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Chapter 3: The Changing World

"What are the odds, you and I meeting like this," smiled Graham as he clashed swords with the first Gundam, while Hikari engaged the second one. "You know being a sentimental Virgo and all, I couldn't help but feel that we were destined to meet, or maybe I found you because you stopped admitting those light particles," He then began to push back the Gundam, "That's probably it!"

Setsuna growled as he began pushing back, forcing his sword forward causing the Flag to drop its Plasma Blade and fly back.

Graham meanwhile looked surprised "He Forced me back?" He asked, however he grinned upon seeing the Exia prepare for another attack "Good luck trying to hit me with that blade of yours!" He said as he banked left to avoid being hit.

Meanwhile with Kevin, he kicked back Hikari's Flag and flew away to get some distance. He then took out his beam sniper rifle and began firing shots. However, to his surprise, the Flag managed to doge the shots.

"Wow," He commented, "Whoever is piloting these things are good..."

Hikari, grinned as she faced her opponent, "You're gonna have to do better than that, Gundam!" she said as drew her Flag's Plasma Blade and hit the thrusters as the Union Mobile Suit sped forward toward the Scepter.

"Whoa shit!" Kevin shouted as he brought his Musashi sword up again to catch the attack.

"Kevin, watch out!" Setsuna shouted, and Kevin looked just in time to see the Second Flag grab onto his shoulder.

"Before I leave," Graham said, "I think I'll take a little Souvenir!"

"Don't you...touch him!" Setsuna shouted, as the Exia sped forward as crashed into the Flag, sending him flying back.

"Graham!" Hikari shouted, but then jerked as the Scepter began pushing back hard, kicking back the Flag, and slicing off its Blade Hand. "Shit!" She then began to move back, gaining some distance from the Scepter.

Meanwhile, Graham had drawn out his Linear Rifle, and was firing at the fast approaching Exia. Setsuna then discarded his shield as he dodged the shots, and then drew out his beam saber, and sliced the Flag's rifle in half.

"He has a Beam Saber?" He asked in shock, before his eyes narrowed "Hikari, fall back!" He ordered, "We're getting out of here!"

"Roger that!" Hikari said, as the two Flag's disengaged, Graham growling as he looked back at the Blue Gundam, as it deactivated its saber.

The Scepter then moved next to the Exia "Yo Setsuna, you alright?" He asked.

"I'm fine," Setsuna answered, "But...who were those pilots?"

Kevin shrugged "No idea," he said as he looked at the retreating Flag's. "But I'll give e'm credit...their good."

Setsuna nodded in agreement and then turned his Gundam's head to the Scepter.

"Let's go home," he said, and Kevin sighed in agreement.

"Yeah. Home," he said and the two Gundams headed on their original course back to the Island Base.



Back on the Union Transport Plane


"My oh my," Billy said, "You two really are unpredictable aren't you?"

Hikari groaned as she lied down in her seat "My Flag got damaged, and Graham lost a rifle..." she said sighing.

"We'll have to write up an apology later," Graham said, equally dissatisfied.

"I wouldn't worry about that you two," Billy said as he typed on his terminal, "The data we gathered on the Gundam's could make the trade worth it, heck it would have been okay to have lost both of the flags altogether, plus the paint you scraped off of the Red and Black one's shoulder might give us a few leads."

The two both nodded in agreement at that.

"True, but those Gundams are truly incredible," Hikari said, "Especially their weaponry. All High beam energy based. Well, except for the Musashi Katana and the Sword the Gundam Graham fought wielded,"

"Yeah, no kidding," Graham said, and then smiled, "But I just can't stop thinking about how young the pilots were."

Billy gained a confused look "You...spoke with the pilot?" He asked, and Hikari giggled a bit "No Billy, we could tell his age from his movements." She said, before she frowned a bit. "They were both young...probably in their mid teen's if I guessed it...but they defiantly showed experience on a battlefield...they were both most likely child soldiers at some point."

Billy nodded a bit at that, "I could undertand that," he said, "After all, who else doesn't like war more than former child soldiers,"

Graham gave his own nod of agreement, "Yea," He said, "I think theirs a chance most of the Celestial Being pilots have had traumatic experiences with war, which probably motivates them to stay with Celestial Being to make sure whatever happened to them, doesn't happen to anyone else."

Before anyone could say anything, the intercom turned on "We lost the Gundam Sir," The pilot said, and Graham just shrugged. "We got dumped."


Tokyo Japan

JNN Headquarters


Inside the building, all the workers were furiously typing on their computers as the head chief yelled to the others about the latest new update. Inside one of the editing rooms, kinue Crossroad sat in front of the computer as she read the information on the screen.

"Aeolia Schenburg," She said, "A scientist and legendary inventor of the late 21st century, he proposed the basic theory of the solar generation system. He rarely appeared in public and all that's remembered about him is his fame and wealth. Given the statistics, I could see him as the founder of Celestial Being, but why? Why are they making their move now?"



AEU Intelligence Headquarters


"Aeolia's Bloodline ended with him," a man said, "He has no heirs."

"I see," the AEU Intelligence Director said, "And what happened to his fortune?"

"Theirs...nothing about it in the records." The man said, and the director sighed.

"He probably had a hand in that detail," the director said, "Security was pretty much non existent in the late 21st Century." He then chuckled a bit "Celestial Being has been surprisingly meticulous." He said as he sat down in his chair.

"Mr. Secretary, do you think Celestial Being will continue their armed interventions?" The man asked, and the Director nodded.

"I would if I were them," he said, "Prepare a proper list of materials for our report to the assembly...and our excuses."



Somewhere in Space


The Garuda, after reaching space from the Mass Driver at the Falklands, was now beginning their journey too the Antarctic Space Colony New Philadelphia.

In the Pilot's Rack Room, two induviduals were in the middle of a game of chess, with several around them watching. On one side, was the first player, an 18 year old boy with short spiked black hair and crimson red eyes, wearing the URA Uniform, his eyes were fixed on the board, waiting for his opponent to move.

"Are...you gonna move or what?" The pilot, Jaden Takeo asked, as his opponent simply lazily looked up at him, but with a small smile.

"All in good time, Jaden." He said, he was a 19 year old young man with short ebony black hair and violet colored eyes, wearing a modified black URA uniform. "Ah...here we go." He said as he picked his Black King.

"Your moving the King?" Jaden asked with a risen eyebrow, and the opponent just chuckled.

"If a King does not lead, how can he expect his subjects to follow?" He asked, and Jaden rolled his eyes.

"Whatever Leoluche," He said as he moved a knight "Check."

Leoluche Lamperogue just chuckled as he moved his king. "Check Mate." He said, and Jaden's eyes widened. "Bull Shit!" He said, "That's not Check Mate!"

"Look at the board, Jaden." Leoluche said, and Jaden just growled.

"Can anyone beat you in this fraking game?" He growled out, and Lelouche just chuckled.

"Unfortunately no," he said and Jaden slammed his head on the table.

"I hate you," he grumbled, and everyone began to laugh like Hyenas.

Jaden then felt a pat on his shoulder. "Its ok Jaden," a Female voice said, "Your not the only one." He looked back and saw a young girl who looked just a bit older than him with shoulder length black hair and dark purple eyes with fair colored skin.

He just sighed again "How he manages to keep beating us just doesn't make sense, Katrina." He said, "No one can be this good with chess!"

"Well, he's living proof there is," Katrina Keith said with a giggle while Jaden just sighed as he stood up and walked away, grumbling.

"You better be careful Lelouche," she said to the son of the Flash, "You know how much Jaden hates to lose,"

Lelouche chuckled, "I know he doesn't like to lose," he said, "It just makes it more fun,"

It was then he heard a voice he knew all too well, "Now, now Lelouche," he paled a bit as he turned around and saw his mother, "No need to rub salt in the wound, besides you know what he could do too your machine if you get him mad enough."

Everyone in the rack room quickly snapped to salute, however Marianne just sighed and waved them off "At ease everyone," she said, "I'm just a colonel, not the president."

The group all relaxed at that, as Lelouche looked at his warily.

"I-I'm truly sorry mother, it was just a joke is all," he said, causing his mother to giggle.

"Now Lelouche, no need to be scared. I was just teasing!" the ASDF Colonel said as her son took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"Its the truth though!" Jaden said, with a grin on his face, "I know over a hundred ways I can mess with your Patriot to make your life a living hell Lelouche, You'd best watch your back."

"He could" Another voice said, coming from a young 19 year old girl with shoulder length rust red hair and blue eyes said, "He is a decedent of the man who created the ARC Drive, he has a reputation to hold."

Jaden shrugged "What can I say?" He said, "The Takeo Family has always been masters with Machines Kasumi, its what we do."

Kasumi rolled her eyes at that, "Don't need to remind me," she said, as Jaden chuckled.

Marianne shook her head in amusement, "If everyone is done making jokes, I came here to tell you all, that we should be arriving at New Philadelphia in 72 hours," she said, and was met by several groans.

"Three Days?" Jaden said, "What the heck are we suppose to keep us entertained for three days!"

"Well, I suggest sharpening your skills on the Repulse Jaden," Another voice said, coming from a young 22 year old man with long brown hair in a bang covering the left side of his face (Think Trowa Barton's hair) with dark green eyes, which were currently reading a small brown book. "We all have some room for improvement. Or you could tune into the assembly in Switzerland, I believe the President should be meeting with the AEU right about now,"

Everyone blinked at that, since the Incident with the Gundam at the AEU's Orbital Elevator, said economic was taking flak from the Media of how they broke the treaty by placing more troops at the elevator.

"You know what? I just might do that," Jaden said, as he sat up and grabbed the remote for the T.V. He then flicked it on, and changed the channel until they came upon the first News Network covering the assembly.

"...This is JNN News reporting to you live from Bern, Switzerland," Said the Japanese News woman covering the assembly, "The Meeting between the Antarctic Predident Vivan Harkin, and the current head of the AEU, James Halos, has just begun."

The Camera then changed to the image of a large table, on one side was the acting head of the AEU, while on the other side was President Harkin, with her husband Justin Harkin sitting next to her, and neither of the latter looked happy.

"Oh, they don't look happy," Kasumi said as she saw the barely contained angry faces of the two.

"Yeah no kidding," Katrina said, almost feeling sorry for the AEU Chairman, keyword: almost.

"I hope you understand the situation that you and the AEU are in Chairman Halos," Vivian began, "Not only did you break a treaty that clearly prohibited your government from building it's military to dangerous levels...," Her eyes narrowed as she leaned forward just a bit "You broke a treaty signed in MY Country."

The HRL Chairman was looking very nervous, but he was somehow managing to keep himself composed. "M-Madam President," he said, "You must understand we were simply assuring the security off our Orbital Elevator, since ours has yet to reach completion like the HRL's and Unions. We merely wished to ensure the safety and security of the people still working there."

He flinched as Vivian's eyes just hardened more.

"Well if you were more focused on spending your resources and money on actually building the Orbital Elevator, instead of using it to produce more Mobile Weapons for your Forces, and selling the access units to every Third World Nation where they are easily acquired by Terrorist Groups, you wouldn't have this problem, would you?" she asked sarcastically.

The Chairman felt insulted by Vivian's statement, "Now hold on a moment! Yes we sell weapons to Nations who are not part of the Economic Blocs, but we do not support terrorism whatsoever!"

"I never said you did," Vivan said, "However, you should realize that the units the Terrorists used during the attack on Heaven's Pillar were Hellions! And the AEU are the only ones who manufactures and distributes Hellions. If Celestial Being hadn't done its intervention, the deaths of everyone at the ceremony would have been on YOUR head, because the AEU was incapable of keeping track of the weapons they sell! Oh, and did I mention that there were over 15 members of our military there, and also our Ambassador to the HRL on that station?"

The whole could clearly see the uneasiness on the face of the AEU Chairman. Vivian could only sigh.

"I thought so. It comes to my conclusion that you do not take the consequences of your actions seriously, because you are too busy fattening your pockets with money, and are concerned with only your problems and not of other nations," she said, clearly displeased, "It was no wonder the United States withdrew from NATO during the 22nd Century, because they grew tired of your arrogance and idiocy. Thus, Europe lost a very important ally,"

The pilots of the Garuda nodded at that, when the U.S left NATO, not to long after the Economic Blocs were formed around the developing Orbital Elevators.

"Howver, now we're getting off track," The President said, "So I will cut to the chase, the AEU WILL remove the extra forces they have stationed at the Elevator, and Antarctica will send inspectors to insure you did so. If they find nothing, then we can put this behind us, and hopefully you will have learned your lession." But then her eyes narrowed again "But I swear, if they find so much as one extra Mobile Suit, We will cut back on our technology trades with you, and what we don't give you, will be given to the Union and HRL. Are. We. Clear?"

The Chairman hesitated for a moment before he sighed and nodded his head in understanding defeat.

Vivian returned the nod, "Good. Oh, and one more thing, you should advise your Military High Command in properly training your Mobile Suit pilots better, if what I saw from the video of the demonstration of your Enact was any indication. For being the first to start using Mobile Suits, your pilots lack the proper training," with that she and Justin stood up, "These discussions are now over,"

Back on the Garuda, Many of the pilots and Marianne were grinning, some even snickering at the misfortune of the AEU. "Oh man," Jaden Chuckled. "The AEU just got owned!"

"Well, what do you expect?" Said another pilot, looking to be of Japanese Decent, who had dark brown crew cut hair, green eyes with brown specks. "The URA President isn't known for being a push over, she wouldn't have been allied with Japan if she were weak willed."

"Got that right Shin," Katrina said, with her own grin.



In Japan


Emperor Yoshiro, who was watching the assembly, couldn't help but chuckle at the scene. "That's Vivan-san alright," he said, "Direct and straight to the point."

"It amazes me how much she reminds me of her Mother," His wife, Midori said, sitting next to him, a smile on her face, "It makes you glad we remained Independent, rather than join the Union."

Yoshiro nodded "Very True," he said.



In The Union


Jason watched with an amused smile on his face,"Now that, Madame President," he said, "Was truly an amazing showing of Antarctic Retaliation,"

David, who was also watching, nodded in agreement with him.



In the HRL


Sergei was chuckling which soon turned into full-blown laughter.

"Justin, my friend!" he said, "You truly have a good woman for a wife!"

The other HRL soldiers took a step back, clearly uneasy, as they usually didn't see the tough, and firm Wild Bear of Russia, laugh so much. It was scary.



In Azadistan


Shirin Bakhtiar smiled as she and Princess Marina Islmail watched what happened in Switzerland. "You have to give the President Credit Princess," she said, "She certainly doesn't mess around in these situations."

Marina sighed in regret at that, "I know, that's why I envy her," she said, "She is strong, values peace above all else, and is not afraid to put others in their place if they did something utterly foolish,"



at New Philadelphia


Nasha Artemis laughed hysterically as she watched the news broadcast.

"You show'em Viv!" she said, as her laughter got louder, "What a way to show them who's boss!"



Republic of Kurdistan


President Muhammad Ilahi Khan, a Middle Eastern man in his mid 50's with short black hair and a long beard laughed hardily at the video footage "A well played game Madam President!" He said between his laughs, "Who says Politics can't be fun sometimes?"





Miss Sumeragi was laughing at the scene "This is why I love Antarctica!" She said as she took another swig.

The other crewmembers were either snickering or were laughing.

"You gotta admit, Antarcticans take no crap from anybody," Lasse said with a grin. Christina was trying to calm down after watching the URA President's speech.

"R-Remind to ask for her autograph if we ever decide to visit Antarctica!" the young woman said as she continued laughing.

"Oh man, I'd never thought I'd see the day someone thanking us for preventing a disaster, but also chewing out the AEU for breaking the Treaty!" Lichte said, as he held his sides, while laughing.

Feldt, even though she wasn't laughing, gave a small smile at that.



Unknown location


Alejandro Corner couldn't help but laugh at how the AEU made complete fools of themselves. "Out of all of the nations out there," he said, "Antarctica is the only one who have their heads on straight, anyone who makes an enemy out of them are either brave or stupid."

Ribbions said nothing, however he did have a smile on his face and was silently chuckling to himself.



HRL Orbital Elevator


Lockon, Ray, Tieria and Allelujah were standing around a table at the Heaven's Pillar Transport Terminal, waiting for Setsuna and Kevin to show up.
They had been watching the nearby T.V Screen, and watched the whole thing. Lockon and Ray were both laughing out loud.

"Oh man I can't believe that happened!" Ray managed to say between laughs.

"Me neither, I never thought anyone could go against the AEU leadership!," Lockon said, clearly amused at the situation that the AEU got itself in. Even Allelujah was smiling a bit, and if you looked hard enough, you could see the small grin on Tieria's Face.

It was then that Lockon looked up, and he noticed Setsuna and Kevin walk in "Hey, there you are!" He said, "You two have any idea how late you are? You just missed out on the most brilliant display of Antarctic Politics in history!"

"I assumed you two were dead..." Tieria said simply, earning a small glare from Kevin.

"Something happen?" Allelujah asked.

"Nothing we couldn't handle," Kevin said, "We've already submitted our reports to Veda."

"Anyway, at least all of us are safe," Lockon said, "We'll leave space up to you Tieria, we'll go and prepare for the next mission,"

"I'll follow the orders, though I have my doubt," said Tieria and he looked at Setsuna and Kevin, while the other three Misters just smiled.

"Here are you orders, enjoy your drinks Gentlemen," said a waiter as he placed two glasses of milk down and both Setsuna and Kevin looked up at Lockon.

"Milk?" The both asked at the same time.

"It's on me." Lockon said as he raised his hand, smiling at the two Gundam Meisters.

Kevin glared at the Irishman, as he picked up his glass, along with Setsuna "You think we're babies or something Lockon?" he asked, "Because this isn't funny one bit!"

Lockon could only chuckle, "You guys are still pretty young to be drinking what the older guys drink. Plus, consider this payback for me having to look after you," he said.

"Oi! Setsuna was the one who went rushing off on his own!" Kevin said, "I simply followed him to make sure he didn't get in trouble! Besides, you don't have to look after us, we can handle ourselves." He then took a drink of his Milk "But I will agree with you on the 'too young to drink beer' thing...bloody hate that stuff."

Then Allelujah spoke up "But do you think it will work? Using the elevator to get a unit back into space?" He as Tieria made his way to his train.

"Nothing to worry about," Lockon said, "Its mixed with the colony construction supplies, as long it's the same weight and gets past boarding, there's no checks after that, especially here,"

Kevin nodded in agreement at that, "And since the guy who owns the trains is a Celestial Being Member, it makes it easier getting the Gundams back into Space,"

Ray gave the Middle Eastern Teen a smile, "Exactly Kevin, but we sill have to be cautious of curious workers, and pesky journalists,"

"That's defiantly their Achilles heel," Allelujah said, looking down at his coffee. "And if we have a weakness of our own, it would have to be that without the gundams the Ptolemaios' operating time is limited, with only six-," started Allejiuah when someone grabbed his shoulder and he looked up to see Setsuna looking at him.

"Don't talk about our secrets," warned Setsuna and Kevin nodded.

"Right, my mistake," answered Allejiuah and Lockon looked up at the screen.

"Tieria's train is leaving now,"

"Pillar of Heaven Travel Bureau Train E227 is departing as scheduled at 5:32 GMT." The Intercom announcer's voice sounded.

The monitor showing the train beginning to depart. Lockon and Allelujah turned towards the monitor, watching the departure's progress, while Setsuna looked out from the corner of his eye.

'A linear rail into space...' He thought to himself.


On the train with Tieria


Tieria was sitting in a compartment all by himself. Which was something he personally requested. Tieria's hand supported his head as he looked out the window. His eyes watched the train's progress through the levels. While having only one thought.

"Finally I can return to space. I hate being on the surface."



With the others


"Okay then let's go home," yawned Lockon as the five walked out the glass doors.

"I wish we could get a little break," sighed Allejiuah.

"Got to strike when the iron's hot," Ray said, "The world not gonna listen to us the first time around,"

"Took the words right out of my mouth Ray," Lockon said grinning as they moved, Not noticing as they walked away, that just behind them were a group of soldiers from the HRL waiting. Saluting a Sergei Smirnov who had a briefcase as he walked out the glass doors.

"Good day Colonel, we've been waiting for you and how did space treat you?" the soldier asked, and Sergei looked around.

"I find something comforting about gravity.," he admitted, and the Soldier nodded. "I agree sir, the commander's been waiting for you," said the solider as he offered his hand to take the bag form Sergei when he held up his hand.

"Before that, I would like to stop by Ceylon," He said, and the soldier gained a confused look.

"But sir, then-" But Sergei looked at the soldier.

"I only believe things that I've seen with my own eyes," He said, and the Soldier relented and saluted.

"Sir, I will join you!"





In the commander's office, Billy, Hikari and Graham looked at their commander as he wrote something down.

"You were there to watch the AEU demonstration," the Commander said, Frustration taking shape on his face. "but observed a huge mess."

"I saw it but I still can't believe that a mobile suit like that exists," answered Graham, and Hikari nodded. "Its True Sir," she said. "The Gundam's performance easily surpasses anything the Union has, even the Flag."

Billy then spoke up, "I believe that it is well worth our time to research it," he said, and the Commander sighed as he looked at them.

"The top brass feel the same way," said the commander, to the surprise of the trio as he pulled out three files from a drawer. "Because the three of you saw the gundams, you all received transfers." The three them picked up the files, and read through their contents.

"The Anti- Gundam investigative task force?" read Graham with a risen eyebrow.

"It's a newly established unit. Headquarters will probably give it an official name later." He explained. That's when Billy noticed a familiar name on the rooster, and his eyes widened.

"Professor Ralph Eifman?" He asked in shock, "He's going to be our chief technologist?"

Looking deathly serious the officer confirmed it. "That's how much the importance the higher-ups place on this. I expect fast results."

The trio closed their folders and saluted, "Sir, Lieutenant Graham Aker, Lieutenant Hikari Sera, and Tech Advisor Katagiri, transferring over toe the Anti- Gundam investigative task force!"

Shortly leaving the office, they walked side by side. The atmosphere from the situation before made it difficult to talk casually.

"That...was a surprise," Billy said, "I don't suppose either of you foresaw that coming?"

Graham and Hikari just shrugged "No, we're as surprised as you are." He said, before he grinned a bit "But I feel as if Fate were in play here."

"You actually believe in that stuff, Graham?" Hikari asked, she doesn't actually believe in that stuff and believes a person can forge his destiny.

Graham just shrugged, "It's how I usually explain things like this, Hikari," he said, "Why do you another way to explain it?"

Hikari just sighed in defeat, "Not really, no,"



In Japan


Though it was a bright clear day, not everybody was outside to enjoy it. Because at this time many students were in their classes. Listening to their teachers give lectures, looking longingly out the windows.

Saji was trying to pay attention to his teacher. But his voice droning on and on about a normally uninteresting subject was taking its toll on Saji.

"The terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland has continued for over 4 centuries is believed to have originated from two Christian denominations, the Catholics and Protestants but that is not the only problem, you are to use the Northern Ireland conflict for this term essay..."

After the bell rang for lunch, Saji and Louise find themselves at the Lunchroom sitting with each other.

"Another essay?" He sighed, "Why do we need a history credit of we're engineering majors?" Louise then closed her eyes crossed her arms around. "Further Technological Innovation will be based upon orbital elevator maintenance, and development of space colonies. A sense of history is required in order to relate to engineers from other nations." She quoted from their teacher before giggling, "He said that in the first class."

Saji sighed, "Yeah I know that but still..."

"I mean that's why there letting come here to be an exchange student," Louise said, and Saji nodded, "And I'm really grateful for that," he answered.

"Really?" She asked, and Saji looked up to see Louise with a sad expression on her face. "My study exchange... ends in two years,"

"What are we talking about?" He asked, getting a bit alerted.

"Hey, do you think about the future Saji?" asked Louise and Saji shrugged. "When you do, am I in it?"

"Yeah I guess," smiled Saji and Louise stood up with a offended look on her face.

"Hey wait up!" called Saji as he ran after her.



In a Restaurant


Wong Lui Mei was sitting by herself in a resturaunt, drinking a glass of Sode. "A Soft Drink?" A voice asked, and she turned to see Alejandro Corner walk towards her, and sit in the chair in front of her. "They serve a magnificent Cocktail here that I highly recommend."

Mei just smiled a bit "I'm still a Minor you know," she said.

"Oh? Do excuse me!" He said, as a waiter approached "I'll have the usual," he said, and the waiter nodded as he left.

"Celestial Being is about to begin it's next mission," Liu Mei, as the waiter came back and gave Alejandro his drink. "If you plan on following the action, I suggest you begin setting up three monitors."

Alejandro grinned "Ah, I simply can't wait," he said, "I'll be sure to follow your suggestion."

Meanwhile, near the bar table, Hong Long was watching the scene closely. "You like to watch?" A voice asked, and Long looked to his left and glared at the smiling Ribbons next to him.





"So this is it then," stated Sergei as he looked at the bombing module from Celestial Being.

"yes sir,"

"Have you learned anything yet?"

"Yes sir," and the solider looked around and he called one of the other soldiers who was working on the module.

"Sir, it's a bombing module made out of E-carbon used for mobile suits," He reported, "The work is state of the art, but we haven't found any evidence of any new technology."

"What about the missiles inside?" Sergei asked.

"Right," the soldier said, "After studying the residue inside, we have determined them to be of the 300 Kilogram Guided Type, however no other country of corporation produces this type that we know of, not even Antarctica or Japan."

Sergei hummed in thought, "So, their making them on their own..." he thought out loud.





Graham, Hikari and Billy were in a hanger, Billy going over the battle data they received from Graham and Hikari's fight with the Gundam. They had slightly changed from their original attire. Billy was now wearing a lab coat, while Graham and Hikari were dressed in Union pilot suit's. They were standing on a platform that went up next to Graham's flag.

"Judging from the suit fuselage, the Gundam's output is 6 times greater than a Flag's. I wonder what kind of motor it uses..." Billy concluded and wondered as he looked over the data.

Graham and Hikari stood behind Billy, leaning against the railing. "The power output is impressive, but the maneuverability is even more so." Graham said, musing more to himself than the others.

"I confirmed it with the battle data." Billy said, "As expected, the explanation behind its maneuverability lies with..." Looking over at Graham,

"Light particles?" Sergei looked over at the other solider.

"Yes, the gundams were said to admit glowing green particles,"

"That explains some of my questions of how they weren't detected on our radars, or sensors."

"Yeah, not only is the particle used for stealth, but also for controlling the machine," said Hikari, while Graham nodded.

"More than likely, its also used in its weaponry," said a deep voice and both men turned to see a man with snow white hair in his fifties or sixties leaning on a walking stick.

"Professor Ralph Eifman!" yelled Billy

"What a remarkable man, he posses technology several decades ahead of ours," and the three men looked over at the flag.

"Aeolia Schenberg?" Sergei asked, and the soldier nodded. "Yes, he was the man who appeared in Celestial being's Statement of Responsibility." He said.

Sergei nodded "Yes, I know the name." He said, "He was the man who proposed the Solar Power Generation System."

"Intel is following that angle in its Gundam Investigation," the Soldier said, and Sergei just snorted a bit as he faced the missile launcher again. "They won't find anything down that path," he said, "They can throw away this module, since they don't have to keep this technology a secret."

"What I really want to do is to catch a gundam and study it," Ralph said, and the three nodded.

"I completely agree that's why I need you to modify mine and Hikari's machines," Graham said.

"What about the stress on the pilot?" Ralph asked cautiously.

"Don't worry," Hikari said, "A few more G's are nothing to us."

"She's right," Graham said with a nod, "But I need you to finish them in one week," and the professor looked over at the younger man and smiled,

"Oh, you don't ask for much do you?" He asked, and the two just smiled.

"If we're going to court a gundam, we'll have to be a little aggressive," Graham said.

"He thinks he's fallen in love with it," Billy said, while Hikari just rolled her eyes.

That's when Graham's phone rang. Quickly picking it up he answered, straightening up when the other person on the line informed him of the news."What? The Gundam's reappeared?"

"Location?" Sergei demanded upon being informed of the Gundam's appearance by another soldier.

"Sir, there are three locations!" The soldier asked.

"Three Places Simultaneously?" Sergei asked in surprise.

"South Africa?" President Jason asked as David nodded "Yes sir," he said. "They must be planning too intervene in the civil war between the mining rights of the countries mineral deposits."


South Africa



In the valley, a group of mobile suits stationed themselves when particle beams hit the ground near them.

Inside Dynames' cockpit, Lockon sat with his GN Pistol aimed at the target, a frown on his face as he sighed.

"I hate this, it makes me feel like a bully," He said, said the oldest meister as he purposely hit the ground near the enemy mobile suits. "Come on and disarm!"

"I'll start hitting you," and then he aimed at the mobile suits and after two shots, they enemy fell back.

"They ran! They ran!" chirped Haro and Lockon smiled,

"Hey, they smartened up!"





Graham was making his way towards one of the Flag's "Don't do it!" The Professor said, as Graham turned to see Hikari, Billy and Ralph behind him. "And why not?" He asked, "One's in Taribia! We can get there from here!"

Ralph's eyes narrowed "I have a deep rooted loathing for illegal narcotics," he said, "If their going to burn it down, I'd be more inclined to help Celestial Being."

"Narcotics?" Graham asked in confusion.

"Their going to destroy the reason of the war itself." He said, and Hikari sighed. "Graham, I'm agreeing with the Professor on this one," she said and Billy nodded. "Its not worth it this time."

Graham sighed, but nodded as he stepped away from the Flag.


South America

Over Teribia


Flying over the fields, Kyrios manuervered around the area.

"30 minutes since circling maneuver began, warning complete," reported Allejiuah. "Kyrios, now commencing mission," and the bottom pocket of Kyrios opened revealing many bombs which fell and exploded on the ground leaving a mass of burning fields.

"97% of objective complete, mission complete," and Allejiuah piloted Kyrios away from the site. He then smiled as it flew away. "Missions like these, are a pleasure."



In Ceylon


"A Gundam appeared here on Ceylon Island?" The Lieutenant Colonel asked.

"Yes it appeared at the 7th Garrison."

The man's face looked troubled before he had a thought. "Do you have any useable Tieren? I'll head out." The soldier at his side though didn't exactly agree.

"The Lieutenant Colonel himeself?"

Turning towards the Colonel responded. "I told you before I'm a man that believes in what he sees with his own eyes."

Meanwhile, at the Garrison, with it's GN blade at the ready, the Exia cut cleanly in half another unit. It fell to the ground with a metallic clang, but not to soon after that it exploded with a bang. The remaining units were panicking. That was the third one taken down!

It's solar furnace beginning to light up, the Exia charged forward. The remaining units hoping to hit the Gundam fired some more beam shots. But it was no use. Either the Exia evaded or blocked the beam shots. Coming in fast it quickly slashed through one of the units. Not losing its stride it used its momentum to finish off the last unit.

"First Phase Complete-" Setsuna began to say, before his warnings began going off. Several rounds of small explosions went off dangerously close to Setsuna. Moving quickly out of the way, as a lone MSJ-06II-C Tieren High Mobility Type flew past. "Reinforcements?" Setsuna asked surprised as the Tieren turned around for another pass.

The Colonel's unit then identified the Gundam. Locking on to the enemy mobile suit.

"So that's a Gundam..." he mused, as he slowed the unit down, and landed in front of him. Upon landing, he then discarded his Smoothbore Cannon, in favor of drawing his unit's Carbon Blade.

Setsuna rose an eyebrow "No Rifle?" He asked, "Is he suppose to be testing me?"

Sergei's eyes narrowed, "Now show me your dedication to ending war!" He shouted, as the thrusters on its back came to life. Launching the Tieren forward, however Setsuna was prepared as he ducked under the attack, and sliced the Tieren's blade arm off. "He took the bate!" yelled Sergei and as the gundam turned, he grabbed the face.

Because of that action, Setsuna had to fight blind. Gritting his teeth he moved the controls. Causing the Exia to use it's GN blade to slowly slice off the Tieren's remaining arm.

"That head of yours! I'm taking it!" yelled Sergei as he gripped the head Exia.

Setsuna struggled as the Exia's head was about to be ripped off.

"You're mistaken!" yelled Setsuna as he pulled out a beam saber and sliced off one of the Tierin's arm.

Inside the Tierin, Sergei screamed as his mobile suit was forced back.

Setsuna yelled out as he managed to destroy the Tierin. Standing over the ruined mobile suit, Setsuna looked at the Tierin.

"No one touches me," he said as he pulled off the Tieren's severed hand off of the Exia's face.



Near the Philippines


The Scepter and Ophanim Gundams were flying side by side to their destination towards the Philippine Islands "So, what are we doing out here again, when we could be helping the others?" Kevin asked.

"Veda says some Terrorist Group near the Philippines have been building up strength for an attack on the mainland," Ray answered, "Veda says their armed with Anf's and Hellions, so it shouldn't be too much trouble."

Kevin nodded at that. Although he does tend to get bored fighting mobile suits that were inferior to the Gundams.

"Gotcha," he said and then looked at his sensors, and his eyebrows rose a bit, "Bingo, found them! Twenty Degrees East of our position!"

"Right, let's get e'm!" Ray said as the two Gundams flew towards the target.

At a small pacific island, alarms were being risen as the Terrorists began mobilizing their defenses. Anti-Aircraft fire was already being fired their way, but the Gundam's simply twirled and blocked the rounds fired at them.

Kevin drew out the GN Pistols he took with him this mission, and fired them both from his hands, aiming at the AA Positions. Ray also fired his beam rifle from his shied, and the AA positions were no more.

When the two Gundam's landed, the enemy Mobile Suits began showing up, as MSER-04 Anf's and AEU-05/05 Hellion Perpetuum's came out of their hidden hangers and attacked.

The two Gundam's then split up, with the Ophanim going air born to engage the Hellion's already in the air, while Kevin was left to deal with the surface contacts. Putting away one of his Pistols, he then drew out his GN Beam Saber, and charged, gliding across the land while dodging the enemy fire. He quickly sliced the first Anf in half through its mid section, and immediatly afterwards aimed his pistol on his left hand another Anf and fired, blasting its head off.

The Gundam pilot sighed a bit as he quickly dispatched the Anf's with almost no effort. 'This is too easy, and way too one sided.' he thought, 'Is it too much to ask for even a little challenge?'

However, unknown to Kevin, his wish was about to be answered.

Suddenly, the Scepter's sensors began acting up, causing him to raise an eyebrow "More Hellions?" he asked, as he turned to face the contacts. However he cursed as he suddenly found 85mm Rounds being fired at him, forcing him to dodge the shots that nearly hit him.

"What the hell?" Kevin shouted, as he looked at the source. However his eyes widened upon seeing three TMSF-081 Patriots, each colored black with white trimming, jumping out from the jungle of the island, all with their rifles bared down at him.

"Shit!" He shouted as he flew to the side, avoiding more fire from the units. "Ray! Ray, if your there, get back here!" He said, "They have Patriots! Three Patriot Normal Types!"

"What?" Ray asked in confusion, "How the hell do these guys have Patriots?"

"I don't know, man!" Kevin said just as one of the Patriot's began to charge, Musashi Katana drawn, "But I can really use some help here!"

"Got it, on my way!" Ray said, while Kevin took out his beam saber, and clashed with the Patriot.

However, that was when he saw it. Engraved on the Patriot's left shoulder, was an image. It appeared like a while painted falcon's talon, surrounded by a small circle.

Kevin's eyes widened a bit 'Wait...' he thought, 'That symbol...where have I scene it before?'

It was then he had a flashback. Back to when he and Setsuna were still part of the KPSA, they were on a scouting mission and came across a meeting between a Azadistan Military officer, and a man dressed in a black uniform with the same symbol.

Before he could think more on the encounter, the other two Patriots decided to make their attack while he was distracted. "Fucker!" He shouted as he backed off, avoiding their attacks, drawing out his Pistol and firing a few rounds. However the Patriot's used their shields to block the blasts as they split up for another attack.

'Well, I did ask for a challenge...' Kevin thought before he grinned a bit 'Well then, time to get serious then.'

Putting away his pistol, he then drew out the Musashi Katana in his left hand in a reverse grip, and a Beam Dagger in the other hand, pointing forward. One of the Patriot's accelerated forward, and Kevin brought up his sword to deflect his enemy's attack, however he then kicked the Mobile Suit's feet, forcing it off balance, which was all the time he needed to plunge the Beam Dagger into the cockpit, eliminating the first threat.

Then the second Patriot came from behind, but Kevin ducked and rolled behind the Patriot, and stabbed the Patriot's head with his dagger from behind, and then sliced off its right sword arm as he kicked the unit away.

The third unit then attempted to attack, however a trio of beams fired at it, nearly hitting its cockpit. Kevin and the Patriot looked to see Ray in the Ophanim approaching, its Shield Beam Rifle raised and firing.

Whoever was piloting the Patriot must of decided it would be wise too retreat, as it hopped to where its damaged wing man was, and helped him back onto its feet.

However then it did something surprising, as it picked out a strange sphere device, and tossed it at the remains of the destroyed Patriot. When it started beeping, Kevin's eyes widened as he hopped away, just as the grenade went off, leaving behind a blinding light which caused Kevin to shield his eyes.

When the light subsided, Kevin looked to see the destroyed Patriot's remains had somehow been incinerated, and the small area around where it was was burnt and scorched. Also, the two remaining Patriot's had fled the coop.

"Dammit!" Kevin cursed, and then looked at the spot where the Patriot was. Ray's Ophanim landed right beside him, looking at the scorched spot as well.

"What are second-rate terrorists doing with ASDF equipment?" he asked no one in particular, but then blinked when he saw the arm of one of the other Patriots. The Ophanim then moved torward the dismembered limb.

He then picked it up, and zoomed in on the strange image on its shoulder. "Never seen this emblem before..." he said.

"I have," Kevin said, to Ray's surprise. "Me and Setsuna...we've both seen it once before."

Ray rose an eyebrow "And hows that?" He asked, and Kevin sighed.

"Ray, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone of the others what I'm about to tell you, at least not all of it." He said, "Expecially not Lockon and Aiming."

Ray looked confused, however he nodded "Alright, what is it?" He asked, and Kevin sighed again.

"Me and Setsuna...we were Child Soldiers for the KPSA, during the last Solar Power War." He said, to Ray's shock. "A few months before Krugis fell, me and Setsuna were on a recon mission. We came across a large meeting going on between an Azadistanian Officer with his men, and some guy wearing a strange black uniform, and his uniform had that symbol on it."

"What were they doing?" Ray asked.

"That guy was selling Mobile Suits to them," Kevin answered, "And not just cheap-ass MSER-04's, I'm also talking Hellion's, Realdo's, hell they even had a few Patriot's, as if they just came off the production line."

Ray's eyes were wide "Are you serious?" He asked, and Kevin nodded "Dead Serious," he said, "But me and Setsuna snuck in, and hijacked some of their suits, managed to destroy them all and the Azadistanians there. But that man escaped on a Flag...never saw him or that symbol again...until now."

Ray was surprised by that and then continued to examine the Patriot's arm until he noticed something else.

"That's odd," He said, "There's no sign of any serial numbers,"

He then used his Gundam's mounted camera to take pictures of the arm, and the insignia. "We'll ask Veda, and see if its got any info on these guys," he said before he sighed as he let the arm drop. "But I have a bad feeling about this."

"Same here," Kevin said, "We should probably go, the others have probably completed their missions by now."

Ray nodded, as the two gundam's then lifted up into the skies, and soared away.



In Space


Close to the solar panels was a strange object. Up close it looked like a capsule, opening up the Virtue was slowly revealed. Leaving the capsule the Virtue went away from the elevator. Tieria was planning to head to the rendezvous point with the Ptolemaios. Catching sight of the flagship, Virtue prepared to dock. After linking systems the Gundam successfully docked in it's container. Locking the Virtue securely as the Virtue and the Ptolemaios energies were transferred.

Inside the cockpit, Tieria made no movement to leave his Gundam.

"Space is much better," sighed Tieria.

"Good work," said Sumeragi and Tieria looked up at the screen.

"What about the missions?"

"Ray and Kevin hit a small snag in theirs, but they dealt with it all in the timefram." She said, "Aside from that, they all went off without a hitch, hurry up, we'll celebrate with a drink,"

"I respectfully decline that offer," answered Tieria and Sumeragi sighed.

"You're no fun,"





Kevin sighed as he rode the elevator up the apartment where he and Setsuna are to be staying at. Setsuna had yet to show up, but it was only a matter of time. As the elevator ascended up to his floor, he thought about those Patriots that he and Ray fought. According to Veda, those Mobile Suits were not registered, and the number of Patriots used by the Antarctic Self Defense Force is the same as the last report.

As for the insignia, Veda was still looking into it. But all of this was still worrying Kevin. Out of all of the Mobile Suits in the earth sphere, the Japanese Raiden and Antarctic Patriot's were among the few Mobile Suits that could actually fight a Gundam on equal terms, given proper upgrades, and assigned to a good enough pilot.

If someone was somehow managing to produce their own Patriots, and units like them, it could easily cause some problems for Celestial Being. Tieria may not think of it much, but Kevin knew that as powerful as the Gundam's were, they were not invincible.

The Elevator soon came to a stop, and Kevin stepped out. 'Ok, it was room 503, right?' he thought as he walked down the hall, looking for the room.
Upon finding it, he smiled as he dug into his pockets for his keys. He then noticed someone walked towards the door next to his, and do the same thing. The two turned to face one another at the same time.

"Hey," the boy said, "I don't remember seeing you before, I guess this makes us neighbors, I'm Saji Crossroad. I live here with my big sister."

Kevin smiled "Nice to meet ya Saji," he said, "Name's Kevin Seiei, I'm living here with my younger brother...speaking of which, you wouldn't happen to have seen him coming up here? Middle Eastern kid, year younger than me?"

"No, sorry." Saji said, shaking his head as Kevin groaned "I swear...Setsuna takes so much time..." he mumbled, "I spent half of the day looking around the city, I'd think he'd be here first!"

"First time in Tokyo?" Saji asked, and Kevin nodded "Yeah, so far I'm loving it!" He said with a chuckle. "Great food, great people, its perfect!"

Saji chuckled a bit, and it was then that Setsuna finally showed up "There you are!" Kevin said, "Took ya long enough...anyways, Setsuna meet our new Neighbor, Saji Crossroad."

Setsuna simply glanced at Saji with his stotic expression, nodded in acknowledgement, and entered their house.

Kevin sighed "You'll...have to excuse Setsuna...he's a bit anti-social." He said, "He only talks to people he knows well."

"Its alright," Saji said, "Well I gotta go. Hope to see you soon." And with that he entered his own Hotel room, as Kevin entered his.

As Saji entered the house, he came in just as Kinue appeared ready to leave "What's up?" He asked, "Work?"

Kinue sighed "Yeah," she said, "They called me in." She put on a pair of shoes "They've been keeping us pretty busy with Celestial Being."

Saji blinked "Them again?" He asked and Kinue nodded "Yeah, fix yourself some dinner." she said, "Later" and with that, she left.

He sighed, "Right, Later." he said as he closed the door behind her. He then entered the living room, and was just about to get ready to relax. Until his cell phone rang, it was Louise.

"Saji turn on the news!"

"What?" Saji asked.

"Just do it!" Doing as she said he turned on the tv. "And we have some breaking new from Northern Ireland today, at daybreak, the terrorist group Real IRA, announced that it will cease all terrorist activities," A Reporter said.

"This means the Conflict that has plagued Ireland for almost 400 years has finally come to an end." Another Reporter said. "So now, a new path to peace has been opened."

Saji's eyes widened seeing the report "Wait, but that means..." he said.

"It's amazing isn't it!" Louise said, "I wonder how this will effect our report on today's lesson?"

He didn't reply to Louise's question, he just looked on at the Report with shock. "The world is..." he said, "The world is changing."



Unknown Location


In a large office room with no windows, a single shadowy figure was sitting behind a desk. Standing in front of him was a man wearing a black and white uniform, with a white hawk's talon emblem on his uniform surrounded by a white circle. "Our team in the South Pacific engaged two Celestial Being Mobile Suits," he said. "We lost one unit, and another was damaged. They destroyed the base shortly after defeating the Mobile Suits. "

"Did they find anything that could trail them back to us?" The figure asked, and the uniformed man shook his head "No sir, they managed to destroy the downed unit before Celestial Being could do any scans, and all data pertaining to our other operations were deleted."

The figure nodded "Good, but Celestial Being is going to be a thorn in our sides...that is for certain." He said, "We may have to accelerate some of our plans...what is the status on Operation: Ragnarok?"

"Commander Aracard has his forces prepared," The man said, "They managed to complete their preparations earlier than planned, and can mobilize at a moment's notice."

"Good, send the word that they can begin the Operation," he said, "We must be quick...this operation could mean both the success or failure of everything Triad has prepared for. And the longer we wait, the more likely Celestial Being will catch on to our operations."

"Yes sir, I will inform him right away." The man said, before giving a salute and leaving the room.

The figure then sighed as he turned his chair around, and pressed a series of buttons. Then a large window appeared before him, revealing a large abandoned city. However the scenery then changed into the landscape of the moon outside, and in the distance he could also see the Earth. The light from the window revealed more of his features, showing him to be a man in his 40's with short white hair and onyx colored eyes, wearing a black tuxedo.

'Celestial Being's presence was unaccounted for,' he thought, 'However, they are not enough to stop us.' He then grinned 'Everything is going according to plan, and soon, everything will belong to us.'

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