Our story starts in December 1929, right before Christmas. Eunice Wentworth and Thurston Howell III have just been married...

Thurston Howell The Third sat in his study, listening to stock market reports, usually one of his favorite things to do. But on this day he paid no attention. There was something dreadfully important on his mind. What was he going to get his darling Eunice for Christmas? It was their first Christmas together, and it had to be extremely special. There was a week left until Christmas! Diamonds? No, she had thousands. Mink coats? Too common. He was terribly distraught.

"I do believe I am going to have to go shopping myself.." He muttered. Usually he'd send a staff member to do his work for him, but this had to be perfect. Even if it involved...*gasp* Manual Labor.

"Eunice darling... I have a meeting to attend. Tell Patrick to have dinner ready by five when I get home please."

"Must you go? I was going to have you help me look at patterns for curtains.." She pouted.

"Yes, it's terribly important dear. Ta ta! I must be going.." He kissed her goodbye and walked out to one of their cars.

"James... where do women shop?" He sought advice from his driver. He only shrugged.

" I don't know sir." He answered.

"Oh of all the help.." He muttered to himself.

Thurston went to every high end store in Newport. He couldn't find ANYTHING that would be just perfect for his wife. He was forced to do the unthinkable. Ask for help.

He sought refuge from who? Of all people? His mother.

"Oh... a Howell ask for help.. really..." He muttered to himself, dialing his mothers number.


"Mommy?" Thurston asked.

"Thurston! How are you? How is Eunice?" She pressed.

"Fine, fine... but I.. I need advice. I don't know what to get Eunice for Christmas!" He whined.

"Oh please. Diamonds! Haven't you ever heard diamonds are a girls best friend?" She answered.

"Oh... I thought of that, but I want to get her something better..."

"Thurston! I never thought I'd hear such a thing from my own son! What could possibly be better than a diamond!" She snapped.

"Thats why I asked you mother!" He said.

"Well... if you want a womans advice, I say get her nothing. If you love her that much and she loves you than you wouldn't have to get her anything, your love is enough." She told her son.

"Thank you mother. Ta ta!" He hung up. Maybe she was right.. He drove home..

It was finally Christmas Eve! The Howell Mansion was covered in red and green, and their christmas tree glittered and shined in the moonlight. After dinner Thurston pulled Eunice aside.

"Yes dear?" She asked.

"Eunice. He said.

"Well...? What is it?" She asked.

"I want to give you your Christmas gift now." he said. Eunice was hesitant at first, but gave in.

"Alright then.." She agreed.

He simply pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss.

"Merry Christmas. I'm your gift, Lovey."

"Lovey?" She asked.

"Lovey because I love you. And you love me... I should hope... so I'm your gift." He said.

"Of course I love you. And I'm glad because I got you the same thing- Me." She said. And with that, she pulled him into another kiss. "Merry Christmas!" They said together.