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Chapter 1 – Mighty to Save

It had been 7 years since the end of the great wizarding war, where Harry Potter and his friends defeated Lord Voldemort. In doing so, they secured freedom from the oppression of his death eaters both for themselves, as well as for the non-magical people, also known as muggles. In that battle, they enlisted the help of six teenagers with attitude, who were given special abilities to combat the magical talent of their enemies. Though there were losses, they emerged victorious.

Thomas Oliver, their leader, had thought he would be able to finally settle down after five full years of serving as a ranger. He opened a school, along with his girlfriend Kim, and good friends Jason and Katherine Scott (at the time, Katherine Hillard) to invest his life in students through teaching martial arts. But once a ranger, always a ranger... trouble seemed to never leave him alone.

Though the death eaters had disbanded, Lucius Malfoy yearned for revenge, and teamed with demons from Sunnydale to avenge his reputation, wanting to destroy the rangers from the inside out. But he was merely a puppet, though he never realized it. As he moved to destroy them, another used him to gain himself a powerful ally in Miss Kimberly Hart. Lucius did not see why this Trickster was so interested in her, but this man pursued her, and captured her for his cause.

The Trickster finally revealed himself to be Loki of Asgard, and now thirsts for war. He was given a scepter from an unknown alien, linked to the power of the mighty tesseract, a power unmatched by any other. With it, he put Kimberly under his control, forced to do his bidding. And now, with his new army, the Chitauri, and his generals of Kim and Lucius under his wing, he was ready to begin his invasion of Earth. The question remains... is there a team that can fight against this new force? To bring Kim back to the side of light? To defend the people who stand no chance against him? Is someone... anyone... mighty enough to save?

*S.H.I.E.L.D. base, small island 20 miles off the coast of NYC*

The sound of the helicopter signaled to Agent Phil Coulson that the evacuation call was the real deal, and not just some prank. He and Agent Maria Hill waited near the landing pad, as the manned vessel touched down on the ground. The door opened, revealing Nick Fury as he hopped out of the chopper. He was the director of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, also known as S.H.I.E.L.D.

"How bad is it?" Fury asked as he joined Hill and Coulson, and they began to walk towards the entrance of their base.

"We don't know yet," Coulson replied as they walked through the doors. "Mr. Cranston and Dr. Selvig were working on it, they said it was misbehaving."

"Sir, the tesseract, with all that energy... we don't know what's going to happen," Agent Hill commented.

"Coulson, head up the evac on sub-levels 2 and 3," Fury directed. "Agent Hill, I need you to get the Phase 2 prototypes locked and loaded with all of sub-level 1."

"Sir, don't you think we should just leave them, considering what would happen if this thing did melt down?" Hill questioned.

"Until there comes such a time where the world ends, we should go on assuming the world will continue to spin on," Fury retorted. "Get phase 2 into those humvees, and get the hell out of here." Hill complied, leaving him as the only one going towards the research and development lab on the ground level floor. The room was huge, designed for multiple projects and test runs. However, everyone's attention was currently on the cosmic cube, or the tesseract. There were scientists and agents milling around, with Dr. Selvig and Billy Cranston the main men working on the cube.

"Give me some good news, gentlemen," Fury said.

"The tesseract is misbehaving," Dr. Selvig explained in his heavy accent.

"Coulson told me that all ready," Fury replied. "Tell me something I don't know."

"Well... as we've been researching the cube," Billy started, "it has seemed that though we can use it as an energy source, it has been dormant."

"Dormant?" Fury asked.

"Yeah, it's like a volcano lying dormant for years, and then it activates," Billy continued.

"So you're saying this cube is alive?" Fury asked. Billy nodded his head. "Has anyone tampered with it aside from you two?"

"Not that I'm aware of," Dr. Selvig replied.

"Maybe Agent Barton has seen something, he has a keen eye for these sorts of things," Fury said. "Where is he?"

"The Hawk?" Selvig asked. "He's cooped up in his nest," he said, pointing up to a catwalk above them.

"Billy, I want you to take the prototypes and get the hell out of here, understand?" Fury said, pointing to the white, red, and pink suitcases on the counter.

"Yes sir," he replied, grabbing the white and red ones. "I'll be back for the third in a minute." As he left, Fury made his way up to see Agent Barton.

"What are you seeing?" Fury asked him. "Any tampering?" They began to walk down to the main part of the lab.

"Well, I've been watching this thing ever since it activated," Barton explained. "If it's being tampered with, it hasn't been from this side."

"What do you mean, this side?"

"Well, the cube can be like a doorway, right?" Barton asked. Fury merely shrugged his shoulders. "Well, a door opens two ways." Suddenly, the cube began to shoot a beam of energy towards the back of the room, creating what appeared to be a wormhole, the opposite end appearing to be the darkness of space. The opening did not close, but did begin to shrink, the energy surrounding it beginning to make it's way to the ceiling. Appearing from it were two forms... one dressed in green robes, with a scepter in his hand. The other very petite, a woman, wearing a very odd looking armor, reminding Selvig of the Asgardian armor he had seen a year prior.

Agents began to close on the duo, but the man in green robes fired a beam from his scepter, vaporizing them. He fired another shot at Fury and Barton, but Barton pushed him out of the way, both narrowly escaping the same fate. The young woman ran and flipped over a couple of the agents, stabbing one of them with a sword she had, and then kicked another, sending him to the cold hard floor.

Selvig still stood near the cube, stunned by what he saw, while Agent Barton hurried over to grab his gun. The man in green robes saw him, and though Barton was able to get shots off, it made no difference. The bullets bounced off the man as if his whole body was impervious to them, and then took his scepter and plunged the tip of it into his chest.

"I'll give you this," the man said. "You have heart." He grinned wickedly as Barton's eyes glossed over, indicating that he was now under this man's control. As he did this, Fury collected himself and got to the cube, and carefully placed a cloth over it and placed it in it's protective case.

"You're Loki, Thor's brother?" Selvig pieced together.

"Ahh... yes, you've met him," Loki grinned. "You're the wise scientist, Dr. Erik Selvig, aren't you? You may be useful to me." Loki then walked briskly and did the same to him as he had done to Barton. "I will show you the truth, the wonders of the tesseract that you've always wanted to see."

"Yes... I would like that," Selvig answered.

"Sir!" The girl shouted. "The cube!"

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you," Loki commented, realizing she was referring to Fury trying to take the cube, along with the pink suitcase that was still lying on the table. He turned to face Loki.

"Stand down, Asgardian," Fury commented. "We have no quarrel with your people."

"An ant has no quarrel with a boot," Loki replied with a sly grin. "I'm here to reveal the devastating truth to you."

"And what truth is that?" Fury replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"That freedom is an illusion," Loki replied. "Until you understand that the idea of freedom is what truly enslaves you, you will never be free."

"And you think that you're going to show us that how?" Fury asked.

"By creating war... I will force you to bow down to me, and I will rule to truly give freedom to you all."

"Well that's very interesting..." Fury started, but Barton cut him off.

"Sir he's stalling."

"Barton is right," Selvig continued. "He means to keep us here until the building implodes, the energy from the wormhole is unstable."

"Well then, we should finish what we came here for," Loki replied. He nodded his head to Barton, who then raised his gun and shot Fury in the chest, and he flew backwards. Barton picked up the case with the cube, while the young woman grabbed the pink case. "Let's go." The four of them headed towards one of the evacuation tunnels, where both Agent Hill and Billy were. As the four walked by, Hill noticed Barton with two strangely dressed people, so she didn't think to check them. However, a radio transmission came over her walkie talkie from Fury.

"Alert, Barton's been compromised." She looked, and Billy turned to see not only Barton drawing his weapon, but noticed the girl as well.

"Kimberly?" He asked.

"Get down!" Hill shouted, and as Barton began to fire, the ducked for cover behind one of the dividing walls. Hill tried to fire back, but by the time she was able to, Barton had gotten into a truck and they sped off with Loki and Kimberly in the bed of it.

"Sir," Agent Hill said, speaking into her walkie-talkie. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, got hit in the vest, I'll be fine," he replied. "They have the Tesseract AND the pink prototype!"

"Cranston and I are on it," Hill copied.

"Wait... what?" Billy asked.

"You're coming with me," she replied as she ran over to another vehicle. He jumped in the passenger side, and before she sped off, she handed him a handgun. "You know how to use one?" He merely nodded, thinking back to the days of when he used a blade blaster. They sped off, trying to catch up with them as they drove through the underground tunnels. As they did, they noticed the shaking above them, the ceiling beginning to collapse.

"What's going on?" Hill asked.

"The cube must have set off a chain reaction," Billy speculated. "This place is going to blow, step on it!" As they continued, the finally saw Loki and Kimberly. They tried to catch up further, but as soon as Loki cleared the tunnel, it caved in on them.

Nick Fury, with the help of Agent Coulson, were able to escape in another vehicle. As they cleared the demolition, Fury got back on the radio.

"Agent Hill, what's your status?" They heard nothing but static on the line. "Agent Hill? Billy?"

"We're here sir," she finally replied back. "We're both okay, but we're making our way out of the tunnels still. They caved in."

"What's our status on Barton?"

"They're long gone," she replied.

"Damn," he cursed. "Okay, let's reconvene at 0700, Pacific Time. Because that's where we're going, site B."

"Site B?" Hill asked.

"Billy knows about it, he can guide you there, Fury out."

"Director Fury," Coulson said. "What are we going to do?"

"We're going to catch a chopper out of here, and you're going to call in Agent Romanoff to meet us there."

"And then what?"

"We get ready."

*Outskirts of Angel Grove, CA*

Agent Hill and Billy looked on as they rode inside their helicopter. They felt dead, as they packed up and flew through the night to get there, not to mention that they were still exhausted from the evacuation and impromptu battle. Billy still couldn't believe that it was Kimberly dressed up in that armor. He hadn't heard from her since she left for the pan-globals, and he hadn't thought about her since her break up with Tommy. 'How in the world did she end up with this guy?' he thought to himself.

"Mr. Cranston?" The pilot said, interrupting Billy from his thoughts.

"Yes?" He asked.

"We're near the location you told us, but we don't see anything," the pilot replied.

"It's ok, just touch down at the coordinates provided to you," Billy answered.

"Where exactly are we going, anyway?" Agent Hill asked.

"The former base of the Power Rangers."

"Power Rangers?" She asked. "Wasn't that your inspiration for the prototypes you were working on?"

"Yeah," he said, tapping the white and read suitcases that rested next to him. "That and Stark's Iron Man suit."

"How do you have the knowledge of them... from what I gathered, though S.H.I.E.L.D knows of the rangers, we never really could track them, aside from the group that revealed themselves to the world back when Astronema was around."

"Astronema?" Billy asked.

"You didn't know of her?"

"No... that was after my time. Since I've been working for Director Fury, I've been pretty out of the loop."

"After your time?" Hill asked.

"Yeah... I was Earth's first blue ranger." Hill did her best to hide her shock, but by the time she thought of questions to ask him, they had touched down. "Stay here," he said to the pilots as he and Agent Hill got out of the chopper, with the two prototypes in tow. As they got out, Hill was surprised at what she saw. Piles and piles of rubble and busted up equipment, the place was in ruins.

"Fury brought us out here to plan in these ruins?" She asked.

"Not exactly," Billy grinned. He walked to the middle of the floor, and knelt down and lifted up a piece of the flooring, like a tile that could be lifted. Hill went over to see what he was doing, and realized he was punching in a code. Suddenly, they heard a noise and saw an elevator rising from the floor, about 20 feet from where they were situated. It was massive, it could easily fit a small army. The front of it was like and old metal gate, allowing you to see the floors you pass through each time you passed a floor. They went in and the elevator descended about 10 levels down, Hill becoming more and more amazed as she looked at each level. It was a fully operational underground headquarters.

The elevator finally stopped, and the gates opened to a lobby which led to a hallway. "This way," Billy said. They followed the hallway and made it to a door. Billy placed his thumb into a small scanner by it. "Welcome, William Cranston," a robotic voice said. The door opened, and Billy and Agent Hill walked into what could only be described as a fully operational war room.

"Welcome," Director Fury said, along side Agent Coulson and Agent Natasha Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow. "Impressive, isn't it?"

"How did you do this?" Agent Hill asked.

"Well, it was merely remodeling," Billy answered. "We're currently in what we called the power chamber. This is where the power rangers would gather to prepare for battles against Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, and the Machine Empire."

"Since Billy has come into the fold, we thought it would be wise to come up with a secret location for S.H.I.E.L.D." Fury explained. "Billy introduced us to this place, and since then we have been able to construct it and make it fully operational to us."

"How are we keeping this secret?" Agent Romanoff asked. "Did we kill off all the workers that helped build this place?"

"No," Billy answered.

"Then how is this place a secured location?" She asked again.

"I'm happy to answer that question," a voice said, not belonging to any of the five that were in the room.

"Who was that?" Agent Hill asked.

"Allow me to introduce to you the late Albus Dumbledore," Fury answered, pointing to a painting on the wall.

"Thank you Director Fury," Dumbledore replied. "As you may have heard, I'm the LATE Albus Dumbledore... so, I'm not really alive. Which should give you a clue as how I can talk to you from a portrait. I am, or was, in fact a wizard. There is, in fact, a whole community of wizards living among you, and it was they who helped build this place. They too live in secret, so S.H.I.E.L.D made a, oh how do you say it... yes, a contract with wizards from the magical government in the United States."

"Wait... so let me get this straight," Agent Hill said. She pointed to the portrait. "You're a dead wizard that can still talk to us, and there's a whole wizard community that helped re-build this thing." Then she pointed to Billy. "And you, who were brought in as a scientific consultant, are one of Earth's first power rangers and helped engineer this whole thing?"

"I'd say that's pretty accurate," Director Fury answered.

"Young William is more than a consultant," Dumbledore continued. "A long time ago, there was a prophecy concerning a war, and that William would be key in securing it. That was why he was brought here."

"And now an Asgardian with magical powers comes to wage war, stealing a power source that Billy has been working with ever since he got here," Fury stated. "I think we need to use the prototypes that you were designing."

"But they aren't fully operational," Billy responded. "The only one that was ready to go was stolen by Loki. And he's got someone that can utilize it."

"Then we get our best agents, train them up to use them, and we get them on-line," Fury said.

"I'd be happy to try it out," Agent Coulson said.

"With all due respect, Phil," Billy interrupted. "I think we need people who know how to wield the power, especially considering that the girl who stole the pink prototype was Earth's first pink ranger, Kimberly Hart."

"Then who do you suggest?" Fury asked. "You?"

"No... I suggest the world's two greatest power rangers, the former White and Red rangers."

"Are you sure we should bring in civilians on this?" Romanoff asked.

"I think you should trust William's judgment," Dumbledore replied from his portrait. This peeved Romanoff, but Fury agreed with him.

"I trust you Billy. In the mean time, they aren't our only hope. I hope to bring them in as part of the team." This caught Billy's attention, as he had no idea what Fury meant by this.


"The Avengers Initiative," Agent Coulson replied.

"Billy you recruit those two and bring them back here to enable the suits," Fury directed. "Agent Hill, you're mission is to get Steve Rogers here."

"Captain America?" Coulson asked, his enthusiasm evident. "I could go get him?"

"Coulson, I appreciate your fervor for Mr. Rogers, but I need you on something else."

"Right," he said, knowing who he meant.

"Romanoff, you're on the big guy," Fury said.

"Director Fury, you know that Stark trusts me about as far as he can throw me."

"Oh, I've got Stark," Coulson replied. "You get the big guy."

"Wait," she said, realizing what Fury and Coulson meant. "Banner?" They nodded their heads. "Bozhe moi."

"We need to hurry," Fury said. "Remember, aside from Billy, the rest of you are to bring the recruits to the helicarrier."

"Nicholas, might I suggest one other member for your team," Dumbledore spoke up from his portrait.

"Who are you thinking?" Fury asked.

"I think a young wizard may be apt to help you in this, he has valuable experience and has worked with the rangers before. I believe he's also had a run in with this Loki fellow, and might be able to offer valuable assistance."

"You speak of Mr. Potter?" Fury asked.

"You sure we should be trusting the words of a weird guy speaking from a portrait," Romanoff replied.

"He's not just some weird guy," Fury replied,pointing to Dumbledore's portrait. "Besides, I know who he speaks of. Harry Potter is an auror, a government official of the ministry of magic in England. He's their top man, and he's tangled with the baddest of the bad. He could also help us understand Loki's magic."

"What about Thor?" Agent Coulson asked.

"We have no idea if Thor of Asgard is coming, so it's best to assume he won't be here to fight with us."

"Ok, so who's going to get this Harry guy?" Romanoff asked. "I could pick him up after picking up Banner."

"I'll go," Fury said. "I know how to get through the defensive charms that the wizards use. The rest of you, I'm going to be adding details to our three other team members to the avengers files, so they'll be up to date once you give them to you perspective recruits." They waited for more instructions, but Fury just looked agitated. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's move! We've got a world to defend."

To Be Continued...

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