A.N. = Damn it, why did Chaz die? I liked him! (Which is why my other story has him alive and well) This is just a short take on what Chaz must think over and over all those time he's stuck waiting for Constantine. Hope you like it!

One Day

All I ever do is sit in the car. I drive the car, I park the car, I move the car, I wait in the car. Sometimes I get out to carry his bag but mostly I just sit in the car. And it's not like it's one car, 'cause it ain't, it's any car I can borrow from any friend or friend of a friend or neighbour who hasn't caught on to the fact that any car I borrow gets damaged. There isn't much to do sat in the damn car.

Nothing much to do but read books. They're full of all this amazing knowledge discovered by people with abilities, gifts, powers. I have one of these abilities, this sight and I just in the car and wait for John fucking Constantine to do his work. By himself. Alone. Without me. 'Cause, guess what, I'm in the damn car.

But one day, man. One day it'll be Kramer, Chaz Kramer, asshole. It'll be me they call when there's a possession or a haunting. One day I'll know what's on the back of the card. One day I'll be the one kicking some demon ass. One day I won't be waiting in this damn car.

End Of Line

Love, Phe xxxxx