Jack clung to the broken door for dear life, clutching my hand. "Rose, no matter what happens, promise me that you won't give up on life-"

"Jack, climb up on this door with me. If we balance the weight right, we can both float on this door until we get rescued. Please Jack, we have to try," I suggested, wanting nothing more than to keep my savior alive. He had saved me, why shouldn't I have saved him?

"I don't know…"

"Please? For me?" I begged before scooting back on the board a bit so that he could climb up. "Life isn't worth anything to me if I can't spend the rest of it with you."

Jack contemplated that idea for a moment. He finally decided to struggle up onto the makeshift raft. With all of the strength he possessed, he launched himself onto the elegantly and intricately carved piece of wood which rocked under the newly added weight, but it didn't tip. Jack then threw his arms around me and kissed my hair.

An immeasurable amount of time later, what seemed like hours to us, a blinding light lit the tragic aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic. Countless frozen bodies floated in the black water which reflected the black sky- the perfect scene for this tragic reality. I was absolutely terrified. I saw death that night than I had seen in my whole life.

"Jack, there's a boat!" I whispered hoarsely.

"Yes. Over here!" he shouted, waving one hand frantically in the air while holding on to me with the other. "Over here!"

The men in the boat could barely be heard. Their voices were nothing but a murmur drown out by the soft lapping of the deadly waters. The bright light scanned the ocean for survivors, their small row boat slowly moving forward.

"Over here!" Jack yelled again. Suddenly, the light settled on the us, illuminating our faces with its eerie yellow glow.

One of the men in the boat exclaimed, "Over there!" In the distance you could barely see his pointer finger. The boat started moving a bit faster. Of course the men had to move the bodies out of the way.

Later it was recorded that three hundred dead people were fished out of the sea. Only seven were rescued by the rowboat. That included Jack and I. Jack went on to become an amazing artist and proposed a year later to which I happily agreed. We now have four children and a King Charles Spaniel, my fifth child. Since that memorable night, I still haven't given up on life. Neither has Jack. We both try to live every day to its fullest.