What's up? As I'm sure some of you have noticed from my profile, I've got a plethora of ideas for fanfiction. And they don't stop coming. I'm buried under a mountain of plot bunnies, and they're all as bad-tempered as the Rabbit of Caerbannog. Seeing as I'm fresh out of Holy Hand Grenades (my next shipment isn't due to arrive until next Thursday), I've decided to offload them into this specially designed containment unit for one-shots and teasers that will hopefully make the foul rodents leave me alone and let me get on with NQaP.

Whether any of these become full stories will depend on interest (both mine and readers').

This first one is a Percy Jackson fic that's been sitting in the back of my mind for years. This particular scene is only a snippet of what's in my head, but it's my favorite one.

"Out of the way, Wise Girl!"

Annabeth ducked under Clarisse's spear, which went on to impale the monster behind her.

"Better watch your back! Don't think I'll do it for you!" the daughter of Ares sneered.

Annabeth's answer was to dart past and slam her knife through the chest of a dracanae that had snuck up behind Clarisse.

"Take your own advice!"

The two girls fell into step, whirling around each other, dust from defeated monsters falling all around them. More monsters started to focus on them, surrounding them in an ever-tightening circle.

"How many of you freaks are there?" Clarisse yelled. The monsters didn't answer in any coherent fashion, instead continuing to close in.

Just before Annabeth and Clarisse could be overwhelmed, the earth shook, cracked, and an army of skeletons latched onto the various limbs of the monsters, dragging them beneath the surface to their dooms.

"You two okay?" Bianca asked, her Stygian iron sword slicing through monsters like a spade through fresh grave soil. Tyson followed behind her, the Cyclops smashing skulls with a club he had picked up somewhere.

Clarisse snorted. "I was just about to smash the bunch of them. I didn't need your help."

The daughter of Hades pointed to the entrance to the Labyrinth, which had yet more monsters pouring out of it. "Well, you've got plenty more chances to prove it."

Clarisse and Annabeth both groaned. All around them the battles continued to rage as the residents of Camp Half-Blood struggled to hold back Kronos' army with no end in sight.

Clarisse glared at Annabeth. "Did you have to leave Seedbrain in Daedalus' lab? We could really use him here."

"Please don't fight," Tyson begged.

Bianca put herself between the two before another argument could erupt. "Zeus would have blasted him out of the sky without a second thought, Clarisse." She directed her attention to the frontline, where the rest of the Ares cabin had formed a protective phalanx around Nico, allowing the Son of Hades to devote his full focus to summoning more undead soldiers to even the odds. "Now come on. Let's go save our siblings." The three demigods and one Cyclops charged back into the fray.

Their attack faltered when the ground rumbled and Kampe, the dragon-woman from Alcatraz burst from the Labyrinth and perched herself on Zeus' Fist. Cackling madly, she drew a pair of scimitars and dove into the battle, slashing at every demigod unlucky enough to enter her reach. When there were no more lone halfbloods in range, she swooped toward the Ares phalanx.

Kampe's advance was stopped when Clarisse and Tyson threw themselves into her path, each blocking one of the scimitars. Annabeth dashed between the two, lunging at Kampe with her knife. She was forced to fall back though, dodging the snapping jaws of the shifting beast heads at Kampe's waist.

"Out of my way, you pests!" Kampe roared, sweeping her blades and tossing Clarisse and Tyson out of the way. She struck at Annabeth, only to shriek in surprise and pain when Bianca jumped out of her shadow and cut a deep slash in her draconic lower half. "Little bitch!" Bianca avoided the retaliatory swipe from Kampe's clawed hind legs but her barbed tail knocked the girl for a loop.

The dragon-woman rounded on the downed halfblood, intent on finishing her first.

That plan of action was interrupted when screams emerged from inside the Labyrinth. Kampe turned her attention to the entrance, just in time to a tank sized mastiff tear through the monster army's rear guard. Daedalus fought his way out of the Labyrinth beside her. Behind them emerged the last Hundred-Handed-One.

"Briares!" Tyson cried in happiness.

"Ho! Stand firm, little brother!" Briares idly tossed a rock up and down in one of his multitude of hands. "I have some complaints I'd like to discuss with my warden."

Kampe hissed. "I will make your death slow and painful, Briares!"

The giant grinned. "You may want to reconsider that. I don't think my friend will give you much time."

"What frie - ?"

Once again the ground rumbled. The earth around Zeus' Fists shattered as vines as thick as tree trunks exploded into being. The vines whipped wildly through the air, swinging watermelons and pumpkins the size of minivans, smashing monsters under the weight of thousands of pounds of flailing fruit.

"Took your sweet time, Seedbrain!" Clarisse yelled.

Striding out of the Labyrinth, golden-brown duster flapping behind him, Percy Jackson grinned at his friends. "Sorry I got delayed. New York traffic. What can you do?" he said with a shrug. His normally sea-green eyes were glowing gold, as they usually did when he used large amounts of his power. Reaching into his coat, Percy drew the sword he stolen from Luke.

Backbiter in hand, the Prince of the Harvest grinned as he surveyed the army of monsters, who no longer looked eager to continue the battle.

"Who's first?" the youngest son of Kronos asked.

Yeah. Just something that won't leave me alone. How is Percy the son of Kronos? How is Bianca alive? Why are Clarisse and Annabeth acting like Vitriolic Best Buds?

Because I can. I probably will expand on this one. I think it's got too much potential to let go to waste. Who'd be interested in reading the full story?

Show of hands: Who knew that Kronos was not originally the Titan of time? Yep. He was originally the Lord of the Harvest. I think it was during the Renaissance that he became associated with the figure of Father Time, probably because Kronos sounds like Chronos.