It was silent. This was strange, because harry potter had three children and a husband. He had the house to himself. He could dance around in his underwear if he wanted. He could watch whatever he wanted to on the telli. He, instead of doing those things, went to go lift weights. He was quidditch captain for the Falmouth Falcons, and seeker, so he had to stay in top physical condition. This however, made the mothers at his children's primary school drool. He was tan, with abs that could crush soda cans just by doing a sit up. His hair, which he cut after the second wizarding war, was short, and he jelled it in the front, so it was a little bit pointy. His green eyes and beautiful smile made him seem a little less frightening.

When harry finished his weight lifting, he looked at his cell phone, and noticed that he had to go pick up the kids. He changed quickly, and got into their SUV. Harry and Draco lived in a nice two story house. Five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a game room, a workout room for harry, and an in ground pool with a screen around it. as he drove to avenue house school, where Draco had insisted they go, instead of to a public school. Avenue house was a small school, with only 150 students from ages three to 11. As he drove through the pickup lane, he saw Albus, James, and lily waiting for him.

"Hi daddy!" lily said, as James helped her in. James was nine, Albus, eight, and lily, six.

"Hello darling. How was school?" he asked, as they buckled in, and he drove off.

"Good." They chorused. That was their usual response. He smiled at his happy children.'

"Any homework?" and they all nodded. Harry always helped them with their homework before Draco got home. Draco Malfoy, harry's gorgeous husband. Albus and James had harry's hair and Draco's eyes, while lily was platinum blond with pure green eyes.

As they arrived home, they all grabbed their backpacks and ran inside. They all sat down at the dining room table, as harry helped James and Albus with math, and lily had a "color by numbers" page she had to do. Once everything was done, he got started on dinner.

"What sounds good?" he called from the kitchen.

"Can we have pizza?" lily asked, smiling up at her father. She had run to her room and put on one of her princess dresses Draco had gotten her when she was five.

"No darling, not tonight. How about pepperoni lasagna? It's like pizza, but with pasta. You can help daddy make some garlic bread and salad, how does that sound?" he asked and she grinned.

"Take out the salad, and put in fruit smoothies for dessert, and you've got yourself a deal" she said, and he gave her a high five.

"Deal." He said. He got out their lasagna pan and boiled the lasagna sheets. Lily helped her father layer each pasta sheet with sauce and cooked pepporini. Once they piled on the cheese, harry put it into the oven and they started on the garlic bread. He took out five pieces of bread and put butter, garlic powder, and a little bit of oregano and let it sit on the stove until the lasagna was ready to come out.

"James, come set the table!" he called and he heard James come down stairs.

"Whatever that is, it smells awesome. Are we having pizza?" he asked, and harry smirked.

"No. pepporini lasagna." He said, and he heard the faint 'pop' of apparition from the living room.

"Hi papa!" lily called, as Draco came into the kitchen.

"Hello my dear! Hello boys! How was school?" he asked, and they choroused 'good!' again. He smiled.

"Hello gorgeous" he said to harry and kissed his lips softly. Harry's eyes fluttered shut, and he smiled. as the broke apart, they heard giggling behind them.

"Alright you monsters, I'm gonna get you" Draco called, and they all went running and laughing upstairs. Harry chuckled at his silly husband, as he Draco chased them upstairs. Harry got plates out, and put some lasagna on each and put it on the table.

"Time for dinner!" he called and he could have sworn a herd of elephants was coming down stairs. As they all sat down to eat, harry asked Draco about his day. He worked in the ministry in the dark artifacts office.

"Good. We got some cursed skulls. Not very interesting" he said, and James grinned.

"Can we see?" he asked, and Draco laughed.

"No, you may not" he said, and James frowned.

"We always get to see dad fly, how come we never get to see what you do papa?" lily asked.

"Because I work in a private office and send letters all day, while looking at old cursed stuff. Does that sound fun to you?" he asked, and James nodded. He rolled his eyes.

"Papa, I gotta show you something!" she said, and she left the table before harry could say anything. As she came back downstairs, she had her art project in her hands. Neither of her parents were artists, so harry guessed she had inherited lily's talents. It was a picture of her, James and al, standing under an old looking tree. Harry and Draco were holding hands behind them, smiling.

"My art teacher said we had to draw something that we love the most. So I drew my family." She said, and Draco grinned.

"It's beautiful princess." Draco said, and she went back upstairs to put it away. Once dinner was done, Draco helped clean up the dishes.

"Do you have a game this weekend?" Draco asked, and harry shook his head.

"Nope, Thursday. But after this week, ive got the next month booked with training, and practice." Harry said, and Draco nodded.

"Let's go somewhere" he said suddenly and harry smiled.

"Ok. Where?" he asked, and Draco grinned.

"The fox and the hounds?" Draco asked, and harry's eyes widened.

"The place where we spent our honeymoon?" he asked, and Draco nodded, taking his hand.

"Well, I suppose we can ask Ron and Hermione to watch the kids…" harry said, and Draco wrapped his arms around harry's neck and kissed him hard. Harry's hands wrapped around Draco's waist, pulling him deeper. He heard Draco chuckle, and harry opened his mouth to let Draco's tounge explore.

"Daddy! James pinched me!" they heard lily call from upstairs, and then

"I did not!" James said, and harry had to stop himself from laughing.

"James!" harry yelled, and he heard his door shut.

"This is why we need a vacation" Draco sighed, and harry broke their embrace and went upstairs.

"did you pinch your sister?" harry asked, and James looked at the floor.

"Go apologize" he said, and James went into his sisters room.

"I'm sorry" he said, and she hugged him. he gave his father a look, that said 'help me'. Harry smiled.

"Lily, it's time for a shower. Go on" he said, and she grabbed her pj's and went into her bathroom. Harry went into Albus's room. He was sitting on his bed, looking out the window.

"Dad… what's Hogwarts like?" he asked, and ahrry sat down on his bed.

"Well, it's amazing to be honest with you. For me and papa, it was home." he said, and Albus looked a little nervous.

"Dad… what if Hogwarts becomes my home? I mean, I have a home here! And I love it here. I don't want you guys to think I love Hogwarts more than home" he said, and harry pulled him into a hug.

"Al, the reason your father and I made hogwarts home is because that's what it felt like. And If you think Hogwarts is home, then that's ok." he said.

"Do I have to go to Hogwarts? Can I stay at avenue?" he asked, and harry smiled slightly.

"No al. You have to go to Hogwarts. You're the only kid ive ever met that doesn't want to go to Hogwarts" he said, and Albus smiled. harry tucked him into bed, and kissed him goodnight. He went into James's room next and kissed him goodnight as well. Lily was already in bed, half asleep. He gave her a kiss and left the room.

He went into his room, and got dressed for bed. tomorrow was Wednesday, and he had practice until the kids got out of school. He got out his practice uniform for tomorrow and went to brush his teeth.

"So, game Thursday?" Draco asked, climbing into bed.

"Yep. Do you think you can make it?" harry asked. Draco usually never missed a game if he could help it.

"I'll try." He said, and harry gave him a soft kiss goodnight before falling asleep.

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