Divorced was a word that Quinn Fabray had never imagined would be used to describe her but she sat in the mediator's office waiting on her soon to be ex husband so they could discuss the custody of their 18 month old daughter, Chloe and the child currently growing inside Quinn's womb. She was 3 months pregnant when she found out that her husband had been cheating on her with the churches greeter, a young 19 year old girl who reminded Quinn of herself pre-Beth.

Her life was never supposed to be this way, when she graduated from McKinley, she had just gotten accepted to Yale and her life was seemingly perfect. She knew school would be difficult but she didn't expect it to be the way it was. She ended up not meeting new friends, failing most of her classes, and having a severe emotional breakdown the week of finals. She dropped out of Yale after one semester and moved back home. It killed her to make that choice but she knew that she couldn't stay there. The truth behind it all was she missed her mother and her home. She wasn't ready to go out into the wide world yet.

When she returned to Lima, she began dating Joe Hart, the sweet boy who had helped her through everything her senior year. She began going to church more and slowly turned back in to Christian Quinn. When Joe turned 18, the two of them got married in a very small ceremony in their church and instantly started trying for a child.

Quinn had believed that her life was actually falling into place. She had went to community college and got her certificate to become a realtor like her mother. She and Joe lived in their own small home close to both sets of their parents and quickly Quinn learned she was pregnant.

Her pregnancy was very different than hers with Beth, everyone was actually happy even though Quinn as 20 years old and Joe was 18 at the time. Joe had a stable job and was going to school to become a pastor. His classes of course accelerated due to the fact that the current pastor looked like he was on his death bed and talked insanely slow every Sunday and at bible study on Wednesdays. By the time Chloe Grace Hart was born, Joe had became the youth pastor in the church and was working his way up to being the full time pastor.

Joe was an amazing father to Chloe much to Quinn's surprise. Whenever women would bring their babies to church he acted like he was afraid of them or uninterested while Quinn went absolutely nuts over babies. Quinn's life was devoted to Chloe and volunteering at the church every Sunday in the nursery with her mother. It wasn't until Chloe was 6 months old, that Quinn began to question Joe's faithfulness. The youth group sessions were lasting a lot longer each time and he seemed to always have a young blonde girl named Eve helping him with work for the church.

Everyone seemed to know about the affair because when Quinn became pregnant with their second child the women at church looked at her with pity. She pretended not to notice the stares and focused on Chloe and the baby growing in her womb. On the day that Chloe turned 15 months old and Quinn was officially 13 weeks pregnant, Joe dropped the bomb that indeed he had been sleeping with Eve but he was very sorry and wasn't going to do it again. Quinn told him to shove it and left with Chloe to her mother's.

Now Quinn sat, 22 years old, divorced, 6 months pregnant with a little boy and with an 18 month old little girl who was growing every day. She had changed Chloe's last name to Fabray-Hart and she already knew that her son would also have Fabray- Hart as a last name. She watched as her dreadlock wearing soon to be ex-husband walked into the mediation room with the young girl who ruined their seemingly happy marriage. "You really brought her to our mediation hearing" Quinn said with her deadpan voice. She was pissed off now; he was just rubbing her in Quinn's face at this point. "Quinn, God frowns upon divorce" Eve said her voice sounding very childlike as Quinn rolled her eyes. "God also frowns upon adultery" Quinn said as the middle aged woman walked into the room.

"Mr. Hart, who is this young lady?" The woman who Quinn knew as Karen asked Joe eyeing Eve then looking back at Quinn figuring that she was the other woman. "She is my new fiancée, Eve" Joe said proudly as Quinn looked down. She felt like she was punched in the stomach and the air was knocked out of her. She tried to hide the tears in her eyes as her hand fell down to her rounded belly. "I can't wait to be Candy's step mom" The ditzy girl said as Quinn looked shocked. "Her name is Chloe! Chloe Fabray. You are not allowed my daughter or my other child you understand" Quinn growled as Eve laughed at her. "Whatever".

"Are you alright Mrs. Hart?" Karen asked as Quinn shook her head. "It's Ms. Fabray. I want nothing to do this him or that harlot. I want my children that's all I want. There is no money to split, he can have the house. I just want my kids" Quinn said her voice pleading. "Now Ms. Fabray, your children need their father" Karen said as Quinn looked at her. "He couldn't care about them! I'm the one taking care of Chloe and have been ever since her birth. I'm the one changing diapers and staying up with her when she's sick. He hasn't even changed one diaper" Quinn accused as Joe put his hands up.

"That's not true Quinn! There was that one time" Joe said as Quinn looked pissed off. "One time! Wow Father of the fricking year over here!" she sarcastically said as Karen spoke up. "Ms. Fabray, Mr. Hart. You both need to calm down. This is not helping the situation"

"You know what isn't helping my situation; I was the perfect wife to him, I cooked, I cleaned, I raised our daughter, I made the money with my mother's real estate business. He was the one who ruined OUR marriage." Quinn said as Joe shook his head. "Quinn, we all know why you never made love to me. You are still in love with Rachel Berry just like you were in high school" Joe said as Eve giggled and Quinn looked down. She hadn't talked to Rachel since she came home from Yale. Rachel was happy with a guy named Brody she met at NYADA so Quinn didn't bother Rachel with the fact she had an emotional breakdown. Last she heard from the monthly newsletter Tina typed up, Rachel was in New York and was working on Broadway.

"Joe I haven't talked to Rachel since I left Yale. That's just an excuse you're using. I don't love Rachel. She was my best friend and now my only friends are Santana and Brittany who haven't done with anything but be my only friends" Quinn said as Karen nodded. "Joe what would you like out of this mediation hearing?" she asked looking between Quinn and Joe. "I just want to say, Quinn we got married way too young and started a family way too soon. I love Chloe but I'm not ready for all of this. I want to live my life as the 20 year old that I am" He said as Quinn nodded knowing that no matter how much she loved Chloe and the baby, they weren't ready for that big of a commitment.

"When do you want to see the kids?" Karen asked as Joe shook his head. "Not on the weekends, I can't handle two kids alone. Can I do it at my parent's home? Just for a few hours…" Joe asked as Karen nodded. "That is a good possibility and very responsible" she said as Quinn nodded. "I am fine with that" she said as they finalized everything. Joe and his parents would get Chloe, Monday and Wednesday from 1 to 7. The new baby would be eased into the visits as he got older. Quinn was happy because that meant she got custody since Joe couldn't be bothered and she was the decision maker.