It was my first day at school and I could tell it was already going to be a hell hole. And there are many reasons.
1. I was the only one with crazy hair colors in my hair.
2. This school was known for its 'amazing' sport teams.
3. My parents have approved it (our parents never approve of anything unless it's going to help us out of our 'stage'.)
And the fourth reason...
4. I've already gotten dirty glares from all the other students.
Great... just fucking great...
Well it had to be better than my old school, right? Geez this sucks. I can't believe my parents drove all the way to New Jersey just to run away from the past! I can't blame them though, but I wish they didn't have to pick a school where I would be shunned... again.
I walked up the stairs of the school and opened the doors to walk into a hallway filled with jocks and cheerleaders. They all turned their heads and stared at me. I continued walking until I reached the office.
The secretary looked up from her desk and gave me a look of disgust but quickly disguised it.
"Welcome, you must be the new student, Alexandria right?" She asked.
"Alexia," I corrected.
"Right," she said giving me a fake smile, "anyway Alexandria here is your schedule and here is your school I.D."
I took the paper from the girl and the I.D, "Thanks," I muttered under my breath.
"I hope you enjoy the rest of the time at this school," she said.
I walked out of the office and continued walking looking at my schedule. Let's see... first class is math... then science... great two worst subjects first. This is gonna be fun!
I walked up to the room that was supposed to be my science room, since I missed first period. I knocked on the door and waited for the teacher to answer the door.
The door slowly opened to show a man who looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties.
"Hello, you must be Alexandria," he said.
"Alexia," I corrected again.
"Sorry, on your school paper it says Alexandria," he mentioned," I will make a note that you like to be called Alexia."
"Thanks..." I murmured.
"Well come on in and I'll introduce you to the class," he said stepping out of the doorway for me.
I walked through the doorway and stood in front of the class
"Class today we are welcomed with a new student today. We know the school year is almost over but she will be completing it with us. Now please give a warm welcome to Alexia Edwards," he announced.
I watched as the classed stared at me and I just stared back.
"Well you can sit anywhere that doesn't have anyone else siting there," he explained
I walked over to a chair that was located in the back of the class with a window on its side. I laid my back pack on the floor by the side of the desk and sat down in the seat.
"Well Mr. Way it's nice to see you decided to come and join us today. I already introduced the new student, so you'll have to meet her for yourself," the teacher explained.
I kept my head down and grabbed a piece of paper from my desk and started drawing. I only looked up when I heard the chair next to me scratch against the floor. I turned my head to see a guy in a black hoodie sitting next to me.
The boy had black hair and kept it over his face which made it hard for me to see his face. He was wearing a black hoodie (already mentioned), black ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of dirty grey converse.
"Hey," he muttered.
"Hi," I replied.
"So you're the new student?"
"You don't seem like the type to want to come to this school."
"You don't either," I laughed.
"Yeah, but parents live here and this is the only school around here so I'm stuck here and by the way I'm Gerard Way," he said looking up at me to show hazel eyes.
"I'm Alexandria Edwards, but you can call me Alexia."
"Well it's nice to see a new face around here that I will get along with."
"Yeah, nice to know there's at least one person at this school that I will be able to talk too."
"Well just wait till next period at lunch. I can show you some more people to talk with."
"Sounds cool."
"Ms. Edwards! Mr. Way! Please do not speak while I am teaching," Mr. Smith, the teacher, exclaimed.
Gerard and I chuckled under our breath. For the rest of the class period Gerard and I stayed quiet. Finally the bell rang and it was time for lunch.
"You still want to sit with me and my friends?" Gerard asked as I grabbed my back pack from the floor, "I mean your gonna be an outcast if you do."
"I already seem like an outcast," I responded, "and you and your friends are probably the only people I'll get along with here."
"So is that a yes?"
"Yeah, it's a yes."
"Cool," Gerard said as we walked out of the classroom.
I followed him as he walked down the hallway and turned to the right. We ended up in a huge room filled with tables and seats and kids.
"Here follow me," Gerard said as he walked towards the back of the cafeteria.
I followed him and we stopped in front of a table filled with people who were dressed like me and Gerard.
"Hey guys, this is Alexia. She's new to this school and I thought she could hang with us," Gerard explained.
"Hey," a boy called from the table who had a little black mohawk and pink on the sides of it.
"Hi," I replied.
"Here let me introduce everyone," Gerard said as he pointed to the one with the mohawk, "that's Frank."
"Nice to meet you," I said.
"This is Bob and Ray," Gerard explained pointing to a guy with short blond hair and another guy who had dark brown curly hair.
"It's nice to meet you guys too," I smiled.
"And there are two more, but one is sick at home and the other is running late like always..." Gerard mentioned glaring at Frank.
"Hey, it's not my fault my girlfriend is always late," Frank glared back.
"Anyway Alexia, if you want you can sit next to Ray," Gerard said sitting next to Frank, "Seeing as Eva is going to sit by her little 'Frankie'."
I sat down by the boy with the afro and grabbed a bag of m&m's from my book bag and started eating them. Gosh I love m&m's they just melt in your mouth. I looked around the table to see Frank glaring at me.
"What? You want some?" I asked holding the bag to him.
"She's a traitor!" He yelled.
"What did I do?" I half asked and half yelled.
"Why would you eat the enemy of skittles?" Frank questioned pulling out those huge bag of skittles that kids should get heart attacks from.
"Because I like chocolate," I explained throwing some m&m's in my mouth.
"You're an enemy then," Frank said throwing a skittle at me.
I glared at him and threw a m&m at him watching him hide behind Gerard. I smiled at him hiding and continued to eat my chocolate.
I saw Frank get up from his chair and run over to the other side of the cafeteria and come back with a very pretty girl. She had forehead bangs and her hair was in two pigtails. Her hair was jet black with red tips in her bangs and at the bottom of her pigtails, which went down to the middle of her back. Her hair was a little wavy but straight for the most part. She had bright blue eyes and she wore very little makeup, only black eyeliner, red eyeshadow, and lip gloss. She was wearing a plain white tank top with black overalls over them with buttons on the overalls. She had on a black mini-skirt with black leggings underneath that had holes in them. She had a long silver chain on her skirt and she finished the outfit with a pair of black and white converse. To say the least her beauty was breath-taking.
"So is this the new girl?" She asked as Frank grabbed her hand.
I'm guessing this is Eva, Franks girlfriend.
"Yeah," Ray answered taking a drink of chocolate milk, "she already got into a fight with Frank, of course it was about skittles.
The girl smiled and walked over to where I was. She put her hand on Ray's shoulder and pulled him up. Ray got up from his seat with a sigh and went to take Frank's old seat by Gerard. The girl looked me over and I suddenly felt self concise.
I really didn't plan on making a good impression on this school, so I just wore a pair of my white paint covered skinny jeans, a black tank top with a white tie and a grey jacket over it, and I had on my batman converse. I then remembered I didn't have time to put on eyeliner, so I probably looked ugly as fuck now.
"Hi," she smiled, "I'm Evangeline, but everybody in the group calls me Eva."
"Hey," I said smiling back, "I'm Alexandria, but I like to be called Alexia."
"It's nice to meet you Alexia and I love your hair," Eva mentioned.
My hair is light blond with my bangs swept to the right side and my bangs and the tips of my hair were dyed a light baby blue.
"So are you happy we finally have another girl in our group?" Gerard asked looking at Eva.
Eva smiled and nodded, "I finally have someone to help me shop for bikinis."
"I would do that any day," Frank whined.
"Yeah, but she won't drool at every bikini Eva wears like you do," Bob mentioned.
Frank glared at him and Eva just laughed. Frank started pouting and plopped down next to Ray.
"So guys, since it's Friday and Mikey is sick..."
Mikey must be the only one who's not here.
"... I was thinking we could all stay at my house tonight. My mom agreed to it and her and my old man are going out to dinner," Gerard said.
"Yeah sounds fun, what time should we be over?" Eva asked.
"Around 5, I was hoping Alexia could come over after school and her and Mikey could be introduced to each other and I could give her a tour of the house," Gerard answered.
"I think Mikey will like Alexia," Eva chuckled.
"I agree, she is like a girl version of him. They both seem to have a temper and she likes chocolate like him," Ray commented.
"Well Alexia, do you think your mom would let you stay?" Gerard asked.
"I don't see why not, she really doesn't care if I do anything," I answered.
Gerard and the rest of the group went over all the details while I escaped into my mind.
I really wanted to meet this Mikey guy. I mean everyone thinks were alike and I like the name.
The bell rang and it pulled me out of my thoughts.
"So are you cool with walking home with me?" Gerard asked.
"Um yeah and by any chance do any of you have art next?" I questioned.
"Yeah," Gerard smiled.
Everybody got up from their chairs including me and we all headed to our next class. Gerard and I walked in silence down to the art room, which was located in the basement. Once we were inside the art room, Gerard went to sit in the corner and I sat down in the seat beside him.
"Good evening," the teacher said as she walked into the classroom.
Everyone in the classroom turned their attention to the teacher as she begin to explain the assignment.
Our assignment was to take someone who was very important to us and draw a picture of them and do a report on why they are so important to us. The assignment was do at the end of the year, which gave us about 3 months.
I looked to see Gerard had a piece of paper on his desk and was drawing.
I grabbed a piece of paper from my binder and tapped my pencil against the piece of paper.
I had no idea what I was gonna do for this project. I have always been alone for the most part.
I turned to Gerard and shook his shoulder to get his attention, "Who are you drawing, Gerard?"
"Well I decided to draw my grandma Elena, since she has taught me so much. She taught me to act, sing, and draw," he explained.
"Oh," I muttered as Gerard went back to drawing.
I looked around to see that everyone was drawing. I kept looking and saw a preppy guy look at me and wave. I glared at the guy and he went back to drawing. I looked at my blank paper and started thinking.
Who could I draw? I mean I had nobody, seriously nobody...the only one I could have drawn left me and she made my life hell when she was here and even when she's not here.
The bell rang again and I was off to Social Studies, then French, and finally last was Writing.
The rest of the day went by fast and I ended up having at least one of Gerard's friends in every one of my classes. Ray was actually in my math, French, and Social Studies. Sadly Eva was in none of my classes since her and Bob were on a whole different team then me, Gerard, Ray, and Frank. For my last period I had Frank and oddly enough me and him got along really well.
Soon I was at my lockers putting my books away preparing to walk to Gerard's house. When all my books were in my locker and I had all my homework ready I headed to Gerard's locker and waited for him to put his books away.
"Ready to go?" Gerard asked shutting his locker.
"Yeah," I replied.
I followed Gerard as we begin walking down the hallway to the front of the school. As we walked through the doors we were greeted by Eva.
"Hey Gee, wanted to let you know that I am bringing a bottle over so we can play spin the bottle. Is that cool with you?" Eva asked smirking at him.
"Yeah,"Gerard replied.
"Cool," Eva said as she walked off.
"Man she must love that game," Gerard muttered as we both walked down the road.
"So Gerard, what's your brother like?" I asked breaking the silence.
"Well he has somewhat of a bad temper, he is very mature for his age, he is the type to bottle things up until he can't take it anymore and he explodes, but other than all that stuff he is a sweetheart and a really nice guy," Gerard explained.
"Sounds like he's awesome."
"Yeah, he's an awesome guy."
We both continued walking in silence. Very awkward silence.
"So... um... Gerard are we anywhere near your house?"
"Actually we are right in front of it."
I turned to see a little two-story house that's brown and had a garage with no cars.
"My parents must have left already, oh well," Gerard muttered as he begin walking up to the door.
I followed closely and walked through the door as he opened it for me.
"Hey Micheal," Gerard called walking into the house, "Get your ass down here! There's someone here to meet you."
"Shut the hell up, Gerard!" A voice yelled from upstairs, "May I remind you I am sick!"
"Just come down here!" Gerard yelled once again.
"What?" The voice questioned sounding closer.
Just then a figure appeared from the stairs and I felt my heart stop beating.