Marie Kanker slowly walked into the small, 24 hrs, brightly lit milk store, making a little bell ring behind her and made her squint her eyes from the brightness. It was close to midnight in the middle of January, and was extremely dark outside, the street lamps scarce. She sniffled as she walked down the short aisles, closely examining what she was looking for. She grabbed her usuall box of blue hair dye and continued on, looking for something much more important within the aisles of the silent corner store.

Marie Kanker is fifteen years old, blue haired, green eyed, and somewhat short. Her hair used to be short with side swept bangs, but she eventually started growing her hair out and it now reached her shoulder blades, though she kept the bangs. Her black sweatshirt was comfy and soft, though the sleeves were chewed through, a nervous habit Marie had acquired the more she wore the sweatshirt. Her jeans had holes in them and her converse were worn through. The freckles on her cheeks were more pronounced as her face was still red from the cold outside.

She sighed as she crossed over into another aisle, not finding what she was looking for. She grabbed a cheap red wine bottle and continued through the aisles. Finally, at the last aisle, she found them. A small package of razors.

She quickly took them and went to the cashier, showing him her fake ID. He gave her a curious look when he saw the information on the plastic card and saw how young she looked, but he still handed her back her purchases.

She left the corner store quickly and walked for a few blocks looking at the stars, and then at her feet. She eventually ducked into a small, dark alley.

She opened the wine bottle and took a swig, sitting against the brick wall. She continued drinking, thinking of what her sisters were doing. May was probably asleep, tired out from her four hour cheer practice. Lee was probably helping mom clean the house and doing the laundry. She laughed at how responsible her sisters seemed compared to her. Lee was always helping mom out and May was always achieving something with her athleticism. Marie just caused trouble for the whole family, getting in trouble at school and her emotional drama.

Marie sighed again and dropped the wine bottle to her side, taking out the razors. She opened the package and pulled out the first small razor. It was still shiny in the dim lighting, reflecting the little light it had. Marie saw a distorted image of herself on the razors surface, her blue hair sticking out. She pulled up her sleeve and saw scars that she had made previously. She saw her image one last time before she dragged the razor across her skin. The pain felt good to her, she let out some of all the emotion that she bottled up inside of her. She looked down at the blood droplets curiously. They were beautiful in a way, how they slowly got bigger and bigger until they dripped down her wrist. Marie was mesmerized, until she saw her reflection again. She saw the distorted image of her eyes and the pain was able to be perceived onto the razor's surface. She dropped the razor like it had burned her and she started crying, pulling her sleeve up to stop the bleeding. She pulled her knees in and wrapped her arms around herself, sobbing about what had led her to become this way.

At that precise moment, a teenage boy was walking down the sidewalk admiring the stars. He looked down at his shoes, thinking and calculating about how far away the stars and nebulae were when he heard sobbing from the alley. He quickly discovered that it was a young girl crying. He silently walked down the alley only to find his hypothesis correct, a young girl was crying into her knees, an open bottle of wine next to her along with a shiny object by her foot.

Double D took pity on the girl and he walked closer to her. He wasn't able to clearly make out her features, but he did notice her blue hair. He also noticed that the shiny object was a razor, with small traces of blood on it. Once he saw what it was and what was on it, Double D quickly bent down by the girl to comfort her.

"Hey," was all Double D said to let the girl know about his presence, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. He decided that asking 'are you alright?' would make him sound unintelligent, because she was clearly not 'alright.'

Marie looked up into the strangers face, becoming slightly annoyed that she couldn't see his features clearly. Nonetheless she accepted his comfort. She gave him a sad smile, something that she would normally not do. Normally, Marie would've punched the intruder for seeing her cry.

"Is there anything I can do?" asked Double D.

Marie didn't know what to say, so she leaned into his chest. She wasn't crying anymore, she just wanted someone to hold her and make her feel like she wasn't so hollow.

Double D didn't know what to do, so he just awkwardly patted her back which made her chuckle quietly. He liked the sound of her laugh.

She looked up into his face and said, "I probably seem really pathetic right now… Thank you." Marie never used manners, not even with her mother.

"You're quite welcome. You seem like you needed someone for the moment."

Marie smiled sadly, "Yeah, I really did."

She continued to be held by Double D, but only for a few minutes. Marie finally looked up, her face dry. "Could you just do one thing for me?" Marie continued before he could answer, "Just… throw away the razors, would'ya? Please." Marie looked at Double D with sad eyes.

Double D smiled at Marie, his white teeth visible with the little lighting.

"Of course." Marie stood up, Double D following suit. She grabbed the razors and pushed them into Double D's hands. She quickly grabbed the rest of her stuff, not wanting to get rid of the wine. Marie gave one last smile to Double D as she walked toward the edge of the alley.

"Thanks so much, stranger. You really don't know what you've done for me today." She kissed his cheek and quickly ran out of the alley, into the darkness.

Double D left the alley as well, throwing away the razors in a nearby garbage can. All the while feeling the tingle left on his cheek from Marie's kiss, a smile on his face, not even noticing that he didn't get her name.