(A/N) PLEASE READ: I always particularly liked the character of Gabrielle Delacour, especially because she's an open slate, JK Rowling never really developed her. So here is my take on Gabrielle, and my own inventions of her life. This follows Gabrielle as she goes to Hogwarts for her 4th year and becomes fast friends with our main gang. Since I am entirely tired of seeing fanfics that participate in the horror that is Weasley bashing and Dumbledore Bashing, this story shall be a story of the awesomeness of the Weasley's and of Dumbledore.
So here you go, read on. I must warn you, as I am adding three characters into the mix, this does not keep canon with OoTP. Also I must warn you I am making some big big big changes, Gabi is much more important than she knows yet, and I am also adding an original first person veiw point styling to the story. I still will use some exacts from the book though, dialogue and the such, but it will also be mostly original. Oh, and last thing, since this is a Fred/Gabrielle fanfic, Fred will not be dying. In fact. I plan on taking this story, though it will probably be in the sequels that I do this, all the way through Deathly Hallows. And in Deathly Hallows, Fred will survive for the epilogue! Yay!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. JK Rowling owns Harry Potter and his world, I own a few Lego sets, three tee-shirts, and a wand, but nothing else. Though the original voice of Gabrielle, the original developments in the storyline, and my two OC's, those are all mine!

Chapter 1: Painting The Sky
"your existence is unfair" one of my only two friends in the entire world says. She's laying on my bed tossing a small bouncy ball into the air and catching it. "I mean I love you to peices but sometimes I want to just like rip your face off?" she jokes. I sigh and look into the mirror. A part Veela body and face stare back at me. Impossibly beautiful and it makes me want to jump off a cliff.

Here's the thing about being beautiful, especially if it's coupled with the Veela allure, people hate you. I mean seriously all the girls at Beauxbatons despise me, just like they despised my sister in her time. Hence the only two friends thing. "Ria I love you too but I would kill for your face" I joke back to my friend. She laughs, her dark coffee skin and lovely black eyes make an irresistibly lovely face, the opposite of my pale blonde veelaness. She is a part Veela as well, just opposite color scheme from my blonde hair, blue eyes, cream skin look.

"Could you girls just accept your creepy beauty and get back to getting ready to leave?" our other friend CJ asks exsasperated. Even though CJ is only 14 like us he is already absolutly certain that he is very very gay. Which is probably why he's such a good fit to be friends with us, cause lets be honest, guys who drool get boring. CJ treats us like normal witches. Speaking of me and my friends, I guess I should tell you a bit about us.

Name (me): Gabrielle Delacour (call me Brie)
Age: 14 and three months
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Hight: 5"3
Development progress: well I finally fill out a bra, albeit a small bra...
Family: two parents, very rich and powerful. daddy is very very sweet. Maman is very very snooty but adores her daughters so it's okay. One sister- Fluer Delacour. Past triwizard champion, currently living in England. (I miss her so much!)
School: No longer beauxbatons! At the end of this summer I transfer to Hogwarts for a year! Maybe two! I liked it so much when I visited the triwizard championship last year I decided to come back for my forth year of school. Ria and Ceej are coming as well, like I'd go anywhere without them.
Thing people don't know about Veela: we're actually pretty smart.
Current beauty status: sickingly beautiful in this little white sundress maman laid out for me to wear today for my trip to Paris with Ria and CJ. I need new things for Hogwarts. so do they.
Relationship status: hahhahahahahahaha good one.
And finally...
# of attempted pedophiling on me by creepy men: 43

Name (my best friend): Rialla Sinor (Goes by Ria)
Age: 14 and two months
Hair: Black and gorgeous
Eyes: see above
Hight: 5"5
Developmental progress: boobs and hips that make mine look like nothing.
Family: Tante Karmela or Aunt Kari for you Americans. She was raised by her aunt who also happens to be one of the most amazing people in the world I might add. Her parents died when she was three months old. She doesn't dwell on missing them, she's happy how things are.
School: same as me
Thing people don't know about Veela: we aren't all blonde haired
Current Beauty status: she far surpasses me, don't listen to her lies!
Relationship status: hahahahahahhhahaaaa. You've gotta quit these jokes
And finally...
# of attempted pedophiling on her by creepy men: 37 (I'm beating her out there! Wait that's not a good thing...)

Name (other best friend): Charles James Artulie (try calling him anything but CJ, I dare you)
Age: 14 and 8 months
Hair: brown and kinda long. His mom wants him to cut it.
Eyes: Hazel
Hight: 5"7
Developmental progress: he's accepted his sexuality, also his voice has deepened
Family: Mom and dad, not very approving of him. Two big brothers, also not approving.
School: haven't you picked up on this yet? Same as me!
Current handsomeness status: he's very handsome, too bad he isn't on the market, well at least not for me...
Relationship status: he has this pen pal that's also his boyfriend, Tristan. I have yet to me this tristan boy and declare my approval.
And finally...
# of times pedophiled on by creepy men: 0 (that lucky boy)

"Gabrielle dahling" my maman says knocking on the door to my room, "Papa has told me zee car just arrived" she tells me in her heavily accented English. She's not very good with it yet, but at least she's practicing, I've been doing the same. "Zey will not want to be waiting on you". We have muggle chauffeurs take us to Paris. This is actually the first time Maman has not insisted we are also accompanied by a bodyguard. Probably because CJ has gotten so tall. Though I'm surprised she chose now to loosen up, after-all it's extra dangerous in the magical world right now. I mean my parents are members of the Order of The Pheonix, even if we live in France, and we all know Voldemort's returned. (I will not call him you-know-who no matter how much people flinch. You-know-who just sounds plain stupid. No, I don't know who.) but we're going to muggle Paris anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

"Oui Mama, we'll be down in a minute" I tell her. I hear her footsteps clicking away. Mama is half Veela, very beautiful, and married to the minister of magic of France. She always gets what she wants, and what she wants right now is for me to come downstairs wearing this flowy little sundress. Even if I'd prefer a baggy tee shirt and jean shorts.

"Come on Brie, we'll be late" CJ urges. I'm lost in thought looking out the window. Thinking about painting the view this evening. Art is my favorite thing and the thing I am good at, unfortunatly they don't have any art classes at Hogwarts. If I bring all my painting supplies I'm sure I'll survive. Maman says my art could be hung in museums, it is beautiful she tells me. I think she's desperate for something to be proud of. I'll never be a prim and proper triwizard champ like Fleur. I'm good at magic and I'm smart, but they just aren't my thing. I'm not perfect the way Fleur is, I'm flawed and rebellious, and this thing is, I kinda like it that way.


It is endlessly hot out here. I swear I am going to die of heat stroke. I am going to faint from dehydration, I'm going to... Eh I'm out of things to say. But seriously, it's hot. But then again, Paris is just so nice! Especially with no maman to choose what I buy. I like my new crop top and jean short short outfits. They are in no way proper witch attire. They are teenage muggle attire. I like to pretend that I'm living in a different world sometimes, and these clothes complete the fantasy.

After five different stores CJ looks ready to kill both Ria and I. Not our fault we wanted some new clothes for Britain. Gosh. Ria runs her hand through her hair and her top lifts up to reveal her stomach. A ripple of awed sighs goes through the boys on the sidewalk near us. This is okay so far, boys admiring is fine. It's when they decide to do more than that we have a problem. "Be careful Ria!" CJ says, he's protective of us quite a bit. "You don't have to see yourself" he tells her sighing. "we don't need to get attacked and have Brie's maman reinstate bodyguard rules." he points out. I hate when people do that, act like we should or shouldn't be allowed to wear certain things just because of how boys might react. Of course, I know when Ceej does it he has our interests in mind, so Ria and I try not to get annoyed with him.

"Fine I'll wear a nun's habit then" she grouches, but she does stop lifting her arms up and messing with her hair. I look up at the sky and try to commit the colors to memory. The sky is never simply blue, it is so much more. A million different shades of color meeting together in harmony, flowing close and apart. Painting pictures of things you can't explain. I love to paint it, the untouchable colors of the sky.

"She's painting in her head again" I hear CJ groan. "We won't be able to drag her from the easel when we get home. She's gonna be covered in paint by the end of the night too" he complains, I ignore him.

"Aww let her be, our friend is a freak Ceej, haven't you realized by now. She's loony, she spends way to much time in a world nobody else can see. One full of colors" Ria's half-condecending and half- affectionate words don't break my connection with the sky's colors. I spread my arms wide and tried to take it all in. What a picture I must be right now. A young girl standing on a Paris street in a small white sundress, mountains of moonlight hair and her arms spread why, blue eyes taking in the sky.

"Come on love" CJ pulls me along away from the crowd of people staring at me. I hadn't even realized what I was doing. I really do get lost in my own world. See the thing is I'm not normal or proper or well behaved like I should be. I'm a wild child who refuses to wear shoes, spends all her times in the woods or by the sea, and gets lost in color and makes a fool of herself on a crowded street. I'm my mothers worst nightmare in terms of society's opinions. I'm weird, different from her and Fleur. I know I should spend more time trying to attend lunches with maman and perfecting my looks. I shouldn't have calluses on my perfect Veela feet from walking over rocks on the beach. Veela are generally healed of any blemish immediately, but I think the calluses stay out of habit. I shouldn't run away when maman tries to put me in frilly outfits and makes me brush my usually unbrushed hair, though even unbrushed I can't get it to do anything but lay perfect. I'm not like maman and Fleur, I'm not the way the beauxbatons kids think i am. In truth and honesty, though maman will disown me for saying this, I am not perfect, not perfect at all. And when your a Veela your supposed to be.

"Drawing a crowd again I see?" a voice behind me asks. I know that voice! I whip around and fling myself into my big sisters arms, she laughs and spins me around. "Gabi!" she squeals, I only allow Fleur to call me that, as I love her more than practically anyone else in the world.

"Flee!" I squeal back, calling her the nickname I gave her as a little kid when I couldn't really pronounce Fleur. "What are you doing here?" I ask as she sets me down on the ground and hugs Ria and CJ.

"Well Maman told me you were going muggle shopping today, so I figured i'd catch you here and give you your big surprise over lunch in someone's favorite Paris Cafe" she says happily. Fleur loves this one cafe near the Luxombourg garden. She misses it terribly with all this time spent in England.

"How's Bill?" I ask as we all head down the street. She met Bill at Gringotts and now they're going steady. He's very nice, and very handsome as well.

"He's wonderful actually" she tells me smiling widely. "But that's sort of what I need to talk to you about." we reach the cafe and take a table outside. Fleur raises a delicate hand and is swarmed by waiters offering to take her order. CJ rolls his eyes, but Ria and I just giggle, we're used to this kind of thing. "you see Bill's family is really involved in the Order, which I assume Papa has told you is starting up again?" I nod and she continues. "Well his family is staying at the headquarters, and they told me I could extend a very kind invitation to you. They said you could spend the last two weeks of summer staying with them so that you can get your things at Diagon Alley and get used to the English culture." she tells me. Woah, two weeks living in England with the Weasley family, some of whom I met last year. I almost can't believe this offer, which has come totally out of nowhere. Maman and Papa must have known about this whole thing for ages though, and were probably conspiring with Fleur to surprise me. Maybe the fact that she'd be meeting us here was why we didn't need a bodyguard.

"Vraiment? They're going to let me stay with them" I ask her. She nods.

"Unfortunately however, there is no room for Ria and CJ, do you think you could bare the separation for two weeks" she jokes, ruffling my hair. As sad as it makes me I know I obviously can.

"Will you miss me too desperately mon Cherie's?" I ask.

"Nah, not at all" Ria jokes, I laugh.

"I forgot, this entire friendship is a lie, you actually hate me" I say sarcastically.

"She's found us out!" CJ says fearfully. Fleur watches us with amusement. Her prim and proper ladyness did not get passed on to me in the least. Yet we still love each other more than anything and get along perfectly. She's not the type of person I usually like, nor am,I the type she likes, yet we adore each other. Fleur is extremely protective of her wild and crazy little sister, and I am in return unendingly adoring of my graceful and beautiful big sister.

"So I can tell Dumblydore that you're coming, 'Arry Potter we'll be there as well Gabi" she tells me, I blush crimson. I admit that I had a sligh crush on him right after the second task when he saved me, but I'm totally over it now. Fleur just likes teasing me.

"Dumbledore, Fleur" I say in my English accent "and Harry Potter, not Dumblydore and 'Arry" I correct her, she rolls her eyes. Knowing she's only getting my sass because she teased me.
"Brie, are you going to drink that?" Ria motions at my untouched hot chocolate. I'm too excited to drink.
"Non, you can have it." I wave my hand at her. "So I will not be a burden vraiment?" I ask.
"Non, though there has been a bit of trouble with 'Arry, seems he's being blamed for a little run-in with some dementors." she shudders, as do all of us. Dementors are my idea of hell. Luckily I happen to be particularly good at patronus charms, I can produce a full potronus, mine takes the shape of a Pheonix, which Fluer says is the same as "Dumblydore's". I've always had a thing for Phoenix's, such beautiful wild creatures. So colorful and free, you can never tame a Pheonix.

"Is he alright?" I ask, concerned.

"Oui, Mais, he has to go to the ministry for a trial. I wonder if Papa could do anything about the situation" Fleur enjoys flashing papa's power about to get things. I roll my eyes at her.

"Fleur if france starts interfering in the British ministry they are not going to take well to it at all." Ria points out. Fleur nods thoughtfully.

"Oui, C'est Vrai" she says considering, I can tell she still really wants to witness Papa marching into the British ministry and forcing them to get it together. "I do have to go though Gabi, I have to,catch my portkey back to London. Will I see you in a month for your two weeks in England?" she asks to confirm. I nod and receive a squeal of pleasure. She kisses my cheek and ruffles my hair. "Love you Gabrielle"

"Love you Flee" I throw my arms around her in a hug until she pulls away and stands. She walks off behind a corner and I hear the soft crack of her dissaparating. "So what do you guys think of all this?" I ask my friends, twirling my finger in my nearly empty due to Ria hot chocolate.

"It's exciting. I mean, we'll miss you, but it's really exciting" CJ replies.

"I hope we actually make friends at Hogwarts" Ria says sighing. "what if it's like Beauxbatons and everybody hates us?" she looks nervous and sad, her beautiful face twisted by memories of past hate. "What if the male teachers are all creeps, like that Professor Marks was." she asks, bringing up the creepy Beauxbatons professor who was fired after attempting to assault Ria and I. This is what happens when you're Veela. These are the things you go through. I hate to even think about it.

"It won't be that way." I say, though of course I have no idea. I hope it won't be that way if I'm going early. It's scary going somewhere without my friends, they are my support system and my protectors. How do I survive things without them? At least i'll be near my sister.
I look back up at the sky, the blues have grown brighter, not a cloud in sight. The clouds have opened up like a door, a door leading to a whole new life. I'm stepping through the door to destiny, and who knows where it will take me.