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Toy in hand, Santana knew she was next, and she was looking forward to it.

On the other side of the bed, Quinn was recovering from her orgasm and saw the hungry look in the hot Latina's eyes. This was Quinn's first time having sex with a girl and she wanted to be original. She snatched the toy from Santana who by this time was near the headboard on her knees, legs spread, and hands in front of her. Quinn snatched the toy from the centre of the bed and licked it up and down, tasting herself.

This was turning Santana on so much her hand automatically moved up her thigh to her pussy, her fingers beginning gently to rub against her clit. Quinn was done seconds after and began to crawl toward the hot cheerleader. As Quinn got closer, Santana leaned back so Quinn could position herself in a straddling position.

Santana and Quinn began making out when they noticed that their hot flushed pussies were touching and grinding together. Quinn had an idea and climbed off of Santana. The shocked and disappointed Latina shot up, thinking Quinn had bailed on her, until she felt a pair of perfectly manicured hands touch her inner thighs, pushing her legs further away from each other until they were in almost a splits position! Now Quinn's hand were working their way up towards Santana's dripping pussy, every movement teasing Santana and working her up. The next thing Santana felt was Quinn's finger being index thrust inside her, Quinn's thumb gently working Santana's clit

"Ohhhhhh! Hmmm…"

Another finger slipped inside and Quinn's head bobbed down to clean up Santana's juices.

"Oh my god, Quinn"

Santana's reaction to Quinn's tongue urged her on. Quinn began to flick Santana's clit with her tongue and lick it up and down at a speed of knots. Santana's hips were rotating and thrusting up towards Quinn, her hands firmly behind Quinn's head so as not to let Quinn stop until Santana came. Quinn already had two fingers pumping Santana's pussy but decided to risk one more

"Ahhhh!" Santana screamed happily as she felt herself coming

"I'm comingggg!" Santana moaned as Quinn pumped her fingers harder and flicked Santana's clit with her tongue faster. Santana came and oozed cum while Quinn's removed her finger and sticked her tongue into Santana's hole; prolonging her orgasm. Santana felt a wave of contentedness wash over her as her orgasms subsided and watched Quinn lick the remaining cum off of her fingers.

Quinn looked around Santana's room then froze when she saw the clock.

"Crap" Quinn said, "I have to go, my mum wanted me back for 6 and it almost seven"

And as Santana laid on her bed, almost unable to move from her earth shattering orgasm, Quinn was gone down the stairs with a towel wrapped around her sweaty body, in search for her infamous Cheerio's uniform.