AN: Well... a lot has happened since the last time I updated this story, and by a lot I mean Korra and Asami running off on a 'Bi' annual vacation to the spirit world. Yeah I'm just as surprised as the rest of you guys, but as a korrasami shipper since book 1 (our little dinghy has turned into an aircraft carrier) I gotta say I'm very happy at the moment. I gotta say since the finale happened and we have canon korrasami now, I was kind of on the fence on whether or not I would take this in a more romantic direction. After a while of thinking it over I realized a couple of things:

1. I suck at writing romance.

2. I had originally intended to have this story take place between books one and two, which is the time period where Korra is dating Mako.

So with that in mind, I'm going to keep their relationship platonic for now. That is the way the story started out after all. I'm not going to stop you if you do interpret it in a romantic way, but I'm just letting you guys know what's up. Who knows, I might try romance some day, but it may take a while.

"I'm sorry Ma'am but I can't let you take that into the theater."

"And why the hell not? This is my medication we are talking about here. Don't you know what happens if I go too long without my medication?" Korra sneered. "First I get terrible stomach pains, then I begin to suffer from a lack of energy. And get this, if I go too long without my medicine... I COULD DIE!"

"Ma'am, that's not medicine."

"Oh yeah? Then what is it?"

"It's a bucket of fried chicken."

Korra glared at him.

"... It's my hunger medication."

"Korra..." Asami sighed. "Just give it up, throw the chicken out so we can watch the mover."

"No way, I've only had like two pieces on the way over. You know there are starving children in Ba Sing Se who would appreciate this bucket of fried chicken." She cradled her bucket of chicken protectively.

"Well unless your Avatar powers include the ability to teleport a bucket of fried chicken to starving Earth Kingdom children in the ten minutes we have before the mover starts, I suggest you throw the damn chicken away."

"Ugh, fiiine." Korra dumped her chicken in the trashcan and pouted. "This mover better be good."

"Yeah whatever, number six is to the left past the concession stand." The girls handed their tickets to the usher and walked inside.

"I'm going to get a Coke Korra. You want anything?"

"Yeah get me some popcorn and a box of Whoppers. I'll go save you a seat."

Minutes later the girls were finally settled into their seats waiting for the movie to start. "By the way, thanks for coming to this mover with me Korra." Asami took the lid off of her Coke and pulled something out of her coat pocket. "For some reason Mako and Bolin refuse to go to the movies with me after what happened last time."

"Could it be because you are currently pouring a flask of whiskey into your soda right now?"

"Rum Korra. And they said it's because I 'Tend to get too involved' in the movers."

"Hmm... I wonder why." Korra stared at Asami as she took a sip of her drink.

"Shut up, it enhances the experience."

"Suuure it does." Korra propped her chin in her hand and stared forward as the trailers started to run.

It didn't take Korra long to realize why Bolin and Mako never wanted to watch a mover with Asami.

"Are you seeing this shit Korra?!"

"We are watching the same mover Asami."

"BUT SERIOUSLY THO, HOW FUCKED UP-" Asami paused to take a sip of her drink. The couple behind them groaned at the loud slurping that could be heard as Asami sipped from a cup that only had half melted ice in it. "How fucked up do you have to be to poison a small child for attention?" She whispered loudly.

"Yeah 'Sami, real messed up." Korra decided that she was totally done at this point.

"Whatzit called when you-when you make people sick for attention?" Asami leaned over and half-shouted in Korra's ear. "Manchester? Worcestershire?"

"Pretty sure that's a sauce."

"Then what's it callllled? I swear this is going to bug me all night."

"It's Munchhausen By Proxy. Now would you kindly shut the hell up and watch the mover?" The man behind them yelled.

"Well fuck you very much for the help Mister. I 'preciate you." Korra hid her face in her hands in embarrassment.

"That's it! I'm getting the Usher!"

"Don't bother! We were just leaving!" Asami stood up and dragged a reluctant Avatar to her feet. "This movie is stupid anyway. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make a mover about some little boy and a ghost therapist who doesn't even realize he's fucking dead? It's so obvious! M. Night Cama-, umm... Shama- SHYAMALAN! Yeah, that's it! He is TERRIBLE at making movers!"




Korra dragged Asami through the theater exit before the mob could catch them. "Alright, I just want to let you know that this theater should have banned you a long time ago Asami." Asami slumped against Korra and pulled another flask out of her pocket.

"Oh they did ban me." Asami lifted the flask to her lips and Korra snatched the drink from her before she could take a sip. "I had to slip that cashier a five before he gave me the tickets."

"Un-fucking-believable. how are we supposed to get home? You drove us here." Korra groaned in frustration.

"Don't wooorry, be happy Korra. We can go to the diner down the street and have dinner there. I sober up and everyone's happy. Seee? I always think- um... what's the word I'm looking for? It's like your foot but different?"

"... Ahead?"

"BINGO! YOU'RE SO GOOD AT THIS!" Asami released Korra and started to walk toward the diner. Korra sighed and started to follow her.

The girls managed to make it half a block before they were approached by a man. While Asami was completely oblivious, Korra could tell that this guy was going to be one more annoyance to her already ruined night. "Hello ladies. it's a lovely night out, isn't it?"

Korra crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "Can I help you? And before you ask, I have a boyfriend, she's too good for you, no we are not looking for a threesome, and yes, we do know how to take a compliment. So just hurry up and say what you are going to say so we can ignore you and go on our way."

"Woah lady. That wasn't the reason I came over here at all. I am a perfect gentleman."

"Really." Korra deadpanned. "Then why did you stop us?"

"Well you see, it's kind of a long story." The man rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "You see I have fallen a little on rough times, you know, with my sweet mother, Spirits bless her, in the hospital and recently losing my job because I had to take time off to take care of her. So I'm just wondering down the road here, at a complete loss at what to do next and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT! I see the one and only Asami Sato walking down the street!"

"Heeey..." Asami winked at him. Korra rolled her eyes and let the man continue.

"Now, since I was a mechanic for Cabbage Corp in my previous job, I realized I had a golden opportunity here. And that's why I decided to run across this street, stop the both of you and," The man pulled something out of his coat. "Rob you at knifepoint!"

Korra really couldn't help it. She laughed in his face.

"Oh man... I'm sorry but this entire situation is just so fucked up it's funny, you know?"

"HA HAH HAAAA- why are we laughing again?" Korra ignored the engineer and stared down the man.

"You do realize I'm the Avatar right. Spiritual link between worlds, Master of the four elements, literally strong enough to grab you by your ankles and rip you in half like a wishbone? You sure you want to go through with this?"


"Let me guess, you'll stab me?" Both girls laughed at the absurdity of the situation. The man tried to speak over the girls laughter but they ignored him.

"Look at that knife, the blades only like two inches long! Does this douche nozzle seriously think he can beat the Avatar with a two inch knife?"

"HaaahWhatAnAsshole." She snorted




Korra went silent and stared wide-eyed at the frightened man. She slowly looked down and to her left a little to see the handle of the small blade sticking out of her shoulder.

"OW!" Korra shouted. She sounded more offended to have a knife sticking out of her body than in actual pain.


"Yes Asami, I noticed."


Korra flexed her left hand to test the movement in her arm. "Calm down Asami, I'm fine."

"What do you mean 'calm down?' YOU HAVE A KNIFE! INSIDE! YOUR! BODY!"

"Yes that has been established. Good thing you didn't hit anything important, then I would be really angry." She looked up at the mugger and glared lazily at him.

"You do realize you have fucked up, right?"


"You have a five second head start." The man finally reacted and turned to run away from the girls. She mentally counted to five before she used her right hand to earthbend a small rock and launched it at the back of the mugger's head. When he smashed face first into the pavement, Korra calmly walked over to the man and sat on his back in case he tried to get up again. "Asami, hand me your phone." She silently handed Korra her phone and The Avatar dialed a number. After a few seconds the someone picked up.

"Republic City Police. How may I help you?"

"Hey Lin! Nice night we're having here. You aren't busy or anything right?"

"Not at all, just enjoying the ten minutes of free time I have today. What do you want kid?"

"Well I'm sitting on top of a mugger that tried to rob me at the moment, think you can come down to the mover theater and pick him up?"

"Ugh, fine. I'll be there in a bit."

"Thanks Lin. Oh yeah before I forget," Korra stared at her shoulder. "I kind of have a knife sticking out of my shoulder, do I pull it out or leave it in?"

"You leave it in."

"You're the best Beifong."

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