Santana's first thought was that her parents were back.

"Shit!" she muttered as she slid her toy under her duvet. As some fingers curled around the door, pushing it slowly open, Santana realised she wasn't wearing anything so flung her arms over her smokin hot body.

But it wasn't one of her parents who were standing in the doorway, but a fully naked Quinn Fabray, whose eyes were consumed with determination and lust. It was the same determined look Quinn had had at the beginning of sophomore year when she confronted that Rachel Berry and telling her to stay away from her man. Whenever Quinn had that look, you knew she was going to be getting her way.

Quinn paced up to Santana and literally grabbed her waist. Santana and Quinn were so close that every single part of the front of their bodies was pushed up against each other. They made out for half a minute before Quinn collapsed on the bed, pulling Santana on top of her, both of them grinning with anticipation. Santana stretched out her left arm and scrabbled around under the duvet for the toy.

"What are you doing?!" Quinn almost chuckled

Santana, now quite frustrated with herself, smiled when she retrieved her toy. Quinn gasped, it was so big! What were they going to do with it?! Quinn was quite sexually inexperienced as the first time she had sex she got pregnant, which did a lot more than put her off! And the second time she ever had sex was with Finn, her first love.

Santana on the other hand, was the absolute opposite! She was a first hand slut! She and Brittany often vied to beat each other when it came to how many people they had ever had sex with. Santana had fucked the whole of the football team! Some of them at the same time ;)! Quinn propped herself up at the headboard of the bed as Santana crawled hungrily towards her, toy sideways in her mouth. When Santana reached Quinn, she opened Quinn's cheerleader legs as far as they would go. Her juices were visible from her hole

"You ready?" Santana purred. Quinn nodded light-headedly as Santana switched on the toy. As the tip of this toy touched the rim of her hole, Quinn wondered if it would fit. Or if it would hurt but as if Santana could read her mind (or perhaps she could just read her expression) and just said "It'll be fine, I promise you'll love it"

Santana decided to just go for it and pushed the huge penis inside of Quinn. As it slid inside, Quinn gasped then smiled. The bunny ears were on either side of Quinn's clit and Santana pressed them to vibrate and the pressed at button to make the actual penis rotate and thrust. Quinn felt herself building up already and Santana could tell. She notched up the power on the vibrations, rotations and thrusts.

"Ohhhhhh… Fuck me… Ohhhhhh… Shit I think I'm coming!"

Quinn thrusted her hips back and forth as the vibrations of her orgasm literally shook her and it didn't stop like it usually did when she masturbated or fingered herself! It just continued! Santana wanted to taste Quinn, so she pulled the toy out and replaced it with her tongue. That was it for Quinn, her body erupted with pleasure, she felt an unfamiliar feeling… then to her surprise she squirted everywhere, on the duvet cover, on the toy, on Santana! But Santana was more than happy to clean up. In fact Quinn tasted a bit… coconutty. It took a while for Quinn to get over the orgasm but as soon as she did, Santana knew it would be her turn.