Painful Steps Backwards


I love the game Ib, and I have a lot of ideas for Fanfics about it. OH AND … I don't own Ib, just borrowing the characters (:

Two years after the horrific events at the galley Ib had finally got over her nightmares. She had Garry and everything was ok. Mary couldn't hurt either of them ever again so there was no reason to worry. Or at least that's what Ib told herself, but it seemed everywhere she went a voice in the back of her head would scream "She's watching you!" It seemed Garry was the same way. Ib had a hard time trying to make friends at her school because of Mary. All the girls in her class just seemed to have an uncanny resemblance to that horrid girl that plagued her (and Garry's but he was too proud to tell) nightmares.

Ib got up early that Sunday, because Garry was coming over to babysit. Well to Ib, it was a hangout with her best friend, but her parents thought of him as just a babysitter for when they had meetings, or events that Ib couldn't attend. Ib got on her favorite scarlet plaid dress. She looked into her mirror and saw her reflection looking back at her. Her light crimson eyes were slightly hidden by her long, dark, brown bangs. Ib gave a small smile as she heard the doorbell ring and she ran out of her room taking the steps downstairs two at a time. Ib's mother opened the door and invited Garry inside. "There's my favorite eleven year old", he said laughing as Ib gave him a hug. His eyes showed his happiness that wasn't there a few minutes ago. When the duo was together that was the only time they felt whole and truly safe. "Well Garry, we'll be back in one week. You remember on school nights Ib's not to be up later than eleven and no sugar after nine.", her father in a serious tone until Ib gave him a slap on the arm laughing causing him to crack a smile as well.

"Yes Sir", replied Garry with a smile. "You too good for us Garry," said Ib's mother hugging him. When Ib's parents left, Garry took his luggage to his room. Ib helped Garry unpack, and soon they both had dinner and were watching movies on the tv. At around midnight Ib fell asleep on Garry's shoulder, so Garry picked the small girl up. He carried Ib to her room, placed her on the bed, and pulled the covers on her. She gave a small sigh in her sleep and Garry gave her a kiss on the forehead. Ib was like a little sister to him and he promised that he would protect her. A quick pick up of the mess downstairs and soon Garry was in the guest room fast asleep with another nightmare of the gallery.

-Mary walked toward Garry with a strange glint in her eye. This dream was different than his past experiences. "I'm gonna make you suffer Garry, like you made me suffer. I'll take away the one thing you hold dear to this world. She was mine first Garry." "LEAVE HER ALONE MARY", Garry screamed as Mary and the dream altogether started to fade. "You made me suffer Garry. Now it's time for your turn." -

Garry woke up with a sweat all over his body. He leaned over to look at the clock sitting on the end table that was beeping loudly; 5:30 am it displayed. It was time to wake Ib up for school. He made a vow he would NEVER let Ib go to that damn gallery ever again.

. .-.

Ib gave Garry a hug as the school bus neared the house. "Got everything kiddo?" "Yeah, see you after school", she said as she walked out the front door. Ib got on the bus and waved at Garry thought the window. He smiled and waved back as it rolled away. Garry went to the kitchen to clean up the mess Ib and him had made in an attempt to make breakfast. He opened the fidge and saw a paper fastened to the door. Being somewhat curious he read the paper his insides growing cold. There was a field trip to the place of his nightmares and it was today for Ib's class. Garry ran out the door and saw the bus stop at the gallery.

He saw the students get off and enter the hellhole. Fueled on adrenaline he never stopped running. It was almost like cruel fate that Ib lived only a few blocks away from the gallery. Garry shoved past the entire group of tourist in front of him and he saw a group of children going upstairs. His heart felt like it stopped when he saw that they were going to THE painting. He shoved a group of children out of the way in order to get to Ib. Finally he found her. Ib's group was directly in front of the mural. Ib was a good girl and stayed far away from it. She looked really pale and had a sick look to her. Just as Garry took a step toward Ib the lights flickered, a scream was heard, and when the lights did come back on nobody but three people remained. Garry, Ib, and their nightmare … Mary.