Author's note: The following takes place in the three days after Weed and his friends rescued Gin, before they attacked Hougen and his army.

"Hold on, sister!" a small voice bellowed from outside Weed's cave.

Weed walked out to see a pup standing on the bank of the river a branch, firmly in her mouth.

"Hello," he said walking up, "What's your name?" Weed asked before he noticed that there was another pup holding onto the branch.

"Hold on!" He said grabbing the branch and pulling.

Once both of the dark blue puppies were safely on shore he asked, "What are your names?"

The pups didn't answer they just lay on the ground, ears back, eyes closed, and tails tucked firmly under them. Weed saw that they were shaking.

"Rocket! GB! Come here!" he called out.

The two dogs trotted up, "Yes, Weed?" they asked.

"Help me get these two inside. But be nice. I don't want to frighten them."

The two pups listened carefully to the conversation, hoping that they wouldn't be hurt again until their current wounds healed.

GB lowered his head down to the pups and said softly, "Why don't you come inside, where it's warm?"

The three dogs sighed as the pups only shook.

"I guess there is no other way," Weed said, gently picking the closest pup up by the scruff of her neck.

Rocket followed with the other, and the trio took the shaking pups inside. They set them down in a warm spot and got them some food. By this time Mel had come over to see what was going on. The four dogs sat in front of the pups and waited to make sure they ate. Obviously hungry, the pups eyed the food, but they didn't move closer. They just lay down, ears, once again, back.

"Why won't they eat? It's obvious that they want to," GB wondered aloud.

"Maybe," Mel thought. Mel stood up and went over to Weed.

"Weed, eat a few bites of the food."

"What, no. That is for them," he said, appalled.

"Weed, do you remember back when you saved me from Blue?"


"The way he ran things the leader ate before anyone else. Maybe if you ate some first they would eat," Mel reasoned.

"It's worth a shot, and besides a few bites wouldn't hurt," Rocket agreed.

Reluctantly, Weed walked over and took a bite out of the large bird that lay before the pups.

"Good, now walk away, Weed. You too, Rocket, GB," Mel said, "I can take it from here."

The three older dogs walked away, leaving Mel alone with the pups, who started eating eagerly once everyone else was gone.

"So, why don't you tell me your names?" Mel asked when they had finished.

"We can't," the elder of the two stated.

"Why not?" Mel asked.

"Because," They said in unison, "We don't have any."

"Oh," Mel said, unsure of what to do.

"We would not mind if you gave us names, kind sir," The younger one whispered.

"Um," Mel said, "I guess, you," he pointed to the younger one, "Will be Shuri. And you," he pointed to the elder, "Will be Masa. If that is ok with you."

"It is very ok with us, but you have not told us your name, sir."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Mel," Mel smiled at the two pups.

"Well, looks like little Mel has become a God-father," GB said coming out from behind a rock.

Mel laughed, and the pups followed suit.

Just a small one-shot that I felt like writing.