Title: Shine

Character: Narcissa Malfoy.

Summary: "Narcissa, dear, don't you realise that stars go out with a bang, and flowers just... wilt." Freeverse.

Notes: Ah. Narcissa. Such a lovely character to come back to now and again. I always found it strange that the other members of the Black family were named after stars and galaxies and constellations and such, and Narcissa is just a... daffodil. Hence came this; I wanted to give Narcissa a time to shine. I hope you enjoy!

Narcissa, dear, don't you realise

that stars go out with a

- BANG! -

and flowers just... wilt.

Stars turn into


and they, well, they thrive on being brilliant!

Flowers just turn into

little w-w-weeds,

and live their little lives,

growing up in an attempt to be closer

to the sky.

You're going to bloom, of course,

but you'll never quite shine like the rest.

After all,

you're just vain, plain little narcissa,

and they're





and hell, they can outshine you any day.


You and your delicate petals -

you'll burn, little Cissy,

and you'll shrivel,

and how does it feel to be ugly?

You'll never live up to your sisters;

you're cunning, yes,

intelligent, scarily so,

and maybe you're even brave...

But you're not brave enough,

are you?

Even Bella gets what she wants

(takes it more like),

and Andy -

it seems like you're not the only one who's blind.

You just wonder what Mudblood

Ted Tonks

has that your family hasn't,

for Dromeda to love him.

And Siri,


he's the bravest of the lot,

a fucking Gryffindor to the core and

bordering on clich├ęd.

Even wittle baby Reggie,

who still sniffles in the night and

listens to Bella when she says that insanity's just a

state of mind.

Even he's braver than you.


And then those stars -

they crash and burn,

but even those pathetic falling stars

shine brighter than you.

Bellatrix's gone the same way as Mummy,

(black hole Bella)

and Andromeda's gone, gone,

(shooting star Andy)

and Sirius has outshone you all,

(supernova Siri)

and Regulus...

Regulus has done the brave thing, the good thing,

and become part of the one constellation

- Leo -

you never thought to learn,

(brightest star Reggie)

and you?

You've wilted away,

(garden weed Cissy).


So, Cissy,

don't you think it's time to grow into your thorns?

You've sat back

and watch the sky turn black

for too long, now,

(now that all its stars are gone)

and it's your turn to shine!

They've all had their rebellions,

and surely,

surely you have that right too?

But you may not be braver, darling, but you're smarter,

and you know what?

This flower is going to bloom,

and maybe even shine,

'cause yeah, so do those stars in the sky,

but they're unreachable,

untouchable, now.

So Cissy dearest,

make it subtle, make it sweet, make it soft,

but Narcissa, sweetheart,

make it memorable.