A/N: This is my first Paily fic, so be nice. This is AU, and Alison is alive. This story contains Paranormal/supernatural stuff. I always wanted the girls from PLL to have super powers... didn't you? Sorry for any grammar errors, its late here. Please let me know if you guys like this enough for me to continue!

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The clouds began to gather outside of Rosewood high. School was just letting out and students rushed to their cars to avoid the rain. Football players made their way onto the field, Cheerleaders moved their practice inside, drama students clambered into the auditorium, the AV kids locked themselves in the dark rooms and the students with detention filed into Mr. Fitz's classroom.

Aria slid into a desk, furthest away from her teacher. They hadn't talked much since their 'incident' at the Hollis bar, which was probably for the best at the moment. Aria was slightly shocked when she saw Spencer, Emily and Hanna all file into the room taking the seats next to her.

"Why are you guys here?" The small girl whispered, Spencer shooting her a glare as she tossed her bag down next to her chair.

"Sneaking into the guy's locker room." Hanna spoke, giggling. Emily even let out a laugh.

"Spencer, why on earth were you and Emily in there? At least Hanna makes sense." Aria stared at group dumbfounded. Hanna looked offended, but only for about 2 seconds.

"I got a weird A text that something was hidden in Noel Kahn's locker. Coach Roberts caught me before I could even break into it." Hanna sighed.

"I missed out on the locker room fun, but I got a weird text from A too… I'm in here because I got caught looking in the principal's office…." Emily spoke up, a lightbulb clicking on in her head. "Let me guess Aria, you're in here because of something A told you to do as well?" She nodded. "Which means that A wanted us here for a reason." Emily's words were angry as they left her mouth.

"So why are there other students in here? And what can A do with Mr. Fitz sitting up front?" The girls glanced around the room. They could be sitting right next to A and have no idea. Emily jumped slightly when she heard the door close. Paige McCullers, another swimmer, had walked in right before Mr. Fitz had shut it. 'Great, stuck in a room with someone who hates me.' Emily thought as she shifted her attention back to her friends.

"Maybe A just wanted us out of the way…" Aria could be right, maybe A wasn't in here but he or she needed the girls out of the way.

Just as the teacher was settling into his desk, the door opened again. "Sorry Mr. Fitz, I was reapplying eyeliner and didn't hear the bell." Mona walked up to his desk and flashed him a smile.

"Not a problem Ms. Vanderwall, just have a seat and be sure your cell phone is off." Ezra grumbled, making eye contact with Aria for a brief moment before returning back to his books.

Mona spotted Hanna and waved excitedly, picking a desk next to her best friend.

"Hey Mona, what are you in for?" The blonde asked. Mona smiled and pulled out her compact.

"Got caught skipping gym for the fourth time in two weeks. So lame."

Emily had tuned out the conversation when Mona arrived. She stole a peek over at Paige who was engrossed in a paperback book. She wondered what the redhead had done to get detention. Paige had always been a perfect student, much like Spencer. She wondered if Paige's homophobic comments to her were the reason her teammate was here. If that was the case, Paige was probably extra pissed at her. Emily shifted back in her seat and attempted to pay attention to what her friends were saying. They couldn't talk about A with Mona around, so the conversation she was having with Hanna about shoes didn't really interest Emily.

She glanced around the room surveying the students stuck with her for the next 2 hours. It was quite the rag tag bunch of kids, but she supposed it was detention so that made sense. A few boys and girls Emily recognized by face only, but she could put names to a couple of the occupants. Toby Cavenaugh sat brooding in the corner as always. Whenever they had an issue with A he seemed to turn up, it was quite unusual. Two seats over from him sat Lucas, a new friend of Hanna's and someone Ali spent countless hours tormenting like most kids in the school. There was one more guy she recognized, 'I think his name is Caleb' she thought. He was a new transfer student, but she sort of remembered seeing him in Calculus that morning.

Emily was quickly brought out of her train of thought by Spencer poking her with a pencil.

"Earth to Emily. Jeez you spaced out. I asked you if the gay stuff with Paige was sorted out?"

"There was never gay stuff with Paige!" She looked like a deer caught a pair of headlights.

"Yes there was, she made those homophobic comments about you." Aria piped up.

"Oh… yeah. It's fine, Coach pulled us both aside, I wonder if that's why Paige is in here…" Spencer glared at the other girl, she was super protective over her friends. It was bad enough A was messing with them.

"She may be some swim team star, but she's bad news." Emily shook her head. She had firsthand experience of Paige's less than pleasant side, but there was still something about the other girl that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Paige felt the group of girls staring at her, Alison's group. She hadn't meant to anger Emily. Paige had always been a rather awkward person, never really able to maintain friendships or any kind of relationship for that matter. She sort of liked it that way, being a loner meant that no one had any expectations of her. She wondered what the four little perfect girls had done to get sent to detention. She felt the urge to speak to Emily, maybe attempt a casual conversation. However, she knew after the way she had acted, Emily would probably never speak to her unless she was forced to. Paige caught Emily's eye for a split second, but she instantly returned her gaze to the paperback she was pretending to be interested in. Emily made her nervous, and Paige hated feeling nervous.

The storm began to rage outside, spreading leaves all over the courtyard out the window. Thunder soon followed the lighting and most of the people in detention wondered if the school would really keep them from going home in weather like this. There was a knock on the door and the Assistant Principle entered, walking straight over to Ezra. He whispered in the teacher's ear then exited the room as quickly as he had left.

"Alright, Mr. Craig has just informed me that there is a weather advisory warning in effect for this county. Your parents have been notified, but we have to move to the locker rooms." The students gathered their belongings and followed Mr. Fitz out of the room.

"You don't think A can control the weather right? Like they are sending us to a dark room with no windows to murder us?" Hanna gripped her bag tightly as thunder practically shook the entire building.

"Right, one person is going to kills all of us." Spencer laughed at Hanna and continued to follow the group.

"Sorry." Emily hadn't been watching were she was going when she bumped into Paige.

"No problem." Paige attempted to offer Emily a smile. She wasn't sure why she was now all of a sudden being polite. Emily, however, welcomed the kind smile and returned one of her own.

As the students were shuffling into the locker room, the electricity went out. Hanna screamed and before anyone else could react the emergency lights kicked on, illuminating the room. The group looked at Hanna.

"Sorry, I was startled."

"Alright, just sit tight and you'll spend the rest of your detention here until your parents arrive or the hour is over." Mr. Fitz sat down on a bench near the door and opened a book.

"Is there a reason we can't leave now and reschedule?" Lucas normally didn't speak up, but he looked more worried than usual.

"Sorry, my hands are tied, Principle's orders." The students formed little groups or went off on their own to wait out the storm or detention… whichever ended first.

There were fifteen minutes left in detention when a loud crack of lighting was heard. It sounds so clear, the students could've sworn It hit the room they were sitting in. The Emergency lights flickered and Mr. Fitz stood up from his bench, prepared for anything. However, no amount of training could actually prepare him for what he saw next.

"Hello girls, miss me?" All four women the stranger was standing in front of clasped their hands over their mouths. Emily was the first to speak.

"Ali?" Alison smiled and moved towards her former group of friends.

"Um… What the fuck." Toby stood up and moved towards the young blonde woman.

"Sit!" She yelled in his direction and without knowing why, his knee bent and he was forced to sit on the nearest surface.

"Don't interrupt, it's not polite. Now I asked you a question…"

She turned towards the group that was now huddled against the nearby lockers.

"You don't get to answer Em, since we all know how you feel." Emily shuttered at Ali using her pet name. This couldn't be happening. Aria was the first to speak, her voice noticeably shaking.

"Ali….b..b…but you were dead…" Ali knelt down in front of the girls and lifted her hand up near Aria's face, playing with a strand of her dark hair.

"No more pink streaks, I like it." She looked at Spencer next. "Did you see my body with your own two eyes?" Spencer shook her head slowly. "Spencer you were always good at math… put two and two together." She moved over to Hanna next. "Has Mona done a good job replacing me Hanna darling? Next time, steal cuter shoes." She poked at Hanna's boots and stood up.

"Well this is a lovely reunion. Everyone seems speechless. What about you Shim?" She glance at Lucas sitting on the floor across from her. "I'm sure you missed me the most."

"Fuck o-"

"Stop talking. I didn't say you could talk." Before Lucas could argue his mouth was shut tight. He looked as if he wanted to continue to speak, but had lost the motor functions to do so. Alison laughed.

"Let's play a little game. Mona, I'd like you to help please." Mona stood up immediately, as if she was eager to play. Alison reached into her purse and pulled out a large bottle filled with a bright blue liquid. She turned towards Mona and presented her with the bottle.

"Mona, if you would be so kind and pass this bottle around, make sure everyone takes a sip." Caleb didn't know who this random girl was or why she was able to make all the decisions, but he wasn't having this.

"Mom said not to take candy from strangers." He grabbed his messenger bag and began to exit the locker room.

"Freeze emo boy." Caleb immediately stopped walking, as if his feet were cemented to the ground. "Turn around and come sit back down." His body turned, with what seemed like a slight resistance. He moved back to where he was seated previously. "Perfect, and remember no talking. Now where were we? Oh yes, the drinking." Mona slowly began to move around the room, starting with Paige. "Drink up my lovelies, I assure you, it won't hurt… too much." Even if the girls wanted to resist, they couldn't. There was this unseen force making them put the bottle to their lips and to drink from it. One by one everyone in the room consumed the blue liquid, no longer voicing any complaints.

Alison smiled when the bottle was returned to her.

"Perfect. Sweet dreams my little ones." Each person in the room fell asleep instantly, aside from Mona and Alison. They exchanged smiled and exited the room as the storm raged on outside.