It has been many years since the fight against Snow. Katniss returned with me and agreed to be my Queen. She has ruled by my side for many years now and everyday I wake up believing it was all a dream, yet every morning I wake to see her face.

Her parents were thrilled with our marriage. Not only because it united our kingdoms but because they love seeing their daughter happy. Prim visits us often, and we visit the Elvin kingdom frequently.

In gratitude, for saving their kingdom and defeating Snow, the Elvin elders bestowed immortality upon me. An eternity with Katniss is more than I could ever have asked for. I didn't even know it was possible to receive immortality, the elders reserve it only for special people.

It surprised me when they gave it to Johanna. Katniss held a knowing smirk when they announced it. I couldn't help but guess it was her doing and when I questioned her about it later she told me that Gale loved her deeply and it would be a great shame for him to have to lose her one day. They married not long ago and constantly seem to be having some argument or another. When Katniss asked why they constantly fight Johanna responded, "It's called passion brainless." I couldn't help but chuckle at such a bizarre definition of passion but if it works for them who am I to judge?

Finnick and Annie married only weeks after I had awoken from my coma. They have a son now. An exact duplicate of Finnick. They are the happiest and most in love man and woman I have ever seen. I can bet that years from now there will be legends about their love. Bedtime stories told to young boys and girls just like I had heard of my now mother and father-in-law's love.

Prim has caught the eye of the young Rory Hawthorne and Gale and Katniss immediately became the overbearing older siblings. Their young love is sweet and innocent. But it is obvious that boy would do anything for her.

Peace has been abundant within the lands. The kingdoms are all united together and sharing in a time of bounty and happiness. Travel is unrestricted among all nations and it has been a wonder for many to learn of the existence of the elves.

My father loved Katniss the moment I first introduced them and rejoiced greatly when he heard we were to be married. Shortly before the wedding I was crowned King and my father took to spending a great majority of his retired time baking in the palace kitchens. I have never seen him happier. He asks constantly about grandchildren but even though I am more than ready, Katniss is not. We have plenty of time for that.

Katniss tried to teach me to shoot once. Only once because we learned I posses no talent for it. I tried to teach her to bake as well, because like my father I certainly enjoyed it. But we ended up covered in flour with no pastry to show for it. I even tried to teach her to paint but she had not the patience for it.

Times have been happy for us and I cannot believe that all those years ago I knew nothing about the existence of elves. And I merely thought of Katniss as a simple barmaid. How times have changed.


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