This story was inspired by, and takes place in, the world of History Channel's Mini-Series Hatfields & McCoys, that said, if any descendants of the actual Hatfield & McCoy families are reading this, it is not meant to offend you as I am going off of my views in regards to the series. And obviously, I don't own anything in regards to it.


He swore as he once more missed his target.

William "Cap" Hatfield hat yet to get used to his useless left eye. And at this moment, he hated the damn thing.

Before his accident, he had been the best shot in the family. He loved to shoot, especially at long distances. There was just something satisfying about making a shot no one thought could be done.

But the lose of his eye kept throwing off his aim. Sure, he was still hitting where he wanted to in terms of to the left or right. The problem was that he kept hitting above or below his target. And he knew what the problem was, as he adjusted his aim and hit the target.

He couldn't tell distances.

So as he walked towards the target, he counted his steps.

He would retain his position as best shot in the family, if not all of West Virginia, no matter how much he had to practice.


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This idea came from the fact that without one eye, a person has no depth perception, which makes Cap's shooting all the more impressive.