This one isn't my best work. I needed to tie in my new character, to give you an idea what he was like before I could really take off with the story here. Hope you still enjoy it

Things had changed a lot in the last while. Sam was no longer the girl looking for a friend, she was the support system. She took the job very seriously, knowing how it felt to be on the other side of the situation. Jess was dealing with a lot. Her feelings for Alex, her anger for him, and her guilt that he was laying in a hospital bed at that moment. Not that it WAS her fault but she felt it was anyway. Sam spent a lot of time with her, reassuring her and just being there to listen. Sam juggled this with her new relationship with Nick, though she knew it would be short-lived. Nick was from New York, and his band was only there for two months, it had been three weeks already. She was sticking to her guns, she was taking it slow, but that was getting harder and harder to do.

All the while she was feeling guilty for not being there for Rudy. She hadn't seen him since Nadine was killed, but she knew Finn was keeping a close eye on him. Messages were relayed to her often via Jess. She didn't ask for the updates, though she wanted to, Jess was good at reading her, it never needed to be said. If it were Sam would probably feel she was betraying Nick, even if she was just trying to be a friend. She was honest with him, and he knew there was a history with she and Rudy, but how does one ask her current boyfriend if she can go and be alone with her old boyfriend? Does it really matter if it's truly just as friends, and wouldn't adding that part make it seem like there was something to hide? She put it off as long as she could until one night Jess called her with an update, Rudy wasn't doing well.
When Nick arrived that night, she dreaded the conversation they needed to have, but friendship was something she'd come to take very seriously. "So what's on your mind" he asked with a smirk on his face. She hadn't yet pulled out the dreaded we need to talk, and yet he knew.

"It's Rudy" she sighed, "He's not doing well with the whole Nadine thing, and needs some one to talk to. Finn is fine, but of all of our friends, I'm the only one he's completely comfortable with and-"
Nick threw his hands up and smiled, "Say no more" he laughed.
She looked at him quizzically, "You're okay with this"?
"Yeah" he said leaning up against her counter, "I trust you".
She was amazed, and impressed, "I really thought that was going to be harder".
"You're a good friend" he shrugged, "And he needs you". He sauntered up to her and laid a gentle kiss on her mouth. He put his hands on her hips and started to run his hands up her back under her shirt.
Her guard went up, she knew what he was going for, and hoped he wasn't using his acceptance as a way into her pants. She still wasn't ready, and pulled out of the kiss, "Great, thanks for being so understanding" she darted to her couch and grabbed her coat.
"What you're going now" He asked?
"Well yeah" she awkwardly shrugged, "He's already being going it alone for three weeks, it's an asap thing".
"Alright" he chuckled.

Sam's mind had been blank on the way to the community center, it wasn't until she was about to walk in the door her mind started racing. How was this going to work? What could she possibly say? Would he even want to talk to her? She brushed these thoughts away. The reality was, it wasn't about her, it was about Rudy. Her insecurities, her being uncomfortable, it didn't matter, she came to be there for him. She took a deep breath and walked in the door.

She spotted Finn who stopped in his tracks, "What are you doing here"?
She continued to walk down the hall. Really? What did he think she was doing there? "I'm here to fuck your brains out" she said cooly.
Finn smiled, "Really"?
Now she stopped short, "No". Finn's smile quickly faded, "Where is he"?
"You come to fuck his brains out" he asked sarcastically. Sam glared at him continuing to wait for a response to her question. "He could probably use it", he shrugged. She continued to glare. He realized she was there on a mission and he best not stand in her way, " In the hall, top of the stairs".
She continued into the hall, and spotted Rudy sitting upstairs dangling his legs over the side of the ledge. She climbed the stairs and sat down beside him.
"What are you doing here" he asked quietly as he continued to look straight ahead?
"Came to fuck with Finn's head" she replied, "I came to see you".
"Why would you do that"?
"Seriously" She asked, "Because I'm worried about you".
"I'm fine".
"You look it" she chuckled. He sat silently, and motionless. "Rudy, I'm really sorry".
"Are ya" he asked, "Or do you think I got what was coming to me for how I treated you".
"Rudy, I would never"
"Cut the shit Sam, I know I hurt you"
"I hurt you too" she said defensively, "But I care about you and I would never wish this on you. Regardless of what you think, I care about you".
"I loved her" he murmured.
"Then she was a very lucky girl" she said in a comforting tone.
His breath buckled, "It just really hurts, that she's gone" he fought back more tears, "And it's all my fault".
"It's not".
"It is Sam".
"It's no one's fault Rudy. Truth is, she knew love. Her life was cut short, far too short, but she knew love" She put her hand on his back," and she knew it because of you".
He turned and looked at her for the first time since she arrived. The tears streamed down his face, and Sam could see the pain in his eyes, feeling like she'd been punched on the stomach. She put her arm around him and pulled him into her shoulder where he sobbed.

He felt awkward, but comfortable being in that moment with Sam. It had been a few weeks since Nadine had gone, and everyone wanted to be there for him. In reality he wanted to be alone most of the time. Finn forced it, and Jess would try to be sensitive, but that just wasn't her style. But it was different with Sam. She knew him like most people never did. For a moment he stopped thinking about Nadine, and was filled with regret at the mistakes he'd made with Sam. The regret turned to guilt when he realized he should be mourning his love he'd JUST lost, and not the one he let slip through his fingers.

Finn came in and interrupted the moment, "Sam, is your mobile off"?
Odd question. She checked her pockets, "Must've left it in my car".
"I got Nick here" he said waving his phone, " he's trying to reach you".
As Sam got up and took the phone from Finn, Rudy realized another reason that he should feel guilty, Nick. As the ex boyfriend he was entitled to hate the guy, unfortunately he didn't. There was a damper on any potential friendship they had, but he didn't hate him. The majority of the guilt however was that he knew Sam was happy. He watched her as she spoke to him on the phone, and she smiled. After the things that had happened between he and Sam, how could he try and interfere with her happiness?

Sam hung up the phone with Nick, and handed it back to Finn. She went and rejoined Rudy at the top of the stairs and smiled, "Did you want to come over for dinner? Nick is picking up Chinese".
"I wouldn't want to impose" he shrugged.
"We're getting it take out for you" she smiled playfully pushing him, "Weren't sure you'd want to go out anywhere just yet".
He reluctantly agreed.

When they got to Sam's place that night it was perhaps one of the most awkward situations of Rudy's life. The three scuttled around the kitchen, getting everything together, all the while Rudy and Nick would share an awkward glance when the other knew exactly where something was in Sam's kitchen. Most of the dinner was spent in silence, Sam seemed comfortable with it, it was clear Nick wasn't, nor was Rudy. Both seemed to view the other as a threat, and their friendly back and forth seemed to be forced. The evening was interrupted when a pounding came at the door. When Sam answered she was greeted by a breathless Finn.

"It's Jess" he cried!
Sam led him in, grasping her stomach. She couldn't hold her in, out came the other Sam. "What happened" she cried?
"The Nuns" he explained gasping for air. At this Rudy was to his feet. "They took her and said something about an eye for an eye".
The original Sam looked to Rudy, "We took one of theirs, now they took one of ours".
Rudy now hunched over grasping his stomach, until the second Rudy came out, "What are we going to do"?
"We're going to get her" Finn said defensively, "We risked everything for your Nun and didn't even know her, Jess is our friend"!
Sam smacked Finn in the back of his head at his insensitivity, though he was right. The six of them piled into two cars and parked at the community center before heading for the convent.
"How do we plan on getting in this time" whispered Finn.
"Leave that to me" replied Nick pulling a pocket knife out of his pocket. They all crept to the front door and watched as Nick picked the lock.
"Do you do that often" remarked Rudy?
"Only when I need to" he snapped back.
They all crept into the halls of the convent, it was silent, and dark. Rudy hauled out his cell phone and used it at a light to light the way. It wasn't until a scream startled them that the silence was broken. The scream came from the other end of the hall, and it was most definitely Jess.
They scurried toward the sound of her voice until they came face to face with two Nuns. They went to scream but one Sam head butted one of them knocking her out, while the other Sam got behind the other one and put her hand over her mouth.
The Sam who now grasped her forehead in pain whispered to Rudy, "There, now I'm going to hell with you".
The other Sam held the other Nun who was shaking in fear and silent, until she bit Sam's hand. she cried out in pain as the Nun ran to the door at the end of the hall and quickly ducked in the room.
"I hope that weren't a zombie nun" Finn commented, "I really don't want to have to kill you".
The original Sam put her hand up to silence him and concentrated. She used Jess's power to see through the wall and count how many nuns they were dealing with, four. She still had Kelly's old power left in her and she listened to the thoughts of the people on the other side of the door trying to figure out what they were planning and came to a realization about one in particular.
"So we might have a little problem", she explained to the others.
"What them having Jess isn't enough problem for you" Finn snapped?
"One has a power" she shot back, "And she can make Jess believe she chose to join the convent".
"Shit" sighed Rudy.
"So what do we do" Asked Nick.
"We haven't much choice" explained the other Sam, holding her bleeding hand, "We need to get in there now".
With that Finn swung the door opened and clumsily took out one of the nuns right off the bat.
The others ran in the door attacking the nuns. The original Sam used some of Simon's old invisibility power and ducked behind Jess to untie her.
"I can't hit a fucking Nun" cried out Nick as he got kicked in the crotch.
"You'd best learn mate, or you're done for" replied Rudy.
Once Jess was free and Sam had become visible again they joined the fight, unfortunately, so did the rest of the convent.
Sam knew their only hope was for them to get their hands on the Nun with the power to alter memories and use that to their advantage. She didn't have anymore of Kelly's power to know which one she was. She frantically searched the room when a Nun jumping on Rudy's back and holding his head caught her attention. When she let go, Rudy stood motionless, looking around the room confused. Bingo.
Sam made a B line for that nun. She held he hand out to use her power on Sam who instead put her in an arm lock and held her. The other Sam realized what she was doing and ran to her side to protect her while she absorbed the amount of power she needed.
Nick had gotten off the floor and joined in the fight, Fin had not actually touched anyone, but was flinging objects at them with terrible aim. Jess was kicking ass and taking names in a fit of fury, and one Rudy continued to awkwardly maneuver in a way that could be mistaken for fighting. Meanwhile the other Rudy was still sitting confused in the room.
The second Sam still standing and protecting the original Sam cried out, "We're going to need to round them all up".
"Why is that exactly" Shouted Jess?
"So she can wipe their memories" she shouted back, "It's that or kill them".
"I have no problem with that" Jess Replied.
Sam smiled as she fought off another nun, "You wouldn't".
"Could we start by getting Rudy back to the land of the living" shouted Finn?
"Probably the best place to start" the original Sam replied. The second Sam looked at her and nodded. She took over her place holding the nun with the power while the original Sam made her way to Rudy and held his head as she started to give him back his memories. She knew they came back chronologically because at one point in the process he held her. He held her the way he did when they were together, and she didn't hate it at all. When he took his hands off her a tear ran down his cheek, then he stood up straight. He had his memories back, and returned to fighting with the others.

They were able to wrangle the nuns and one by one brought them to Sam who erased memories of that day and any memories they may have had about Nadine, so they'd never come for them again. By the time the only one left was the one the other Sam still had in an arm lock, the original Sam paused.
"Well what you waiting for" Snapped Jess, "Wipe her memory".
"I don't think it's that easy" Sam replied.
"Why the fuck not" Jess rolled her eyes.
"Because she still has the power" Sam explained, " If ever she felt so inclined she might be able to bring back her own memory and the memory of the others. Then they'd just come for us again".
"Then we kill her" Jess snarled.
"We don't need to" interjected Rudy, "Sam can take her power away".
The Nun stood in fear of them all, most of all Sam. Sam looked at Rudy, "That's right" she realized, "I can".
"I don't know how well this will work" the other Sam warned, "You don't have much of Seth's power".
"You have Seth's power" Finn asked?
"Just a little" the original Sam explained, "He was my friend, I got it from a hug or two".
"But will it be enough" the other Sam argued.
"It only has to work once" the original Sam reassured her.
"And if it doesn't work, plan B" grinned Jess.
Sam approached the Nun and took her hand from behind her back. She started to take her power away and could feel herself straining to hold onto Seth's power. The strain was making her weaker, but she continued to strain to make sure she got it. By the time she was sure, she fell to the ground and blacked out.

It was the next morning, and both Rudy's sat in Sam's livingroom with Jess and Finn. They all sat waiting for her to wake up. When Nick came out of the room and told them she was awake they all went into the room to see her. The other Sam sat next to her for a moment and then the two rejoined giving the original Sam more energy.

"Sorry guys" she murmured, "I didn't mean to black out there on you".
Rudy let out a sigh of relief at the fact she now had her typical mischievous smile on her face.
"You were brilliant" Finn shrugged at her.
"Thanks" she chuckled quietly, then looked to Jess, "You ok"?
"Yeah" she smiled, "I'm alright".
Sam looked at Rudy, who sat in a chair in the far corner. He seemed to be catching his breath as he ran his fingers through his hair frantically. "What's your problem" she asked?
"You scared the shit out of me back there" he replied.
She laughed, "the power never killed Seth. It only knocked me out because I was straining so bad".
"You could have had a heart attack" he replied desperately.
"Well I don't mean to rub it in" she started quietly, "But I do still have a bit of immortality in me".
Rudy gave her a knowing smile and nodded in agreement.
"Ok guys" Nick said, reminding everyone he was there, "I think she needs her rest". They all left her bedroom and started for her front door. "Rudy" he whispered before they left, "Can I talk to you for a minuet"? Rudy nodded and stayed while the other two left. "So, Sam's power is to use other people's powers right"?
"Pretty much" Rudy agreed.
"And yours is to duplicate"?
"Where you going with this Nick"?
"Well I just think I should thank you" he smiled, Rudy didn't like his smile, " Because her duplicating, should make for a good time in the bedroom". Rudy looked at him surprised for a second. "So thanks pal" he said patting him on the arm, "You can see yourself out". Nick made his way back into the bedroom with Sam leaving Rudy standing alone in the livingroom stunned. Okay, now he hated him.