My first Night World fanfic...never thought I'd do this, but oh well. Reviews are always welcome. There will be some violence in this fanfic...a lot of it, so this is for guys too (are there any guys in fanfiction? I wonder...). I wrote this twice...the first time, my file got deleted because of some stupid virus. Hope you like it. R&R

The gang was heading home after another kill. They were one of the best, if not the best, hunters in the country. They have moved from state to state, city to city, town to town, looking for Night Worlders. Of course, that meant running away from foster homes and adopted parents, but they never liked them anyway.

They all were about the same height and build, being lean and very muscular. They had the same color hair which is a very dark brown that people mistake for black. The girls had naturally straight hair, while the boys had wavy hair that looks dangerously messy.

Jessica was a tall 17 year old. She had hair that went down to her hips. She had the darkest skin color in the gang, a shade darker than tan. Jennifer was just two months younger than Jessica. She had hair a little lower than her waist. She had the skin color just a little darker than tan. Jonas was Jennifer's step brother (they had the same dad). He had the lightest skin in the group, between tan and Jennifer's skin color. His hair went down to his eyebrows. He was about five months older than Jessica. Jacob also had his wavy hair down to his brows. He was three months older than Jessica. His skin color was darker than Jennifer's and lighter than Jessica's. Although they're not blood related (except for Jennifer and Jonas), they were a family closer than family. Jessica and Jennifer were exactly the same, and they knew each other inside out; same with the guys.

They were all part-black and part-white, with different ethnicities. Jonas and Jennifer were South African and Croatian. Jacob was South African and French. Jessica was Ethiopian and Italian, a very rare mix. They used to live in South Africa and knew each other since childhood. They never really got along then; Jonas and Jennifer were always at it, Jonas and Jessica didn't have the best history, and that's a LOT of sugarcoating, Jacob and Jennifer never acknowledged each other, and Jacob and Jessica were always at it. Now that they think about it, the fights Jessica and Jacob always had were more sibling-like than rivalry.

Jonas and Jennifer were step siblings. They had the same Croatian dad, and different moms. Jonas's mom had been seeing another man while with his dad. Once Jonas was born, his dad was already married and expecting. Of course, his dad fought for custody and won. Jennifer was born seven months after Jonas was born.

"What do you know, we won again," Jonas said with a cocky tone to his voice.

"We always win, don't we?" Jacob said. Jonas and Jacob smiled very cockily and high-fived each other.

Jennifer and Jessica looked at each other, then at Jonas and Jacob, back at each other, and shook their heads.

"And you call us weird…" Jessica said.

"Look who's talking," Jennifer added, motioning to Jonas and Jacob.

Jacob and Jonas huffed in mock annoyance. "You are weird Jessi," Jacob said. "I should know."

"And Jenni, my dear, dear sister," Jonas said in a British accent. He switched back to his regular way of talking. "We're looking at you, because you're the ones talking."

"You are such jerks sometimes," Jennifer said, chuckling.

"Isn't that why we're so close?" Jonas shot back.

"Yeah," Jessica and Jennifer muttered in unison.

"Well, okay then. Hey Jessi, how's your back?" Jacob said.

Jessica rolled her eyes and said, "It's perfectly fine! I just got thrown halfway across the alley into a wall, is all."

"Yeah. Just because we're girls don't mean we're in any way weaker," Jennifer said. "We are just as strong as you two are, you know."

"Tell 'em, Jenni," Jessica coached.

Jennifer suddenly had a very big smile on her face. It only took Jessica five seconds before she realized what the smile was for.

"In fact," Jennifer said slyly.

"Girls can handle more pain than guys can," Jessica finished.

"Way more pain," Jennifer added.

"What?" Jacob said.

"No way!" Jonas said.

"Yes way," Jennifer said.

"You seriously don't know?" Jessica asked in surprise. "As smart as you two are, we'd expect you to at least know that girls can handle more pain."

"How?" Jonas and Jacob said, dumbfounded. They didn't even realize the very rare compliment that Jessica had said.

"Because we give birth! DUH!" Jessica and Jennifer said in unison.

"Quit acting like we're stupid! We're not stupid," Jonas said.

"Really now?" Jennifer said with a hint of 'DUH!' in her voice.

"Yes really," Jacob said.

Jennifer and Jessica rolled their eyes at each other. They were thinking the exact same thing: Wow.

"Well then," Jessica said, "why don't you just prove it?"

They went at it for about five minutes before any of the boys realized what Jessica said.

"Whoa! Hold up!" Jacob said, loud enough to shut them all up. Jacob looked at Jessica in disbelief. "You called us smart."

"Duh, Brainless!" Jessica retorted. "Are you dumb then?"

"No, but you called us smart!" Jonas said in disbelief.

"Yeah, I did," Jessica said. "You're not dumb, you know. You two are some of the smartest people we know."

"Some of the smartest?" Jacob said. "Who's smarter that me and Joe?"

"Jenni," Jessica said at the same time Jennifer said, "Jessi."

Jessica and Jennifer looked at each other and said, "You really think so?"

"Yes," Jessica said in an overly sweet tone.

"Aww, I think you're the smartest, too!" Jennifer said.

They lasted 30 seconds before they burst out laughing.

"That...never...gets...old!" Jessica said in between laughs.

"Did you...see...their...faces?" Jennifer said.

"Priceless!" they both said in unison.

"Okay, okay," Jessica said after the laughter died down.

"We're calm now," Jennifer said.

They looked at each other, then at the boys, then back to each other again before another round of laughter.

"We need to calm," Jessica said.

"Right," Jennifer said.

"You really think we're smart guys?" Jacob asked after they were really calm.

"Nope," Jessica and Jennifer said in unison.

Jonas and Jacob looked down, looking a little disappointed, but not for the reasons that anyone else thinks. Jonas was disappointed because he thought Jessica thought he wasn't smart. He didn't know why he was disappointed about that, considering the history him and Jessica had. Jacob was disappointed because he thought that Jennifer thought he wasn't smart. He had no idea why, though.

"We knowyou're smart," Jennifer said.

"Very smart," Jessica added for emphasis.

Jacob and Jonas had smiles on their faces. Not the mocking, cocky, sarcastic, or the fake smiles they usually put on for show. It was one of the rare smiles that are genuine and light up their faces.

"Thanks," Jonas and Jacob said in unison.

"That means a lot to us," Jonas said.

"It really does," Jacob said.

Jessica and Jennifer, being Jessica and Jennifer, decided to do what they do best.

"That's so sweet…" they said in unison, putting on fake smiles. "It makes us wanna barf!"

"Killed it!" Jonas and Jacob said in unison. They all laughed. This became a habit for them. They were known to ruin sweet moments. Either the girls or the boys would say or do something to ruin the moment, and then whoever didn't ruin it would say "Killed it!"

"Like we said, before we were interrupted by sweetness," Jessica started.

"You are such jerks sometimes," Jennifer finished.

Jessica and Jennifer looked at each other for a moment before singing, "Oh, you're such a jerk. Oh yeah, a giant jerk. And you look like a jerk, and you smell like a jerk!"

"Stop it," Jacob warned.

Jennifer and Jessica kept singing.

Jonas and Jacob looked at the girls, then at each other, then at the girls again before shrugging. Then, they lunged for the girls and gave them noogies, Jacob going for Jessica while Jonas went for Jennifer. The girls started to laugh while trying and failing to escape; a genuine laugh that was very rare, not the mocking laughs they usually use.

They reached their house, and cleaned up a little before entering.

"Hey Hope!" Jacob and Jonas said in unison. Jessica and Jennifer rolled their eyes at each other and chuckled. They both knew what the other was thinking. Kiss ups.

There was no answer.

"HOPE?" Jessica and Jennifer said in unison.

No answer.

"HOPE!" they all yelled.

"NOT FUNNY!" Jessica shouted.

Still no answer.

They looked at each other, and by some unspoken order, began to search for Hope high and low. Eventually, they all met back by the front door. Jacob shook his head, indicating that he never saw Hope. Jennifer shook her head. Jonas shook his head. Jessica shook her head.

"Well, we looked everywhere," Jonas said.

"No note, and no Hope," Jennifer said.

"Well," Jessica said uncertainly, "not everywhere."

Jennifer caught on, and her eyes widened. "No, Jessi!" she said. "It's strictly off limits! Are you trying to die?"

"That is one of the most dramatic things I've heard you say, Jenni," Jessica said. "We won't die. We'll simply either get in trouble or get thanked...I think...I hope."

That's when Jonas and Jacob caught on. "We can NOT go in there!" Jonas exclaimed. "I'm with Jenni."

Jacob was looking back and forth between Jennifer and Jessica. He really wanted to agree with Jessica, but Jonas and Jennifer had a point.

"There's no note. She's nowhere to be found. What other choice do we have, other than call the police?"

"I'm with Jessi," Jacob finally decided. "The best chance we have at finding her is if we went in her room. There could be vital information." He said the last sentence with a nasal voice, sounding like the stereotype of a nerd.

"I love how we put some humor into things that are so deadly serious," Jonas said with a smile.

"We're the Gangsters of the Building. It's more jokes when it's serious," Jacob said.

"Who came up with that name anyway?" Jennifer asked.

"Me," Jessica said, "when Jay and I became friends-ish."

"Of course Jessi would come up with it," Jennifer said.

"Hey, Jay approved of the name," Jessica said defensively.

"Don't drag me into this, Jessi," Jacob said.

"I'm not dragging you into it," Jessica said. "You were in it from the start."

"Shhh!" Jennifer shushed them.

Jennifer slowly opened the door. Cautiously, they entered, all half-hoping that she would be there with a hand on her hip, ready to throw something at them for going into her room. What they saw was half-way exactly what they had hoped. She was there, in the closet. But she didn't have her hands on her hips, and she wasn't ready to throw anything at them. She was laying on the ground, pale and lifeless, with way too much blood pooling around her from the gash on her throat.

As they crept closer, they found a piece of paper placed on Hope's chest. Jonas picked it up and held it so they all could read what it said: Strike two…She knew!

"Strike two?" Jacob, Jennifer, and Jonas said in confusion.

"Shit! No, no, no!" Jessica said, just over a whisper. But it was just loud enough for the others to hear. They looked at her suspiciously. They never cursed unless it was something that got to them.

"Jessi, is there something you want to tell us?" Jennifer said suspiciously.

"Ummm…uhh…" Jessica faltered. "Not really."

"No joke, Jessica, seriously. If there's something you want to tell us, just say it." Jonas said.

Jessica winced. Ouch! They never called each other by their full names unless they were in trouble, or they were mad at each other, (which rarely happens).

"I'm not joking either," Jessica said. "There is nothing at all that I want to tell you."

"Then what was the cursing for? Obviously, you know something we don't," Jennifer said. "There's something you're not telling us."

"Guys, calm down," Jacob said. He turned to Jessica. "So there's nothing you want to tell us?"

"Nothing," Jessica said warily.

"Okay," Jacob said. "Is there anything that you need to tell us?"

Jessica glared at Jacob. He knew her too well for his own good.

"Ha! Spill," Jacob said.

"Spill what?" Jessica said. "If I spill anything on the floor, it'll ruin the carpets."

"JESSICA!" the three said in unison.

"Okay, okay!" Jessica said, putting her hands up as if in surrender. "I know what 'Strike Two' means," she said, putting air quotes around Strike Two.

"We figured," Jennifer said.

"It was meant for me," Jessica said. "Someone knows who I am."

"How?" Jacob said. "Did you fail to kill that someone?"

Jessica threw a pillow at him. "Be happy it was a pillow and not a brick sitting near me," she told Jacob. "No, I didn't fail to kill. Oh yeah, and did I say that strike one was my mom and brother?"

"No, you kinda forgot to mention that," Jonas said.

"What happened?" Jacob said.

"From the beginning, Jessi," Jennifer said.

"Okay, fine," Jessica said before starting.

Jessica was heading home after another night of hunting. She was only 13 and she was already one of the best. It's been a little over three months since she started hunting.

"Weren't you almost 13 last time we…" Jonas couldn't finish, but everyone knew the end to that sentence.

"Yeah," Jessica said, barely audibly, while looking down. She couldn't meet Jonas's eyes. She never could anyway, so there's nothing new.

"So that's what, around the time you moved?" Jacob said.

"Nope," Jessica said, popping the 'P'. "I was almost thirteen; my birthday was a week away. This was when I was about to be fourteen."

Jacob nodded.

She had killed 3 vampires, 4 werewolves, 2 witches, and 5 shapeshifters.

"You would know the details," Jennifer interrupted.

"Of course I would," Jessica said. "I'm Jessi."

She turned the corner onto her street and got to her house. When she entered, it was quiet. Too quiet for her house.

"Mike?" Jessica shouted.

He didn't respond.

"Well, he never answers when people call him," Jacob said.

"Yeah…" Jessica said her face showing that she was having memories of her brother. "Let me finish,"

"MIKE!" Jessica yelled.

Still no response.

"Michael Ferrari Bellitoni! Get your behind down here now!" Jessica shouted even louder. When he didn't answer, she said, "I got your game!" Usually, he would come running down and demand for her to give back his game. Now, nothing happened.

"Man, I gotta come up with new threats for him!" she said to herself.

"How is it that you have the best threats with everyone except your brother?" Jennifer said.

"Because…" Jessica said. "I don't know! But I do know that you need to never interrupt again. It's getting to the good part," she said, seeming as unaffected as if she was explaining what happens in a movie or something.

She went up to his room, and what she saw was not a pretty picture. The video game was still on, controllers still out, bag of chips spilled on the floor. The worst part was Michael. He was lying sprawled on the floor, his hand still on the bag of chips. The only thing running in her mind was, He's sprawled on the floor! He's always curled up when he's lying down! Always! over and over. Then she saw the blood. It was a lot of blood gushing from his throat, which was violently ripped out; too much blood. She knew what did it, and she knew what police would say: "Animal attack." Dumb bastards.

She crept closer and closer. She found it hard to process what she was seeing. While she was taking it all in, a thought hit her with a sudden force.

"Mama!" she said before bolting out of his room. She ran full speed into her bedroom. She wasn't sure if she opened the door or if she broke it open. Only one thought was in her mind now: Mamamamamamamama! She zipped past her room, down the stairs, past the living roon, and stopped dead in her tracks when she reached the family room/dining room.

Sitting in a chair, tied up and gagged, was Jessica's mom. "Mom?" Jessica whispered. As soon as she saw Jessica, she shook her head frantically, as if telling her not to come any further.

Suddenly, a hand yanked her head back, and she landed on a chair. She was being tied up and could do nothing against it. A masked person appeared in front of her, clearly female. Her mask only revealed her mouth.

"Jessica," the girl said. "I've been waiting for you."

"Something you want?" Jessica asked venomously.

"Actually, yes," the girl said. "I want you to stop what it is that you are doing." Jessica didn't know how, but she can tell that the girl was a vampire.

"What?" Jessica said. "Pranking? Getting good grades? Or killing your sorry selves?"

"Oh, mommy has something to say," the vamp said, untying the rope around Jessica's mom's mouth.

"Killing?" Jessica's mom said her eyes wide in surprise and horror.

"It's not what you think, mom," Jessica said.

"No, it isn't," the vampire said. "Its way, way worse than you think."

"Jessica Britney Cassie Ferrari Bellitoni!" Jessica's mom said. Jessica winced, especially at the use of her middle names. "When did this start?"

"Three months ago," Jessica said.

"How much did you kill?"

"Lots of them."

"And you kept it all from mommy?" the vamp said. "What a naughty girl."

"Shut up, leech!" Jessica said through clenched teeth.

"Ah, ah, ah," the vamp said. "You would want mommy to die, do you?"

Jessica's mom looked frightened. "Why didn't you tell me?" she said. "Why did you kill so many people?"

"I didn't tell you," Jessica said, "because I didn't want you to know. If I did tell you and they find out you know and I know, and that I have been hunting them down, they will come after us. They would make sure we were dead." Jessica wasn't worried about herself; she was fine with dying, as long as her mom was alive and well.

"Who are 'they'?" Jessica's mom asked.

"Night World," the vamp said bluntly.

"Night World?" Jessica's mom said. "What in the world is that?"

"It's all around you," the vamp said. "Vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters. They all exist. And if a Night Person tells a human about the Night World without killing them, then both the human and the Night person will be sentenced to death by the council."

Jessica knew what she was getting at. What really pissed her off was that she couldn't do anything about it. She had to just sit there and watch while her mom was being killed.

Jessica's mom seemed to know where this was going, too. Either that or the thought of living around Night Worlders and never knowing it. "And you kill them every night you go out?" she said shakily to Jessica.

Jessica nodded, her glare never leaving the leech. The vamp took her phone out of her pocket and started doing something-it looked like texting-on it.

"A flip-phone?" Jessica said. "Pretty old-fashioned, don't you think?"

The vamp took a second to lower her phone so she could look at Jessica. "I'm not taking any chances bringing my good phone. Anyway, now you know," the vamp said. "So you know what's next."

"No," Jessica said. "NO!" She thrashed against the ropes, but it was no use.

"I have to kill you now," the vamp said. She then proceeded to slowly walk towards Jessica's mom. She yanked her head back by the hair, pierced her neck, and drank her blood.

"I had to just sit there and watch while my mom was being drained of blood," Jessica said. "And I couldn't do anything about it."

Jacob, Jennifer, and Jonas were stunned. Jessica never talked about anyone in her family, especially not her mom. This was the first time they had heard about how she died. This was also the first time that they heard about her brother's death. Jessica did, however, tell them about her dad's death. None of them really liked her dad; in fact, they hated him.

Jessica told them how her mom died, and what killed her, but what she didn't tell them was who killed her. The vamp did lower her phone for a second, but that was all the time Jessica had needed to see the picture. It was Liliana Redfern. She knew Liliana in South Africa, and she never liked her. Everything was fine until Liliana came along. Jennifer stopped hanging with Jessica and started hanging with Liliana. Liliana came along and Jessica's best friend, and dare she think it, boyfriend was nonexistent as long as Liliana was there. Then, to Jessica's relief, Liliana moved out.

Jennifer was infatuated with Liliana, and that got in the way of Jessica's and Jennifer's relationship as long as Liliana was around. The only person in The Gang that didn't trust Liliana from the beginning was Jacob. Maybe Jonas, too, but Jessica wasn't sure. Of course, if she was to tell anyone about the identity of the leech, Jacob would be first on her list, since he hates her most of all (next to Jessica, of course). But she wasn't going to tell anyone about that. Not now, anyway.

"Well," Jacob said after a moment of silence, "that was...interesting."

"Coward's work," Jonas growled.

"Lemme find out who she is," Jennifer said. "Imma beat the crap outta her!"

Oh, Jenni, Jessica thought. If only you knew.

"Sometimes it's almost too much to take, you know?" Jessica said.

"Come here," Jennifer said, squeezing Jessica in a tight hug. Jacob followed suit, then Jonas, until they were practically suffocating her.

"Can't breathe!" Jessica said.

They all got off her immediately.

"If we're gonna do this, can we do it right?" Jessica said.

They all smiled and did their hug. Jessica had her arms around Jonas's (left) and Jacob's (right) necks. Jennifer had her arms Jonas's and Jacob's necks, except Jonas was on her left and Jacob was on her right. Jonas and Jacob had their arms around Jessica's and Jennifer's waists. Their foreheads were touching, as if they were discussing a game plan, which they do sometimes.

Jennifer felt tingly on her arm wherever she touched Jacob's bare neck with her arm. Little did she know that Jacob felt it on his neck, too. They just ignored it, since they're used to it happening all the time.

Jessica and Jonas felt exactly the same way. They too ignored it, since they were even more used to it than Jennifer and Jacob. None of them told anyone about the tingles and sparks that consumes the flesh that touches the other. None of them ever thought about it, or wanted to think about it; especially Jessica and Jonas.

They pulled apart after about two minutes.

"Police?" Jonas said.

"Yeah," Jacob said.

"What do we say if they asked what happened?" Jennifer said. None of them were capable of telling a lie. They never lied for as long as they remembered. "We can't tell them what happened; we'll put their lives in danger."

"All we gotta say is that we found her dead," Jessica said. "We won't be lying."

"Besides," Jonas said, "they would say it's an animal attack."

"Clearly," Jacob said, "they aren't very smart, because it's obvious that an animal attack wouldn't look like that."

They called the police, explained that they found her dead, and got it over with.

They walked to their rooms. The girls shared a room, and the guys shared another room right across the hall. Hope's room was right at the end of the hallway.

"'Night Brainless," Jessica said to Jacob, playfully punching his arm..

"'Night Idiot," Jacob replied, punching her back.

"'Night Stupid," Jonas said to Jennifer, playfully shoving her.

"'Night Fool," Jennifer said, shoving back.

"'Night, Brainless," Jennifer said, smiling for some reason.

Jacob found himself smiling back. "'Night, Stupid."

"'Night, Joe," Jessica said, not meeting his eyes.

"'Night, Jessi," he said back, not meeting her eyes either.

They all walked into their rooms.

Jonas and Jacob got under their covers, each with a white shirt and their pj pants.

"I can't believe Jessi didn't tell us this before," Jonas said.

Jacob agreed, and he felt like there was more that she's not telling them. But she would tell them when she felt like the time was right. He was confident about that.

"Dude," Jacob said, "no offense, but you would be the last person in the GOTB that she would tell anything to."

"I know," Jonas said. "I feel like she hates me, though."

Jacob didn't respond. Jonas hoped that she didn't hate him because of what happened before.

"Jay," Jonas said.


"Does Jessi hate me?" he said, an edge of desperation to his voice. Why was he getting like that?

"Well," Jacob said. "I wouldn't blame her if she did."

"She does hate me, doesn't she?" Jonas said. He sounded hopeless. Pull you self together, Fool! he thought.

Jacob got out of his bed, walked over, and sat on Jonas's bed. Jonas sat up so he could be face to face with Jacob.

"She doesn't hate you," Jacob said. "It's just awkward, is all."

Jacob sighed in relief. "I can't believe that you let me believe that she hated me," Jonas said.

"It was an entertaining half-minute," Jacob said, smirking.

Jonas pushed Jacob off the bed by the face. Jacob landed on the ground with a dull thud.

"I'll get you for that, Fool," Jacob said, getting back into his bed.

"I'll keep that in mind, Brainless," Jonas said, laughing softly. "And...thanks, I guess."

"Whatever," Jacob said. "'Night."

"'Night." Hey almost turned off their lamps.

"Wait," Jonas said.

"What?" Jacob groaned.

"Did she ever hate me before?"

"Never, Joe. Go to sleep."

"Thanks," Jonas said. "Really."

"Anytime," Jacob said.

Jessica and Jennifer got under the covers after changing into pajamas.

"You okay, Jessie?" Jennifer said.

"Yeah," Jessica said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Jennifer said.

Jessica shrugged. "I guess I thought you didn't need to know that part of my mom and brother's deaths."

"We need to know everything," Jennifer said.

Jessica said nothing.

"No way," Jennifer said disbelievingly. "You're still hiding something!"

"Look, Jenni," Jessica said. "You know I would tell you if it was that easy. And I probably will tell you. Just not now."

Jennifer looked at Jessica longer. She knew Jessica, and she knew that right now, she won't change her decision. "Fine," Jennifer said.

"Thank you for understanding," Jessica said.

"And what about you and Joe?" Jennifer said.

"Nothing," Jessica muttered. Her hands were suddenly very interesting.

"What is wrong with you two?" Jennifer said. "You never even look at each other!"

"We do, too!" Jessica said defiantly.

"I mean really look at each other."

"Oh," Jessica said. "I don't know. It feels a bit awkward, is all."

"Over four years, Jessi. Four years!" Jennifer said. "Get over it."

"It's not that easy," Jessica said. "You should have been there when the worst happened. I feel like he still hates me for that."

"Jessi," Jennifer said. "He never hated you. Never. Not once in his life."

"Really?" Jessica said.

"Really," Jennifer said. "He was mad at you, real mad. but he could never bring himself to hate you."

"Oh," Jessica said.

"You really are an idiot," Jennifer said.

"I know," Jessica said. "Thanks, Jenni."

"Oh, you're paying me back," Jennifer said. "'Night, Idiot."

"'Night, Stupid," Jessica replied.

They all fell asleep, dreading the morning.