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Fate and Other Inevitable Matters

Bella's luck ceased to fail her in her Biology class. Not only did she stumble upon a school that had six vampires, but fate decided that it would be great to have her sit by one of them. She was in her seat and she was surprised her muscles hadn't cramped yet with how tense she was. Every single fiber of her being was poised to make a mad dash out of the classroom.

Had she not been distracted by the anxiety coursing through her, she would have found it ironic that a vampire was taking biology. A moving corpse learning about living things, it was laughable. Oh well, seems only natural that the predator would learn about its prey.

Bella wasn't the only one tense about the situation. Edward had been glaring daggers as soon as she was assigned to sit next to him, a chance of bad luck that neither seemed to enjoy. Bella was staring straight ahead, determined not to make eye-contact with the brooding blood sucker.

Another ten minutes passed and Bella was on her last nerve.

"What?" She hissed.

"What are you?" Edward's eyebrows furrowed, if possible, even more.

"What am I?"

"Yes, what are you, I can't read you."

"Last time I checked, I wasn't the new best seller."

"That's not what I meant." Edward ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

"Look, I'm a human, you're a vampire, I'm glad we had this conversation now if you'd kindly forget I exist, that'd be fabulous." Bella returned her attention to the class discussion.

"How do you know?"

Bella ignored his question and thought of things to keep her distracted from the teenager who had yet to avert his gaze.

The brunette was out of the class and away from Edward before the bell was even finished ringing. She idly thought about how she had achieved that feat without stumbling at all, but filed that thought away for later.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she got to her seat in the last class of the day, art. The tables were set up so that two were at each desk. Bella decided to play it safe and sat in one of the back tables. She all but collapsed into the seat and rested her head in her hands. People began filing into the room, but Bella didn't look up. She was trying to relax. Her nerves were still on edge.

With a deep breath to center herself she picked her head up and returned her attention to the class. She didn't know anyone and she was content with this. No fake smiles and annoyingly cliché pleasantries. The class seemed like a popular one, the only seat left was the one next to her.

The bell rang and the teacher was about to begin class when a familiar form entered the room. Alice gave the teacher an apologetic smile before searching the room for a seat. Resigned to her unbelievable bad luck, Bella just sighed. Alice approached the seat nervously and Bella was almost amused by this. Geez, you'd think I was the one that bites, not her. She silently mused.

"Hi, I'm Alice." She gave a slightly shy smile while holding out her hand politely.

"I'm sure you already know who I am." Bella spoke, ignoring the gesture. A pang of guilt rammed through her as she saw the smile fade into disappointment and her hand drop. "I'm Bella." She tried for a smile, but she was pretty sure it was more of a grimace. She held her hand out. Alice's smile reappeared and she shook Bella's hand gently. Bella shuddered slightly at the temperature, flashing back to that night before regaining her composure and focusing on the class.

The class was simple and when the bell rang Bella left in the same manner she had in biology. She successfully managed to avoid the people who would try to talk to her and make it to her truck. It was raining lightly and there was an ominous crack of thunder in the distance that signaled that the rain would not stay light. With the intention of getting home quickly, Bella dug out the keys to her ancient vehicle.

"Swan." A menacing, musical voice made Bella's head snap up. Her brown eyes met the piercing dark amber eyes of one Rosalie Hale. She was much too close for Bella's taste, but Bella stood her ground.

"Cullen." Bella acknowledged.

"What the Hell is your problem?" Rosalie was in Bella's face now and her eyes were quickly darkening.

"I believe I could ask the same thing to you." Bella gestured to their proximity.

Rosalie continued, ignoring Bella's statement. "You're going to tell me how you know about my family and then you're going to apologize to Alice for hurting her." Bella could only scoff.

"You and your family are freaks, not hard to figure out. As for Alice, I didn't hurt her, last time I checked, you guys were quite industrial." Rosalie's forearm was now pressed against Bella's collarbone. Bella nearly winced under the pressure, but the same instinct that told her earlier not to back down from Rosalie's glare was growling in her head again. She wouldn't back down, and if the incident repeated itself, there was no way she would give the vampire the satisfaction of seeing her pain.

"That's not what I meant and you know it. You hurt her feelings. You hurt my family and you have to deal with me." Rosalie's eyes narrowed, they were nearly black now.

"So vampires actually have emotions unrelated to sadistic urges. I'm almost impressed." Bella leaned forward, glaring hard at the blonde.

"You don't know anything about us."

"Good, I don't want to. You guys can just avoid me for the rest of your eternity, or until I die. Personally, I'd prefer the former; I wouldn't want to deal with more dead people than I'd have to when I'm six feet under." Rosalie was snarling, her sharp teeth bared and venom shining on them. She applied more pressure to her forearm and Bella dropped her keys in surprise. She regained her composure and resumed her glaring contest with the blonde despite trouble breathing.

"I don't know what she sees in you."

"What are you talking about?" Bella's confusion broke through her façade.

"Rosalie" Alice's chime-like voice entered their conversation. How long has she been here? Bella wondered. "Leave her alone." She pried her sister away from Bella and Bella looked to her but she kept her eyes downcast.

"Fine." Rosalie spat before walking to the rest of the Cullens. Wordlessly, Alice picked up Bella's keys and handed them to her. The look on her face was heartbreaking and Bella could only muster a soft 'thanks' before the petite vampire was gone.

The next day was not nearly as eventful as the other. The initial shock of having a new student in Forks wore down a bit and Bella no longer felt like she was on display. The most startling difference however, was how none of the Cullens acknowledged her presence. Not a sideways glance, glare, smile, nothing. It was as if she didn't exist and, had it not been for the absence of a specific Cullen, she would have been content with this.

Alice. She wasn't at school and Bella could only wonder why. It's not like vampires can get sick… Is she avoiding me? Shouldn't I be the one avoiding her? She looked to the empty spot at the Cullen table. Not like I care, she's just a vampire. She probably eats babies for breakfast… Bella stewed in her denial. Besides, she was probably just acting nice; she's probably had centuries to perfect the cute little harmless cute pixie façade…. Crap, I used cute twice… Bell just rested her head in her hands. No, no feelings, not for anyone. It's too soon, besides, since when was I a necrophiliac?

"Earth to Bella." An annoying, preppy voice sounds from across the table.

"What?" She snapped, eyes falling onto Jessica.

"Geez, we were just discussing our trip, if you wanted to come with that is." Bella felt a bit out of the loop and Angela came to her aid.

"We're heading to Port Angelus for a few hours tonight to look at Prom dresses and we wanted to know if you wanted to come with us." She gestured to herself, Lauren, and Jessica.

"I don't know, Prom and dresses aren't really my thing." Bella fidgeted with her food and fought the urge to look back to the Cullen table in case the inky haired vampire had miraculously appeared.

"Please Bella, it'll be fun." Angela pleaded genuinely while looking at Bella before motioning towards Lauren and Jessica in a way that begged Bella not to leave her alone with them. Bella had to fight back a smile at the situation.

"Fine," she rolled her eyes, "but I'm just gonna play judge, there's no way you're getting me into one of those things."

"Fair enough." Angela grinned. We're leaving after school, would it be okay to leave your truck here overnight?"

"Hmm? Yeah, no problem, my bike should be in by now anyway."

"Okay, we'll meet at my car after class."

"How long will we be in Port Angelus?" Bella asked curiously, trying to not allow the nervousness she felt seep into her words.

"I have to be home by eight to watch my siblings, so we'll probably leave by seven." Bella nodded, relieved that she wouldn't be walking around an unfamiliar city after nightfall.

"What do you think Bella?" Bella snapped her eyes away from the shop window and towards the two girls who just approached her, Jessica in a pink dress and Angela in a blue. Lauren had bailed on the plans much to Bella's, and probably Angela's, relief.

"They look great." She responded distractedly.

"You've said that about every one that we tried on." Jessica whined.

"Yeah, no, I just mean, these are probably the best you've tried on tonight. You both look great."

"Thank you Bella." Angela smile and Jessica just resumed checking herself out in the mirror.

"Hey," Bella caught their attention again, "Are there any book stores around here?" Jessica, of course, didn't answer. Probably wouldn't crack open a non-school related book to save her life.

"Yeah, there's a small one just down the road. If you want, you can check it out and meet us at the restaurant in about fifteen minutes, I think we've narrowed down our choices."

"Okay, I'll see you then." Bella left the store and into the late afternoon though, with the weather, it seemed nearly night. She pulled her jacket closer around her and trudged to where the bookstore would be. It was raining again, similar to how it was yesterday. The thunder would roar in the distance, but the rain would just keep falling at a light pace. Bella had never been a fan of rain, she had always preferred the sun, but the rain here was comforting. It was almost like a blanket covering the world around her. She paused before the shop, closing her eyes and inhaling the scent of the rain in the downtown part of the city. She entered the store and easily found the mythology section.

How to kill vampires… She thought to herself as her gaze flicked over the dozens of books before her. Books on gods and goddesses, the fey, were-creatures, vampires and various other supernatural beings filled the shelves. Bella scanned the titles unhappily until her eyes fell upon one. It was a book that talked about 'the cold ones' and she figured that that might be an adequate term for vampires. Decision made, she grabbed the book and went to the cash register. A middle aged woman rang up her purchase. She was tan with dark hair and Bella briefly compared her to Jacob and Billy, she definitely could be Quileute. The woman silently raised her eyebrows at the purchase, but did not say anything. She handed Bella her change and Bella mumbled a pleasantry before walking out.

She was flipping through the book as her feet carried her in the direction she thought she came from. So far the book mentioned two supernaturals, vampires and people that shifted into wolves. Please don't let the other one be true; vampires are enough to deal with.

Bella continued to walk for several more minutes before finally lifting her head from the book. She had obviously gone in the opposite direction that she needed to and she was surrounded by warehouses and abandoned buildings. This was unsettling, but what set Bella on edge more was that she wasn't alone. She could hear several men stumbling behind her. She continued walking, not picking up her pace. She took a turn, hoping she could make a couple more and end up going back in the direction she needed to. She was halfway down the road when three more men came from the direction she was walking towards. There was no turn for her to take. She was stuck between the men behind her, the men in front of her, and several gated and boarded up buildings.

"What's a girl like you doing here alone?"

"Probably looking for some fun, I know I am."

The men continued to make similar jeers while they closed in on Bella like a cast net around fish. Bella glared back and forth between the men, feeling like a cornered animal. One of the men approached her and roughly grabbed her face.

"We sure have a pretty one tonight." He gave a teasing tap to her face.

"I honestly don't think you have anything tonight." Bella stated, eyes fierce as she focused on the man. He was scruffy, as they all were, with dark hair and beady eyes. The men all reeked of alcohol.

"This one might be a bit fun." Another man from the group grinned. Bella just gave him a sneer as a rush of adrenaline hit her. She turned her attention back to the first man and swiftly kicked him in his groin. Another man reached for her and she grabbed his arm and used his momentum to throw him into two others. One went to grab Bella, but she fluidly avoided his grasp and tripped him. The first one she kicked was recovering now and grabbed something from his pocket. The three who had ended up on the ground all rushed her and managed to grab her arms. She pulled and tried to kick, but the three held her still. The one with the beady eyes approached her again, a knife in his hand. The blade was simple and would have shown in the light had it not been so dark in the alley.

"I think that counted as enough foreplay." His dark eyes fell malevolently on Bella. Without preamble, he jabbed the knife into her, the cruel blade sinking easily into her abdomen. A gasp left Bella and he pulled the knife out before preparing to continue. Bella's pain turned into rage, a blind, powerful rage that she couldn't contain nor did she want to. She lashed out at the men and found that she could throw them off of her with little effort.

It only seemed like moments later that they were all on the ground unconscious or wishing to be unconscious. The squeal of tires awoke Bella from her wrath. A bright, canary yellow Porsche slid to a stop in front of her. Bella merely lifted her brow at the display before picking up the book that she had dropped sometime during the brawl.

"Bella!" A certain pixie called out as she exited the car and sped to the brunette, not bothering with the human charade. Bella flinched when Alice was in front of her in a flash, but did not further recoil. "Are you okay? I saw you get stabbed and I tried to get here as soon as I could are you okay, what-" She seemed to finally take inventory of the scene. "I thought you said you were human?"

Bella examined her surroundings and tried to contemplate how exactly five men were on the ground before remembering Alice mentioning her injury. She didn't answer the vampire at first as she lifted up her shirt and jacket to see blood coating her skin. She moved her hand to the skin, wiping the blood as she searched for where it had originated. The skin underneath the crimson was completely unharmed.

"I thought I was."

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