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Chapter 3

Marie went grudgingly to her locker. She found it easily, the school was small and easy to navigate. She dropped her books and school supplies into her locker and then went to her first period class, AP Language. Marie had always excelled in Science and English, they came easy to her and they were her favorite subjects. She either wanted to be a writer or a marine biologist. Maybe both, she didn't know yet.

She went to her English class excited yet nervous. What if no one liked her? She had to try to come off friendly. She thought about how much she loved English and all the books they were going to be reading that year, particularly focusing on American Literature. She walked into English with a small smile on her face towards the old, yet sweet looking teacher, her legs shaking slightly.

Double D went grudgingly with Ed to his locker, eventually having to help him open it, and finally finding his lucky lizard's foot. Double D quickly said bye to Ed once he saw what Ed was already putting in it (a moldy sandwich). Double D walked to his locker, Ed waving dreamily as he rubbed his scaly knick-knack.

Double D thought about the girl with blue hair.

She went to his school.

Double D couldn't help the small smile that came to his face, as well as the hand that went to his left cheek. Kevin, the number two singles player on the tennis team, gave him a strange look as he walked past. Double D didn't care. He carefully put his things into his locker, collecting his books for his AP English class.

He wondered if she had seen him in the dark alley. Would she recognize him? He hoped so, as he closed his locker slowly. He turned towards the English hallway.

He quickened his pace to English, not wanting to be late. He didn't even notice that he practically ran through the door, breathing heavily as he said hello to his teacher. He scanned the room impatiently, nearly missing the tell-tale blue hair. She was sitting in the back, looking out the window, drumming her fingers along the desk. Purple headphones were sticking out of her sweatshirt and her pink jeans looked worn and comfy. She was wearing the same black sweatshirt and converse that Double D last saw her in.

Marie suddenly looked up to the front of the classroom, noticing the kid that had just run through like a maniac to this class. He seemed familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on where she had seen him. He was giving her an odd, dreamy look that made her self-conscious. She looked down to her fingers on the desk, pondering as to where she had seen him.

Double D looked for an empty seat by her, not finding one. He went instead to the desk that was two seats in front of her, the closest one. He couldn't believe he had found her. He had thought that he would never see her again. He was smiling dreamily again and he was rubbing his left cheek. She looked even more beautiful in sunlight. Her blue hair was shinier and lustrous, her eyes were green, Double D's new favorite color. But the best part was that she looked healthy, if not a little happy. Maybe his actions had affected her positively.

The final bell rang then, bringing Double D to the then and now.

"Welcome to Advanced Placement Language and Composition I am Mrs. Hayk, your instructor to this college level course." Mrs. Hayk walked to the front of her desk, continuing with her speech. "This year we will be studying how to persuade the minds of your audience, while still knowing what you're talking about, manipulating words, and American Literature. And of course, writing." Everyone in the room gave a collective groan at the last part. Mrs. Hayk continued undeterred. "Now I will give out assigned seats, more for me to learn your names then to annoy you all. By second quarter you can sit wherever you want." Mrs. Hayk laughed a little as she got out her class list. "Tell me your nickname if you have one," she added as an after thought.

She put her hand on the first desk in the row, making a smacking sound. "Van Bartonschmeer, Nastasia."

"Nazz," the blonde replied sweetly. Mrs. Hayk nodded and made a note on her paper, continuing on with the seats, backward alphabetical. Once Mrs. Hayk got to 'L,' Marie's fingers started to sweat.

"Kanker, Marie." Double D watched as the blue-haired girl, named Marie, went to her seat gracefully, giving Mrs. Hayk a shy smile.

Marie was thankful that the only acknowledgment about being a new student that she received was a slight pause and questioning look from Mrs. Hayk.

"Jamison, Edward." Double D went his seat, shocked that he was sitting next to the blue-haired girl. "Double D," he barely managed to make out to Mrs. Hayk. She nodded and continued, finishing quickly. She put her list back down on the desk and turned to the class.

"Since I'm still in summer-mode and don't really feel like doing much work today, I'll let you all talk to your neighbors, get to know each other." She seemed to give Marie a look. "But, you can't leave your seat…. And don't be smart-asses where you drag your seat by your friends." The class laughed at her little speech and they quickly turned to their neighbors.

Double D quickly turned to the girl, elated that no one else seemed to give her any attention.

Marie saw that her neighbor had turned toward her, so she did the same, giving him a smile. Jeez, he really did look familiar. She was about to say something about that, her mouth opening, but decided against it when she thought how weird it would sound. She closed her mouth. She just moved here after all, there was no way she would have seen him before.

"I'm Double D." Double D said when she closed her mouth. He gave her a small smile, not wanting to scare her away.

Marie laughed a little at the nick name. Double D didn't mind, he could listen to that laugh all day. "Creative. Where'd you come up with that?" Marie asked.

"Actually, my friend came up with it. We're all named Edward, but we have different nicknames. There's me, Edd spelled with two D's, Eddy, and Ed."

Marie nodded and looked down.

Double D couldn't help but stare. She didn't recognize him. His stomach knotted a bit when he realized this. But he continued to put his brave face on.

"I'm Marie," she finally said looking up, smiling shyly.

"Nice to meet you, Marie," Double D said, offering his hand. She laughed and gave him her hand. Double D noticed the scars that peeked out from her sweatshirt, but she didn't notice that he saw them. They ended their handshake and Double D continued to stare into her eyes.

"Is there something on my face?" Marie asked, "Because you keep staring at me weirdly."

Double D looked down. "No, there's nothing on your face."

"Are you just saying that? Cuz, y'know, someone did that to me before. They said I had nothing on my face but really I had a black Sharpie mark all along my cheek." Marie smiled and Double D laughed. He looked back up.

"No, I'm sure, I'd never do that."

"I believe you." They shared a moment of silence, but it wasn't really awkward. Right when Double D was about to say something, the bell rang.

"Guess I'll see you later," Marie said getting up quickly to go to her next class.

"Yeah, it's a small school," Double D responded, but Marie was already at the door, evaluating her feelings.

Double D didn't sit by Marie for the rest of the classes that they had together, and he went home feeling depressed and worn, unknowing that Marie felt the same way.