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Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Antarctic Chronicles

Chapter 1: Celestial Being


A.D 2301

Krugis Republic


In the middle east, the small nation of Krugis was under heavy attack by Azadistanian Forces. Azadistan MSER-04 Anf's patrolled the city of Krugis's Capital, moving slowly, but decimating anything that moves below them.

Numerous KPSA soldiers of all ages, from adults, teens, even children were scattered around, fighting for their homeland, their bodies littering the ground everywhere one looked.

"This battle is a holy war in the name of God, we shall strike down the infidels who disrespect our traditions, and lay waist to the land of god." a deep voice drawled.

In the mist of this battle, two boys, no older than ten, were hunched under cover behind a shattered wall, both breathing heavily, holding their respective AK-47 Assault Rifles as the battle raged around them.

"We must not submit to the Infidels," The voice continued as KPSA Workloader's armed with Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers entered the battle, firing their weapons. A nearby Workloader taking cover behind a close by wall was torn apart by an Anf's main Machine Gun effortlessly. This was the signal for the two boys to get out of their position as they ran.

As they ran, one of the boys fired his rifle at the incoming enemy forces, but did little damage as they continued running "Soran, look out!" The Second boy shouted as he shoved Soran to the side, just as an explosion went off sending them both flying.

"By dying in battle, we shall be lead into the presence of God!"

'In this world…there is no God…' Soran thought, however they were interrupted as the second boy helped him back to his feet. "Soran, you alright?" He asked, setting his friend up against a wall.

"Yea…I'm fine Ken." Soran said, "You?"

Ken just chuckled "Considering our current situation, I'm good." He said.

Before Soran could reply, another Workloader attacked a MSER-04 Anf, firing its 4-tubed missile launcher. Most of the shots did nothing against the Azadistanian Mobile Suit, however one shot got lucky and destroyed the arm carrying its 200mm x 25 Smoothbore Gun, and the arm carrying said weapon fell to the ground.

This didn't bode well with the M.S Pilot as it turned around, and fired its 30mm Machine Gun, shattering the Workloader's Cockpit. The stray rounds fired by the Anf destroying the wall the two were hiding behind.

"Shit! Time to go!" Ken shouted as he grabbed his Assault Rifle, and the two went running through the ruins of the city.

As they ran, the message from the man continued, causing Ken to growl "Would someone please shut that bastard up!" He said, "Its distracting-SHIT!" He looked over his shoulder, and found another Anf firing its Machine Gun at them, and the two ducked into another building avoiding the fire.

"Wow!" Ken said as the two got back to their feet. "Now that was a close…" His voice trailed off as they looked up, and noticed the single MSER-04 Anf, oddly enough the same one that had it's arm blasted off, glaring right at them, its 30mm already aimed at them.

"…shit." Ken said, "Well, it's been a fun ride Soran… If there is a heaven…I'll see you on the other side."

Soran said nothing, as both prepared for their deaths.

However, just as the Mobile Suit was about to fire, a beam of bright light came from the sky, and pierced through the Anf's head and Cockpit, destroying the unit as it fell to the ground, to the shock of both Ken and Soran.

Not long after, several more beams of light seemed to come from the sky, and one by one the Anf's were destroyed and fell to the ground until none were left.

"What the…fuck?" Ken said as he and Soran scanned their surroundings. "What were those lights?" He then heard Soran gasp, and he turned to him to see the boy was staring up in the sky, eyes wide and mouth gaping. Following his gaze, Ken was soon brought to a similar state.

Floating in the sky was what could only be described as an Angle in the eyes of the two boys. Shining wings of light were emerging out of the back of the object, as it slowly turned around, revealing it to be a white colored mobile suit with a more humanoid appearance than most Mobile Suits, glowing green eyes, and V Head Crest. As it turned, its wings appeared to expand in size, truly looking like the wings of an angle.

The two just looked up at the Mobile suit, both feeling as if they had met a higher power…


Six Years Later, 2307 AD

AEU Military Testing Grounds


Near the AEU's orbital elevator, men were gathered watching a demonstration of the organizations newest mobile suit, the AEU-09 Enact, as it demonstrated its extreme flexibility and accurate aim. In the middle of the stands, unknown to the AEU leaders, sat the technical advisor of the Union Billy Katagiri as he examined the mobile suit.

"So, this is the Enact," He said. "The AEU's first Mobile Suit designed to use Solar Energy…"

Then a voice behind him said "The AEU's development of the orbital elevators is defiantly lagging, so to make up for that, they made their mobile suit a state of the art." Then, a Female voice giggled and said "Ya, but you'd think it wouldn't have taken them this long," she said. "The AEU were the first to make an actual Mobile Suit in the world after all."

Billy turned around to find two people standing behind him, one was a man looking to be in his 20's with short curly blond hair and green eyes, wearing a Union Officer's suit. Standing next to him was a woman who looked to be almost the same age as Graham, only she had shoulder length blond hair, and blue eyes, wearing a female version of the same uniform.

"Well well," Billy said with a grin "Should the Top Aces of MSWAD Be here?"

Graham Aker shrugged "Of course not," he said as the two sat down next to Billy "But Hikari here wanted to see the Enact."

"Hey, you wanted to see it just as much as I did!" Hikari Sera said with a playful glare. Graham just smiled, raising his arms in defense "Ok ok, your right!" He said, before they turned their attention back to the Enact.

"You know the AEU's pretty bold to announce their newest model the same day as the tenth anniversary of the Human Reform League's orbital elevator," Billy commented, and the two nodded.

"Ya," Hikari said, "But its to be expected from them. What's your opinion on the Enact Billy?"

"To be completely honest its just a knock off of our flag model, only the exterior is original," stated Billy when the cockpit of the new model opened and the pilot exited.

"You there, I can hear, what did you just say!" the pilot yelled causing the three to laugh.

"At least it has good sound pickup," laughed Graham

"I guess so," Billy replied.

Then, a new voice came in "Oh come now, is that really necessary?" and the three looked to the source, and their eyes widened.

It came from a woman who looked to be in her late 30's or so, and had long black hair, and experienced, yet calming violet eyes. She was wearing a the uniform of the Antarctic Self-Defense Force (ASDF). Billy, Graham, and Hikari were not the only ones who were shocked as members of the AEU military, and other clients were shocked to see her. Even the Enact Pilot was stunned into silence at seeing the woman.

"C-Colonel Marianne Lamperouge?" Hikari managed to stutter out, "What are you doing here?"

The woman smiled softly as she turned to look at the Enact, "I came here to see the AEU's new toy, because they needed my...opinion," she said, and then sighed, "And unfortunately for them, they still have a long road ahead of them if they wish to match up to the standards of our Mobile suits"

Many of the AEU personnel winced at that, knowing it was true. Marianne then gave a amused grin as she looked at the pilot.

"And the Test Pilot they chose to run this thing is a little, shall I say, over-confident," she said.

"WHAT!" The pilot shouted, "I am Patrick Colasour! I am the Number 1 Ace in the AEU, and I have never lost a mock battle!"

Marianne just sighed "You can't be an ace if you've never fought an actual battle, Mock battles do not count." She said, "And you really are their top ace, then the AEU's expectations of their pilots must be incredibly low."

Billy, Hikari and Graham snickered at that, while Patrick shouted in defiance.



Airspace Approaching the Testing Grounds


As this was going on, a Blue and White Mobile suit with a V head crest was descending rapidly through the atmosphere, leaving behind a trail of yellowish Green Particles.

"240082 Exia has target location in sight, cease GN Particle dispersal upon arrival" reported the pilot, who was wearing a blue flight suit. On the front view screen a picture of the Enact popped up, "Target confirmed, mission starting,"

In the control room of the base, one of the Traffic Controller's saw something on his screen.

"Huh? What's this?" he said, and looked at the Unidentified Object approaching the sir, "Sir, I have an incoming heading toward the grounds,"

"It's showing up on mine, too," said another AEU soldier.

"What?" said the officer, as he looked outside and saw the shimmer of light heading toward the Testing Grounds, "Which squadron? This is suppose to be an exercise dammit! Warn them off!"

"Its not showing up on our Radar sir!" Another AEU soldier reported.

The officer growled "Get a visual on it!" He ordered. A moment later, an image of the Mobile Suit appeared on the front screen, surprising all of them.

"What the hell..." He whispered, "what kind of unit is that?"



Training Grounds


"What, an unknown?" Patrick said into his communicator, "Why now of all times-" he cringed as the communication died out and static taking over the line. "What the-"

Looking up his gaze caught something coming closer... a mobile suit!?

"Amazing so they have another new model..." Billy said.

Graham and Hikari's eyes, however, were narrowed "I don't think that's theirs..." Hikari said.

"What is with that light?" Graham commented, noticing the strange trail of light the unit left behind. Unknown to them, Marianne's eyes were narrowed upon seeing the unit. 'That unit...is it...?' she thought.

Descending it landed several feet away from the Enact. Facing the audience it loomed over the people in the stands. Its humanoid appearance made it appear similar in design to Antarctica's TMSF-081 Patriot's, however the people in the stands could tell that this was no simple Patriot Variant as it turned to face the Enact. One of the officials bringing out a cell phone.

"Enact! Can you here me? Enact! Patrick!" he said. "Damn, I can't get through."

"Communications are out..." Hikari said as she pulled out her own phone, and found that it had no signal. It was then an AEU soldier arrived "Everyone! We've been ordered to evacuate!" He said.

"Its not an AEU Machine?" Billy asked, shocked. "Then who is it?"

Meanwhile, Patrick got back into the Cockpit of the Enact. "Alright, just who the hell are you?" He asked, "The Union? HRL? Your suit looks similar in design to something the URA or Japanese would make...either way, it doesn't matter! Your a party crasher, and you were not invited. So now you'll have to pay the price!" He then got the Enact into a combat stance.

"What is that Idiot doing?" One of the men in the stands asked, seeing the Enact prepare for live combat. "Doesn't he know how much money it took to develop that thing!?"

"Don't worry about it," another said, "This is a good opportunity, it will just raise the value of the Enact. After all, Patrick is our top ace, right? Even if his personality could use a little work though..."

Marianne rolled her eyes 'Its not just his personality, but his Ego.' She thought as she looked on.

In the cockpit of the Enact, Patrick continued to sneer at the Unknown Mobile Suit before him.

"Hey! You! Don't you know who I am?" the Frenchman said cockily, "I'm Patrick Collaseur of the AEU and I've never lost a mock battle, because I'm that special," The Enact's left forearm opened, revealing the handle of a sonic blade, "So don't say I didn't warn you!" 'And I'll prove to Marianne that I'm an ace!' he thought the last part as he grabbed the sonic blade and activated. But what the fool never realised that he was too close to the crowd and the loud noise from the blade as it spun, cause many people to cover their ears in pain.

"THAT IDIOT!" both Marianne and the AEU Officer yelled at the same time.

"Well come on!" Patrick shouted as he charged at the Mobile Suit.

In the cockpit, the pilot's expression was calm and focused "Exia, ready for Target Elimination." He said. Just as the Enact was about to stab the Exia, the Mobile Suit's eyes lit up blue, and in almost impossible speed it drew out its massive sword and slice the Enact's arm clean off, which clattered down to the ground.

"What the!" Graham and Hikari both shouted at the same time, in shock at the speed the Mobile Suit had, even Marianne looked surprised.

Meanwhile in the cockpit of the Enact, Patrick's eyes were twitching violently "Y-You bastard!" He shouted, "You don't get it do you?" He then brought out the Linear Rifle and fired a shot, but the Unknown almost effortlessly dodged it, while drawing an energy sword. "I'm Special!" The unknown then sliced off both of its arms off. "I've got over 2,000 Defeated mock battles!" Then, the unknown sliced off the Enact's head, and kicked it to the ground.

The onlookers just on in shock, expecially the AEU, seeing their latest model mobile suit be absolutely trashed by this new arrival. Graham noticed a man in front of him had a pair of Binoculars, and grabbed them. "Excuse me!" He said as he grabbed them.

"Hey, what the-"

"I said excuse me!"

He then began looking at the unit for something, anything that could give him a hint as to where it came from. Then, he saw it. Engraved on the forehead of the Mobile Suit was a single word.

"Gun...dam?" Graham read outloud, not noticing Marianne's widening eyes upon hearing that. "Is that the name of the Mobile Suit, or something else?"

"A Gundam?" Billy repeated, just as confused as anyone else.

"Exia, first phase complete. Beginning second phase." The pilot said as the Mobile Suit rose back into the air, and flew away once again leaving behind a trail of light.

"Again with that light!" Graham said as they watched the Mobile Suit fly off.

"I wonder how it can fly without a propulsion system?" Billy wondered outloud.

"I don't know," Hikari said, and turned to Marianne, but blinked in suprise to see she was not there anymore, "Hey! Where did Colonel Lamperouge go?" she said, but before the others could say anthing, they were distracted by Patrick who scrambled out of the cockpit of the Enact, pissed off, and shouting curses at the Gundam.

"Well, I guess the Enact gets top marks for pilot safety," Hikari humourlessly stated, while Billy and Graham nodded in agreement.

"Yeah," Graham said, and then looked toward where the Gundam took off, "But that Gundam Machine is something else entirely! Was it meant to hamper the AEU's military build up, or maybe its just meant to be a warning?"

It was then that alarm's began going off, and AEU-05/05 Hellion Perpetuum's began tasking off the Runway of the airfield. "Either way, there is no way the AEU is going to take this lying down." He said as they took off.



CBS-70 Ptolemaios


"Exia completed the first phase within the scheduled time. Once we enter the second phase we'll re-estimate." Said a 22 year old girl with Hazel colored eyes and brown hair on the bridge of the Ptolemaios.

"I wonder if Setsuna's alright down there..." a 25 year old young man said from behind the controls of the ship, while the co-pilot shrugged. "If their not, that pretty much spells the end of Celestial Being, now doesn't it?" He asked rhetorically.

"He's probably fine," Another girl sitting near communications, who had shoulder length chestnut brown hair and violet colored eyes said. "Setsuna's got Kevin and Big Bro with him, they'll be fine."

"That's enough Idle Chatter you two," Christina Sierra scolded, "Its time to begin the Third Phase of the Operation."

"Oops! Sorry!" said the other as she began typing away on her terminal, and it was then a woman with long waste length brown hair and light brown eyes entered the bridge. "You don't have to be so strict." She said, "It's Celestial Being's first performance. Let's do it with flare."

"What! You're drinking?" Chris asked amazed.

"It's all fine." Sumeragi Lee Noriega replied. "I'm the strategist, it's my job to plan things beforehand. I'll leave all the rest to you." As she took a swig from the flask.

Meanwhile a jet-like craft was being moved into launch position.

"Kyrios! Proceed to catapult launch deck!" said Christina, as the pilot in the machine, dressed in an orange-colored pilot suit, had his helmet in his lap.

"A real battle Hallelujah, just what you wanted," he said, but then sighed with grief, "But it's depressing to me,"

"Kyrios on Catapult Deck," Christina said, "Increasing Linear Catapult Voltage from 220 to 530. Kyrios stabilized with Linear Fields, launch preparations complete, transfering control to Kyrios."

"Roger, I have control." He said, "Kyrios, Allelujah Haptism, now beginning the Operation." And he pushed the throttle, and the Kyrios Gundam launched forward into space.


HRL Orbital Elevator 'Heavens Pillar'


"Orbital Elevator Number two, or better known as Heaven's Pillar, here on the Geosynchronous Orbital Station, a festive party is being set under way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the elevator's first energy transition." Said a Reporter on the station, "Party Goers include ambassadors from HRL Nations, Corporate executives, and Military Personnel. All who have contributed a great amount during the construction of the elevators."

As the reporter spoke, in the part room a woman with black hair and light brown eyes wearing a red dress was looking out into space. "May I offer you a drink miss?" A voice behind her said, and she smiled as she turned around to the speaker. It was a young man, dressed in an Antarctic Self Defense Force uniform. He looked to be at least the same age as her, standing a couple inches higher than her height, his hair brown with blonde highlights, and his eyes were a hazel color. He had in his hands two drinks, in which the container we're spefically made for the zero-g enviroment of space.

"Yes, I would love one," the woman Wang Liu Mei, said as she floated over to the soldier and accepted one of the drinks from him, "How are you Aaron? I haven't seen you in 3 months,"

The man Aaron Epcar sighed tiredly at that, "I've been working non-stop for a project the military's working. And unfortunately, it's classified so I can't tell you about it," he said as he offered his arm to Liu Mei who accepted it.

"Aww, is my poor Aaron working too hard, and not being able to see little ol' me?" she said in a baby voice, causing the ASDF soldier to blush in embarassment.

"Hey! Not around here!" he whispered, trying not to gain attention to them. Mei just giggled a bit "You know, they say that real men don't blush." She said, giggling some more as Aaron playfully glared at her.

"You know, I will get you back for that." He said, and Mei just smirked.

"And what will you do? Oh lover of mine?" She asked, Aaron just grinned as he leaned forward and whispered something into her ear. A few moments later and her face turned a very interesting shade of red.

"My Aaron, you're such a naughty boy!," the Wang Heiress said, as she playfully smacked him on the arm, while Aaron chuckled as he led his lover to the observation deck as they enjoyed their drinks. While she sipped on her beverage, her assistant, Hong Long came up behind her and whispered into her ear.

"It has begun, my Mistress," he said, low enough so that Aaron wouldn't hear as Mei's eyes widen slightly before they quickly returned to normal.

'So, their finally making their move...' She thought as she looked out into space.



With The Exia


Setsuna twirled the Exia around avoiding the shots of the pursuing Hellions. He decelerated, allowing them to overshoot and fly over him. As they turned around for another pass, he activated the rifle mode of his weapon, and began firing pink beams at the enemy team of Mobile Suits. Though the shots did not hit, they dispersed the team enough for Setsuna to get close, and slice the wings off of the first Hellion, and the unit fell to the ground.

"What Mobility!" The wingman said, "I never knew a Mobile Suit could move like that!"

"Stay in formation!" The team leader said, "Reinforcements are on the way!"

Setsuna looked up at the Orbital Elevator, and took notice of the several Hellion Squadrons taking off from hidden launchers in the elevator "As we thought, the AEU has stationed units inside the pillar." He commented as he moved to engage the reinforcements.

"Focus our attack, and destroy it!" The Squad Leader said, "We've got him outnumbered and surrounded-" However his responce was cut off as half of his Hellion was suddenly ripped in half, and his unit fell from the ground.

"Captain!" The wingman said, before his unit came to the same fate.

"What's going on?" Another Hellion pilot said, "Where did that attack-" However, right in front of the Hellion, a second Mobile Suit appeared out of thin air, bearing a very similar appearance to the unknown intruder, however this unit had a black and Red color scheme. The new unit was quick to slice the Hellion into pieces, but being careful to avoid the Cockpit as the Hellion fell to the ground.

In the Cockpit of the New Unit, the pilot wearing a Crimson Red flight suit grinned "Can't let Setsuna have all the fun, now can I?" He said, "Gundam Scepter is ready to assist!" He said as he moved to follow the Exia.

"Kevin," Setsuna said in recognition as the Scepter moved next to him.

"Hey bro! Thought you would start the party without me?" he said as more Hellions headed their way, "Oh, here come some more grunts,"

"What the? Where did that second Suit come from?" said one of the Reinforcements.

"Doesn't matter! Surround and destroy them!" The Captain said as the Hellions charged.

Meanwhile, somewhere on the ground, a Dark Green and White Gundam was lying down, watching the fight. "Lockon, Reinforcements approaching! Reinforcements approaching!" An orange sphere-shaped robot said, waving its 'ears' in alert.

In the cockpit, a man with light brown hair and violet eyes grinned and chuckled "Even those two would have trouble in this situation." He said, before grabbing the aiming control. "Well let's take aim, shall we? Lockon Statos and Gundam Dynames in our Maiden Battle!"

As an another Hellion is taken out by the two Close Quarters Gundams, the other Hellions back off and attack from them from a distance.

"Keep away! Attack them from a longer range!" The Captain said just before a beam of light skewered one of his Hellions, "W-What? Where did that come from?"

"Captain!" shouted one of the other Hellions before his suit met the same fate, as the same type of beam took out his Mobile Suit.

"It's coming from below!" shouted the Captain finally realizing what's happening.

"It's Lockon," Setsuna said, while Kevin breathed a sigh of relief.

"About time," the teen said, "It was starting to get crowded up here,"

Lockon just chuckled on the comm "Dynames is targeted, and ready to fire!" He said, as he downed another three Hellions.

"Gotta give the Irish Credit," Kevin said as he destroyed another Hellion. "He's a damn good shot."

"Why thank you!" Lockon said, as he downed yet another Hellion. "Its what we Irishmen do best!"

After he said this, Setsuna destroyed another Hellion with the Exia's GN Sword Rifle, causing it to fall to Earth.

"And so...," Setsuna began.

"...the second phase...," Kevin continued.

"...is now complete," Lockon finished.


Parking Lot

Back at the Testing Grounds


"So those Mobile Suits are exposing the AEU's fighting strength?" Billy asked as he, Graham and Hikari were inside his car, discussing what had just happened minutes before.

"Yea," Graham said with a nod. "It looks to me that they were trying to show the world that the AEU has more military force around the Orbital Elevator than what the Antarctic Treaty Limitations allows, this was both a Check and a warning."

"But why would they want to do that?" Billy asked, and Graham shrugged, but smiled a bit "That's something you'd have to ask the pilots of those Gundam Things." He said.

Hikari meanwhile had a thoughtful expression as she hummed in thought. "Something on your mind Hikari?" Billy asked, seeing she was thinking hard about something.

"Well...it might be nothing..." She said, "But...didn't you notice miss Lamperouge acting a bit...strange when the Gundam showed up?"

Both Billy and Graham rose their eyebrows "Strange how?" Graham asked.

"Well...it almost looked as if she recognized the Mobile Suit itself," She said, causing the eyes of Graham and Billy to widen.

"Are you serious Hikari?" Billy said in suprise.

Hikari gave him a look that clearly said she was serious.

"You forget that I know how to read people Billy. And I can tell by her eyes and her expression, that she knows what that Mobile Suit was," Hikari said, and the two men's eyes to widen even more.

"You think we should confront her about this?" Graham said, but Hikari shook her head.

"No, that wouldn't be wise," she said, "Besides it's probably classified by her government, and I'd rather not tick off the URA, I think the AEU has done enough of that today with their violation of the treaty."

"You have a point there," Graham said as he looked up at the Elevator, "But I really can't see the AEU keeping quiet about this..."

Meanwhile, Marianne was on her Cell Phone near the training grounds. After making sure no one has followed her, she had dialed ASDF Headquarters, and gotten on the line with her superior, informing him of what had happened just minutes before.

"Yes, they're exactly the same design as the 0 Gundam," She said, "Except one was meant for Close Quarters, another for Stealth Operations, and one as a Long Range Sniper Unit,"

"Sigh, so the ones who designed the 0 Gundam are making their move, eh?" the voice on the other end said.

"I believe so," Marianne said, "From their actions so far, they wanted to stall the AEU's military build up by engaging the Enact, and defeating it, showing the world what their units can do, even against a nation's top Mobile Suit. And then they revealed to us all that the AEU has more units defending the Pillars than what the Treaty allows."

The man on the line sighed again "The President isn't gonna like the fact the AEU went behind their backs with this..." he said, "But that's the least of our worries I suppose, if these new Gundams pose a threat to us."

"My thoughts exactly," Marianne said, "How much longer until the Garuda and the G-Project will take?"

"The G-Project is practically finished, the Prototype G-Weapons and the new Patriot Kai's are finished and their pilots selected. The Garuda is in its final stages of completion, and should be finished in a few days or so." He then paused for a moment "Should we inform Black Sword of this development?"

Marianne smiled a bit "Knowing Nasha, she probably already knows somehow." She said, "But it will be a good idea to message them just in case, and to inform them we will be seeing them soon."

"Right, I'll keep you posted if anything new comes up. In the mean time, I think it would be best if you returned home," the man said, and Marianne nodded.

"Right, I'll take the first flight out of Africa tomorrow morning, and then I'll head to Bouvet Island," she said, "Also, just to be safe, better tighten security, we can't afford any leaks at this point."

"Took the words right out of my mouth." The man said, "I'll let e'm know, see ya soon Marianne."

"You too, Flash out." She said, and hung up. Marianne then sighed as she looked up at the Orbital Elevator. 'Things are gonna be changing around here, won't they?' She thought, 'The thing is...will it be a change for the best, or the worst?'



HRL Heaven's Pillar Sensor Station


"What? Another reading on the E-Sensor?" An HRL Ensign said, reading the sensor data. "Theirs been a lot of debris lately."

The ensign next to him looked at the readings "That one looks like it has a lot of mass..." he said, but another ensign shrugged "Its probably the remains of an old 21st Century Satellite or something." he said.

"Get a visual at Maximum Magnification," the Commanding Officer said, "Don't forget there is a Ceremony still going on."

"Yes sir," the Ensign said and did as ordered and the viewscreen zoomed in on a area of the Orbital Ring. The people then gasped in suprise when they saw 5 strange lights approaching.

"Huh? What is that?" the first Ensign said, not believing what he was seeing.

"I'm gonna try to enlarge the image," the second Ensign said, and a moment later, the image enlarged showing, to the shock of the entire staff, Five Hellion Customs.

"Those look like Mobile Suits!," the captain growled as he glared at the five machines.

"Increadable, they snuck in with the debris!" One of the Ensigns said, "But it they get interference from the solar panel shields, the Mobile Suit could be-" Suddenly, one of the five Mobile Suits detonated in a blast as the Shield's sent it flying. "See? What I tell ya!"

The Captain's eyes narrowed "These guys are pretty determined," he said, "Give the orders for the 3rd Defense Force to scramble! We've got Terrorists trying to bomb the Ceremony!"

Soon alarms sounded in the barracks of the Orbital Elevator. One man, Lt. Colonel Sergei Smirnov was moving through the hallways to the pilot's locker room to suit up. He just heard from one of his men of what the enemy suits were.

"They're using Hellions?" said Sergei, and then scowled, "Damn AEU! This is what happens when they sell weapons to every tin pot nation!"

"If it's not worse enough, sir, there are 15 ASDF personnel and the Ambassador from Antarctica attending the ceremony as well," the officer said, causing Sergei to groan in frustration.

'Dammit! Why now of all times?' the colonel thought as he continued on.

Meanwhile, back in the Ceremony, Mei was the first to notice that Military Personnel were beginning to leave. 'Well, it appears everyone with a rank is more interested in saving their own lives,' she thought before she looked at Aaron who also had taken notice to the HRL Soldiers leaving the Ceremony. He then turned back to Mei with a smile "It looks as if something's going on love," he said.

Mei nodded slightly as she looked at her boyfriend, "You planning on joining them?" she asked, and Aaron looked at her and gave a small smile.

"No," he said, suprising Mei, "I rather stay here with you, then run like a coward," he then grasped her gloved hand and gently squeezed it.

Mei couldn't help but smile as she returned the gesture.

Meanwhile, back outside, the HRL Defense Forces began to mobilize their MSJ-06II-E Tieren Space Type's to defend the station "B3 Area, Maximum Priority. 300 Seconds until back-up teams scramble. Prevent the Unknowns from entering the non-combat Area!"

"Control to all Units, Unknowns will reach the pillar in 0287!"

"All Units, control latitude!" The Defense Squadron Commander said, "Reinforcements are on route!"

"Sir, we're all on our own!" One pilot complained, "And I've only had 79 hours of space combat training!"

"Then just crash into them!" The Commander shouted as they accelerated, "You'll get a two rank promotion!"

"Sir, their changing course!" Another pilot said, "Their moving behind the rings, we can't get a clear shot at them!"

"After them!" The commander said, "Stay focus!" And with that they opened fire, but the shots they fired all missed as the Hellions were moving way too fast.

Then, the two Hellion's carrying the Missile Launcher opened the launcher's hatch, revealing three armed anti-ship missiles, which soon opened fire and sped towards the Ceremony.

However, before they could even hit, three beams of pink light intercepted the missiles, destroying all three missiles, while the Pillar's structure only too the Kenetic energy, causing the station to shudder.

In the room, the party goers looked around in confusion at the shaking, many of them asking what the shaking was.

'Gundam Kyrios.' Mei thought.

Back outside, the Terrorist and HRL Forces looked to the source, and found a strange Orange and White Fighter-like mobile weapon approaching them, leaving behind a trail of greenish yellow light.

"Wha...who was that?" one of the Tieren pilots said in shock as the mysterious sped ahead.

"Kyrios, eliminating targets," Allelujah said and fired his beam rifle hitting two of the four Hellion Terrorist Custom Types. One turned to fight while the other continued on in a suicide run.

"A suicide attack?" the Gundam Meister said in a not-so-suprised tone, as he dodged the fire from the covering Hellion "These terrorists are all the same, Tieria!"

As the Suicide Hellion charged to ram itself into the ceremony, it was soon confronted by a large bulky mobile suit with a white and black color scheme, holding a massive cannon.

"Virtue, Eliminating the Target." The pilot said, as he fired a massive blast of pink energy that tore the Hellion apart.

"Don't you think that was a bit excessive?" Allelujah said as he downed the Hellion. "Anyways, looks like-" However he was cut off as the Kyrios's sensors picked up to more contacts "Hu? Two more? Must have snuck in when we were dealing with these guys...Ray, take care of them!"

The two remaining Hellion's charged at the Station, intent to succeed where their comrads had failed. However the Hellion to the left was suddenly sliced in half, and was destroyed in a large explosion. The second unit turned around, trying to find the source of the attack.

Then, out of the smoke of the unit, appearing from a shimmer of light like a ghost or demon, a black, gold and white colored Mobile Suit emerged, wielding two beam scythes in its hands, its bright green eyes glowing.

The pilot inside grinned bit, "Now, now. We wouldn't want you hurting innocent people now, right?" he said, and as if reading his thoughts, the Hellion fired with it's linear rifle at the machine.

The man sighed at the terrorist's stupidity, "They never learn," he said as he dodged the attack and disappeared again. The Hellion turned around, looking for the unit, trying to find out where it went. However just seconds later, the Hellion was sliced in half from behind, as the Gundam reappeared.

"Mission Complete," The pilot, Ray Ramius said. "Time to RTB everyone."

Back with the Ceremony, everyone looked on in shock and surprise as the three unknown Mobile Suits destroyed the Terrorist Units. Mei was smiling a bit, seeing the Gundam's preform flawlessly. She turned to Aaron, but she grew a bit concerned seeing her boyfriend's eyes narrowed.

"Something wrong, Aaron?" Mei asked, and the young man snapped out of his thoughts, and gave his love a warm smile.

"No, it's fine," he said, and then kissed her on the (face) cheek reassuringly, making the Chinese girl blush a bit.

"If you say so," she said, but on the inside thought, 'He's hiding something. But I'll worry about that later,' she thought, and then to the ASDF pilot's suprise, gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?" he said, as the Chinese girl gave him a coy smile.

"For staying with me, while someone else would've just run off," she said, while Aaron frowned at that.

"If any other would've done that to you, I'd kill them," He said, and Mei just smiled "I know, that's why I love you." She said.



Tokyo, Japan


The Independent Japanese Empire was one of the most powerful nations on earth, second only to Antarctica. Before the Solar Power Wars, Japan was strictly limited militarily by Article 9 of the peace treaty between Japan and America in the end of WWII. However, when the Solar Power Wars began, the treaty became defunct, and even though the Union and Japan were at peace, and still allies, Japan had managed to rebuild much of its military power.

Years earlier, Japan was given an offer by the Union to become another member nation, since Japan contributed heavily to their Orbital Elevator's construction. However the Japanese respectfully declined the offer, in favor of remaining Independent. Soon after, Antarctica proposed a trade agreement between the two nations, sharing their technology and so forth, beginning what would soon become a strong relationship between the two nations, making Japan one of the few nations aside from Antarctica to have access to ARC Technology.

Currently, many citizens of Japn were gathered around nearby T.V Screens, watching the most latest News Report. "Good Morning, and this is JNN news." The news woman said, "Our first topic is the attack on the high orbital station that's part of the HRL's elevator. Early today enemy mobile suits expected to be terrorists attacked the station. But unidentified mobile suits intercepted the attack."

The Image then changed to the interior of the HRL Orbital Elevator Interior, with another Reporter Woman "At approximately 6:00 PM Grantage Meantime, terrorist mobile suits launched missiles at the HRL Orbital Station during the 10th Anniversary Celebration. However, the Mobile Suits and Missiles were subsequently intercepted by three as of yet identified Mobile Suits." The image then switched to images of the battle, zooming in on the images of the Bulky Black and White unit, and then the Black and Gold unit. "These Images were taken by a JNN Camera Crew who happened to be at the scene during the attack."

Two induviduals, a pair of teens one being a boy with short brown hair and brown eyes, and a girl with blond hair and blue eyes, walked towards one of the T.V screens. "What's going on?" The girl asked.

"They say these three suits took out all of the Terrorists who attacked the HRL Yesterday." A man answered, but his eyes were still fixed on the screen.

"In Mobile Suits?" The girl asked, shocked. The teenage boy she was with spoke next "Which military were they from?"

The man shrugged "That is the thing they don't know." He said, as the boy looked back at the screen. "What does all of this mean?"

Then, there was a beeping noise, and the screen switched back to the first News Reporter. "This just in we have some breaking news. We just received a video message from the group that prevented the terrorist attack. It is unclear who they are, or if their intentions are genuine, but it is proven that they are involved. We'll be airing the message uncut." As the screen's image was replaced by an older man sitting in a chair its back towards a window.

"I would like to address this message to every Human Being born and raised in the Earth Sphere," the man said. "We call ourselves simply, Celestial Being. We are a privatly armed organization in possession of the Mobile Weapon: Gundam."

"A Private Force?" The girl, Louise Halevy said.

"What is Celestial Being?" The boy, Saji Crossroad asked.

"The main Objective of Celestial Being, is to completely eliminate acts of war and conflict from the Earth Sphere." The man continued, "We do not act for our own Benefit, or for Personal Gain. We have chosen to intervene for the greatest goal of all; to rid ourselves of the scourge of war."

"As of this moment I make this declaration to all humanity. Territory, religion, energy no matter what the reason or excuse if there is an evident act of war being carried out, we will commence intervention with our force."

"Any country, organization or corporation that promotes war will also be a legitimate target for our intervention. We simply call ourselves Celestial Being. We are an armed organization that was established to eliminate all acts of war from this world. I repeat..."

"Eliminate all war?" Louise said, blinking confusedly.

"Is that even possible?" Saji asked no one in particular.

They were not the only ones thinking these thoughts, as the message continued, people across the globe began asking questions.

"Their claiming Responsibility?" Sergei asked, watching the message from his team's barracks.


Two woman watched the T.V, one with long black hair and blue eyes frowned "Their going to stop war, with more war?" She asked, doubtfully.

Graham laughed as he drove the car through the African Desert "Now that is rich!" He said, "They really think they cam eliminate war with armed force? Celestial Being...their whole existence is a contradiction!"

"Either way Graham," Hikari said, "I think the world we live in just got a lot more interesting."

"Ribbons, it has begun." A man wearing a red Tux said, drinking a glass or Red Wine "Humanity's Reformation." Behind him, his green-haired assistant smiled silently.

Three people were watching the television in a room that resembled the Oval Office in Washington, but with some differences like the flag of the United Republic of Antarctica on one side of the window, and the white flag which showed the seal of the President of that said nation. Only instead of an Eagle holding a bunch of arrows in one foot, and an olive in the other, the bird was a Peregrine Falcon.

One of the people, a woman with brown hair that just passed her shoulders, with green eyes, and wearing a woman's buisness suit frowned a bit at the man's speech.

"Do they think it will be that easy? To eliminate war?" She asked. The man standing next to her, who had black military cut hair and silver eyes, sighed a bit "I doubt they think it will be easy," he admitted. "But they must have been planning this for a long time now, so they must have a few things up their sleeves...well, at least we've solved the Mystery of the 0 Gundam's Origins." The man, Justin Harkin, chuckled a bit. "The men were actually beginning to think the 0 Gundam was from aliens."

The woman, Vivan Bernette-Harkin, Justin's wife and current President of the URA, rolled her eyes a bit. "Then their idiots," she said before she turned around to the other man standing in the room, a man rivaling Justin's 6'0 with short crew cut blond hair and brown eyes, and wearing a URA Military Uniform with the Stars of a General on his cap. "What do you think about this, General Lars?"

General Franklin Lars, head of the G-Project, shrugged "To be honest Ma'am, I do not know what to think." he said. "I've been in charge of the G-Project for a while now, and from what we've seen of these Celestial Being Gundams thus far, they are certainly equivalent to our own G-Weapons...but I feel that there is more to them than what meets the eye, such as the light these units project, it could be the GN Drive that was mentioned in the 0 Gundam's Specs."

Vivian nodded at that, "Yes, that is correct. I'm ordering the Self-Defense Forces to mobilize and on stand-by alert. Can't be too careful in this situation," she said, and Justin sighed a bit at that.

"A lot of our people are not gonna be happy that their leave was cut short," he said, and Vivian sighed knowing it was true.

"I'm sure they can handle it," she said, "Just until this whole thing blows over," she then turned to Franklin, "How are the preperations for the final stages of the G-Project, Frank?"

"Their almost complete, the Gundams themselves as well as the Prototype Patriot Kai's are already complete, and the Garuda should be finished in a day or two." The General said, "Colonel Lamperouge will be leaving for Bouvet Island tomorrow...in the meantime, what should we do about the AEU?"

Vivian sighed in irritation at the mention of the Advanced European Union, "I will demand them to attend a meeting in Bern, Switzerland," she said, "I'll give them a severe tounge lashing they'll never forget,"

Justin had to laugh at that, "That's why they call you the Snow Lepoard of Antarctica, dear," he said, "You take shit from nobody, not even from greedy, arrogant, snobs like the AEU,"

Vivian just her husband a serious look, "Unlike most countries who had their treaties broke and forgot it ever happened, Justin," she said, "Antarctica will not be one of them, and will not tolerate a broken peace treaty that is signed here,"

General Lars chuckled "That's the Europeans of the AEU for ya ma'am," he said. "Their Imperialistic to the bone." (AN: No offense to any European Readers I may have...especially for the Irish.)

Every crew member of Ptolemaios were gathered the bridge watching the statement.

"Hallejiuah, its as if all of the world's evils have been exposed," smiled Allejiuah.

"Humanity is being tested by the powers of Celestial Being," said the purple haired meister looking over at the screen.

"That is a terrible misdeed," whispered Sumeragi as she took a swig from her flask.

Lockon turned the video off and he sighed

"Well this is it, we've started it, and it can't be stopped,"

"It won't stop, it won't stop!" repeated Haro flapping its ears/wings.

"Hey, we just picked a fight with the whole world, do you know what that means Setsuna? Kevin?" asked the oldest meister turning his comrades.

Kevin S. Seiei removed his helmet, revealing a middle eastern 17 year old boy with short brown hair and light brown eyes. He smiled a bit as Setsuna removed his own Helmet "Of course we do," he said, as they looked at the three Gundams before them.

"Yeah," Setsuna answered as he looked up as well. "we know because we are the gundam meisters of Celestial Being,"

In a office that was darkened a bit, a figure was watching the speech being given by the man.

"And so...," the voice of the figure that was of a woman's said as she turned off the screen, and looked out the window of her office, showing a city, "...It has begun at last," The woman was wearing a uniform similar to the ASDF uniform, only colored black and trimmed with green. She looked to be in her mid 20's with black hair and brown highlights, her eyes a kind but fierce brown.

'Its been almost 300 years...but its all come down to this.' The woman, Nasha Artemis said. 'The Garuda should be here in a matter of days with the G-Weapons.' She sighed as she looked up, and revealed the overlapping scenery of the Homestead-type Space Colony. 'Celestial Being are the Harbingers of Change in this world,' she thought. 'But they will not be alone in securing Humanity's survival...and It will be up to Black Sword to help them.'



Patriot-112: Yup! Antarctic Chronicles is back and ready for action! Take that C.U!

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Mobile Unit: GNS-001 Scepter Gundam

Unit Type: Prototype Stealth Attack Mobile Suit

Manufacturer: Celestial Being

Operators: Celestial Being

Known Pilots: Ken Ikari/Kevin S. Seiei

Height: 18.63 Meters

Standard Weight: 73.5 Tons

Power Plant: GN Drive

Accommodations: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Equipment and Design Features: Sensors, range unknown; Advance Optical Camo;

Armor: E-Carbon

Fixed Armament: 2 x GN Beam Daggers, stored on rear waist, hand-carried when in use; 2 x GN Beam Sabers, stored behind shoulders, hand-carried when in use;

Optional Fixed Armament: Shield, mounted on left forearm;

Optional Armament: GN Sword/Rifle, attached to right forearm, hand-carried when in use; GN Sniper Rifle, stored on right shoulder, hand-carried when in use;

Technical and Historical Notes: The GNS-001 Gundam Scepter was one of the two 'Special' Gundam Type units created by Celestial Being. This one was built off of the data from the GNY-005 Gundam Uriel. Unlike most other Celestial Being Units, the Scepter and its brother unit the Ophanim were created for Stealth Operations. One of the most important features on these two Gundam's are the fact that they have a more advance version of the Optical Camo that's on most other Gundam Units, however it can function while moving. Another feature that wasn't part of the Original Design was the Sword/Rifle that was usually mounted on the Exia. Ken asked his childhood friend Setsuna if he could use one of the spare sword units from the Exia, and Setsuna gave him permission to do so. He even got Lockon to give him his spare Sniper Rifle to add onto it as well.

Appearance: Looks a lot like the GN-002 Gundam Dynames, only its Torso is more like the Exia's and it does not have the left shoulder shield.

Colors: Black with Red Trimming

Mobile Unit: GNS-002 Ophanim Gundam

Unit Type: Prototype Stealth Attack Mobile Suit

Manufacturer: Celestial Being

Operators: Celestial Being

Known Pilots: Ray Ramius

Height: 16.7 Meters

Standard Weight: 73.5 Tons

Power Plant: GN Drive

Accommodations: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Equipment and Design Features: Sensors, range unknown; Advance Optical Camo;

Armor: E-Carbon

Fixed Armament: 2 x GN Beam Daggers, stored in lower waist, hand-carried when in use;

Optional Fixed Armament: GN Attack Shield, contains GN Beam Rifle and Saber, mounted on right forearm;

Optional Armament: GN Beam Scythe, stored on back, hand-carried when in use;

Technical and Historical Notes: Like its brother unit, the GNS-002 Gundam Ophanim was created for the purpose of Stealth Attacks, and as such, uses the same Advance Optical Camo as the Scepter does. Its primary armaments come from the GN Attack Shield and the GN Beam Scythe. It was built more for Close Combat that its brother unit, but this fit Ray Ramius's style perfectly.

Appearance: Looks mostly like the XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe, however it has the GN-001 Exia's torso, and the GAT-X207 Blitz's Trikeros unit minus the Lancer Darts.

Colors: Black with Gold Trimming.

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