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Mighty to Save - Chapter 10

Director Fury ran through the corridors of the helicarrier, leading the way for Billy and Kat. They ran down a couple flights of steps, arriving at what appeared to be an empty room.

"What is this place?" Kat asked.

"It's a special docking bay, designed to hold escape pods in case of an emergency," Fury said as he walked over to one of the hatches to the side. Billy and Kat turned their heads as they heard two sets of footsteps coming down towards them. Fury quickly pulled his pistol, but lowered it when he saw both Maria Hill and Phil Coulson as the two running towards them. "You guys ok?"

"Yeah, but they're infiltrating the carrier," Hill started. "Barton took out one of the engines, and now they are entering through one of access panels on the roof."

"Sir, why did you call us here?" Coulson asked. "We need to be up there helping the Avengers."

"I'll take care of that, Coulson," Fury replied. "You two need to take Billy and Kat, get them to site B to help Billy continue working. He's the best hope we have to defeat Loki."

"But sir..." both Coulson and Billy objected, but Fury cut them off.

"That's an order! World War III is going on upstairs, and I need some type of second wave if we fail." The four hesitated to open the hatch, so Fury punched the button to open it. "Go! While you still can!" Reluctantly, the four filed in to the escape pod. It was a small sphere with four seats bolted down in the center of it. They sat down in the seats, when the safety harnesses above their shoulders lowered onto them, and suddenly the hatch closed. Director Fury watched from outside, and when they were ready, he pressed another button on the control panel, releasing the pod from the carrier. Then he turned, with his gun drawn, and began to run towards to the steps, hoping to engage in the melee.

Meanwhile, Jason, Romanoff, and Banner were still down in one of the lower levels of the carrier, below the research/development labs that they had been in before the floor collapsed below them. Jason and Romanoff collected themselves as they gazed into Banner's eyes, seeing a green glow piercing the dark of room they occupied. It didn't take long for Jason to understand what was going on.

"Natasha, get out of here," Jason said to her.

"And leave you behind?" Natasha asked incredulously. "Are you crazy?"

"Maybe," he quipped. "But I think it's time to try and tame the Hulk." He pulled his morpher from his belt and cried, "TYRANNASAURUS!" Immediately the red armor encased his body, the blue light pouring from the centerpiece which showed its power source, the Tesseract. While he had morphed, the Hulk had nearly completed his transformation himself, much to Jason's shock. He then realized that Natasha was still standing beside him. "What the heck are you still doing here? Go!" Natasha shook herself out of whatever idleness that had consumed her, nodded, and ran. Jason turned his attention from her to the Hulk, who roared viciously, gazing fiercely at the red power ranger.

"SMASH!" Hulk roared, flinging his tremendous arm across his body, swinging it into what appeared to ventilation shaft... or what was now left of one.

"Banner... calm down," Jason urged. Hulk's eyes seemed to soften for a moment. "I'm not going to hurt you... I..." Before Jason could finish, Hulk erupted in a fury, and he thrust his arm towards the red ranger, connecting with a devastating blow to his head, sending him flying across the room. Jason felt the floor beneath him with his arms as he got up gingerly. "Glad I wore a helmet." The Hulk charged towards him, but this time he was ready. He side-stepped him, and used the Hulk's momentum against him to send him to the ground with a thud. In spite of the fact that the helicarrier was state-of-the-art, Jason was surprised and relieved to see it hold up under the impact of both his suit and the Hulk's massive girth, he only hoped that it would continue to hold up as Hulk looked to only be angrier, ready to fight once more.

Above, Iron Man and Captain America sought to repair the engine that was blown, while Thor, Harry, and Tommy ran towards the holding chamber that contained Lucius. They made their way into the chamber, only to see Lucius standing free, Kimberly and Loki standing at opposite sides of him.

"Fantastic prison," Loki quipped. "I don't think it was meant for my friend here." Suddenly, they heard a loud roar beneath them, which brought a smile to Loki's face, and surprised faces from the trio of Avengers. "Hmm, seems it would come in handy right about now."

"We need to stop Banne..." Thor said before being interrupted.

"No... Jason can take care of him," Tommy interjected. "You guys think you can waltz in here and cripple us? Well, you've got another thing coming."

"And what are you going to do about it, Handsome?" Kimberly taunted, pulling her morpher and raising it to morph, transforming in front of them. Tommy in turn pulled his and transformed himself.

"I'm going to do what I've always done," he replied. "Defeat the forces of evil." Before he could pull his sword, Kim propelled herself into Tommy, and the duo broke through the wall of the holding room, bringing them into the corridor, which could hardly contain them as they broke through another metal wall, this time bringing them to a storage area which was much more spacious. Meanwhile, Thor and Harry stared down towards Loki and Lucius.

"I think you'll find, Mr. Potter, that I've given Lucius a more powerful wand than before," Loki grinned.

"How?" Harry asked. "The wand chooses the wizard, and his is upstairs!"

"The tesseract knows no boundaries... show him," Loki commanded. Lucius pulled his wand and without any verbal forewarning, he hurled a curse at Harry, hitting him square in the chest, propelling him out of the chamber. Suddenly, Lucius disapparated to Harry's location, indicating Harry's previous charms had worn off, leaving Thor with Loki.

"You've gone mad, brother," Thor spoke, sadness and anger laced in his tone.

"Not mad, Thor," he replied. "I'm merely leaving my legacy! I am Loki, and I am burdened with glorious purpose!"

"I'm putting an end to this now!" Thor cried, and lunged at Loki only to pass right through him, landing into the chamber that once held Lucius. Thor looked behind him not only to see the chamber closing behind him, but what he thought was Loki was merely a projection of him. The real Loki stood beside the controls of the chamber, his hand touching it.

"Will you ever not fall for that?" Loki taunted. Thor merely grunted. "You know, they say that as gods, we're immortal. You're about to test that theory!" As he finished he pulled a lever on the control panel, which opened a hole below the chamber. Thor yelled while pounding on the thick glass, but he could not crack it. He readied his hammer to see if that would breach the thick obstruction, but the chamber was released into the sky before he could swing, as Thor disappeared in the distance. Loki swung the lever again to close the hole in the bottom of the room, and then disappeared.

In the corridor, Lucius dueled with Harry vigorously. Harry was surprised by the strength of the spells that Lucius was able to cast at him, each time that he blocked a curse it still caused him to stagger back. He knew if he had to continue to grapple with keeping his footing, it was only a matter of time before Malfoy would take him out for good. He had to do something to tip the odds in his favor, even if it was extreme.

"Sectumsempra!" Harry spoke as he cast the nasty curse, causing Lucius to duck for cover. He narrowly dodged it, and rose to face his opponent.

"You dare use Severus' old spell against me?" Lucius questioned with self-righteous superiority. "Let me show you how it's done!" He pointed his wand and cast the exact same curse, which Harry dodged, but struck someone who had been running towards them. Lucius' self-righteous smirk became a look of concern, while Harry saw the man bleeding on the ground was none other than Director Fury. Harry went to send a curse to buy him time, but as he looked up Lucius was gone.

In the storage area, Tommy and Kim battled, more and more leaving wreckage and ruins as they blasted, fired, and struck each other. Kim had landed a nasty kick to Tommy's temple while both were in mid-air, sending him a lower point on one of the walls that had shelving units full of weaponry and tools in place, which of course broke and fell down on the White Ranger after he crash landed into it. Kim eased her way down to the floor, waiting to see if Tommy had survived the crash. For a moment, nothing happened, and she turned her back only to hear the splatter of weapons and shelving cascade from their pile to bare spots on the ground, the White Ranger levitating above it.

"Is that all you've got Kim?" Tommy asked. Though he couldn't see her face, he could imagine her lips and nose scrunching, peeved by his somewhat juvenile challenge.

"You should have stayed down," she spoke coolly. She pulled her power bow from her back, and began to fire arrow after arrow at him, all of which Tommy dodged. He pulled his new and improved SABA sword and deflected the last one. She tried to come up and land another devastating physical blow as she flew up to him using her repulsion unit, but he flipped over her and landed softly on the open ground. She came at him hard again, but this time he side-stepped her and landed a patented tornado kick on Kimberly, sending her flying across the room. She went to get up, but Tommy didn't relent, picking her up and throwing her across the room, before shooting her with his hand repulsion units with beams of energy. He then shot across the room and, with his blade in hand, slashed across her midsection, sending sparks flying as she tumbled to the ground.

She attempted to get up, but struggled to make it to her feet. Tommy caved and also dropped to one knee, both from the physical exhaustion and the emotional toll of having to fight Kim. She gazed at him, and began to move towards him, when he suddenly demorphed.

"Kimberly, listen to me," he said as she now saw him without the power protecting him. "I know that there's still a part of the old Kimberly I knew inside you."

"The old Kim is no more, you romantic sap," Kim retorted.

"Is that so?" He asked, now getting up on his feet. "Look... maybe you don't remember anything about us. Maybe Loki has brainwashed you to the point of no return. But there is a reason why you were brought back into my life, and I'll be damned if I let you slip away again."

"Ha!" She laughed. "There was nothing special about us, Oliver."

"Then I guess you wouldn't remember the time at the Angel Grove Lake?" The question from Tommy halted her in her tracks. "Or the balance beam incident? Where I thought I would lose you in the hospital. What about fighting Voldemort and his minions, only to rediscover at the Shell Cottage that we wanted to try and see if we'd work for a second time. What about the opening of our school, and the proposal at the lake!"

"I don't care..."

"Then why are you still wearing the ring on your finger!?" Tommy exploded at the morphed Pink Ranger. "I saw it on you before you morphed." Kim stayed silent but for a moment, as something hit Tommy from behind, sending him to the floor. Kim let out a slight gasp, only to see Loki as the one who shot him from his scepter.

"Always talking of long lost love, aren't you?" Loki taunted. "When will you realize she's not yours any longer?"

"I'm a slow learner," Tommy quipped as he reached for his morpher, but Loki kicked it from his hand. Loki grinned, and then blasted him with his scepter, this time knocking him unconscious.

Kim watched, suddenly being brought back to her memories of the past. She began to remember their conversation at the Shell Cottage all those years ago.

So, you said you talked about a couple of things, one was Jason, what else?" Tommy asked.

"Well... we talked about me... and you," Kim said, now beginning to slightly chew on her bottom lip. After a moment, Tommy cut in.

"Hey, if it's something you don't want to share right now, you don't have too."

"No, I do... we just talked through everything I'd been through since they left for the peace conference: new rangers, new powers, Mom moving to France, going to Florida for gymnastics, breaking up with you, coming here... I realized that I have just really been through a lot. But I think the biggest thing is that I'm still really fearful of is being abandoned. And my reaction to that fear is that I then abandon others."

"Hmmm," Tommy acknowledged. "Yeah, that makes total sense. You abandon so you don't have to be abandoned."

"Right," She answered him. "So, we thought through a specific way to fight this fear."

"And what's that?"

"To say yes to you."

"Wait... but Kim, it's only been..."

"I know, you told me to think on it for a while. But I have thought about it a lot, and from understanding what's going on with my fears, I know that I really want to see what happens between us. You said at one point you wanted to see if we had what it took for a committed relationship... for marriage. Well, I want to see if we really are meant for that too. I want to see if I'm meant to be your wife one day, and I don't want my fear to talk me out of it. I'm not going to let myself abandon the chance to see if we can work this out."

"So... you kinda like me, huh?" Tommy asked with a grin, lightening the mood. Kim smiled in return.

"You could say that..."

"Well, where do we go from here?"

Suddenly she remembered back to the day he proposed, at the lake.

"Kimberly, this place has meant a lot to us," he started. "I still remember the first day when I tried to ask you out. This was the site where I lost my powers. The site where we first started dating, where we shared our first kiss, the site where you decided to give up your powers to pursue your dreams, and the site where I once lost hope in our romance. This place, for us, represents the reality of life. It has its joys and its sorrows, its pains and its pleasures. I know that life now isn't a fairy tale, but it's a journey which has its extreme highs and extreme lows." At this point, he pulled a small jewelry box from his pocket, and opened it to reveal the sparkling diamond solitaire on the white gold band that was secured inside of the box. He knelt, as per tradition, and continued. "Kimberly Anne Hart, I want to experience that journey with you by my side, as my wife. Will you marry me?" Kim's facial expression seemingly signaled huge excitement, but as soon as Tommy saw her eyes light up at the ring, she turned away. Tommy slowly stood up, remembering a dance he asked her too, and a similar ploy she had used.

"Kimberly?" He asked her, more out of impatience than out of fear. He knew her answer, but he wanted to hear it from her lips.

She turned around, a couple stray tears running down her face, but due to the joy which was displayed by her wide smile. "Thomas James Oliver," she began sweetly. "I have been waiting SO long for you to officially ask me this!" At this point, she all out lunged at him, forcing him to stumble as he tried to balance his own weight while he now carried her's as well.

"So I take it that it's a yes?" He asked with a grin while he held her, now helping her feet make it back to the ground.

"You better believe it!" Kim shouted.

She awoke from her thoughts to see Tommy bloodied and battered, Loki standing over him. She couldn't believe what had happened... what she had done. She looked down at her hands to see she still had her pink ranger armor on, and then looked to Loki, knowing what she had to do.

"No!" She yelled. Loki turned only to find himself blasted by her repulsors. Slow to get up, Loki picked himself up, only to see the Pink Ranger's full attention on him.

"This isn't over," he warned, before he disappeared. Once he disappeared, took her helmet off and ran over to Tommy, who was in a heap on the cold hard floor. Blood covered his face, his clothes singed and ripped from the power that came from Loki's scepter. He was unconscious, unknowing that his long lost fiance now held him in his arms.

"Tommy..." She said huskily under her breath, tears threatening as she held him, hoping his eyes would flutter open. His eyes didn't budge. "Tommy... I..." She stopped herself for a moment, and then continued. "I need you to pull through this Tommy. Please pull through." She sat still for a moment, praying silently that divine intervention would allow Tommy to pull through. Instead, the only thing she heard was a massive roar and very loud thud from across the ship.

To Be Continued...

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