Chapter 1 The Secrets Come Out

No Ones Pov !

"Arjay Shanell Montana ! Calm Yourself Down" Her mom Yelled."Calm Down ! You Want Me To Calm Down Are You Serious ? Mom You Were Lying To Me For 16 Years I Almost Kissed My Brother Because you Didnt Tell Me He Existed." Arjay Shanell Exclaimed "Look Arjay Me And Your Father Werent The Happiest Couple So We Decided to Do What We Thought Was Right " Arjays Shanell's Mom Was Saying " What Did Yall Think Was Right Splitting Up Twins Are You Serious Mom Thats Not The Best Thing I Mean How Do Yall Know We Probably Felt Empty Growing up And You Just Decided That You And Dad Couldnt Work Thins Out For Us ? Thats Not Fair Ugh The Stuff I Was Going Through In School When I First Met Him Im A Teenager Stuff Like That Happens An Aweful Lot And To Find Out Your Brother Is The One Its Happening With I Feel Disgusted And Its Your Faught .." Arjay Shanell Yelled As She Ran Up The Stairs " By The Way I Really Hate You " Arjay Shanell Said In Anger.

One Month Earlier

Chapter 2 The New Boy

Arjay Shanell's Pov !

" Omg Arjay Look At The New Boy He's Really Cute . Lol " Alaine Said "Lol Shut Up Alaine I Mean Your One Of My Closet Friends But Sometimes I Really Do Think Your A Little Uhmm . " Arjay Shanell Retorted Before Looking At What Seemed To Be A Mirror Image Of Herself. " Damn Arjay Yall Look just Alike What Yah Mom Been Up Too ?" Alexus Asked " Alex Dont be Playin Like That You Bieng Rude As Hell." Arjay Shanell Stated . "Im Sorry Jay But I Was Playing When I Said Yall Look Alot Alike I Mean Seriously." Alexus Explained.

Arjay's Pov !

"Mwuaah !" A Girl In Front Of The Class Said As Arjay Walked To His New Seat In His New Class At His New School. " Sorry About That New kid But it Seems This Rabbit dont Know When To Shut Up. " The Girl That Looked Just Like Me Stated " Did You Call Her A Rabbit - ?" Arjay Asked " The Names Arjay Shanell But Everyone Calls Me Arjay And Yea I Did Call Her A Rabbit." Arjay Shanell Said With A Slight Smile. " Sorry To interrupt But Class This Is Arjay Montana Our New Basketball Player He's Here To Try To Win The Championship For Us. " The Teacher's Pet Rasheed Said " Hold On I've Been Doing That For 3 Years Now!" Arjay Shanell Stated In Anger. Right then And There Arjay Shanell Had It Out For Arjay. Snickers High Really Was Going To Be Sticky And Messy. " Hold Up Arjay Arday Ar What Ever But I've Been That One Person To Actually Get Us To Make It To The Championship Games 3 Years In The Row And We Won All 3 years So Your Not Gonna Walk In Here And Try To Take My Courts Away You Or Yah Paparazzi Crew. At Snickers High Im Captain Of Most Sports Champion At Others And The Best At All So Get A Life Kid. Oo And New Boy Here At Snickers Im Arjay So Deal With It Okaay!?" Arjay Shanell Stated Very Loudly