Me: This is it, folks! This is the chapter where Diego and Shira will make up! :D


Me: Aw, did the little tiger miss being with his little tigress? :3

Diego: ...Shut up...

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Me: -gives Diego mac and cheese- Eat this. It's a present from Lorithemolehog123.

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Diego: -eats- It's okay, I guess...

Me: The special ingredient is Sid's toenails.


Sid: Hey, these toenail clipper things are great! Now my toes can look nice and pretty! :D -clips-

"So Diego..." Sid begins with this innocent tone in his voice. Oh no.

"Absolutely not, Sid," I cut him off.

Sid frowns. "You don't even know what I'm going to ask!"

"You want me to make up with Shira, don't you?"

"Uh... No?"

I sigh. "I knew it."

"Come on! It was just one silly fight!"

"No matter how much you try, your persuasion skills don't get any better."

Sid stomps his foot, indicating that he's going to throw a tantrum. "Fine! I'm just trying to care about you, and you act like I'm some kind of nuisance! But if you really are that unappreciative, I'll stop being your friend!" He runs off, sobbing.

...Good riddance. He's not really crying. He's just trying to get me to listen to him.

"Hey, Diego," Manny greets me. "Sid accidentally fell off that cliff nearby. You think you can go down there and help him back up?"

I think back to what had happened earlier today. "...No. Get Shira to do it."

"Shira, Ellie, and Tani are having a girls' day out. Who knows what they're doing?" Manny rolls his eyes.

"...I'm still not helping Sid."

"Look, Sid told me all about your little squabble this morning. But come on, do you really think Sid's coordinated enough to climb up a steep cliff without a saber to help him?"

He's got a point. "Fine, I'll do it," I grumble after giving it some thought.

Manny smiles. "Good. I thought I might have to start blackmailing you."

"Blackmailing me with what?"

"This." He holds up that picture of me and Sid kissing. Crud, I totally forgot about that.

"You were the last one I expected to actually pull something like that," I say, slightly annoyed.

"That's not surprising. Now shoo." Manny waves me off with his trunk.

I walk over to the said cliff, muttering insults under my breath. Hey, I'm kind of in a bad mood. And no, it's not because I'm single again.

Once I reach the cliff ledge, I peer over to see if I could spot Sid. I don't see him, and I'm sure that its not just my eyesight failing me. I call over my shoulder, "Manny, I don't see–"

Before I could finish, I feel something wrap around me, and suddenly I'm hurled down the cliff, hitting a few rocks on the way down. You think it hurts? You thought right.

Once I reach the bottom (by falling on my face), I vow to myself to make dead meat out of whoever just threw me off of the rocky ledge.

"Sid, I thought you said that cats always land on their feet," I hear Manny say up there.

"They're supposed to! There's just something wrong with Diego!" I hear Sid answer.

Wait, if Sid's up there... Okay, those two are going to be so lucky if they don't end up being my dinner tonight.

I see Manny's head appear as he peers over to look at me. "Sorry Diego, but Sid blackmailed me!" he calls.

"Seriously, what's with you and blackmailing?!" I reply angrily. "And why'd you throw me down here?!"

"It's all part of Operation Diego And Shira Love-Love Again #2!" Sid announces proudly to me.

Wait, so that means...

"Hi," I hear Shira say behind me.

I turn around. "Hi," I say back, using the same forced tone she just used with me. I turn back to the persistent sloth and the traitorous mammoth. "You know, I could just go back up there and rip you two apart!"

"I'll throw you back down there before you get the chance to!" Manny counters.

I scowl, knowing that I can't argue with that. Yup, I am definitely making those two into edible food.

"Just give it up. They're not going to let us go back up there until we actually talk to each other," Shira mutters.

I sit down. "How did you get down here?"

"The exact same way you did. Except that I actually landed on my feet instead of going splat on my face."

Did she really have to point that last part out?

"And if you're wondering why I had to point that last part out to you, it's so I could prove that I'm more agile than you."

...Telepathic little witch-with-a-B.

"I have a feeling that we'll be stuck down here for a long time," I mutter.

"This is boring," Shira announces.

"Then do something. You don't need my permission," I snap.

"Then what do you suggest I do, Mr. Know-it-All?" she asks me sarcastically.


"Yeah, that's what I thought."

"How long have we been stranded together here?" I ask moodily.

"Around two hours."

"Feels more like twelve."

"Hey, I don't like this either!" she snaps back at me. "I'm stuck at the bottom of a cliff, the others aren't going to let me get out, and the worst part of it all is that I'm stuck with the very one I really don't want to be with right now!"

"I've never seen someone so touchy when they're not even pregnant," I remark.

She gives me this scathing look. "Like you're one to talk."

"At least I don't get mad when nobody even said anything," I shoot back.

"You really are clueless when it comes to your temper, are you?"

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"See? That's just proof that you're the touchiest guy ever."

"You just love rubbing my flaws in my face, don't you?"

"So Mr. Tough Guy admits that he has flaws? That's a first."

"Who do you take me for? Some kind of narcissistic saber-version of Sid?"

"Hey! I heard that!" Sid (who was the only one who was still watching the two of us) yells from the top of the cliff.

"Will you leave?!" I shout back. Sid mumbles something before leaving.

"And I'm not stuck-up, if you really think that," I add, turning back to Shira.

She rolls her eyes. "Whatever. I'm sick of this argument anyway." She lies down, going into nap-mode.

I do the same thing, though I find it impossible for some reason.

"I can't sleep," I say, not caring if I disturbed Shira's slumber.

"I can't either," she replies, opening her eyes and sitting up. "Why can't you sleep?"

I shrug. "I don't know... Too much on my mind, I guess."

"Same here. I've been thinking about a lot if stuff..."

"Like what?"

"You know... Like our breakup, and stuff..."

I gulp down this mushy string of apologies that try to force themselves past my throat. "W...What about it?" I ask lamely.

"Nothing!" she defends sharply.

"If it was nothing, why would you mention it?" I point out, trying to sound casual.

"You wouldn't ask me that if you didn't care."

Okay, she knows me too well...

"I never said I didn't..." I mumble.

Shira's ears perk up. "What?"

I can't believe that I was stupid enough to forget that sabers (like myself) have sharp hearing.

Oh well, might as well let it out before I embarrass myself further. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry for overreacting that day, I'm sorry I let us break up, I'm sorry I've been ignoring you lately, and I'm sorry this apology is so long," I let out in one breath.

Shira smirks. "I just knew that you would break down."

"You get a very rare apology from me and that's all you say?" I question.

"Well... I guess I'm sorry too... I wasn't any better than you were," she says tentatively.

I give a small smile. "So... We're cool now?"

Shira shrugs. "I guess."

"Are we...back together now or something...?"

"I don't know... It'd be kind of bad if something like that happens again... Maybe we could take things a little slower this time... Let's just try being friends," she suggests.

My smile grows bigger. "Could we be best friends?"

She smiles back. "I don't see why not."

My smile disappears. "But Manny and Sid are still dead."

Shira rolls her eyes playfully. "Ellie and Tani are too. Come on, best friend. Let's hurry up and take care of those four when they're still not expecting it."

She walks off, with me trailing behind. Being best friends with my ex-girlfriend might be the best idea ever...

Me: Before anybody says anything, I never said that they would get back together in this chapter. I just said that they would make up. Did I get anyone's hopes up? -blinks innocently-

Diego: ...

Me: Dude, you should know me by now. I'm too evil to let you two actually start dating again this fast.

Sid: Does that mean you'll make them get back together in the future?

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