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"Why do I have Momo's ears?" Katara asked Sokka. "Those are your hair loopies!" He stated looking at her. Suddenly everyone was at the table complaining about the painting. Sokka tried to defend it. He claimed he was trying to make it more interesting but, no one got it. Nobody even noticed Aang silently get up and walk out.

Nobody except Katara. She slipped away from the table and followed him making sure that he was ok. Katara followed him onto the balcony. Aang just stood there silently thinking to himself. Wow, it's really over I can't believe how it ended. He felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

She walked up to him and leaned slightly on the railing. The Avatar was looking over the city and watching the beautiful sunset. The air was warm and inviting. The beautiful colors of the sunset gently twisting through the sky created a romantic atmosphere. With a small smile he looked over at her.

Katara felt her heart beat faster and she could feel a blush surface on my face. He pulled her into a tight hug and Katara smiled and blushed harder. Katara felt so safe in his arms and she felt like nobody would ever come between them. She finally realized how much she cared for him; how much she needed him.

She pulled away slightly and stared into Aang's stormy gray eyes. The waterbender slowly closed her eyes, grabbed Aang's face and forced her lips onto his. Not like he would complain. Katara slid her arms around his neck and he slipped his hands to her could only think about the feeling of her soft, warm lips pressed against his.

He had only felt this feeling a few times but, this was different. All of their other kisses were short and seemed one sided. But now they were both certain of their feelings for each other. Slowly they pulled apart and stared into each other's eyes. They both had huge smiles plastered on their faces and were blushing beet red.

"That was out of nowhere." Aang calmly said, even though his heart was racing.

"I realized how I really feel about you" replied Katara. "I feel horrible about how I treated you on Ember Island I was just confused and worried about the war." She said looking at the most interesting thing she could think of, her shoes.

Aang grabbed her chin and gently turned her face to face him. She stared into his deep gray eyes that were staring back at her with caring in his eyes.

"I know but, we were all confused and I shouldn't have kissed you after you told me you were confused it's my fault." Aang confessed. "Don't worry at all I completely forgive you. I just have one more question..." He said with a wide grin.

"What?" She replied matching his grin.

"Katara of the Southern Water tribe," The avatar said with a bow.

"Yes, Aang" Katara said giggling and bowing also.

"Will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" Aang said slightly nervous.

"I would be honored," She replied hugging him tightly. Aang grinned and hugged her back. He grabbed her hand and they went inside to tell everyone the exciting news.

This is humiliating! An admiral of my power and I'm picking through dumpsters. thought Zhao. Months and months of picking through the garbage, living on the streets, and begging like a peasant. Zhao saw a fairly large moon peach with a few bites taken out of it. He grabbed it and ate it hungrily. None of this would have happened if the Avatar hadn't attacked him. He was lucky to even be alive after what happened. Zhao thought bitterly. He sat back and thought of the Avatar's monster attack at the Northern Water Tribe.

Running, running away from his victory. Iroh was furious with him. He was lucky his men distracted him while he make a quick getaway. He looked behind him and saw no persuader the whole place had a odd grey glow and the moon was gone!

He did it! Admiral Zhao of the Fire Nation did it! No more moon! No more water tribe. Now to finish this battle quickly and return to the Fire Nation to celebrate his victory. Zhao smiled devilishly there was no way the Avatar could save this Tribe now.

He thought how good his picture would look in the history book. Suddenly a fire ball narrowly misses him. He turned around, expecting to see Iroh, but before his very eyes saw Zuko. "You're alive?" The shock was evident in his voice. Zhao's shock soon turned to rage.

Those pirates were supposed to get rid of him! What was he doing here. If it's a fight he wants it's a fight he going to get. Neither of them noticed the monster destroying the battleships in the distant.

"You tried to have me killed!" The furious teenager yelled while shooting two fire blasts at him. Zhao easily dodged them.

"Yes I did," Zhao admitted, "You're the Blue Spirit , an enemy of the Fire Nation! You freed the Avatar."

"I had no choice," Zuko said firing a blast of fire from his foot then firing more fire from his fists. Again Zhao avoided them.

"You should have chosen to accept your failure, your disgrace. Then at least you could have lived!" Throwing in arm back Zhao punched a huge fireball at Zuko, who dodged it. Then he came after Zhao and they started hand to hand combat.

But Zuko got the best of him and pushed him off the ledge they were standing, knocking him onto a bridge where they resumed their hand to hand combat. Zuko in pure rage and anger finally knocked Zhao down. Then he noticed the moon. It was still there!

"It can't be! Zhao exclaimed. He destroyed the moon spirit! It was dead! Zhao killed it with his own two hands. Suddenly a glowing blob started to flow quickly toward them in the water. From it two arms sprung out and their fingers slowly encased Zhao.

Zuko jumped out of the way while the gigantic hand lifted Zhao up off the ground. He struggled against the huge beast. But it's grip tighten Zuko's eyes widened, and he reached out to Zhao.

"Take my hand!" he shouted. Even though Admiral Zhao had tried to have him killed, he had to at least try to help. He watched in horror as Zhao reached out but, clenched his fist and refused his help. dragged Zhao underwater.

If Zhao was going to die, he was going to keep one thing, his dignity. Zhao looked up to what he thought was going to be his last glimpse of the moon. The fist pulled him into the freezing cold water, he gasped a lungful of air, and he could see a blurry Zuko run away.

He could feel the need for air slowly arise in his lungs as the glowing arm pulled him farther and farther into the water. Suddenly, Zhao felt his lung seize up and his vision started to fade to black.

He knew that this was the end, he would never get his revenge on the Avatar. Never get to see the light in that airbender's eyes leave painfully as he took his last breath. Zhao could still feel the large hand squeeze around him achingly before surprising vanishing.

He was so struck with awe he gasped causing water to rush into his mouth. Zhao had no time the think of his current state all he could think of was swimming to the surface. Zhao, luckily, made it just in time. He took a large breath in causing a fit of coughs to erupt from his throat.

He took many shattered breaths before swimming to shore. He desperately tried to think through the situation. What attacked me? Was it the Avatar? An angry spirit? Zhao reasoned in his mind.

One thing for sure I cannot let anyone know I am alive. Zhao thought bitterly, If anyone knows that I'm alive, I will never be able to take my rightful place on the throne as the world supreme ruler. Fire Lord Zhao, I like the sound of that.

No matter how much he wanted to take command of his army again, Zhao knew that all he would ever become would be Admiral Zhao. He must wait and be patient. Then when the Avatar defeated that coward Ozai, he would be right there to take the throne.

Showing the great power he did today there was no doubt in Zhao's mind that the Avatar would defeat the current Fire Lord. How long will he have to wait? Months? Years? However long the length of time he knew he could do it.

But for now he had to hide and wait. I think it's time to pay the Earth Kingdom a visit, no one would ever think to look for me there.

Zhao quickly finished the moon peach and sat back against the wall. He'd been in the Earth Kingdom for about 6 months. Homeless, tired, and cold Zhao had to travel all he had was the Earth Kingdom clothes he bought to hide his true idenity. But there was one thing to keep him going. One thing that kept him fighting through his awful travels... REVENGE.

He tossed and turned. The coolness of the night wrapped around the thirteen year old boy. Even though he was a part firebender, the young Avatar shivered. There was no way that he was going to sleep when he was chilled to the bone.

Aang sighed and sat up. He looked around the pitch black room at Iroh's tea shop. It was small but comfortable. I think a cup of tea is in order. Jasmine sounds good.

He gently placed his feet on the freezing ground. Standing up, Aang couldn't keep the smile off his face. What was tomorrow going to bring? Now that Katara was officially his girlfriend he wondered what the future held.

Aang stumbled down the dark hallway and, unfortunately, stubbed his toe on the small table right outside of Sokka's door. Falling forward, he quickly bent a small cushion of air. But, being half asleep, it did little to break his fall. Grumbling, he got up and looked into the Sokka's room.

He was sprawled out across bed, and Sokka's snores could be heard throughout the whole tea shop. Sokka was one of the deepest sleepers Aang knew so he wasn't worried that he'd wake up. Moving on he walked down the stairs and noticed the light was on.

Aang turned into the kitchen and saw an old friend. "Iroh? What are you doing up?" he asked hoping he wasn't interrupting something.

"Thinking. Now that the world has been saved," Iroh said and smiled, "Thanks to you, I'm just wondering what will happen next."

"What do you mean 'what will happen next' I just saved the world like a week ago!" Aang said walking over to the table and sitting down. Iroh passed him a cup and he took a sip before continuing. "Shouldn't things calm down for a few years?"

"I am afraid not, now that the Firelord has been defeated the world will be in a state of confusion and somewhat chaos. Young Avatar, this world will need a strong hand to guide it through these difficult times." Seeing the worried look Aang had on his face Iroh quickly finished "But I believe that, with the help of your friends, you will be able to handle it." Iroh declared and then finished his tea.

"What sort of things to you think will we have to face?" Aang asked hoping that it was anything too horrible. It had barely been a week since the miraculous defeat of Ozia, the heartless Firelord.

Iroh sighed and looked over to the thirteen year old. "I'm afraid the path will not be easy. It will be filled with revolts. Although the end of the war will be good for the Fire Nation, some people don't see it like that. They are still lost in the war they were born into. But you are a very wise young man, and I know that you will be able to overcome this difficult time."

Iroh got up and gave the Avatar a small smile before heading to the sink to wash out his cup. He quickly finished and put the tea cup down. "You are very wise for your age and I know that you will figure things out."

With at Iroh turned and walked out of the kitchen. Aang was shocked. He knew that there would be things to figure out and meeting to attend but revolts? This didn't sound good. Although he was worried he was comforted by Iroh's words.

After he finished his tea, Aang headed back upstairs. When he passed Katara's room he couldn't help but look inside. He saw the love of his life curled up into a small ball sleeping peacefully, a small smile lighting up her delicate face.

Aang went in and gently brushed her hair out of her face. Leaning over he kissed her forehead. Slowly he got up and walked back to his room. Flopping onto his bed he quickly fell asleep thinking about the near future.

But in her room, Katara sighed. She had been awake when Aang had come in. She replayed in her head how gently he brushed her hair and kissed her. She didn't deserve him. He was so kind, caring, sweet, lovely, and handsome. And knowing that he loved her with all of his heart made Katara's heart flutter with happiness. She fell asleep dreaming of her one true love.

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