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Chapter 1 : Straw Hat

How the heck did I ended up in a situation like this?. The man asked to himself as he gulped hard. A cold sweat covered his whole body as he shook and trembled with fear. He looked at the eyes of the man in front of him and when he saw how fierce his gaze and his murderous stare he directed at him He swore He could passed out right now from that single stare

"Ple-ase s-i-r, I am begging you. Don't kill m-m-e." He stuttered as he bit his lip to stop his mouth from shaking. The man who was known as a leader of notorious bandit was now backed out to the corner in fear. He glanced to his surrounding frantically. What his eyes saw made his face gone completely pale. The place he called his secret base had already destroyed and all of his man had been beaten up. The man shivered in fear as he looked at the one who did all of this alone . There in front of him the infamous pirate hunter, Roronoa Zoro was pointing his sword right at his face with only three centimeters distance.

"Where is it?" The swordsman asked the man in front of him with a low dangerous tone. His eyes was never leave him as he kept glare at him with his scary-looking eyes. Slowly, The tips of his sword reached the man's neck and stopped near it.

Seeing this, the man became more panicked. From the first start, He didn't expect the famous swordsman to followed him and destroyed his hideout, heck he even managed to defeat all of his man who were a part of the strongest bandits in this town easily.

The man bit his mouth hardly until it bleed a little. He cursed himself as he was remembering the sole reason of this incident. He shouldn't have stolen that damn thing. After all he only wanted to brag and show off to all of his man that he managed to steal it from the famous straw hat pirate. He didn't know that stupid little act he did could lead him into a dangerous situation like this. He was really had a bad luck. The man thought bitterly as he lost in his thought.

Hearing nothing from the man in front of him. Zoro twitched his eyes in annoyance. He growled and glared at the man with a large intention to kill. Taking a deep breath he broke the silence with his shout.


The man was back to his sense after hearing that sudden shout. He flinched at the tone the green haired man just used. Sighing in frustration, He blamed his foolish action. He shouldn't have stolen that damn straw hat, especially the straw hat of Roronoa Zoro's captain.

end of chapter 1