Their Wedding Days 3

Jake x Draculaura

With Laura

Blaze had been invited Jake and Lauras wedding while she was a month pregnant with twins but didn't know it. In the girls room Laura was freaking out because Frakie had brought Clawd with her. That and Frankie had a six year old little girl named Fan but every one called her Fanny.

"Lala." Blaze said walking in.

"Hey. How's Rawny and Raiden?" Lala asked.

"Good but Rawny is now in school." Blaze said.

Lala nodded and sat down at the vanity. Clawdeen was the one doing her hair while Blaze did her make up. Blaze felt sick as she ran to the bathroom. Clawdeen had ran into the bathroom to hold Blazes hair. After a few minutes Blaze was fine and ready to go.

With Jake

Jake had it rough all the guys where trying to find Raiden who had just turned three. Riven wasnt freaking out he knew his kid would probably be found in the girls bathroom which he was. Holt was passed out from last night and Riven which surprised everyone downed at the least seventeen shots of pure vodka and was still sober as a church mouse. Jake on the other hand had only be able to down six and was still tippsie. Raiden was sitting with a pout on his face because he had been found.

"Dude I still don't get it." Jake said watching Riven.

"Like I said me and Blaze have gone to a few bars. I can down at the most thirdy of pure vodka." Riven said smirking.

Jake had given him a look of pure shock. Riven just shrugged and walked out to find out if Blaze was ready. When he reached the girls hall Laura was in a ball with Blaze trying to calm her down.

"What the hell." Riven asked.

"She freaked out because Clawdeen is pregnant with triplets." Blaze said helping her up.

"Okay is every one ready?" Riven asked.

"Yeah." Blaze said.

Riven nodded and walked off to tell Jake. When the music started every one was already for the happy two to say 'I Do.' Laura walked down the isle with her father holding her hand. Jake was happy that Dracula was letting him marry Laura. After the wedding Blaze had ran into the bathroom with Riven leaning on the wall outside of the bath room.

"Babe you okay." He asked her.

"Yeah." Blaze said.

They left and went home.