Quinn and Santana had never been close... until now.

It had begun earlier that summer at Cheerio's practice. Santana, who was outed as being gay a few semesters ago, had never seemed to be interested in anyone aside from fellow cheerio Brittany Pierce. Unfortunately though, Brittany's love for Glee Club member Artie Abrams ended their relationship and now Santana had her eye on someone else. Quinn Fabray had been through a lot in the past two years, a teen pregnancy and various stints on the Cheerio's including its coveted captaincy. She was beautiful too, blonde curled hair in a high ponytail and a Cheerio's uniform with that revealing skirt. Santana had invited Quinn back to her house as Quinn's parents were away and the Lopez's had recently installed a semi-indoor swimming pool connecting to the house. It would have been dumb to have a fully outdoor pool in Ohio. Mainly because it was Ohio. As soon as Santana's invitation left her mouth, she knew it would be a long shot, but Quinn accepted graciously and they set off home, with the main topic of conversation being the Cheerio's. As the car pulled into the drive, Santana had totally forgotten to ask Quinn if she had a bikini packed!

"Hey, Quinn, I forgot to ask, you DO have a bikini packed don't you?! "

"Oh crap, I must've left it at home!" The smokin' hot blonde swore

"Oh it's fine," Santana gushed, not wanting to lose the opportunity to get all hot with Q in the newly ablaze Ohio sun, "You can borrow one of mine, but they might be a little big in the boobs, Q" said Santana reminding herself of the breast enhancement surgery she underwent in the summer, causing her to have to co-captain, instead of captain, the Cheerio's at the beginning of the semester.

"Would you? Oh that's great! It's so hot! I probably would've got into the pool without a bikini in this weather!" Quinn teased as she winked at her best friend.

Damn, I should have stayed quiet, Santana thought to herself.

Quinn knew about the special 'relationship' Santana had with Brittany and she had always wanted to try it out but never had anyone to try it out with.

The girls got changed into their bikinis and positioned themselves on adjacent sun beds.

"Hey Santana, wanna do a run and jump?!" Quinn enquired whilst sporting that mischievous yet angelic smile on her flawless face.

"Sure thing Quinn, just be careful not to spoil that lovely body of yours in the sun!" Santana quipped as she laughed genuinely.

The girls slid gracefully of their sun beds and walked towards each other until they met and faced the pool.

"Ready?" Quinn asked.

"Ready." Santana replied.

As they counted down from three to one, Quinn took Santana's hand as they ran and jumped into the pool.

"Oh my God!" Quick squealed in mock shock and a grin slapped on her face.

"Amazing, I know right!" Santana remarked,

"So good! I'd love to be able to cool off in this after Cheerio's practice every day!"

As the two hot girls swam to the edge of the pool, the conversation once again returned to the Cheerio's. Santana, a reserve flyer was usually base to Quinn, the best flyer on the squad. Her petite frame, flexibility and superb balance allowed her to perform every legal stunt, though recently, Quinn and Santana hadn't had time to practice and they were both off their game. Santana suggested they practice in the pool, the water would act as a safety net and if they didn't want Coach Sylvester to kick the off the squad, they NEEDED to practice! They decided to try and have a go at one stunt where Quinn had to balance on Santana's shoulders for long enough to please Coach Sue, which was infinity. They took their positions in the centre of the pool and Santana helped Quinn up above her shoulders, but Quinn's wet body slipped and as Santana turned round to catch her friend, she found her face right up against Quinn's clenched pussy. Quinn was now sitting on Santana's shoulders with nothing to balance herself with.

"You okay?" Santana shouted

"I'm going to fa-…." Quinn gasped before she fell from Santana's warm shoulders. Quinn, a skilled swimmer, calmly found her way to the surface, but obviously, as Quinn fell, her all ready too small bikini had fallen of so as her body sprung from below the sky blue water, her breasts sprung with it. Santana couldn't help but stare. Quinn's breasts were perky and perfectly formed, her nipples large and supple. Quinn at first was oblivious to which parts if her body were on display, but as a cool breeze flew onto her body, she – if not her nipples- noticed.

Quinn's arms flew across her chest, her face portraying mock horror. Quinn was an intelligent girl, (unbeknown to her fellow glee-clubbers) she got into Yale for heaven's sakes, and also being attractive meant she KNEW when someone was turned on. Santana tried to act cool but she could feel her pussy pulsating with anticipation and wetting with her juices. Quinn could tell this too and like I said, she had always wanted to experiment with someone, and as it turned out, this was her prime opportunity. Quinn's face oozed sex as she seductively swam towards the gobsmacked Latina. As Quinn approached the gobsmacked Cheerio, Santana had to look around to make sure she was in her yard and that this was really happening. And it was. It really was. They stood face to face, in anticipation of what was going to happen. They pulled in for a passionate kiss before Santana led Quinn out of the pool and onto the sofa in the conservatory. Quinn, her chest still bare, noted to herself that the conservatory was see-through and that if a nosy neighbour popped their head over the garden hedge, then they'd get a shock after seeing what they were up to! But this made it all the more exciting! Santana decided to take the initiative in the situation and kissed her way down to Quinn's perfectly formed breasts. She sucked them and they bounced back into place.

"Ohhhhhh" Quinn moaned...

"You like that baby?" Santana asked.

Quinn nodded rapidly.

"Well you're going to like THIS even more,"

Santana purred before going down and beginning to explore Quinn's dripping pussy. Santana stuck her tongue above Quinn's hole, licking and massaging Quinn's clit with her mouth.

"Fuck that's good…" Quinn moaned again.

"Wait here a sec, " Santana told Quinn, abruptly stopping the act that Quinn knew would give her pleasure.

"What? Wait! She's gone…" Quinn mused, disappointed, but as Santana disappeared upstairs, she decided that she would find Santana, and Santana would fuck her there and then.

Santana had just walked into her bedroom on a mission to find a toy. Her favourite toy. She had stolen more sex toys on her shop-lifting expeditions than she could remember, but Santana couldn't believe her eyes when she opened up the stolen box to find this! It was in the shape of a penis, it could thrust and rotate and it vibrated on the clitoris with bunny ears, Santana couldn't believe how many orgasms she had after using the toy for the first time. Santana swivelled around. There was somebody on the stairs but now they were at the door.