Summary: Izaya has always loved Shizuo. But he doesn't want anyone to hurt his love so he acts like he hates his beloved monster of Ikebukuro. But now Izaya is dying inside from his secret. Day by day, Izaya is slowly slipping away from this world. Can Shizuo realize the flea's feelings in time or is Izaya doomed to live forever dead inside?

So the voice began and it drove me into insanity. Then I entered my mind and passed through forgotten memories. When I returned he broke my heart and yet he helped me pick up the pieces. It made me wonder; is this the end? Or a new beginning?

Chapter Rating: K+

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Chapter Ten/Preview of 'Or A New Beginning'

It had been a long four and a half years since the Flea had disappeared after we had sex. There had not been any note, letter, or phone call from the informant either. It was obvious Celty knew where Izaya had gone but she was stubborn and wouldn't tell anyone. When Shizuo, Shinra, and Shiki-san had reached the Flea's apartment, it was empty of most everything personal. The only personal thing left was the chess board and a black queen sitting on it. Shizuo carried that black chess queen around in his pocket everywhere he went. It was a constant reminder of how he had screwed up and helped him make better choices. He now had a job at as a bartender in a club in Ikebukuro at night and as Tom's body guard during the day. He no longer lost control of his temper. He no longer owed the city any money and was actually doing pretty good. No one ran from him in fear. Life was doing him good. Until THAT day; the day when he saw Izaya again.


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