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Never the Same

Isabella Marie Swan had lived a relatively uneventful life. Her parents were divorced then again, that seemed to be a popular trend. Isabella, or Bella as she preferred to be called, had taken residence with her mother in Arizona while her father remained in the forever rainy town of Forks, Washington. Bella had typical friends and typical grades. Perhaps the only thing about her that was above average was her lack of coordination. That was an area she succeeded in. She had long since perfected the feat of tripping over flat surfaces. Although, her luck was nearly as bad as her coordination. Bella was nearly sure that she had committed some heinous act in a past life to get the luck she had, but she could never be sure.

It had been a mix of her bad luck and uncoordination that both saved her and damned her.

Her friends had organized a camping trip for spring break and Bella hadn't been able to turn her friends down even though she loathed the activity. They had decided on going to the Horseshoe Reservoir campgrounds Friday night and staying a week. Her friends Anthony and Sarah both had jet skis that they brought and everyone had been excited to spend the week goofing off and ignoring everything related to school. After all of the planning, Bella had been excited despite herself.

It was the first night they were there that the incident happened. Everyone had just returned from the lake after jet skiing and swimming for a large portion of the day and changed clothes before deciding to make a fire. They had been sitting around the campfire, the only source of light aside from a waning crescent moon. The night was cool, airy and cloudless. Her friends had been laughing while roasting marshmallows and drinking beer and wine coolers.

"Come on Bella, have a drink." Anthony had whined, using his puppy dog face at full force and holding out a wine cooler.

"Come on Tony, you know I'm uncoordinated when completely sober, if I drank that thing I'd probably fall into the fire pit."

"Yeah Tony, Bella's hot enough without third degree burns." Sarah jested while shooting a wink towards Bella.

With a roll of her eyes, Bella stood up from the group. "I'm gonna go grab a water seeing as you guys probably only brought alcohol out here." The sheepish looks she got in return told her that she was correct. "So I'm gonna take my hot uncoordinated self back to the tents and get a non-alcoholic beverage." She sent a grin to Sarah before walking away.

The terrain was a bit uneven and Bella probably would have had trouble with it during broad daylight. The shadows that were cast across it made it even more treacherous.

Geez, maybe I should have just taken that wine cooler, Bella sighed. She was nearly to the campsite when her foot got caught on a root and she spiraled to the ground hearing a protestant pop from her ankle.

"Damn!" She hissed, holding her ankle. She stood, trying to see if her ankle could hold up her weight only to crash back to the ground. "Great."

A series of screams broke her attention away from her injury and back towards the campfire. She could barely make it out, but she saw seven figures instead of the four that she had left at the fire. Between the lighting and distance she couldn't make out much, but it looked like the other people there were… Biting them? At this Bella panicked even more. What the hell? Normal people don't bite people… Are they on bath salts or something? Bella could only barely bite down her screams of terror. She knew she couldn't help her friends. They were too far and it would take time to get over to them even if her ankle was in working condition.

She glared over at the fire and, with determination sinking in; she crawled her way to the tent. She knew that Anthony always brought a combat knife with him whenever he went camping of hiking and it had always helped him out.

The screams were slowly dying as she crawled her way into the tent and found his bag. Her hands were trembling as she tore through the contents. It was eerily silent now, even the normal sounds of night stopped. If it weren't for the sound of her blood in her ears and the noise of her riffling through the bag, Bella would have thought she had gone deaf. Bella could almost make out the sound of people talking, low chimes that didn't sound like normal humans. Her hands finally found the knife's case. She handled it clumsily, unsheathing it quickly and holding onto the blade for dear life.

"This one's mine James, you and Laurent hogged most of the others." A female voice stated. Oh god, they know I'm here, Bella panicked as her trembling became more pronounced.

"But this one smells exquisite, are you sure you won't share Victoria?" A voice with a slight French accent negotiated.

"No, you and James already got your fair share, this one's all mine. Besides, I want to have some fun with this one and we all know I have the best control."

They're talking about me like they would a slice of cake, Bella thought to herself, her grip tightening on the blade till her knuckles shown white. The talking outside the tent stopped and Bella held her breathe. In less than a blink of an eye, a blur of red and white was in the tent and Bella thrust the blade towards the figure. The figure didn't budge. It was like trying to stab a knife through a brick wall. The blade stopped before even breaking skin and Bella's momentum sent her hands sliding from the handle and onto the blade leaving bloody lines across her hands. Bella dropped the knife and stumbled back only for the woman's hands to stop her. They locked her wrists in a vice-like grip as the woman gave Bella a predatory grin, her crimson eyes glowing in the night and shining with malice.

Bella was frozen in fear, the burning in her chest was the only thing that reminded her to breathe and she did so shakily. Then again, she was about to die, so breathing wasn't very high on her to-do list for the moment. The woman with eyes as crimson as her hair just continued to smile like the cat who caught the canary. She brought Bella's right hand towards her face and inhaled deeply. When she reopened her eyes they were nearly black.

"You smell delicious." The woman spoke, her voice low and smooth. The way she spoke was almost as a lover would, but this woman did not love or even lust for Bella. No, she just wanted the blood that ran through her. The woman who Bella assumed was Victoria brought her face closer to Bella's hand and slowly ran her tongue over the cut. Bella shuddered at the act both from the coldness of Victoria's tongue and disgust at the idea of consuming blood. The coppery smell had always made Bella nauseous and, if she wasn't consumed by the idea of her nearing death, she would have been relieved about her lack of focus on the smell.

"Victoria, if you're not going to share, than at least give us a show." Another voice whined from outside the tent. Victoria's grin faltered for a moment.

"Very well." She huffed before moving her hand from Bella's left wrist to her upper arm and throwing her out of the tent. The fact that a woman who, while a bit taller than her and nicely toned, had managed to toss her as if I were a stone she were skipping into a lake made Bella's mind pause before she collided with the ground and rolled. Her shoulder hit a large rock causing her to jar to a stop. She was face down in the dirt, her face contorted into a pained grimace.

A cruel laugh made her look up. In front of the tent that was now several meters away stood three people. Or, at least, they looked like people. Not normal people though. Their skin held a certain luminescent quality in the dim moonlight and their eyes were all an eerie shade of red. In a flash, Victoria broke from the group and appeared kneeling next to her.

"It's a pity, I wasn't going to take very long with you, but it seems my mate wants a show." She looked at Bella with a look of fake concern as she stroked the teenager's cheek. "Too bad for you I guess."

Bella blinked as she felt a spike of pain before she was looking to the night sky. It took a moment for her brain to register that Victoria had flipped her over. It took even longer for her to realize that Victoria had moved and was now straddling her hips.

"I wish I could say that you'll enjoy this as much as I do, but that won't happen." She whispered into Bella's ear as she leaned over her.

Without warning, Victoria moved her hand away from Bella's face and to her left hand. With barely any effort on her part, Victoria slowly crushed the human's hand. Bella could feel her bones protesting under the pressure the older woman was putting on them and screams tore from her throat as they began to break.

Bella was only conscious of Victoria's lips on hers because it muffled the shrieks that she couldn't contain. She was writhing in pain, moving her hips to the side and trying to arch away from the predator on top of her. Victoria easily pushed her tongue into the human's mouth, further swallowing her screams.

Victoria reveled in the noises and movements of pain that her prey made, but she never cared for the screams. To her they were always annoyingly high pitched and irritated her sensitive ears. It was James who enjoyed the screeching of his victims, not her.

Bella was in agony as Victoria slowly continued her path of destruction up her arm. Between Victoria's mouth on hers and the cries of pain, Bella was having trouble getting oxygen. As a last ditch effort, she clamped her teeth down onto Victoria's tongue hoping that that would dissuade her from continuing.

Victoria barely felt the pathetic human's attempt, but decided to acknowledge it anyway. She pulled her face away a few inches and watched in amusement as her prey's chest heaved as she tried to make up for lost oxygen.

"So that's how you wanna play?" Victoria hummed in her ear.

"No-" Bella tried to protest, but was cut off by Victoria's mouth as she began to kiss her roughly. The red head ground her hips painfully into Bella's and began pressing onto the ribs of Bella's left side while kneading Bella's breast on the right.

Before this, Bella hadn't thought that the pain could increase, but she was wrong. Her vision was getting black as Victoria continued her violent assault. Victoria was slowly snapping her ribs one by one as a child would the bubbles in bubble wrap. Bella was a tooth pick compared to the pale supernatural being and they both were very aware of this fact.

Bella's vision was nearly all black and she realized that she would be spared the last details of her death thanks to unconsciousness. The last things she registered before giving into the blackness was a violent roar and the pale being above her moving away.

When Bella had awoken, she was in an annoyingly white room that smelled of disinfectant. Being a klutz, Bella had had her share of hospital visits, but none of them involved her not knowing how she got there. Her whole body ached, but when she looked down she noticed that she couldn't detect any injuries.

"Bella!" The concerned voice of her mother jolted her from her thoughts. The tan brunette moved towards her daughter, eyes bright with happiness at her daughter awaking, but also with worry. "I'm so glad you're okay, you've been unconscious for three days since the game warden found you." Bella's mother embraced her warmly. "The doctors weren't sure when you'd wake up."

The events of the last night she saw her friends caught up to Bella.

"Oh god." She sobbed as her hands went to her face. "They're all… Are they?" Her mother's eyes dimmed.

"I'm so sorry Bella." The older brunette ran a hand through Bella's hair. Bella tried to stifle the feeling of horror that bloomed with her mother's admission, but she continued to sob uncontrollably while her mother held her. She was so caught up in the moment that she didn't notice Phil shuffling awkwardly in the background.

When Bella slowly calmed down, he decided to break the silence.

"Bella, what happened?" He questioned, "The game warden found you unconscious Sunday evening and all while all of your friends looked like they were attacked by an animal you were just unconscious and unscathed besides a bite."

"A bite?" Bella questioned, not recalling receiving a bite before blacking out. Phil nodded at your question and pointed to some gauze on her upper arm that Bella had failed to notice. Probably because of the pain medication, Bella concluded as she took inventory of how she felt. She was sore, but the obvious lack of pain from the bite made her draw the conclusion that medication was involved.

"I don't," Bella tried to get her thoughts coherent, "it's all a blur. I went to get a bottle of water from the cooler by the tent and fell and then they started screaming." She realized that there was no way she could tell them what she suspected, maybe what happened was an animal attack and the rest was a dream? After all, vampires don't exist… right? "I think an animal attacked them. It headed towards me, but something else chased it off."

"What type of animal? Did you get a good look at it?" Phil inquired, earning a look from my mother.

"No, it was dark and nearly a new moon plus I wasn't near the fire. I just saw silhouettes, I couldn't even ball park a size." Phil nodded in acceptance and Bella mentally sighed. She wasn't normally a convincing liar, but it was a necessity at the moment.

"I'm so glad you're okay." Renée cooed in relief. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you." Bella just gave a tentative smile. Even though she was safe now, she'd never look at life the same again. Always looking over her shoulder at every red headed female or pale skinned person. She knew that night, whether it actually happened or not, would always be burned into her mind.

It took all of two days and four funerals for Bella to make a decision. She had talked to her mother once she got out of the hospital Wednesday evening about arrangements to move to Forks. She had told her it was due to her need to forget that traumatic night and that starting over might help, but she really just couldn't stand Arizona anymore. The very ground made her shudder with memories.

Her mother's new husband also influenced her decision. Bella knew Renée wanted to travel with Phil whether she admitted it or not and Bella didn't want to tie her mother down. It had only taken two more days to organize her flight to Forks and have her belongings shipped up to the town. They didn't have to send much, just certain items and Bella's midnight blue Kawasaki Ninja 250. It was a small bike, but Bella wasn't very big and she didn't want to risk mixing her coordination with an excessive amount of horse power. She had originally had the typical hand me down car, but, after a long talk with her mother, traded it in and bought the bike off of with someone who had been looking to get a larger model. She was happy about the deal and learned that she wasn't nearly as clumsy on two wheels as she was on two feet, but that didn't mean she wasn't cautious.

It was Tuesday when her flight was set for Seattle and then a smaller flight to Port Angelus where her father would pick her up after work. She was about to board the plane when her mother caught her attention.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to." Renée gave her daughter an out.

"It's fine mom, I'm sure Forks will be great." Bella reassured. The look her mother gave her told her she was unsuccessful. "Okay, it might be a bit dull, but a change of scenery will be nice." Renée sighed in defeat.

"Alright, but if you ever want to come back, anytime, just let me know." She embraced her daughter.

"I'll call you when I get to the house." Bella broke away, knowing that if she let her mom continue she would miss the flight.

"Have a safe flight!" Her mother called as Bella was nearly out of ear shot and Bella just gave a nod and slight wave while doing her best not to look back. She would leave this all in the past and focus on her future. Little did she know that the supernatural was not done with her quite yet and that her life would never be the same.