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Chapter 9

3 Years Later

We're gonna make, make, make 'em do a double take!

Austin and I finished singing the slightly-tweaked version of double take. We'd ended up, as always, stood facing each other, bodies almost touching, smiling. This was my debut; the first time I was performing in front of an audience. And I loved it. The crowd was going wild. They came for Austin Moon, world famous overnight internet sensation. And they got Austin and Ally. And I'm pretty sure I've never heard a crowd so loud in my life.

We smiled and waved at the audience, Austin reaching down to grab my hand, lifts it up, and then pull me down into a bow.

"That was Ally Dawson! Most of you know her as my songwriter and pianist, but you're wrong. Ally is my partner, the love of my life…and hopefully, my fiancée." He said, turning to me and smiling. I was shocked; this wasn't planned. I felt myself freeze, unable to move, or speak.

Now, a lot of girls would be angry about this. A proposal is supposed to be a special, private moment, shared between two people, maybe a group at the most. Not at a live, televised concert. But I knew that Austin lived to perform. So this, proposing to me on stage in front of millions of people was the most special, amazing, thoughtful thing he could possibly do.

"Erm, Ally? Are you okay? You're not mad, are you?" he asked, worry evident in his eyes. II felt myself tear up, and I finally managed to move. I shook my head, and then whispered;

"Yes, Austin Moon. I will marry you." Into the mic he was holding. The crowd erupted into even louder applause, if that was even possible, and Austin dropped the mic and flung his arms around my neck, kissing me passionately. I kissed him back, and even though he tasted like sweat and tears and adrenaline, it was the best kiss in the world.

"I love you." He said, this time without a mic, so only I could hear him. Well, I say hear, but the noise from the crowd was so deafening I could only read his lips, but I knew exactly what he said.

"I love you too." I said, and then he took my hand, we bowed one more time, and then he led me off the stage.

As soon as we were backstage, I jumped on him, wrapping my arms and legs around his body and kissing him more passionately that I ever had before. Trish and Dez ran over. Dez was his roommate, who turned out to be pretty good with directing music videos that made Austin and overnight internet sensation. Well, over-two-nights internet sensation, as Austin liked to put it. Because my boyf-no, fiancé-is just modest like that.

"Oh my God! Ally! You totally rocked it! You blew Austin right off the stage!" Trish screamed, wrapping her arms around my neck as soon as I was upright again. I hugged her back, laughing like a little girl.

"I know! Oh my God, that was so amazing! I've never had so much fun!" I squealed.

"I wouldn't say she blew me off the stage…" Austin said, looking a little hurt as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I knew from the twinkle in his eye and the way he squeezed my shoulders that he was joking though.

"Erm, I hate to break it to you man, but she kinda did." Dez said tactfully. I laughed.

"Guys, come on, I didn't! We were great together." I said, looking up at him fondly.

"No, we were perfect together. A perfect match. Vocally and otherwise." Austin whispered softly, looking back at me lovingly. I grinned.

"Okay, enough with the lovey-dovey stuff. We have to do an interview in twenty minutes!" Trish said, suddenly serious. For a girl that never used to be able to hold down a job for longer than a day, she was pretty damn amazing at being Austin's manager. Although, I guess she'll now be 'Austin and Ally's manager, since we agreed if the duet today got a good response Austin and I were teaming up for good.

"Sheesh, Trish, Austin just proposed. I'm going to be as lovey dovey as I want to be!" I protested. Her expression softened and she nodded.

"Okay, two more minutes for the lovey-dovey stuff. Then we get serious." She warned. I rolled my eyes and turned to Austin, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I can't believe you just proposed to me. Live on stage. In front of billions of people." I sighed. He suddenly looked nervous.

"Are you angry? Because Dez said you would probably get angry, but then Trish said you would love it, and I thought you would, but-" I cut off his nervous babbling with a kiss.

"It was perfect. I meant, I can't believe it because the most perfect guy in the world just proposed to me." I sighed.

"Well…" he started.

"But don't worry; I turned him down because I wanted to marry you." I joked. He looked hurt for a second, before realising I was joking and laughing.

"I love you Ally." He whispered.

"I love you too. Wow, I seriously can't believe I did that. I used to have such bad stage fright, and now…"

"You blew me off the stage. In front of millions and millions of people." He finished. I laughed.

"For the last time, I did not 'blow you off the stage'." I chuckled.

"You did, Ally. You were so good, I felt like crying. I am so proud of you." He sighed. I went to kiss him again, but felt a hand on my shoulder yank me away.

"Okay, you've had three minutes twenty-seven seconds. Let's go people!" Trish yelled. We sighed, grabbing each other's hand and following Trish and Dez into the interview room.

"Austin and Ally! Welcome! Oh My God, we have so much to talk about! First of all, what was that?" asked the bubbly interviewer as soon as we sat down. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Well, Ally's always had terrible stage fright. That's why she was always behind the scenes. But recently she has had some therapy sessions, and they have really helped her get over her stage fright. And we decided to do this duet tonight, and if it got a good reception, we would join as partners for good." Austin explained. The host, whose name was Marie, smiled genuinely.

"And what about the proposal? Was that planned?" she asked, looking at me.

"Actually, no. That was a complete surprise! I couldn't believe it! I still can't, to be perfectly honest. I mean, I love Austin and I figured we'd be getting married someday, but I really wasn't expecting this." I told her honestly, and she nodded. Apparently, she believed me.

"What were your exact thoughts when he said it?" she pried. I laughed.

"Actually, if you can believe it, my exact thoughts were 'if he expects me to get married onstage, he has another think coming'. Then it sort of sunk in, what he was asking, and I couldn't believe it." I said, earning a loud roar of laughter from most people in the room.

"So, Austin, did anyone know about this?" she asked him. I turned to him too, interested. I wasn't sure. He looked a little nervous.

"Well, erm, actually…I kinda didn't plan it at all. I didn't know I was going to propose until I actually said the word fiancé. I think if I had planned it, I would have overthought it and ruined it. As it was, it was a huge risk. I was about ready to scream when Ally didn't reply, I thought maybe she was mad. And seriously, she is scary when she's mad. But then she said yes, and I felt like I could just die happy right then." He said. This was a little cheesy, even for him, but he pulled it off.

"So was that your perfect proposal? Is there anything you would have changed about it?" she asked me. I smiled, shaking my head.

"Honestly, no. It was amazing. I don't even mind that I didn't get a ring…although I had better get a ring at some point." I said, looking pointedly at Austin. He raised his hands, looking sheepish.

"Well, I didn't plan it so I don't have a ring. But you'll get one." He reassured me. People were laughing again, and I smiled at the sound.

"Well, then I guess you'll be pleased to know that the video of your proposal has just reached half a million hits on YouTube. And counting." Said the host. I froze, and felt Austin rubbing my back, obviously assuming it was a relapse of my stage fright. It wasn't; I just couldn't believe that people cared that much.

"S-seriously?" I stuttered.

"Yup. And #Auslly, #AustinAndAlly and #AllySaysYes are all trending worldwide on twitter." She said. I blinked, breaking out into a huge grin.

"Wow! I mean, I guess I knew there would be some sort of hype about it, but I had no idea there would be so much support!" I said, feeling myself tear up.

"This is amazing. Really." Austin muttered. I grinned, grabbing his hand and squeezing it.

"So, I'm assuming you two are pairing up permanently?" she asked us. We looked at each other, pretending to consider it.

"Well, I don't know…" I said. I think it was obvious we were joking.

"Yeah. I mean, I'm not saying people are unenthusiastic, but we were hoping for a little more positive feedback…" Austin ended the joke. We both laughed as Marie stood up and walked over to the window, covered by huge red curtains which she pulled back to reveal the huge crowd. They were watching the interview live from the screen on the stage, and we watched as they turned to face the window as she opened it.

"So, who here thinks Austin and Ally should team up for good?" she said into the mic, at normal volume. We heard her voice amplified to fill the whole stadium, but before she had even finished speaking her voice was drowned out by the roar from the crowd. She then smiled smugly, closed the window and came to sit back down.

"So, what do you think?" she asked. We glanced at each other, and nodded.

"I guess we can't say no to that, can we?" Austin said, grinning. I nodded.

"Yeah. Besides, I wouldn't want to let those therapy sessions go to waste." I joked.

"Well, those therapy sessions were probably the best thing you ever did, Miss Ally Dawson, soon-to-be Mrs Ally Moon. It looks like we're almost out of time, but I do want to ask you one more question. Where did you two meet?" she asked, like she was genuinely interested. Which I think she was. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Well, it all began with a dare…but we'll talk about that another time." Austin started.

"Yup. All you need to know right now is that we met for the very first time in…a Convenience Store."

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