Title: Batman & Robin: How We Came To Be

Summary: AU where things that happened with Dick happened when he was just a young baby rather than a child. Set to the Batman 1966 television show with Adam West and Burt Ward. Bruce goes to a circus and "inherits" a baby that will change his whole life - playboy Bruce Wayne is barely ready for fatherhood before he's thrust in feet first. My take on how Bruce and Dick came to be - first ever Batman 66 fic.

Rating: T+

Warning: If you're not open minded to AU fic's don't read, if you're not a Bruce/Dick fan don't read. If you're not a Bruce/Dick Father/Son fan don't read. Some things or characters may be OOC – you have be warned. Auntie Harriet is portrayed as Dick's father's sister yes I'm aware this is wrong but this is an AU fic. :)

The fire's glow never diminished but Bruce could barely say that he was afraid, he'd be on the beat as Batman for a year now and he'd learned to curb his fear and turn it into something useful like how to get out of this tricky situation.

Luckily Robin was stirring and although he'd been worried for those tense few moments a part of Batman was solely glad his partner in crime fighting was still alive. "Robin…" He struggled against his vines. "Hold on!"


Of course all of this hadn't just started now this whole saga had started a long time ago when a beautiful day out at the circus with Alfred and Auntie Harriet Cooper – his father's sister - had turned out to be the most disastrous thing he could have ever imagined, but also the thing he would treasure most in his life.

There they were watching a high flying rope act when out the corner of his eye Bruce or rather Batman's keen senses picked up an argument between two men and a woman who was holding a bundle in her arms – of what looked liked drapes and rags perhaps filled with money Bruce had to wonder.

The two men began to scuffle and although Bruce tried not to stare – it was of course rude to but he couldn't help it, eventually it turned into a real fight and it wasn't long before the worst disaster struck.

A bale of hay caught ablaze and Bruce turned to his faithful butler telling him to usher Mrs Harriet Cooper out now if not sooner and to take anyone he could with him. Standing he interrupted the show but it had already been interrupted by the roar of the blaze as it began to sear through the cloth overhead. Screams began to fill the air and panic ensued.

Bruce didn't have time to change into his Bat-costume so he had to do the best he could as Bruce Wayne – millionaire playboy. He ushered almost everyone out and tried to ease the panic. It worked and luckily the guests started to clear the area. Circus hands rushed around but the all too fun "Flying Grayson's" were nowhere to be found. He remembered earlier the crying woman and the scuffling men…

He ran in that direction but was almost beaten back by the blaze, through the flames he could make out their bodies, heaped on the ground the fire was closing in all around them and now too him…He jumped through the blaze feeling it sear at his clothes, he so wished he had the fire protective Bat-suit on.

"Can you hear me?" He shook the first body barely audible over the blaze. "Hello!?" He shouted. But the bodies one by one didn't move. He checked their pulses but they were already gone or so he thought.

It was quite clear that the Flying Grayson's had been killed but not by the smoke but by the malicious and callous men that they had been arguing with. Just as he was about to leave and head for safety a soft gurgle and low moan caught his ears…

He wanted to see what it was but was there time? The whole thing was about to come down in a blaze of glory. "Hello?" He called out and only received a low moan in return. Moving over to where he thought it was coming from Bruce looked down seeing the same woman still clutching at her drapes, he brushed her hair out of her eyes she flickered a little whispering barely audible words. "My baby…"

Her breath left her and her heart stopped dead in her chest once her muscles relaxed in her death her arm released her clutch of the drapes and revealed a nest of brown locks, a wrinkled nose and flaying arms that were reaching out to him.

Bruce stared at the child for the longest time, barely able to understand what he was staring at. He had never held a child before, had never dared. He was a masked crusader but he refused to hold babies, they were so tiny and so precious how could he transmit all of his germs into such a fragile young thing.

He couldn't leave the little baby here to die either, there wasn't time for practice swings Bruce 'Batman' Wayne picked up that baby and ran. He was just about at the door when a sudden explosion ripped through the entire area he'd just left behind him and the whole place blew into a mound of smoke and flames, Bruce shielded the baby in his Vintage priceless suit as they tumbled through the air and to the ground – much to the dismay of Alfred and Mrs Cooper.

"Master Bruce!" Alfred called once the initial and following explosions died a little. Bruce was covered in black smoke and coughed quite a bit as he attempted to sit up. "Are you alright?"

"I…" Bruce tried but his voice was interrupted by the fact the baby in his arms was not moving. "Oh no…"

"Sir...A baby!"

Bruce handed Alfred the infant momentarily as he almost ripped off his jacket and laid it in the grass. Taking the baby quickly back from Alfred he laid the tiny infant in it and started the baby version of mouth to mouth resuscitation, which he had never ever before done on an infant. The baby still lay quiet and un-moving now Auntie Harriet Cooper joined and sobbed into the chest of Alfred. "Please Bruce…" She whispered. "That poor child…"

Again and again he tried but the baby could not have survived. Just when Bruce was about to give in, the tiniest of coughs was emitted and two arms began to flay before they reached up and began to rub his eyes. The tears started to flow and finally the baby let out a wail even Alfred was proud of.

Sitting there in the grass Bruce rubbed the sweat off of his brow and looked down at his blackened hands. "Oh Bruce…You saved him…" Mrs Cooper knelt down beside him pushing the baby's locks out of his eyes.

Alfred too joined in this moment looking to Bruce. "Where's his family?"

Bruce shook his head and gave Alfred a look he knew all too well. "Well what now?"

"Just look at him…" Auntie Harriet was in love already. Bruce didn't want to admit it but the boy was handsome. "Well if he's got no home and no family…" She continued.

"We don't know that." Bruce said and looked to Auntie Harriet.

"On the contrary Sir, I remember reading about the flying Grayson's in the advert article under 'newest high flyers'. He – the baby is the only child of the pack and now…An orphan, neither have any family so to speak of apart from the circus."

"Did they happen to mention his name Alfred?" Auntie Harriet asked.

"No they said the boy was un-named due to the fact the parents couldn't decide, actually it quoted them as having only four weeks left to name him before they'd be prosecuted."

"My oh my is it really THAT hard to name a baby Alfred, Bruce?"

Bruce shook his head and watched the little boy frail and weak on the ground sneeze lightly. "Poor little fella." Alfred nudged Bruce a little. "He needs someone to take care of him now."

"Well I can't just take him…" Bruce writhed a little Alfred knew that his work as Batman would intervene with parenting an infant like this.

"Well you can't just leave him here Bruce!" Auntie Harriet was getting frustrated, fire crews began to speed past on the grass and stop in front of the ball of flames in front of them. Police chief O'Hara was next and happened to stop by them, as soon as he recognised millionaire Bruce Wayne.

"By golly and gosh what in the world…" He looked to Bruce.

"Yes an infant Chief, one that needs to be taken into proper care. His family…His family are dead."

"In that blaze?" He asked and Bruce responded with a nod.

"Well I would but ya see…I'm a very busy man right now I have to get this whole area conned off and well if ye could take him back with you…"

"Oh no." Bruce shook his head and looked to the baby who let out a couple of sneezes again…

"I'll go wait in the car!" Auntie Harriet said, almost deciding for Bruce. "I'll fetch a blanket Sir." Alfred replied.

"I'll be by in the morning to pick him up." O'Hara said and moved off too.

Finally he was left alone with this…bundle of joy and he hadn't the first idea of what to do. He was smart as a penny but babies were all different and all temperamental. He wouldn't have the first idea of what to do.

And so as he sat staring into the baby boys hazelnut eyes and the fire's glow that he feared as much as he feared a rash. He could feel the heat but he could see this little boy shiver, one more time he sneezed and even though he wouldn't admit it Bruce's heart strings twanged a little.

Before he could do anything though the little boy started to cry, he was so new and innocent he looked only 5 months old at most. His tiny cries and outreaching arms desperately pointed to him and without further hesitation Bruce pushed his hands and arms gently underneath the boy supporting him under his neck and bum and clutched him to his warm chest.

Pulling up his jacket he wrapped the baby so close to him that he hoped the little boy would hear his soothing heart beat and relax a little. Sitting up on his knees Bruce rocked gently back forth making gentle "Shush-ing" noises and softly running his finger in circles on the nape of the boys' neck.

"Its okay…I'm here."

The cries turned soft and the boy gently soothed until he was rocked to sleep in Bruce's arms. "There, there little chum…Sweet dreams."

"Sir…" He quietened as he saw him asleep in Bruce's arms. "Sir I brought an extra blanket for you…" Bruce got to his feet, still a little unsteady from the blast but recovering quickly. Alfred neatly wrapped the blanket around the baby tucking him into Bruce's arms Bruce moved off but never moved his softly swirling motions from the boys' neck, nor his eyes off his sleeping form.

All of this of course did not go un-noticed Alfred was watching very keenly indeed.