When it Rains it pours. That seemed to be the trend these days anyway. Sam sat in a booth with a terribly haggard Seth, both nursing their beer. Meanwhile across the room Curtis was tending bar while Rudy stared silently at the bottom of his empty stein with his back to Same . In the last two weeks, everything changed. Nothing was really ever normal anymore anyway, not since the storm. It was different now. After Alisha had been murdered by that crazy undead bitch, Samantha had lost her childhood best friend, Simon. Knowing he was off to face his inevitable death Sam mourned the loss of her friend. He'd been her closest friend for so long, she'd wanted to stop him, but knew if he didn't go, he'd never find love with Alisha, and being with her was the happiest she'd ever seen him. She couldn't take that away from him.

Then, just over a week ago Kelly suggested a night out in an attempt to boost morale. She knew everyone was struggling with Alisha's murder, and Simon leaving. Particularly Sam. That night everything got worse. In a vulnerable and inebriated state something happened between Rudy and Sam. The two has become close in the last while. Sam had been quiet, not really talking to anyone, and he was worried about her. He took her to a quiet place where they could talk in the pub. It was just the two of them, Sam had a few and wanted to feel close to some one, she needed that. She started sending signals, green lights for Rudy to make a move. She flirted, ran her hand up his arm, and actually pulled him in close to hear so she could "hear him better". At this point he caught on , he leaned in and kissed her. She needed this. She pulled him in closer, things became more intense, and got hot. He put his hands on her hips pulling her closer to him. He slowly slid his hand up her shirt. Slowly caressing up her stomach. Her breath got deeper. No, they didn't sleep together, but the might have if they hadn't been interrupted right here.

Seth stopped them, looking for Kelly. He seemed worried, he explained he'd combed the crowd already. Sam suggested they do it again, the three of them and Curtis, to make sure they didn't miss her. After an extensive search of the crowded club, Seth and Sam went to her flat, it was cleared out. Her dresser drawers had been emptied. Though the exit seemed rushed, it also appeared to be by choice. No one knew why, but Kelly was on the run. So here they sat, Seth broken hearted, not bathed and in silence. He'd had a heard time opening up to Kelly to begin with, his last relationship didn't end so well. He did though, he'd opened up, and let her in. Only to have his heart crushed. He didn't even want to be there, but Sam dragged him out of his house. She knew he needed to get out. That and she desperately needed some one else there to distract her from the tension between she and Rudy.

Since that night she and Rudy had only muttered a few words to each other, and couldn't really make eye contact. Sam was confused with that whole situation, and it would have been nice to have one of her best friends to talk to about it. Unfortunately that wasn't an option, so instead she'd try to ignore her own issues and try and be a friend to Seth.

"Why'd you bring me here Sam"?

"You needed to get out. I don't think you've left your flat in a week".

"I didn't want to leave my flat"!

"Seth, I get it. It fucking hurts. You're confused, and you have no idea why she left. But Seth, she left. You have to get up and start moving forward".

"I really don't want to talk about this. Beer was a bad idea, I haven't eaten".

"Fine" she said getting up from her seat and putting on her coat "Then lets go eat"

"I'm not really dressed for it"

"We'll get take out"

The two made their way across the pub. Sam looked to Curtis and said "We're going to grab a bite, I'll text ya later".

"Right" said Curtis as he dried out a clean stein

Trying to not bring more attention to the awkwardness between the two of them Sam said goodbye to Rudy, who acknowledged her with a wave and a turn of his head. Still no eye contact.

As soon as the door closed behind them Curtis put down the stein and turned to Rudy "Alright, what the fuck is up with you two"?

"How do you mean"?

"I mean a few weeks ago you and Sam were laughing and carrying on, and now, you don't speak".

"I don't want to talk about it"/

" I do. I'm tired of not knowing why I'm in the car in silence with the two of you! What changed"?

"Everything fucking changed, haven't you noticed" Rudy snapped, "She literally just lost her two best friends! And I took advantage of that".

Curtis looked at him for a moment, not knowing what he meant, but just for a moment, "Did you sleep with her"?

"No, but it might have led to that". Curtis hung his head in disappointment. Rudy slammed down his stein "Look ,do you think I'm proud of what I've done? I know how kind she is, and how fun. She is one of the greatest girls I've ever met, and I fucked it up. I took advantage! Now I don't know where I fucking stand with her, and I don't know what to fucking do".

"Talk to her".

"That's easy for you to say, you're used to beautiful girls being interested in you. Any beautiful girl I've dealt with I've fucked and forgot. I can't do that with Sam. What the fuck would I say to her? Hey y'know that night, just after you best friend left to die and the same night your other friend disappeared? Remember how we were messing around? That was fun, let's do that again. Obviously not. I fucked up".

"So you're not talking to her at all" Curtis stated "That kind, fun, beautiful girl, who you love hanging out with, you're going to cut her off"? Rudy didn't answer.

The drive was silent. They spoke about what they'd order when they were at the restaurant, the drive to Seth's flat was silent, and now they sat in silence as they ate their pizza. Sam was becoming far to comfortable with silence these days. Finally it became too much for Seth, "Why are you here"?

"Because I'm worried about you"

"Don't be".

"And, you're probably the only person who even kind of gets what is going through my head right now".

Seth looked at her, realizing he wasn't the only one abandoned here"Sorry, I suppose this effects you too" he said taking a bite of pizza "you have this, Simon and Alisha too I suppose".

Sam tried not to think about how she'd lost three friends, in the last two weeks, maybe even four, "Seth, you've never struck me as the type of guy to mope over a girl. Not in a situation like this"

"I just, I don't understand. I thought we could get through anything, I trusted her. Then she just takes off without even thinking twice, it hurts"

Sam knew that hurt only too well. Back at Christmas time, she was taken for a fool by Nathan. It irritated her to no end to know he used her. To think back when she and the others started community service, she couldn't stand him. He was pompous, and obnoxious. He and Kelly had a thing for a while, a will they won't they thing. In the end it was won't they, Kelly ended it. That's when Nathan set his sights on Sam. Pompous turned to thoughtful, and obnoxious turned to charming. It took a long time, and a lot of charming on his part, but eventually he got exactly what he wanted from her. He said all the right things. She trusted him, and trusting some one was a hard thing for Sam, especially considering what landed her in community service to begin with. Not long after, Nathan had grown fond of a pregnant, slutty little troll. He left Sam for her, and took off to Vegas to start a new life. No one had heard from him since.

That was a story Sam thought might help Seth know he wasn't alone. After sharing it with him they sat quietly for just a few moments. "So you know exactly what I mean". Sam nodded. "Then lets talk about something else".


"What is going on with you and Rudy"?

Great, She thought. Sam could feel the different shades of red going into her face. While she absolutely wanted to change the topic, she had no desire to talk about this.

"You two are together now right" he pressed?

"No" she said sheepishly.

He looked at her confused.

"That kind of happened" She explained, while trying to avoid explaining.

"Like Drunk, vulnerable" he questioned

She cut him off "No, it's not like that".

"Do you fancy him"?

It was a question she'd been asking herself. Not one she'd answered out loud, but yes. She had for a while. She used to think he was just like Nathan, and actually had feelings for him then. She fought them, and ignored them, but the truth came out in more ways than one. She got onto the topic of how he was like Nathan with Alisha one day, and Alisha quickly corrected that. Rudy was actually a really nice guy, who had been hurt ( actually by her), and that arrogance was an act. A way for him to protect himself from being hurt again. Then he'd had his little incident with the girl who almost made his junk fall off…that was a wake up call. All of that, and his power of course. He hated that his power brought out his feelings, literally, as their own entity . The emotional Rudy had become her friend first. The two had become close friends, and shared literally everything. If she had a secret, he knew it, and the same could be said for her with his secrets. After getting to know this side of Rudy, she came to agree with Alisha, he was a good guy. Eventually she came to accept and then like the other half of Rudy. The two sides of him had become very important to her. This is when those feelings she'd had for him became harder to ignore.

"I guess the long pause means yes" said Seth interrupting her train of thought. Sam nodded. "So what does he think"?

She shrugged. She had no idea what he thought. Sure that night, at the pub he kissed her, but she'd been giving him signals. Maybe he just saw his chance to get laid, and went for it. The problem was her feelings for Rudy, they weren't a one time deal, or a friends with benefits type thing. He meant too much to her to go down that road, and she wasn't that type of girl, not typically.

"Have you tried talking to him" Seth once again interrupted her internal monologue.

"I can count on one hand how many words we've said to each other since that night" she told him "And part of conversing requires eye contact, there's been none of that".

"I think you should try"

"I really don't want to talk about this"!

"Alright" Replied Seth, and he switched the subject. It wasn't much later she left. She had done what she'd set out to do, put Seth in better spirits. Now she had her own problems to contend with.

She knew she had to talk to him eventually, that wasn't the problem. The problem was her being ready to talk to him. Brave enough to tell him how she felt, and potentially prepared to be rejected. She didn't fear ruining everything, that had already happened. The problem was that no matter what, their friendship could never be the same.

When she got home she noticed a text message from Curtis, "R U still coming"?!

Shit! She forgot about the plans they'd made to go to the club that night. She responded "Yeah give me an hour". This was quickly followed by a text to Seth, she needed support, Rudy would undoubtedly be there, and she figured she'd need an extra push. Seth agreed. Sam started getting ready when she got another text, "when you get here we need to talk", it was from Rudy.

"So you're going to do it" Curtis shouted over the music in the club?

"Yes" Rudy said, clearly annoyed being asked the question over and over.

"Good, I'm tired of silent car ride".

Curtis having an issue with the silence was probably Rudy's last priority in this conversation. Rudy needed to apologize. He'd gone too long with out speaking to Sam, and he couldn't handle it. He figured something coming of he and Sam was ridiculous. She had was beautiful! She was out of his league and knew his every deep dark secret. That alone was enough to make her run for the hills, when it came to a relationship anyway. What had happened between the two of them, would always be a fond memory for him. He got to kiss Sam, touch her soft skin, that was amazing! But she was in rough shape, and he took advantage, and he knew he had to apologize for that.

"She's here" Curtis said pointing to her coming through the door…with Seth.

How can I talk to her about this if she's with him, he thought. He couldn't do it. He couldn't face her if she was with Seth. Sure he thought that something coming of all this was ridiculous, but he hadn't given up hope. Now, he had no hope left, and he couldn't face her. Not now. He started scanning the room for an incredibly drunk and decent looking girl. They were in a club so there were plenty to be found. He walked up to one, offered to buy her a drink, and went to the bar to get it for her. Sam had spotted him. He couldn't, he just couldn't.

Sam took a deep breath and made her way across to the bar where Rudy was standing. Much like when they were at the pub earlier, he had his back turned to her. When she reached him she put her hand on his shoulder, "Hey" she shouted over the base.

He looked at her, the first time in a week "Oh, hi" he said very casually

"You wanted to talk to me"?

"Oh, yeah" he shook his head, "never mind, I changed my mind".

Her heart sunk. He changed his mind? How could he?

"Are you coming baby" slurred an exceedingly drunk girl, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the dance floor"?

Sam felt like she'd been punched in the stomach when he turned and smiled at the girl "I'll be right with you love".

"Okay" was all Sam could say choking back the tears.

She turned and began to walk away, until she heard Rudy cry out "No"! She spun around just in time to see, there were now two Rudys in front of her. One was still holding the hand of the drunk girl, while the other stared straight at her, "You're with Seth"?

"What? No, he needed to get out of the house so I brought him. I'm here now to talk to you".

The other Rudy walked back, letting go of the other girl's hand, "You're NOT with Seth"?

"No, we're just friends".

The two Rudys looked at each other and became one again, "do you still want to talk"?


The two made their way to an empty booth, and sat on the same side so they could hear each other. Both sat without saying a word until Rudy broke the silence, "You probably know what I want to talk to you about".

"Last week"?

" I feel like, I took advantage of you".

"Let me stop you there". she interrupted "I was fully aware of what I was doing, you shouldn't feel guilty".

Rudy paused, he looked confused, "so, I don't know what to say now then".

"What did it mean to you"? What the hell was that? She just blurted that out, she had no intention of saying that, but there is was, out there.

Rudy flushed, she didn't mean to ask the question, but he wasn't sure how to answer it. He thought for a second and then realized, he had to put the cards on the table, "I think it may have meant more to me than it did to you".

Sam took his hand and smiled at him. She leaned into his ear and said "If that comment is any indication, I don't think it did". She slowly started backing away, and locked eyes with Rudy. Before she got too far away he kissed her. He pulled her close, and held her there kissing her, like he did just over a week ago. She pulled him in closer kissing him harder, and gently bit his lip. This can't be real, she thought to herself. Too long there has been something there, and she fought it. Now she was letting go, forgetting her fear, and just letting this happen. He put his hand on the small of her back pulling her closer. It wasn't until he got a tap on the shoulder he remembered where they were.

A bouncer looked at them, and he looked irritated, "Look, if you two want to do what I think you're about to do, take it out of here". With that the two were out of there and to her car.

Rudy went to the passenger door, until Sam directed him to the back seat. The quickly picked up where they left off. Deep, hot kissing. Sam took off her jacket, and Rudy gently ran his fingers down her arm, making her shiver. She leaned in and kissed his neck as she undid his shirt. He shot his head back taking in the feel of her tongue gently flicking over his neck. He slowly slid his hand under the bottom of her tank top and lifted it up over her head, and intensely kissed her once he'd pulled it up over her head. He slowly kissed down her neck over her collar bone and as he made his way down, dragged his lips gently over the exposed part of her breasts. He made his way back up to her mouth and wrapped his hands behind her back. He fumbled with the hooks on her bra. She giggled, and he apologized. She quickly informed him it was fine, if he hadn't been able to get it, she gladly would have for him. He had removed her bra at this point. He gently caressed her breasts, and ran his thumb over her nipple, making her gasp. Gently he laid her down on the seat as she undid his belt. He laid down over her, between her legs and pressed his torso into her. She let out a quiet moan, as she undid the button on his jeans. He kicked them off as he went for the button of her jeans. He leaned into her ear as he gently slid her jeans off, he whispered in her ear, "You're so beautiful".

Beautiful. No man had ever said that to her. It seemed sad, but hearing it now, in quiet possibly her most vulnerable state? This couldn't have felt more right. The two of them now lied naked, he gently continued to slide his body over hers, kissing her somewhere with every stroke. She could feel him, smooth, hard, and warm as he glided along her, warm and wet.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Are you ready"? She looked up at him, smiled coyly, bit her lip and nodded. He brushed her hair away from her face and slowly slid into her. She arched into him, and pulled his head down to kiss him. Gently and deeply he slid in, and out. She spread her legs wider to get him in deeper. He was enough to fill her, to stretch her perfectly. Every glide nearly made her eyes roll back in her head. His breath getting deeper, while she nearly forgot to breathe. He kissed her deeply, and rested his forehead on hers as he quickened his pace gradually. She ran her fingers down his back. He whispered "I can't believe this is happening".

"Neither can I" she gasped back in pleasure.

"This feels amazing" he said breathlessly.

His pace quickened again. She found herself losing her breath, wrapping her legs around his waist pulling him in closer, deeper. He groaned as she dug her nails in his back. She bit her lip to keep herself from screaming. He continued pumping, and moaning. She was sure she was about to bite through her lip, until she cried out "OH GOD"! His pumps became more erratic, while still remaining deep and rhythmic. The PERFECT rhythm! Until he held himself in as deep as he could go. She Gasped several times taking in how he felt inside of her, until she felt him finish, making her climax and cry out his name.

The two laid there for a second catching their breath. She watched his head rise and lower as he rested it on her chest. He finally lifted his head and smiled at her, " That was incredible". She smiled back, stroked his face and nodded in agreement. He got up and sat on the seat. He took her hand, kissed it and pulled her over to his chest. He wrapped one arm around her and used the other to grab his jacket that had been knocked off the seat in the heat of the moment. He draped it over the two of them and kissed the top of her head. He held her in silence for several minuets. It was hard to believe that only months ago she thought of him, not in a good way. Like a boy who had hurt her. Now, this man sat, holding her, tender and gentle. She knew this was a side of him just for her. The last week, the two of them not speaking, it seemed like such wasted time.