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Searching for Menma


There were three qualities in Hinata Hyuga that were in no other Kunoichi in Konoha.

Hinata Hyuga was a winner.

That's right, she never lost. From the first in the academy she had demonstrated her impressive talent shutting the mouths of more than a few kids who said that the Kunoichi couldn't be as strong as the Shinobi. She made sure to prove otherwise, and she sure did a good job. She never lost. Ever. She did not know the meaning of the word.

Hinata Hyuga was fierce.

In the strictest sense of the word, she was indomitable. No man was able to put his hands on her and no one told her what to do. She didn't take shit from anyone. She did not allow anyone to offend her and shut the mouths of anyone who insinuated that she was anything less than awesome.

And finally, Hinata Hyuga was true Kunoichi

No other girl from her village was. Ino drowned herself in her own words, was clueless and too shy when she tried to fight. Sakura was a looser that did nothing but complain about how unfair her life was because she did not have parents, depending on Sasuke and Menma entirely. TenTen could only hold two hands with a stroke of luck and watching her fight was embarrassing.

For the same, the day Hinata Hyuga woke up, went to the streets and found out that Menma had left, a part of all three of those things vanished.

How dare he leave the village? What about her? Did she not matter? Was he not going to ask her opinion on the matter? After all, they had been… " knowing" each other intimately for about 3 months now. This made her feel like a looser.

When she heard about the reason for his departure, that he had killed his master, the legendary Sannin Jiraiya, a part of that fierceness went away. If one of the legendary Sannin was, his own godfather and master, had failed to stop him and lost his life in the process, could she even meet face to face with Menma to convince him to go back? Could she reason with him?

And finally, her true Kunoichi sense went in doubt. If she was tasked to kill Menma, would she do it? She wasn't so sure.

As much as she hated to admit it, she loved him. Not in a silly and pathetic way in which she would've cried all day when he left, but rather, Menma was the only person she saw as a equal and not an inferior(like most, if not all, man in Konoha). All of this made her develop a very deep resentment towards him. She could've doubt about everything in her life, but never her sense of duty.

Regardless, Hinata followed him the day he left, and managed to find him. They had a heated discussion in which she accused him of being a coward for not facing the consequences of his action, to which he responded with a kiss that slowly turned into much more.

It was only then when she let him go, and she found out that, apart from destroying her self-confidence, her sense of duty and even her fierceness…. He had also destroyed her common sense.

The decision became easy when she realized that if he returned, he was dead. If he ran away, there was at least a small chance that they could see each other again.

What she never expected was that the days after he left would go by so slowly. To her surprise, her life in Konoha started to become strangely boring.

Every day that went by, she doubted herself and why she was there. Every decision that she had to take in combat was overshadowed by the day that Menma left. Every moment, every hour, every second… The memory of his celestial eyes penetrated a hole in the self-defense that she herself had created.

Konoha was not going anywhere, and she started feeling that she wasn't either. A monotonous routine fell on top of Hinata, and no matter what she did, she couldn't get out of it. Everything was tedious and without any kind of brightness to it. Nothing seemed like a challenge.

Neji just continued to be the pervert that never looked her in the eyes (he was usually looking somewhere else) and kept looking for all kinds of excuses to be alone with her. Lately, beating him up was starting to become one of her favorite sports, and she was pretty good at it.

Hanabi continued to be the disgrace of the clan. Hinata had strongly suggested to put the seal on her since continuing to train her was a waste of time. The problem with her little sister was that her father continued to be too soft with her. He kept saying that no matter how long it took for Hanabi to improve, he would continue to support her and loving her. Hinata thought that he had entered in a senile state. It was the only explanation for him being so soft to her.

And finally, there was Sasuke Uchiha, who kept bothering her asking her to go on a date with her. She loved beating him up and see how far away she could sent him flying by smaking him. Her current record was 52 meters. Not bad.

He swore up and down that he would make her his wife some day, and she kept laughing at it.

Konoha had devolved into a boring and lifeless place, and it was only when that started drowning her that she decided she had enough.

For that, the same morning that she found out through the Hokage that Menma had been seen around the outsides of the city of Hostels, she left immediately to look for him.

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