The Akatsuki lair was exploded with screaming and clamors as I came to each room with rope. They begged and pleaded, but with no luck. They all knew what was going to happen next, and none of them, not even Pein, could stop it.
"Well, I think you all know what's going to happen next!" I say cheerfully.
"Tobi knows, Tobi knows!" Tobi shouted a little too happily.
"No, Tobi does NOT know!" Deidara shouted, still tied to a rock.
"We're gonna play Truth or Dare!" Tobi and I shouted.
All members of the Akatsuki groaned. They hated this game more than any other thing in the world.
"Encasement!" I shouted. The jutsu keeps everyone but me from leaving this the lair. After that jutsu was cast, I carefully untied all of the members. "All right! I believe everyone knows the rules, but just in case, let's go over them again. If you lie when told to tell the truth, you will be forced to do my biding for a week. Not doing a dare will get you dared by 3 other people in which you must do each dare. Who wants to go first? I know! Itachi, truth or dare?"
"Dare" Itachi said with an I-couldn't-care-less face and tone.
"Well!" I said. "You don't seem very scared! Fine. Let me think… I know! I dare you to let Deidara give you a full makeover and you have to wear it for the rest of the time!"
This time his face dropped. Deidara got up, smirking, and led Itachi to the bathroom. "Now, you'll be even prettier than Megress-chan when I'm done!"
"I heard that!" I playfully yelled. They stayed in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. When they came out, no one, and I repeat, no one was ready for what was in front of us.
"Voila!" Deidara said, trying to contain himself. Itachi came out in a pink leotard, his hair all curly, the brightest pink lipstick, bunny slippers and some guy liner.
" . .All!" Itachi muttered. "Pein, truth or dare?"
"Truth" Pein said.
"Is it true that you have dirty pictures of all of the members here under your bed in a box marked 'Do Not Touch'?" He asked
"No!" Pein quickly answered. This is when all of the members, except me and Itachi, got up and ran to Pein's room, but I stopped them in time because it would've taken them forever to find the box. Pein let out a sigh of relief and smiled.
"By the way, guys, he IS lying, so now you have to do my biding. We can get into that later." I said with an evil smile that almost made him cry.
"Truth or dare, Tobi?" Pein asked
"Dare, Tobi picks DARE!" He screamed.
"Tobi, I dare you to take off your mask." He said, happy with himself.
"B-but Tobi never takes off his mask!" Tobi whined.
"Tobi, you have to do this unless you want 3 more dares." I said kindly.
"OK" He finally said. He slowly and dramatically took off his mask. We saw the cutest little boy behind that mask, tears swelling up in his eyes because he didn't want to take it off. Everyone gasped. Konan even ran up to him and hugged him. After everything settled down, Tobi asked his question. "Kisame, truth or dare?"
"Dare!" Kisame said courageously.
"I dare you to look up Swimming with Sharks on fan fiction." Tobi said. (a/n: not a story by me, but I think that it's really cute!)
"Ok." Kisame said hesitantly. He got on the computer and read it out loud. He couldn't even finish it without his face turning purple from all of the blushing. Itachi was sulking in a corner, also blushing. "That was the worst thing I have ever read!" Kisame screamed before running to his room to cry.
"Well, that wasn't expected. I guess I'll ask another person. Konan, truth or dare?" I asked.
"Truth." She said.
"Is it true that you used to go out with Deidara before you went out with Pein?"
"Yes" she stated matter-of-factly. "Sasori, truth or dare?"
"Dare" he said quietly
"I dare you to sing 'I've got no strings' by Pinocchio."
"All right, that's actually one of my favorite songs!" Sasori said quite happily. This surprised us; he usually wasn't so…open. Somehow a karaoke box popped in with a microphone and the song in it. Sasori sang it and we all gaped in awe. He was on pitch and knew every word. After the song was done, he sat down, quite happy with himself. "Deidara, truth or dare?"
"Dare, un" he said.
"I dare you to give Tobi some sugar later and we are going to lock you up in a room with him for 2 hours." Sasori said evilly.
Deidara groaned and was about to protest, but I gave him a look of warning. "Fine! Zetsu, truth or dare?"
"Truth" Zetsu said shyly.
"Exactly…how did you end up…. As a plant?" Deidara carefully worded.
Zetsu, surprisingly, wasn't offended by this at all. "Well, when I was young, my dark side and I fell into a radiation container. After getting us out, the people said that we were forming together. They ran away after they noticed that we were growing a Venus flytrap around our heads. Yeah, we didn't have any friends after that, but we had each other. Now, this is the last question, right?"
"Right!" everyone screamed, excited to be out of this nightmare.
"Megress-chan, truth or dare?" he asked me.
"Truth" I said.
"Why exactly are you making us play truth or dare anyways?"
"I don't know. I've always liked the game. Plus, it's a lot of fun to scare the bejesus out of you guys, considering you all are S-ranked ninja. I guess this concludes the game."
"Hey, where are Kakuzu and Hidan?" Itachi asks, still in his uniform.
"Oh my gosh! I totally forgot about them. They are soooooo gonna get it next time!" I say. With that, I unseal the room and everyone runs out (with the exception of Tobi who skips out).
Tune in next time! And please give me some truths and dares for the next one! I don't have many ideas! The next one will only contain Deidara, Sasori, Itachi and Kisame.