Chapter 2

Lacrosse Tryouts

A/N This chapter Ian is still in eighth grade. It's around the first week of school. Hope you enjoy! And please review! It makes my day!

"Jason, are you going to try out for lacrosse?" I yell across the hall.

"Yeah." He yells back.

I give him a thumbs up and head for my locker. I grab my bag and jog to the field.

Reaching the field I pull out my cleats and tie them tightly. I gaze around the field. I look up into the bleachers and see Ali sitting with her two friends Naomi and Riley. She smiles at me and waves. I raise my eyebrows and wave back.

"Flirting with a third grader, Ian?" Garret asks.

I spin around to see him smirking at me. I roll my eyes and mutter no.

He laughs and I glare at him.

"Whatever Ian."

The coach blows his whistle and we all jog towards him. He talks us through what we need to do to get on Varsity. He gives us our directions and yells at us to start.

I run through exercises and idly I think of Ali. Why is she here watching my lacrosse tryouts?

"Thomas! Focus we're on the next drill!" Coach barks.

"Sorry!" I call to him and move to the next.

By the time tryouts are over I'm sweaty and insanely tired.

"Good work. The listings will be up Thursday." Coach says and dismisses us with a careless flick of his hand.

I walk toward the bench and chug a water. I watch Ali as she makes her way toward me. She leans over the bleacher railing to talk to me.

"Hey, Ian." She grins at me.

"Hey, Ali." I say and wipe my face with a towel.

"That was some workout."

"Yeah. I guess."

"I'm assuming you're trying to make Varsity?" She asks politely.


"That's cool."

"Look, Ali, I'm meeting Melissa for some ice cream so I got to go. Ok?" I turn away and start to walk towards my bike.

"Cancel on her." She says simply.

"What?" I pivot and walk back towards her.

"Take me for ice cream." She flirts with me.

"I have a girlfriend, Ali. Besides I'm in eighth grade and you're in third. Wait until you're a seventh grader and maybe we can for ice cream then."

"I'll hold you to it." She replies.

I nod and walk away.

"Oh and Ian?" She calls out to me.

"Yes, Ali." I say trying not to get frustrated.

"Have fun." She winks at me slowly and I walk away confused as to what she means by that.