District One

Patrick, 17

I wake up to a white room. I can barely manage to calm down but when I do I see Ann sitting at the edge of my bed. I glare at her. I just woke up and the last person I want to see is her. All I see is Kenmeina even if they barely look like they are related. I mean were related.

"Why so glum you are a Victor." She says. She tries to make it seem nice but the sullen attitude isn't that well hidden.

"When can I go home?" I ask curiously. Then my thoughts revolve to my foot where Isaac's hatchet got me and my hip area where Beth's knife got me. I interrupt Ann. "One moment," I say not really caring to hear what she has to say even if I asked her a question. I wear a white hospital gown. I look at my stomach. My skin is a lot paler than usual but there is only a thin light pink line where the knife got hit me. Then I bring my foot into my sight ignoring Ann. Just a pink line.

For a few minutes I expect everything. My hair, my skin, and my lips. My lips were cracked and split; now they are smooth. My hair was a mess, now it is soft. My skin was dirty with scars from even before the Games. None. I bite down into my lips. Why did they have to get rid of all the scars? I guess I thought now that I don't have to be a thief I would be able to look at the scars from the job and remember it fondly. But now I have nothing to remember it. I look so perfect and I hate it.

"You should be getting up your stylist will be getting you ready for your interview. Then you get to go home, your Victor tour will be a few months later so take the time to move into your home.

"I don't want to live in District One." I tell her.

She looks at me shocked. "Hon you are a Victor now, for District One. You are the official Mentor and you have a home in Victor's Village. We recently got some more built so yours will be nice and new!" She says.

"I will come back for the Games." She frowns and doesn't respond. I wonder how she can put up with me knowing because I am alive her sister isn't. She drags pulling me up. Time to get ready for my last interview in the Capitol before I can return home, to my friends. To the only family I have known.

I walk onto the stage. I don't wave and don't smile. Why should I? They have put me through hell for their enjoyment. Now I don't need their money, so I don't want to be fake. I refuse to be fake. I sit down and give a smile to Caesar. He isn't that bad, he does try to help the tributes out. I don't look at the crowd and just look at him. This is a conversation to him not Panem.

"Patrick my boy how does it feel to be a Victor?" He asks me and I can tell everyone wants to know. I don't know why, everyone always say the same thing. And now it is my turn to say those words.

"It feels great." I say. I don't feel great though.

~Five Months Later~

I pull the T-shirt over my head and look at myself in the mirror. Ever since the interview I have made a promise to myself to not brush my hair and whenever I am forced to just ruffle it back to its natural look. It is a auburn color, I am not a ginger though. Not a freckle in sight. Just green eyes. I try to give a goofy smile I would give to my friends while telling a dumb joke.

It looks different, that is only expected. Slowly I will repair myself again and I will be somewhat back to normal. I have accepted over the last five months I will never be the same. My friends didn't speak a word about how stupid it was for me to volunteer. But we moved into our home. We don't spend much time there though. And if we do we keep our doors locked and our curtains pulled over the windows so if a neighbor comes and knocks on the door we can ignore them.

When we got back we promised each other we won't fall into that stuff. We don't want to socialize with people like that. We still haven't decided on wither to leave One or not but we are thinking about it. If we leave we need to live to a mellow District where they won't care who we are.

I hear a knock on my door. It opens to my two ex-mentors. Ann will be mentoring next year and the next until we get another female victor but now the male will be retiring. "What do you want?" I ask. We are leaving District Twelve. It is over now.

I saw faces who hated me. Because I kept them from having their family from returning home to their arms. But somehow I am still here. I realize I don't know what I will do. When next Games I will have to pretend to stand the next two careers who come. Ones who might be the same age as me. And who will defiantly not be like me or Kenmeina. We were the year's exception. Hopefully they aren't too bad, but I just don't know if I can stand being around Ann.

I will have to though.

"Time to get going home." Ann says ignoring how I asked them what they wanted.

I nod, "I am aware." I point out.

I was a thief. I am Patrick. I was a tribute in the 60th Hunger Game. Now I am a Victor.

"So next year is the 61st." I say and lean against a wall defeated. They exchange looks. I sink to the floor. "Go away." I say quietly. Right here and now I promise I will not be a deadbeat or a drunk. I already told my friends to make sure I don't become that. And I won't with them around. I have a right to be said but next year I need to pull myself together. I need to try my hardest with those two kids even if they are assholes.

Because twenty three people I have seen with my own eyes have died. They are just shattered memories now aren't they? Everything they were just broken and crumbled into little pieces by the Capitol. I am the last one standing.

But next year things will be like this. And twenty three more children will die, to become shattered memories.

Right now though? Truthfully I just want to sleep.

And I think I will.

Short… I know this is extremely short and I said I would do more but I think this is a good place to end it. So I am ending it here. I am going to do another syot, as you can tell from that last part it will be called Shattered Memories. I think. Does that name suck? Not really sure.

Anyway I want to thank you guys so much for being here to support me through this entire story even when your characters died and all. When I first put this up, I was just like, "Why did I do that? This is going to fail." I thought about taking it down. I said I would in the morning. But then I woke up and there were a lot more submissions. Actually the night I posted it there was only one. Then there was more. Then I was determined to make this story something good. I have been in many SYOTs that give up and I am glad to say I didn't. I finished the story :)