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I waited for Miss. Spacey to get her butt in gear, I don't even know why I invited her to this party. It was probably just sympathy since I knew she was being upset with her recent break up, but I knew that her and Greg wouldn't work out, but she didn't listen to me when I tried to explain to her that Greg was probably a worse man whore than I am. "Case, Come on! By the time we get there the party will be over! And we still gotta pick up Sam from his dorm!" I called.

I groaned before standing up and making my way down the hall to her bedroom. Of course, me being me, I didn't bother knocking. "Case, are you almost-" I forgot what I was about to say when I got my first glance at her in this short black dress that was tied around her neck and hung to every single one of her curves. "What, no blue eyeshadow tonight, Princess?" I asked, smirking. Her signature blue eyeshadow that she wore whenever she was trying to impress a guy was nowhere to be seen.

"I got rid of it, time to try something new," she said, finishing up this amazing smokey eye look that made her blue eyes even more captivating than usual. Yes, I Derek Venturi know what captivating means, and yes, I am using it to describe my roommate. I never thought of Casey as my sister or even step-sister. To me, she was just this girl thrown into my life to make it a living hell. I watched as she strapped on these heels that I could't help but laugh at. "What?" she snapped, glaring at me, clearly still in a pissy mood.

"You're seriously wearing those? What about your recital? Don't you need both your legs in tact for that?" I asked, smirking still.

"Shut up and let's go, we're going to be late if you keep talking," She said and zoomed past me. I couldn't help but watch as her hips moved in that dress for a little while before following her out to the Prince.

We drove in silence to Sam's dorm and then to the party. "Now Princess, don't wonder off too much. Nora and Dad will kill me if I lose you at our first college party, got it?" She just muttered something under her breath and got out of the car. I sighed and looked over at Sam and glared at him until his smile was gone.

I got out of Derek's car as quickly as possible, wanting to be as far away from him as I could. It wasn't his fault that Greg broke up with me, it was mine, but I can blame him for making me fall for him. Yes, I admit it, I like my stepbrother. I don't know why, he presses my buttons all the time and we fight constantly, but there's something about the way he challenges me like no one else has. Greg broke up with me for two reasons, one I wouldn't sleep with him and two- this was my favorite one- he said that he couldn't date someone who was unavailable. I asked him what the hell he meant by that and just said one word that made my entire guard come shattering down "Derek." I didn't think my little crush on him was so obvious, maybe it isn't. Maybe Greg just meant that he didn't want to date someone who had such a protective brother/ roommate hovering over us.

Ugh, time to stop over-thinking things and time for me to show Mr. Venturi what the real Casey was like. The first drink I grabbed I downed before Derek could even open his mouth, not that I knew where he even was, nor did I care. I found someone from my Lit class and started to dance with him when he asked, grinning internally at Derek's expression as he watched me dance with this guy. When we finally broke away he went and got us each a beer, which I took happily. I wasn't able to finish all of it because out of nowhere a hand grabbed the lovely red plastic cup out of my grasp and then I was being guided into the somewhat empty hall.

"What the hell are you doing, Case? Now I know you're upset about that douche breaking up with you, but this isn't you." Derek's voice was firm and his chocolate brown eyes were fuming.

"I'm being a typical teenager, Derek. Stop being such a goody goody and have some fun and leave me the hell alone," I spat out at him and tried to break free of his grip.

"Casey, don't do anything stupid. I'm not going to tell you to not drink or anything, but.. Be careful. Or else you're going to have more than just a broken heart in the morning," he said and he sounded genuinely concerned. Weird. I just shrugged and got out of his grip before grabbing my beer back from him and going over to the Lit guy again.

After more than a few too many red plastic cups filled with I don't even know what, Derek helped me back into the Prince without a single word. "Where's Sam?" I mumbled, laying across the back seat. I was too drunk to care about my dress riding up a tad too high and I could tell by Derek's death grip on the steering wheel that he was pissed. Too bad.

"He's getting a ride home from someone in his dorm. I'm taking you home before you do another stupid thing." he said, driving back to our shared apartment in silence. I stumbled into the room and laid down on the couch. He sighed and put a blanket over me, the garbage can next to the couch and a bottle of water on the coffee table. "You know where I am if you need anything else," and with that he went back into his room.