~Twenty Four Tributes are torn from their families and pasts to be thrown into the world of the capitol before being televised on the Hunger Games where some innocent will have to become lost into the darkness resorting to killing each other. Because in the end most of the tributes will be lost in the darkness that is the Hunger Games and only one will come out with mental and physical scars alive to be announced the champion of the 60th Hunger Games that will go down in history as one of the greatest games.

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District Status- (wealthy? Poor? If District 12 Town or Seam?)

Family & friends- (Include everyone that you want in their goodbyes)

Weaknesses- (At least two)

Strengths- (No more than six)

Fears- (At least one)

Weapon of Choice-

Opinion on the Games and Capitol-

Back-story- (What were their lives like before the story?)


Romance (no guarantee)-

Reaped or Volunteered?-




Game Strategy-

Interview Angle-

OPTIONAL (But helpful)

Reaping Outfit-

Chariot Outfit- (Don't be insulted if I don't use your idea)


Interview Outfit-

Lastly a list of each District and what they do. I know some may not be represented correctly but this way it makes it easier and sometimes people disagree on what they are so here they are.

District 1- Luxury

District 2- Weaponry

District 3- Technology

District 4- Fishing

District 5- Science/Power

District 6- Medicine

District 7- Lumber

District 8- Textiles

District 9- Grains

District 10- Livestock

District 11- Harvest

District 12- Coal Mining