Life Less Ordinary

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Chapter Four: These Things I Know

The next day Isilee and Emer were late waking up for breakfast because both of them had assumed the other girl had set her alarm. After rushing around to get dressed and grab their school supplies they found their suitemates in the cafeteria eating their food, and after getting their own trays of dehydrated eggs and oven baked sausage went to join them. Starla was already chatting away about who she knew and pointing some of them out to Lilith and Aradia.

"There's the other girl from Earth," Starla stage whispered as she gestured with her plastic fork towards a girl with pale skin and dark blue hair. Isilee sat down with a plate of sausage and scrambled eggs, and followed the fork. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary with the girl other than her hair, from what Isilee could see.

"What's her name?" Emer asked casually as she uncapped her orange juice and took a sip.

"Sapphire Cole," Starla answered while delicately spearing a piece of sausage with her fork, she took a bite and continued her gossip. "Rumour has it she's the daughter of this powerful witch from my realm, but Mother doesn't like talking about it because it's quite the scandal, my governess said it was an affair with some high ranking nobleman, but that's as much as she'd tell me the old bat. I've also heard she has to marry this dreadful boy Rubius who has a minor connection to nobility on my planet. Personally with his reputation I wouldn't marry him if he were the sole heir to the throne and if she wants a way to get out of that marriage I'm sure I could pull some strings."

Aradia sighed and shook her head while Lilith giggled, Starla was a gossip and second in line to the throne of Splendora after her sister, but both girls doubted she had the clout to stop an arranged marriage. However they also knew it wouldn't stop Starla from trying if she thought she could get away with it.

"They still do arranged marriages in this realm?" Isilee gasped, dropping her plastic knife into her tea cup. "No wonder my aunt didn't want to tell me where I was from, for all I know my mom was escaping from an arranged marriage too."

"Oh don't be mellow dramatic," Emer scolded gently as she placed a hand on Isilee's shoulder. "Only certain planets such as Andros and Eraklyon as well as certain families still do arranged marriages. Other kingdoms see them as things of the past, King Radius of Solaria banned them after his coronation and they say Princess Stella is dating a squire."

"Part of that is because he's prince Sky's best friend and they were lying to protect the prince from some organization that is out to kill prince Sky." Lilith put in; she'd heard the story from Starla's older sister, Pippa, last year after the Trix had tried to take over the magic dimension. She had been at the Day of the Royals and saw Bloom and Diaspro go hand to hand.

"Maybe a fairy could accept it, but there is no way a witch would accept someone lying to her about being engaged no matter what the reason." Aradia put in disdainfully, just as the bell rang signaling the end of breakfast. "If I were Bloom, I'd turn Sky into something not so charming and insist he grovel in public before I changed him back."

"Oh Prince Sky, that boy needs some help with his hair." Starla scoffed as the five of them began to pick up their trays and head to first period classes. "The palace of Eraklyon needs to fire that royal barber of theirs and hire someone from either Solaria or that Canada place you came from Isilee, because despite you being from Earth, your hair looks good."

Isilee just nodded, unsure whether or not to accept Starla's slightly backhanded compliment. She dropped her tray by the kitchen window and followed Emer to their first period class, Potionology with professor Bittersmoke.

Professor Bittersmoke was an ancient looking man who seemed that he would be better off auditioning for the part of Ebenezer Scrooge in a local production of the Christmas Carol than teaching potions. However, despite his physical appearance, professor Bittersmoke was an energetic teacher and Isilee had to struggle to keep up with his class.

The rest of the morning fell into the same routine, rush to class, rush to keep up with teachers and students who had been doing these things with magic since way before she'd even started studying to get her 'L' license, which she really should have kept longer if she wanted a lower insurance rate through the provincial insurance company

Isilee had that thought during incantations, which was after lunch, 'Maybe I can learn a spell that will convince them to lower my rates and give my car a barrier.' Then she giggled at the thought of going to the insurance office back home and threatening to change everyone to toads unless they reduced everyone's rates in the entire province. Since Isilee had been daydreaming she didn't realize that professor Grimm had mispronounced one word in a spell she was explaining to the class.

"I'm glad that my mix up on the first day of school amused you, Ms Di Lune." The professor said in a tone that could freeze lava. "Perhaps since you're so advanced, you'd like to start your school year off by writing me a five page report on the history of ancient languages and their role in modern incantations, hmm?"

Isilee had thought she was going to die right there on the spot, so she merely nodded her head.

"Good girl, it's due next week." Professor Grimm then turned her attention to the rest of the class and began lecturing about proper pronunciation of words and the catastrophes that could occur if words weren't correct.

The end of classes couldn't come soon enough, as soon as the final bell rang Isilee raced up to her room to try and get started on her homework. The first thing she wanted to do was find out if anyone had access to chocolate so she could have a sugar high large enough to forget about the entire terrible ordeal that was the first day of boarding school. However, before Isilee could even try to figure out a spell to make a proper Nanaimo bar, Emer and Aradia came crashing into the room carrying their books.

"Oh good, you're here already." Emer greeted, the aqua haired witch shared the dorm with Isilee along with that unfortunate incantations class. "Do you feel like taking a ride over to Red Fountain with us to take your mind off of the first day of classes?"

"Anakin is insisting I check in with him personally this afternoon." Aradia sighed dramatically. She'd mentioned her twin brother during the lunch break after he'd texted her ten times, hardly giving Aradia time to finish her mystery meatloaf and the dinner roll, which had a remarkable resemblance to Styrofoam. "I have to prove to him I haven't joined the dark side."

Emer shot Aradia a sympathetic look that said simply 'brothers', then looked expectantly at Isilee. "So, do you want to come along?"

"And miss out on starting that paper for Professor Grimm?" Isilee asked in mock horror, but with a big grin on her face. "You betcha... What is Red Fountain again?"

"That's the boys' school, where they go to learn to be heroic and also learn a little magic." Emer explained, hoping to jog her roommate's memory. There had been a hurried explanation of the school systems in Magix during lunch, but that knowledge had obviously been replaced by spells, potions, magical history and the ever popular incantations.

"Yeah, the super hero academy, I remember now. Starla went on for ten minutes about the ghastly uniforms and how someone should hire this Zenithian born designer to repair the problem before commenting about how charmingly ornate my necklace looked with my blouse."

"So then you are coming? Good because we have to leave before Anakin sets my phone on fire with his damned texts!" Aradia stated as she quickly ushered her new found support system against Anakin's constant guardianship towards the door, hardly allowing the other girls time to pick up their bags.

Fifteen minutes later the trio departed the shuttle on the well groomed grounds of Red Fountains main courtyard.

"I have to meet him in the bloody common room of his bloody dorm suite. Bloody hell!" Aradia cursed, stomping off in the direction of Red Fountain's entrance leaving her friends to trail in her wake. "You two don't have to follow me if you don't want to, Ani can be quite the pain in the ass interrogator." Her phone began to trill as if to emphasis Aradia's statement.

"I'll come for moral support." Emer offered, causing Aradia to beam with gratitude, if there was one thing she understood it was pushy, overbearing siblings and she had three of them. Emer felt it was only a matter of time before her mom or dad called Cerridwen over at Alfea and asked her to check in on 'Little Em', she hoped Aradia would be willing to return the favor when it was needed.

"I'll try to find the library if you two don't mind." Isilee replied cautiously, she was in no hurry to meet Aradia's nosey twin brother, he sounded like a total cow- that is if boys could be cows.

I don't have siblings or even cousins that I'm aware of so I'd just be out of place, besides I have that stupid paper due next week."

"Well, Red Fountain has a very useful library." Aradia called out as she started to head in the direction of the elevators with Emer in tow, "I'm sure you'll find what you need."

"Good luck." Emer added, just as the door closed and Aradia began kicking the elevator wall in frustration.

"Yeah, now if only I could find that 'useful library'." Isilee muttered finding herself suddenly alone and without any idea of how to get where she needed to go. The main entrance hall to the school didn't even have one of those 'you are here' directories for her searching convenience. All Isilee could do now was wander and hope that she would find someone who could help her, so she chose a direction and started walking hoping for the best.

After ten minutes of waning hope, Isilee found a couple of boys standing around in front of what she guessed was the school cafeteria and tapped the brunette one on the shoulder.

"Yes, can I help you?" The brunette boy asked politely.

Isilee felt her face grow hot and swallowed a few times before she could find her voice. It wasn't that she hadn't seen good looking guys back in Salmon Arm; it was just that none of them had been that handsome, his chin on its own was a work of art to say nothing of his deep velvet eyes. Isilee shook herself to clear her head. "Sorry, I forgot myself for a second."

"That's okay; I have that effect on women." The brunette grinned as his cherry haired friend laughed at that comment. "What did you need?"

'Ah, so they still make them conceited in the magic dimension.' Isilee thought to herself, the feeling of infatuation began to evaporate. "Heh, anyway I was looking for the library. A friend of mine said that you have a good one here at your super hero..." She stopped and corrected herself, "I mean here at Red Fountain."

"As if Brandon knows what a library is for." The cherry haired boy joked, earning himself a head smack from Brandon. "You'd be better off looking for the student directory."

"They must have removed it before I got here, so can you help me?" Isilee briefly considered fluttering her eyelashes or talking in a more come hither tone, as she'd seen some of the more popular girls do to get what they wanted from a boy. However she wasn't a flirt and she found that whole ordeal ridiculous and any boy who found that attractive wasn't worth her time even as a guide.

"I'll take you there myself." Brandon replied taking Isilee's hand in his. "It's the least I could do for such a beautiful young lady."

Isilee fought against rolling her eyes at Brandon or shoving him down a flight of stairs, he may have been good looking, but he was also cheesy.

"You mean to tell me you know where the library is?" Cherry hair quipped in disbelief. "Last year Timmy had to borrow and return your books because you couldn't find it."

"Riven, don't you have a date to get ready for?" Brandon asked in a falsely cheerful tone. "I believe Musa said she wouldn't tolerate you being late a third time."

"You have one as well, Brandon." Riven replied with a grin, "And I doubt Stella would enjoy seeing you walking hand in hand with a strange girl around Red Fountain. Although I dare say the rest of us would enjoy the scene for years to come."

"I can handle Stella, and I'll meet you in the quad outside of the library in fifteen minutes."

With that Riven headed, presumably, for the elevators leaving Isilee alone with Brandon.

"So, can we get started towards the library now?" Isilee asked breaking the silence. "I have a paper due next week for a subject I've never heard of until now and I want to get started."

"Right this way, gorgeous." Brandon replied with a mock bow, receiving a dramatic sigh and eye roll for his efforts. The brunette boy coughed nervously and began to lead Isilee out of the main building.

"The first problem you were having with finding the library was that you were in the wrong building." He fibbed as they entered the courtyard. The main library was in fact on the second floor of the main building where the dormitories were. It was designed this way so that Red Fountain students could access it day or night. However this wasn't well known to most non students, there was a smaller library on the other side of the courtyard from the main building which is where Brandon was taking Isilee.

"Don't worry though it's a common mistake with first years from Alfea." Brandon added as an afterthought.

"Well, I came over with two of my friends because one of them has an over protective brother." Isilee explained. "And I'm a first year at Cloud Tower, not Alfea."

Brandon stopped in his tracks, not sure how to react. Sure the witches at Cloud Tower had helped battle against the Trix last school year, but most of them were still known to be troublemakers. On the other hand, he knew of some second and third year students like himself who had sisters who were witches and they all seemed pretty normal. The heads of Alfea and Red Fountain had made the announcement of their plans to invite the Cloud Tower students to the start of school dance as well as the dedication ceremony for the new Red Fountain school and the concert later on that year.

Sensing his apprehension, Isilee placed a hand on Brandon's shoulder. "Don't worry uh… My aunt went to Alfea. I had no idea I was a witch until three days ago."

"A witch who's trying to steal my boyfriend!" Stated an angry high pitched female voice.

Brandon slowly backed away and Isilee turned to see an irate looking blonde girl striding towards them, her long hair flaring out like a banner, while her friends, a red head and an Asian looking girl with short midnight blue pigtails, tried to hold her back to no avail.

"Stella, no!" The duo heard the girl with the pigtails cry out as her blonde friend broke free of her hold on her wrist. "You don't want to ruin your dress." She tried as a last resort, but Stella was already out of listening mode and into possessive girlfriend mode.

"Just what do you think you're doing with my boyfriend?" Stella demanded, her light hazel eyes glaring daggers at Isilee.

Now with a personal tour guide in tow Isilee was sure that her life would get a bit easier. Okay maybe not easier, but she would get to her destination. Isilee had almost reached the main building when Stella and her friends spotted the violet eyed girl and her companion. The blonde princess was livid and before Bloom and Musa could stop her, Stella marched right over to Brandon and Isilee stopping them dead in their tracks.

"You!" Stella shouted at Isilee. "Get away from Brandon!"

"What? Hold up, rewind and freeze. What's going on here?" Isilee asked obviously confused. " I don't even know this guy. In fact I have no idea who you are either." That was the truth, Isilee was wracking her brain to try and remember where she knew this crazy blonde girl from. She was dressed in clothing that obviously cost a ton of money, but lacked the poise and commanding presence that Starla had. However her demeanor screamed 'Princess'. Nothing was ringing a bell.

"Don't lie you… you witch! I know what you're up to."

Brandon held up his hands and slowly backed away from the fight that was brewing right before his very eyes.

"Witch? Is that your best insult?" Isilee asked still trying to place where she may have known the blonde girl from. "A witch? Yeah so what if I am?"

"Yeah, a dirty low down boyfriend stealing witch!" Stella shouted getting in Isilee's face.

"Do you want to breathe downwind please? Your breath smells like Altoids in reverse." The brunette asked quietly causing Stella's face to turn a nice shade of red.

Stella growled, she had no idea why this girl made her so mad. It really wasn't because she was a witch because Sapphire and her friends were witches. It was just something set her off. Then the blonde spotted the necklace around Isilee's neck and began to go ballistic. "Where did you get that?" She demanded jabbing a finger at Isilee's chest.

"This?" the brunette held up the necklace so Stella could get a better look at the pendant. "My aunt sent it to me I think it was my mother's."

"That's the seal of Solaria. This pendant was supposed to go to me on my seventeenth birthday! It goes with my ring." The blonde was shouting now and drawing attention from surrounding specialists.

"The seal of what? You are one crazy girl you know that? First you come up to me saying I'm flirting with your boyfriend then you try to insult me and now you accuse my mother or myself of stealing something from you?" Isilee slowly backed away from Stella maintaining eye contact. "I'm getting out of here. You probably have rabies or something and I don't want to wait around to see if you'll bite me."

Isilee turned to leave but she didn't get far because Stella grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. "You're not going until I get that necklace back."

"This is not going to go over good at all." Bloom muttered as Musa just gaped at the scene unfolding before her eyes.

When Isilee spun around to face Stella there were cheers and cat calls from some of the guys gathered there to watch the fight. It wasn't often that they got to see two girls go at it. The brunette glared emerald daggers at the blonde princess. "Get your dirty hand off of my arm." She growled, her voice low.

"What was that?"

"Move your hand."

"Gladly." Instead Stella grabbed at the necklace yanking it off of Isilee's neck.

Needless to say that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back; Isilee lunged at Stella knocking the blonde to the ground amidst the whoops and cheers of some of the less mature specialists. That of course pissed Stella off and she quickly pushed herself off the grass and threw herself on to Isilee. Too bad for Stella that Isilee fights like a guy and Stella can only fight using her powers because the brunette quickly rolled over so she had the upper hand.

This fight went on for another three minutes or so because none of the male spectators wanted to step in, some of them were recording the whole thing with their cell phones, and both Musa and Bloom were in shock. Finally Alex and Aradia who had been walking through the quad where the fight was going on pulled the two girls off of each other. Alex grabbed Stella and Aradia pulled Isilee away just as Codatorta jogged up with a scowl on his face.

"What exactly is going on here?" The Red Fountain head of discipline demanded.

"She started it." Isilee said by way of explanation pointing an accusing finger at Stella.

"You were flirting with my boyfriend." Stella shot back

" I was not he was helping me find my way to the library so I could wait for my friend to finish her class."

"Like Brandon really knows what a library is." This comment came from Alex who was struggling not to laugh.

"You shut up! She was probably hitting on him." Stella argued.

"Right. He's not my type. Besides you broke my necklace." Isilee shouted

"It's mine anyway!" The blonde yelled back igniting another near brawl. Luckily this time Aradia had a good grip on Isilee and Alex had Stella so neither girl could try to exchange blows.

Codatorta groaned. "All this over a necklace?"

"Pretty much, yeah. So can I have it back so I can go back to school?" Isilee asked.

"Don't give it to her, it's mine." Stella demanded

In response Isilee broke free of Aradia's grasp and quickly scooped up the pendant. "Possession is nine tenths darlin'." She taunted sticking out her tongue and causing Stella to struggle in Alex's grasp.

"Just get out of my sight." Codatorta ordered. "I'm sending behavior reports to your headmistresses.

"Fighting over jewelry," The older man grumbled walking away, I have never been so glad that I don't teach girls."

"Yes sir." Aradia replied calmly as she dragged Isilee away, Bloom and Musa did the same to Stella. Both girls were in for a long tongue lashing when they got back to their respective schools.

Sorry for the long wait and the kinda bad ending. But I needed to get it done so I could move on. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.