Well, fuck. That's all i can really say.

The title says it all, the fic has been temporarily suspended.

The reason for this was because the author, Sasha545, felt she was not receiving enough support with it, so she has decided to put it aside for a little while an focus on other projects that have bigger support.

I wanted to make to just letting you guys know. I do not know if there is any of way of convincing her otherwise, but if you wish to at least try, you can always go to the spanish version of the fic( s / 8426448/3/Buscando-a-Menma), and tell her that you support this fic in it's english version, maybe, just maybe, she'll get back to it faster.

Don't get it wrong, the fic has not been cancelled, it has been temporarily suspended. For how long? I don't know, i hope not too much.

Until she goes back to it, i'll see you guys later.