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Chapter 3 Graduation

Renesmee was now graduating from high school. The day she had been waiting for years for was now finally here. They had all just gotten back from hunting.

"Big day today," Bella said.

"It's just graduation," Renesmee replied, beginning to wash her face, but inside, she was jumping up and down with excitement.

"Yes, but it's your first," Bella told her daughter as she walked up behind her.

Edward began laughing, seeing the anxious look on his sister's face, staring at his daughter.

"Renesmee, just let Alice have her fun and let her get you ready," he said.

Renesmee laughed and turned to her aunt.

"Don't worry. I'm a better sport than Mom," she said.

Bella opened her mouth, and decided against saying anything. Her daughter had only been speaking the truth.

"Let's get you ready then," Alice said, pushing Renesmee up the stairs.

Renesmee let out a sigh as Alice began brushing her hair after entering the huge bathroom that could easily had been another bedroom. She did not complain when Alice used her for dress up because that meant she did not have to put any energy in getting ready herself. "I know there's something on your mind."

Renesmee shook her head to get back to reality. She knew everyone now knew about her and Jacob, but the only ones she had talked about it with was her parents, mainly because her father had made her.

"I guess everyone will know eventually," Renesmee said. "Well, I take that back. You all do know, but I haven't come right out and said it yet."

"Yes, your father is good at that," Alice replied with a laugh. "No matter how much you want to keep something for yourself for a moment, he somehow is the first to know."

They let themselves laugh at Edward's expense. It was not his fault, though.

"Jacob and I are kind of together," Renesmee said, giving a sigh of relief for getting the words out.

It had been two years coming. The thing about this family was that you really never had to tell them anything. Either Alice had seen it or Edward heard it already in your mind before you even had the chance to say it. To finally say it out loud felt good.

"I knew you two would get together," Alice said, and she immediately wanted to rephrase her statement.

She had never been able to see Jacob or Renesmee's future.

"Did you have a vision?" Renesmee asked.

Alice had to think fast. Surly Jacob had not told Renesmee about him imprinting on her yet.

"No, I actually didn't need one to show me that," Alice said, hoping that would the end of it.

Remesmee gasped as Alice finished with her hair. She turned around to get a better look at the back.

"It looks great, Aunt Alice. Thanks," Renesmee said, giving her a hug.

Alice was thankful for the distraction the revealing of the hair had been.

"That's my job," she said with a smile.

Renesmee jumped up off her chair and took a deep breath.

"I guess it's time," she said.

"Let's go," Alice replied.

With that, the two left the bathroom and headed back downstairs to join the others.

"You look absolutely beautiful," Bella said.

"Thanks, Mom," Renesmee said with a smile.

She put of gown and carefully placed the cap on her head.


Renesmee smiled and ran up to Jacob as she spotted him in the parking lot of the high school.

"Renesmee, you look great," Jacob replied, pulling back with his hands still in hers to get a better look at her.

"All thanks to Aunt Alice," she said with a smile.

No one said a word as Jacob and Edward's eyes met. Renesmee could tell that her uncles, Jasper and Emmett, were ready to jump in between them if need be.

"Edward," Jacob said, now only holding one of Renesmee's hands.

"Jacob," he nodded.

There was a silent sigh of relief when nothing else happened.

"So..." Edward began, eyeing his daughter and Jacob with intense eyes. Bella had her arm wrapped around her husband's.

"You know I waited. It was her choice," Jacob explained. Edward nodded. "You knew it would happen."

Renesmee gasped and turned to Jacob.

"Jacob, how…" she began to ask.

"It's hard to explain," he said.

"Then try to," Renesmee told him.

Alice cleared her throat and began guiding Jasper away.

"Let's leave them to talk," she said.

"What's going on, Jacob?" Renesmee asked when everyone was out of view, but she knew that did not mean that they were not listening.

"There's this thing in our pack we called imprinting," he said.

"Yes, you've told me about it before," Renesmee replied with a laugh. And then something hit her. "What? Don't tell me you have…"

"Yes," Jacob said.

Her heart sank. She could not believe her luck. After finally getting together and he just had to imprint on someone.

"Oh, that's real great," Renesmee said. Jacob began laughing. "Why are you laughing?"

He then wrapped his arms around her.

"Because you're the one I imprinted on," Jacob said.

"Oh, I…" Renesmee began to reply, but she was stopped by Jacob's lips.

"There's something I also want to ask you," Jacob said after they broke apart.

"What is it?" Renesmee asked.

Jacob looked away for a moment, hoping Edward would not interfere.

"Renesmee Claire Cullen, will you marry me?" Jacob asked.

She could hear gasps coming from her family, but she did not turn to acknowledge them.

"Yes," Renesmee answered.