was better when I loved Sarah and he loved Erica. Or when he was admiring Della from afar. Everything was better before the vampire bite and my feelings for Benny.

I rolled on my bed and turned Skype on, hoping Benny wrote what he wanted to yesterday. Nothing new.

Everything is messed up. Benny and I don't talk anymore. I miss him. I miss him too much, and Della is cock-blocking me.

How can I fix it? How can I turn back time, when Della didn't exist 24 hours a day and Benny and I hung out every day?

Well that's it for day 5. Hope I didn't disappoint a lot :/