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"Crap, I overslept!" Azusa stumbled out of bed, trying to change as fast as possible. Somehow, she had overslept her alarm and she mentally cursed herself for doing so. She knew it was probably from the day before. She had gone to the office early like usual, but she also ended up staying later than usual. Well, later than she usually did.

She quickly walked over to her dresser and grabbed a neatly folded skirt and white blouse. Once it was on she gave herself a quick look over in the mirror, folding out the wrinkles in her clothes. She ran to the door, quickly put on her heeled shoes and hurried out.

She ran down the stairs of her apartment as fast as she could, which wasn't very fast, and eventually made it outside and walked down the street to her the office building. She was almost halfway to work when she felt something wet hit her head, and groaned when she realized it was starting to rain. She picked up the pace, but the rain had started to come down fast and she quickly ducked under a balcony over a door of another building.

As she stood watching the rain, she cursed herself for forgetting a jacket and contemplated running to work or just going home and grab a jacket. She looked at the direction of her apartment, weighing the options. Going to work with her clothes soaking wet without a change of clothes wasn't the best option, especially when her white blouse would become see through once it was wet. She was already late, so she may as well get her jacket. Just as she was about to go home she heard a giggle next to her and she turned her head to see a girl leaning out past the balcony and looking up at the sky.

"So nice..." She said in a dreamy voice and Azusa blinked at her.

"Nice? It's rain." She said plainly and the other girl moved back under the balcony and looked at her, her hair wet from the rain. Azusa couldn't help but think that if her voice didn't make her seem young, her large brown eyes looking up at her definitely did.

"Of course," She said, as if it was obvious. She looked back up to the sky and smiled. "It sounds nice, especially when you're sleeping, and it's so much fun to play in." Azusa blinked at her, she didn't think rain was nice at all. If anything, it was a bother. It made her wet and sticky and it was cold, why anyone would want to play in it was a wonder to her.

"Crap, work!" She yelled, suddenly remembering why she was out in the rain in the first place. She looked at her phone and groaned. "I'm so late and I got to go back home..." She shoved her phone back in her purse and turned to leave, but the other girl stopped her.

"Ah, you don't have a jacket," Azusa turned to look at her and was surprised to see the girl taking off her jacket. "Here." She held it out to her and Azusa's eyes widened.

"W-what? No that's-"

"I don't mind not having one." The girl said with a smile and Azusa gaped at her. What kind of person gave their jacket to a stranger? The girl frowned at Azusa's expression and shrugged as she shoved the jacket into Azusa's hands. Azusa was about to shove it away when the other girl let go of it and Azusa quickly grabbed it out of reflex. The girl grinned knowingly and started backing up with a wave.

"Hope you aren't too late!" She yelled back and turned around.

"Hey, wait!" But it was too late, the girl was already running away in just the shirt she was wearing underneath and a skirt, and there was no way Azusa could chase after her in the shoes she was wearing. Azusa looked at the jacket in her hand and bit her lip. She slowly started to put it on, there was no point not to anymore, and instinctively brought the collar of it up to her nose and smelled it.

It smelled nice, despite how ragged it looked.

She quickly zipped up the jacket started walking to work, thinking about that girl with brown hair.

When she finally made it to work, she was in fact late, much to her annoyance. However, her boss, Akiyama Mio, didn't mind at all.

"Its fine, after all you work so much anyway, we can let this one slide." Mio said with a smile, but that didn't make Azusa feel any better. Not only was she ashamed she was even late to something, she had a lot of respect and admiration for her boss, and she didn't want to disappoint her. After apologizing she went to her desk and sat down with a sigh.

It was then that she realized that she still had on the jacket and she looked down at it and then at the window next to her desk. The rain was still pouring outside and she could hear it hitting the window over the sounds of inside the building.

How is rain nice?

She quickly shook her head and took off the jacket, neatly hanging it off on the back of her chair before going to work. Thinking about the girl wasn't going to change the fact that she lent her the jacket. Sighing, she went back to work, putting all her focus on it. She had no idea how long had passed, and it wasn't until she felt a tap on her shoulder that she actually stopped and she looked up to see Mio smiling at her.

"You don't have to work so much, you know." Mio said softly and Azusa blushed and looked down. She snuck a glance at the clock, and saw it was late, well passed the time she was supposed to get off work.

"It's fine, I want to work." Mio frowned and leaned against Azusa's desk.

"You work too much," Mio said. "You were able to go home an hour ago," Azusa shrugged as if it was nothing and Mio sighed and noticed the jacket. "Is that new?" She asked, frowning as she looked at it. It definitely didn't look new, and wasn't the kind of style Azusa usually wore.

"Huh? Oh, no I...borrowed it." Azusa said. She fully intended to give to give it back to the girl that lent it to her, so technically it was borrowing. She doubted the girl was going to let her keep it forever anyway.

"Oh, from a friend, that's nice." Mio said with a smile. At least Azusa didn't work herself so hard she had no social life. It was something Mio worried about, seeing the girl working so hard sometimes scared her and she wondered if she set time aside to socialize outside of work. Sure, she herself was a hard worker, but she knew when to take time off and relax with friends. Azusa looked at the jacket and frowned.

"...Not exactly." Mio frowned at that and looked at Azusa.

"Huh?" Azusa sighed and looked up at Mio.

"A stranger gave it to me when it started raining." Mio furrowed her eyebrows and scratched at her head.

"Oh that's...odd."

"That's what I thought." Azusa admitted and Mio smiled.

"Well, that was nice of her, but how are you going to give it back?" Azusa hadn't really thought of that. She had seen the girl on the way home a couple of times before, playing her guitar on the streets and collecting the money people put in her case. She had never talked to her before, though a few times she did stop and watch the girl play the guitar.

She was always amazed at the girl's talent and always noticed how well maintained the guitar was. Even when she was looking the worse, her guitar looked the best and Azusa knew she cared for it a lot. She momentarily thought back to her old guitar, and wondered how dusty and battered it looked now before pushing the thoughts away. She gave up on playing guitar a long time ago, there was no point thinking of it now.

"I guess I just have to find her." Azusa mumbled as she looked at it. She got up and looked outside; it was still raining. With a sigh she grabbed the jacket and said good night to Mio and left. On the way home she looked all around, hoping to find the girl, but there was no sight of her. Soon she was home and knew she'd have to find the girl tomorrow, maybe she could get up early and look around?

After making dinner and taking a bath, she laid in bed, holding up the jacket in her hands. Now that she was home, she took the time to actually look at it. It was long and was form fitting, even if it was a little big on Azusa. She ran her hand over the fabric, feeling the rough jean like texture of it. She turned it over, inspecting every patch on it, which stood out from the jacket's dark color. Then she finally landed on something and furrowed her eyebrows at it. It wasn't just one patch, but rather three letters sewed on.


What did that stand for? She tried to think of something, a company or brand that went by those three letters. After a few minutes, she couldn't think of anything and she looked at the letters again. Whatever, it wasn't like it was important for her to know. She closed her eyes but all she thought of that night was the girl who gave her the jacket and she unconsciously held it to her chest as she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Azusa woke up earlier than usual and headed outside. It wasn't raining, so she held the jacket in her hand as she looked around, hoping to find the girl again. After an hour or so of looking, there was still no sign of her and Azusa slowly walked back to the apartment. She neatly folded it and placed it away before changing for work and heading out again.

For the next week, Azusa followed the same routine. She would get up early to look for the girl, but never find her. She was never one to give up on something, but after a week and a half of not finding the girl again, she had finally gave up looking.

So it had come as a surprise when she was walking home one afternoon and she heard the familiar sound of a guitar being played. She paused for a second, making sure she had actually heard it before quickly following the sound until she turned a corner and saw a small group of people crowding around something she couldn't see. She quickly walked to the crowd and pushed her way to the front, and finally saw the girl again.

The girl was sitting cross legged on the ground, wearing jeans, a shirt, and this time a sweater. She had a peaceful smile on her face and Azusa's eyes trailed down to her fingers, watching their movement. Azusa watched the girl's fingers, the way they moved so easily, and she felt her own fingers twitch. Finally, much to Azusa's disappointment, the girl stopped playing and she jumped when people around her started clapping.

Blushing, Azusa clapped along with them and some people just left while others threw some money in the guitar case, with the girl thanking them all the while. Azusa waited until they were all gone and watched the girl put away her guitar, a Gibson Les Paul, the cleanest thing the girl seemed to own.

"Did you get in trouble for being late?" Azusa jumped and saw the girl staring up at her with a wide smile.

"H-huh?" She asked, embarrassed that she had been too busy staring to pay attention to what the girl had just said.

"Work," The girl said again. "I hope you weren't too late."

"U-um, I wasn't, at least, not that late, I mean, I didn't get in trouble or anything so…" Azusa said, and realized in horror that she had been stuttering and sounding completely flustered, not in controlled sentences like always. The other girl seemed amused by Azusa and placed her elbows on her legs and stared up at Azusa with her head rested in her hands.

"You're cute." She said, making Azusa blush.

"I-I'm not!" The girl grinned and stood up with her guitar.

"So cute," The girl said softly, mostly to herself. "Ne, what's your name?"

"Nakano Azusa." Azusa said and the girl's smile widened.

"Such a cute name," Azusa was starting to find it disturbing the amount of times she'd been called cute by this girl, and suddenly wished the girl never lent her the jacket. "I'm Hirasawa Yui." Yui replied as she stood up to her full height, and Azusa noticed she was taller. Then again, Azusa was never a tall person.

"Nice to meet you." Azusa said politely and Yui gave a nod as she swung the guitar strap over her shoulder. Yui pulled out her phone and looked at the time quickly before putting it back in her pocket and giving Azusa a small wave.

"Well, I gotta get going now, bye." Yui said and started turning around, but Azusa quickly reached out and grabbed her shoulder.

"Hey, wait," Yui paused and turned around slightly to look at her. "Um, your jacket. I need to give it back." Yui looked at her blankly for a second before a look of realization crossed Yui's face and she smiled sheepishly at Azusa.

"Oops, I was about to forget that again," Yui said, making Azusa sigh at the forgetfulness. "Give it to me tomorrow, right here, kay?" Yui asked as she started walking away again, and Azusa slowly nodded. Yui gave her one last wave before turning around fully and walking off again, much like the first time Azusa met her.

As Azusa watched Yui disappear in the street, she sighed. Yui was definitely strange, that was for sure. Azusa turned around and walked back to her apartment and as she did so, all she could think about was how Yui kept calling her cute. Azusa blushed as she thought of the word, she didn't think she was cute, but for some reason Yui did, who had just met her. She quickly shook her head, there was no reason to get worked up over something like that. After all, once she gave the jacket back to Yui, she was never going to see her again, right?